How to change the language in the telegram (Telegram) into Russian

Since October 2017 is available for download and updating Russian-speaking mobile versions of the messenger. But sometimes, even after upgrading or installing a fresh version, the commands in the application remain in English. This happens with versions for PC. Sometimes you need to change the language settings, choose, for example, a Chinese translation option. This article will tell you how to change the language in the telegram into Russian using the settings menu.

Competently on health on ilive

In fact, the purification of the liver folk remedies are all the ways that are conducted outside the medical institution walls, that is, at home. Whatever methods you choose, it can be safely attributed to the category of so-called folk, it can be detox with apples, herbs, vegetable oil and sour juice, even cleaning with sorbitol or magnesia in some sense are considered non-traditional, because not Inappropriate the presence of a doctor. Before carrying out the purification of the liver with folk remedies, it is necessary to undergo a comprehensive examination, be sure to check the condition of the gallbladder and the liver to avoid stricture, blockage of biliary ducts.

Do it yourself

Winter is completed, it is already faster to remove the headdress and feel the breath of spring. But the Martov Wind and dampness can lead to a cold. Greater freedom give bandages on the head. Consider how to tie a beautiful bandage on the head with the needles quickly and easily. In such a dressing, each will look beautiful, fresh, with the ears will be warm and comfortable.

Fitness lessons for weight loss at home

Effective weight adjustment is impossible without accompanying a balanced nutrition of a fitness program. Slimming, not accompanied by regular physical exertion, will adversely affect the body. Health problems, general weakness and rapid return of discarded weight - unpleasant consequences of hunger strike and diets. Is it necessary to hungry if the fitness for weight loss is coping with the problem better and without hard cutting of the power mode?

Appendicitis left and other wonders: if the belly hurts, go through ultrasound

Appendicitis is a very common disease affecting each tenth person. It would seem that everyone knows the symptoms of appendicitis from childhood, but for some reason sometimes the disease is difficult to diagnose even experienced surgeons. Today we'll figure it out for what features and how can appendicitis be revealed. And we learn what will happen if tightening with the diagnosis of the disease and why, with abdominal pains to go on an abdominal ultrasound.

9 first signs of pregnancy before the delay of menstruation - the site of the ask

Everyone knows that in the time not those who came monthly can talk about the conception of a new life. This feature is one of the very first and reliable, indicating the onset of pregnancy. But many women are confident that they knew that they were still pregnant before the menstruation delay. In proof, they lead some signs of pregnancy before the delay of menstruation. Although in the very first days, the embryo has not yet managed to root in the uterus, and this period cannot be considered a full pregnancy, certain changes in the body of the future feminine are already beginning to manifest.

Legs and hands are cold at a child in temperature: causes, danger symptom, helping baby

Increased body temperature is an indicator that the body has activated its immune defense, and now there is a struggle against the disease. However, there are situations requiring special attention. Thus, an increase in body temperature in a child, during which the cooling of the hands and legs is observed, refers to this type, because it is necessary to choose the appropriate treatment and know that it is categorically contraindicated. These and other features can be found below.

Computer Plus

How to calculate the number of characters, words and other statistics of any text can be simply curious. But more often it is necessary for those people who earn money. For them, the number of signs (read characters), of which the text is important, it is of great importance, since the more characters, the higher the payment. For the customer of the text, it is also important not just the number of characters, but also the number of them excluding spaces. Of course, the quality of the text itself is determining the value. How to learn a lot of letters in the text?

Danger and death in chocolate

Pet owners belong to their pets as family members. The side effect of all-consuming master love is the desire to pamper a pet, treat something delicious. And often in the role of delicacies acts that most people are recognized as the most tasty sweetness in the light of sweetness - chocolate. This product is a poison for dogs that can cause terrible consequences - from diarrhea and vomiting to a heart attack.

Food and Health

In the twentieth century in Russia, Professor Gastroenterologist Manuel Pevizner studied the influence of the human diet to facilitate the flow and treatment of various diseases. The result of many years of painstaking work was the creation of a cycle of therapeutic diets consisting of specially developed 15-tables. Each of the rations is intended for the patient's medicinal nutrition, depending on the disease and helps to restore the work of the body.

Immortal jellyfish - the only creature on the planet, capable of living forever

With the ability to return to its immature stage, instead of accepting inevitable death, this tiny creature keeps the secret of true biological immortality. People dreamed of immortality from time immemorial. There is countless myths and legends about it, but until the mid-1990s, we could not find any evidence that eternal life on Earth is possible. In 1996, scientists have published a study of a small form of jellyfish capable of returning from the adult to the youthful state, deceiving death and reaching potential immortality. As long as the jellyfish is not destroyed by a predator and is supported by the environment, it can infinitely repeat this cycle and live forever. To this day, Turritopsis dohrnii remains the only famous immortal being.

How to gain weight girlfriend ectomorph, dial body weight thin girl fast

Women's audience, speaking of the type of physique, places specific requests. It is very important for a girl to be in a tone, but that the muscles do not look thrown. Stay slim, but not torsch. Lose weight in the stomach and sides, make an mouth of the waist and pump up the bridal muscles without increasing the hips. Familiar? Is it possible to overcome genetics and build a dream body without experience in training, avoiding a hunger strike or overeating? Let's find out together!

Garland of incandescent lamps with their own hands - Recommendations for installation and maintenance of electrical networks and devices

Electric garland is an unchanged attribute of the New Year holiday in every home. There are many of their varieties, but the special charm is represented by retropribers collected from ordinary incandescent lamps. Find those in the store at an affordable price, alas, difficult, therefore, on today's schedule, the garland from the light bulbs made by their own hands.


The most common causes of the appearance of inflammation and redness of the eyes are: chronic or aggravated conjunctivitis, glaucoma (increased pressure in visual organs), injuries, vessel damage, irritation of the mucous membrane and intensive eye load. How to get rid of these unpleasant symptoms and what to use for treatment?

Diet for cleansing the body from slags and toxins - Safe weight loss with menus and tips

Slimming is impossible without cleansing the body from slags and toxins. To lose excess weight more efficiently, it is important to prepare a digestion system to a diet, to establish meals, systematically observe the mode. Where to start and how does a diet, cleansing the gastrointestinal tract? Let's deal with!

Club DNS

The transformation of the average smartphone into a powerful photo device is not a myth, but a reality. And for this, it is not at all necessary to be the owner of the last apple or Samsung. Often, in the standard software, all the technical capabilities of optics are not taken into account. Even Chinese with Aliexpress, with the right approach, is able to issue photos of confident quality. Therefore, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the selection of applications that will expand the edge of the standard chamber. Immediately make a reservation - all of them are free for download.