How to store fish, meat, fat and cold smoking salo at home

In this article, we will analyze the best methods for storing popular products cooked by hot and cold way.

In this article, we will analyze the best methods for storing popular products cooked by hot and cold way.

How to keep cold smoking products

Products, wrapped in a cold smoking method, keep it much easier. During long-term processing, the smoke of them removes almost all of the liquid and even the most lively bacteria is dying. Therefore, it is not surprising that they can easily be stored for several months in the right conditions.

Before removing smoked storage, they need to get cool.

An ideal place for storing cold smoked products is a dark, well-ventilated space with low humidity. It may be, for example, a chulad or an attic. In such conditions, smoked is perfectly stored for up to 2-3 months without loss of their qualities.

If you want to Increase storage Your products can use the following ways:

  1. Use vacuum packaging for storage - up to 3 months.
  2. Freeze at temperatures from -20 ° C to -30 ° C - up to 3 or more months. The defrost to spend slowly. You can use, for example, oven.
  3. Store smoking in a nutty fabric soaked.
Smoked Fish on HooksIn such packaging, home smoking will be stored much longer.

How to store hot smoking products

Hot smoked products do not advise long to store. Ideally, they should be used after cooking.

However, if you want to preserve fragrant smoking about the reserve, the ways to extend their life cycle still exist. About them below.

Using the refrigerator

The easiest way to increase the shelf life of hot smokers is to store them in the refrigerator.

Fish It can be stored without any problems at 3 ° C and less for 1 week. If you want to increase the shelf life of up to 1 month, you will have to pack the product into vacuum packaging. Store at 3-4 ° C.

Fish remarkably absorbing outsiders, so when stored it needs to be protected from products with a sharp smell. If you do not use vacuum packaging, you can firmly wrap it with ordinary paper - it perfectly misses the air and does not allow the penetration of foreign odors.

Meat, Like fish, is also not subject to long storage. However, if you want to preserve its aroma and taste for 1-2 weeks, wrap it into the gauze-soaked salt and store at T = 5 ° C in the underground or on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

The proportions of the stenus solution - 1 tbsp. l. on 250 g of water.

To save the best qualities smoked sala It must be wrapped in a cotton fabric, painted in a salt solution, and remove into the refrigerator. In such conditions, it can be stored for 2 weeks without any consequences.

Use of freezer

Хранение копченостей в морозильнике

In the freezer products can be kept much longer. But such conditions of storage are conjugate with some features. About them below.

Meat It can be stored in several temperature modes that provide it with a different storage period:

  • -10 ° C - -8 ° C - up to 4 months.
  • -18 ° C - -10 ° C - up to 8 months.
  • -24 ° C - -18 ° C - up to 1 year.
The subsequent defrosting of meat spend slowly without hurrying. For these purposes, you can use, for example, the perfume.

Fish You can also store quite a long time in the freezer. The effect will be longer if it is stored in vacuo.

Optimal fish storage temperature - from -1 to -6 ° C. But for each fish variety it is their own. For example, for stauds or herring at an optimal temperature, the period is approximately 1.5-2 months. Some species are at all are able to be stored for 3-4 months under the same conditions without loss of quality.

For Sala Storage conditions in the freezer are less strict - at minus temperatures it can be stored almost eternally. Another problem is that the fragrant smoked smell of this product penetrates a lot and extends to other surpluses in the freezer.

So that your berries or dough do not smell the aroma of smoke, the lard must be isolated from other products. For this, the finished pieces of the bass turn into a foil or food film into several layers and only after that fit into the refrigerator.


In fact, even hot smoked smoking can be preserved quite a long time. The main thing is to choose the right way and create the necessary storage conditions.

Important! Prepared home smoked sausage? If not, then you will definitely try! This fragrant product with indescribable juicy taste will lead to indescribable delight of you and your loved ones.

For its preparation, we recommend additionally using specially designed mixtures of seasonings. They are able to give your product a special highlight: spicy aroma, light painting, savory gentle aroma and much more. The choice is only for you!

Как хранить копченую рыбу

It is difficult to meet a person who would not love, and even more so did not use smoked fish. Smoked fish is always present on the festive table, as a cold snack. Many home owners practice smoking fish at home: it is not only high quality, but also profitable, moreover, it is not very difficult, although it requires special equipment and some time costs.

Sometimes it happens that the fish does not have time to eat for that period that is given to her, because after this term the product will deteriorate. In this regard, it is a question of the reliable storage of smoked fish at home, since the fish refers to fast sprinkling products. Not always conditions in the refrigerator meet the storage conditions, since storage conditions depend on the method of preparing the product and the duration of preparation.

There are several ways to smoke fish:

  • Cold smoked fish. This is a fish prepared at a temperature of about 40 degrees.
  • Fish half-rally smoked when the product is prepared at a temperature of from 50 to 80 degrees.
  • Hot smoked fish. The finished product is obtained in conditions when the temperature reaches a mark from 80 to 170 degrees.

The taste of the finished product depends on which wood used coals and which ingredients (additional) were used.

Cold smoked fish can be stored for a long time. As a rule, when it prepared, more salts were spent, and it was better soaked smoke. Since the cold smoked fish is preparing longer, then the depth of processing it is slightly higher. With such factors and its longer storage is associated. In fish prepared according to other technologies, the shelf life is slightly lower, although it turns out much more tastier and more. In this fish, it can be processed a thinner, top layer of product.

Conditions for storing fish smoked fish

Any fish prepared in production or at home is almost no different, except that the taste, since at home it is possible to prepare a product for any recipe, which you can not say about factory recipes. In the same case, the storage of fish is accompanied by certain conditions.

Presence of ventilation during storage

If the fish is stored in the refrigerator, then it must be opened regularly to come in fresh air, otherwise it will be stated in the chamber. If the fish is stored in a closed container, then it must be provided with ventilation holes. The product is better stored in vacuum packaging.

Temperature storage mode

Hot smoked fish should be stored at a temperature of +2 to -2 degrees. Cold smoked fish is stored at a higher temperature, from 0 to +5 degrees.

Air humidity

Air humidity indicators in the storage place must correspond to 90%. With lower indicators, the fish begins to push, which will affect its taste. At higher indicators, mold may appear.

Where and how to keep smoked fish?

To save the prepared product, you can use several options. For instance:

In the fridge

хранение копченой рыбы в холодильнике

  • Hot smoked fish storage period is pretty limited. With all the appropriate conditions, it can be extended in the refrigerator no more than 3 days. After this period of time, the fish remains minimum of beneficial substances. In addition, it will simply become unsuitable for eating. If there is no such possibility, then the fish should be eaten as quickly as possible.
  • Cold smoked fish can be stored from 8 to 10 days, depending on storage conditions. This is due to the fact that the cold smoking fish is preparing much longer, so the processing is obtained deer, which does not allow to develop various bacteria. In this regard, you can eat such fish and enjoy its taste you can have a longer period of time.

In the freezer, at temperatures from -2 to -5 degrees, smoked fish is stored from 1.5 to 2 months, depending on how to smoke. Before placing fish in the freezer, it needs to be well wash. As a last resort, the place where it will be stored. Next to the fish should not be other products, as they can have a steady fragrance of fish. It will be better if the fish is wrapped in foil or parchment.

In salt solution

To prepare a solution, you need to take water and salt in a ratio of 2 to 1. After the preparation of the solution you need to take a segment of the fabric and moisten in solution, then wrap it into it. On top of the tissue you can wind the paper layer. Fish in this case can be stored on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator or in the container for a long time.

In the freezer

In the freezer, with proper storage, the fish can be stored for up to 3 months, without loss of food value. Before storing it is placed in a plastic bag or vacuum packaging. Before use, the fish is disposed of in any affordable way: in the oven, in the microwave or natural way. After defrost, it will be the same delicious as before the frost process.

In the attic

In addition, the fish can be stored in basements or in the subsidies, while not the creation of any special conditions. Before the storage process, the fish turns into a foil or in burlap. After that, it is placed in boxes and sprinkled with sawdust, but not coniferous. In this case, it is realistic to extend the storage time to 6 months.


To do this, it is necessary to provide a fish with a cool place. Alternatively, you can pull out the pit, wrap the fish with some rag and put in the pit. This method of storage is useful in hiking conditions. If it is placed in a sealed package, then you can omit into the water for a certain time. If there is no such possibility, then the fish is better to eat and not think about where to store it. To do this, you will have to prepare at one time the number of fish so that it does not stay for a long time.

How much can i store smoked fish

Cold smoked fish

Fish prepared according to this technology can fly in the refrigerator no more than 10 days. As for mackerel and stavrids, these types of fish are stored no more than 3 days.

Hot smoked fish

Such a fish is allowed to store no more than 3 days in the refrigerator.

Signs of spoils of fish

испорченная копченая рыба

Fish is a perishable product, so its safety must be constantly monitored. Even if all storage conditions are provided, it is impossible to guarantee the safety of the product, since much depends on how complied with fish cooking technology. When the product begins to deteriorate, it is easy to notice on external signs, such as:

  • If the fish touch the touch, it is easy to determine that the product has already started to deteriate: it will become slippery on the touch.
  • The fact that the fish began to deteriorate can be determined by a green or gray raid appeared.
  • The fish appears an acidic aroma, which is noticeably different from pleasant fish.

If it is found that something is wrong with fish, it is better to check the product for quality. To do this, take and deploy paper or foil. In the area of ​​the spine, a sharp knife is made a deep incision. After that, it is necessary to determine which fragrance comes from this slot. If the fish began to rot, then this smell does not confuse with any other.

If a white shade is found in the process of visual inspection, then this does not mean that the fish began to deteriorate. Places with a similar damage are processed with a cotton swab, moistened in vegetable oil. But this indicates the fact that the fish must be eaten soon.

When the mold appears on the surface, this is not yet the fact of its unsuitability. This only indicates that it is necessary to take measures to return the product for the previous characteristics. For this, the fish wash in the brine and subjected to re-smoked. It will be tasty and fragrant again, although not so useful.

Smoked fish is a very tasty product that can quickly spoil if it is not to eat it in the first 3 days. Then she will still retain the maximum amount of useful substances.

Unfortunately, smoked fish is contraindicated by some categories of people suffering from the problems of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, it is necessary to control the doses of consumption of this fish, otherwise the problems with the gastrointestinal tract will be provided. It is not necessary to discount the category of people in which personal intolerance to seafood is observed.

How to keep smoked fish at home: useful recommendations and tricks

The smoking process extends the shelf life of the product and gives it a special taste and aroma. However, it is important to know how to properly store smoked fish so that it does not lose their best properties and remains suitable for use. It is possible to organize storage at home, and this will correctly help the useful tips presented in the article.

Smoked fish has a pleasant taste and aroma, and also serves as a decent decoration of the festive table. To save the best quality of the product, ensure its proper storage. Smoked fish has a pleasant taste and aroma, and also serves as a decent decoration of the festive table. To save the best quality of the product, ensure its proper storage.

General recommendations

In order for the fish after smoking as much as possible to retain its taste and did not spoke, ensure proper storage conditions. At the same time, be sure to consider the method that was used to prepare the product.

Be sure to monitor the humidity level in the room where the product is stored. If the indicator is higher than the recommended, the product will cover mucus or mold. In the case of low humidity, the fish will lose its valuable taste, and meat fibers are quickly dried.

For convenience of perception information about the necessary storage conditions is reduced to the table:

Storage conditions Cold smoking Hot smoking
Temperature 0 ... -5 -2 ... + 2 ℃
Humidity 85-90% 90%
Ventilation Be sure to require periodic ventilation, except for the use of vacuum packaging
A place






Attic, cellar, storage room

Storage methods

For storage, choose only fresh and high-quality fish in good condition, without signs of damage and damage, for example, that you prepare themselves. Next, consider the most common ways of savings.

How to store smoked fish in the refrigerator

You can save smoked in the refrigerator. To do this, select a quality product, tightly wrap it with foil, paper or pack in vacuum packaging. Store products on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Try to separate the fish from other food to avoid mixing flavors.

Before sending fish to the refrigerator, wrap it with tight paper or foil. This will prevent the spread of smoked aroma on the refrigerator and protect the product from absorbing third-party odors. Before sending fish to the refrigerator, wrap it with tight paper or foil. This will prevent the spread of smoked aroma on the refrigerator and protect the product from absorbing third-party odors.

Is it possible to store smoked fish in the freezer

You can save the product in the freezer. For freezing, use fresh, just a smoke product. Each fish wrap in foil or tight paper, and best place in a vacuum package. Packed product fold into the freezer box and leave for freezing at temperatures below -10.

Smoked is a strong aroma, so when freezing, take care of its high-quality packaging and do not keep it next to berries or other products capable of quickly absorb the smell.

For defrosting the product, get it out of the freezer and leave for a couple of hours in the refrigeration chamber or at room temperature. Such a fish retains its original appearance and remains delicious.

It is not recommended to freeze and defrost products repeatedly. Remove from the freezer then the amount of product that can be used in a short period of time It is not recommended to freeze and defrost products repeatedly. Remove from the freezer then the amount of product that can be used in a short period of time

Other ways of storing smoked fish

Other storage methods are also applicable for cold and hot smoking fish. Pretty common - in a salt solution. Connect water and salt in proportion 2: 1. In the resulting liquid, moisten the cut of pure fabric and wrap in it, and turn the paper layer on top. Store fish on the bottom shelf of the refrigeration chamber in a plastic container.

You can save the product in the attic, in the basement or storage room. To do this, first wrap the fish in the foil or burlap and fold into the box, speaking each layer of sawdust. This option is suitable for long-term storage of large volume of products.

You can store smoked fish in the attic in suspended form. Important storage conditions - optimal temperature and humidity, as well as minimal direct sunlight You can store smoked fish in the attic in suspended form. Important storage conditions - optimal temperature and humidity, as well as minimal direct sunlight

To keep fish in nature, place it in a sealed package and lower it into a dummy pit or cold water container. However, even the use of such tricks is not able to preserve the freshness of smoked meat, so it is better to eat it right away.

Save the product on the road (for example, in the train) with a portable refrigerator bag.

Looking for storage, over the package, be sure to stick the sticker indicating the date of creation of the workpiece. This will control the expiration date of the product.

Cold and hot smoked fish storage

How much the fish will be stored, depends on the way of smoking and the place of savings. Be sure to monitor the expiration date of products without allowing it to damage.

Information on storage rates in various ways is reduced to the table:

Storage method Cold Smoked Product Hot smoked product
In the fridge 8-10 days (mackerel - 3 days) 3 days
In a salt solution in the refrigerator 1 month 20 days
In the freezer at temperatures -2 ... -5 2 months 1.5 months
In the freezer at temperatures below -10 3 months 2-3 months
Outdoors 2 hours no more than 1 hour

Cold smoked fish can be stored longer, due to the long processing process and the effect on the smoke product, which has a bactericidal effect.

Useful tips for renewing

Extend the shelf life of smoked, small tricks will help:

  1. Use vacuum packaging. The absence of air prevents the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, which allows for a long time to preserve the freshness of the product.
  2. Deep freezing at temperature -30.
  3. Independent smoking of fish using special substances that prolong the shelf life.
Vacuum packaging significantly prolongs the shelf life of the fish, retains its taste and initial species Vacuum packaging significantly prolongs the shelf life of the fish, retains its taste and initial species

Observing all the rules and requirements, you can save the taste and fresher smoked fish at home. Use for this available ways and be sure to monitor the expiration date to avoid poisoning.


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Before smoking, fish is sissing, but this is not enough to remain fresh without creating special conditions for a long time. When stored in a refrigerator or without it, as well as in long-distance travel, various indicators of temperature and humidity are required. Storage at home Refrigerator is a universal output. The task is only not to spoil other products with fish smell. In addition, it is necessary to make sure that smoked does not lose their taste in freezing. To do this, you need to follow a number of rules.
Smoked fish (Photo source - Yandex. Martinki)
Smoked fish (Photo source - Yandex. Martinki)

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Place of storage and regulatory conditions

The guideline for the proper storage of smoked fish is fish-processing plants with the staff of competent and competent staff. Such enterprises are searching for the methods of conservation of high-quality indicators of products during as long as possible.

Nothing is better than the use of refrigeration equipment today is not invented. Modern developments are carried out not so much in the technological direction, as part of the search for the optimal temperature modes and ventilation of the cameras.

All recommendations for storing at home are based on the practice of large enterprises. You need to pay attention to the following points:

  • The optimal storage temperature of hot and cold smoking products does not coincide. In the first case, this is a gap from -2 to +5 ºС, and in the second - from -5 to 0 ºС. The temperature around 0 ºС satisfies the storage conditions of both types of products.
  • Humidity should be at 90%. With this indicator, the fish will not dry and is not covered with mold.
  • Air circulation is needed, which is provided both in the refrigeration chamber and directly in the containing product containing the product (except for vacuum packaging).
  • The joint storage of smoked fish and other products that exude a strong fragrance is excluded. Otherwise, this can lead to smelling odors.
Storing smoked fish in the refrigerator (source photo - Yandex. Martinki)
Storing smoked fish in the refrigerator (source photo - Yandex. Martinki)

Proper storage of smoked fish is ensured by the constancy of the set parameters. To withstand them even if the electricity is possible, the refrigerators are equipped with a backup power system.

Storage features

Natural for home condition storage location of any products is a refrigerator. Before placing inside the smoked products, remove all damaged products from there, if any, and thoroughly wash the shelves. The storage method in the refrigerator can be selected from the following options:

  • You need to wrap the smoked product with foil or parchment packaging paper to eliminate the mixing of foreign odors, and place on one of the shelves of the refrigeration chamber.
  • It is necessary in a thin fabric, impregnated with salt in water (in the proportions of 1 to 2), wrap the fish, pack everything into dense paper and stored on the bottom shelf.
  • The product needs to be wrapped in tight paper and put in the freezer.

If the house is private, it will work out without a refrigerator. There are other places where smoked smoked meals can be stored: in the attic in the tissue bags or in a box, moving fishing with sawdust or cereals. The last version of the storage is suitable when traveling to nature. Such a box can be taken with you on the road for traveling by car.

Packaging smoked fish (Photo source - Yandex. Martinki)
Packaging smoked fish (Photo source - Yandex. Martinki)
Fish is often transported on the train. A sharp smell can irritate travelers. Therefore, to carry me smoked without adventure, it is better to wrap them into dense paper. Putting them in the plastic bag is not worth it. If the duration of the trip is small, there are all the chances of bringing the fish in good condition.

Another version of the carriage without odor is a vacuum packaging, which ensures the safety of the product for two months. Saving smoked fish in the heat will help a portable refrigerator bag. You can buy it at any store trading in refrigerators.

Hot smoked fish

For the finished product on generally accepted sanitary standards, a shelf life is established equal to three days, but the technical conditions allow for a longer time. It all depends on the possibilities of vehicles for the carriage of fish and refrigeration equipment, which should continuously maintain the optimum temperature in the range of -2 ... + 2 ºС.

When freezing to -30 ºС, the allowed shelf life increases to one month. You need to defrost such a fish gradually, maintaining the temperature at 8 ºС.

Fast Freezing Products (Source Photo - Yandex. Martinki)
Fast Freezing Products (Source Photo - Yandex. Martinki)

It should be borne in mind that in the usual freezer, the temperature is average about -18 ºС. So freeze smoked fish at home, if there is no "fast freezing" option, not recommended.

Cold Smoked Product

Storage time is longer, which is due to low moisture content, high salinity and bactericidal properties of cold smoke. For example, herring and mackerel are stored 45-60 days, if you maintain the recommended mode -2 ... -5 ºС. Halves of cold smoking is recommended to store no more than 10 days. Other fish breeds lie up to 75 days.

It is important to maintain the purity of air in the chambers and pay attention to the container - it should not be traces of mold, which is the main enemy of cold smoking fish. Overly, long storage leads to oxidation of fat, the taste of the product deteriorates, and the smell will disappear.


Balyk is stored in a hermetic container in the refrigerator. The shelf life is up to 30 days. It can also be frozen.

Smoked fish in vacuum packaging (source photo - Yandex. Martinki)
Smoked fish in vacuum packaging (source photo - Yandex. Martinki)

Many prefer to smoke products independently. The storage conditions at the same time are no different from those for purchased fish, if the smoked technology was properly observed.

Smoked fish purchased in the store can be kept at home. But the term depends on the state in which it was purchased. All deadlines specified in this material are true if you have purchased fresh fish. Is it worth getting fish from hand and what kind of storage method to use is a personal choice question. Sellers can apply a variety of ways to give their product a commodity look. If there are doubts about freshness, it is better to give up purchasing in this place, otherwise no storage methods will help save smoked smoked breath.

Storage time table

Как хранить копченую рыбу в холодильнике и без него


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как хранить копченую рыбу

Fish, smoked with her own hands - very tasty and rich in productive products. Many maiden owners concerns the question - as, and most importantly, how much to store smoked fish, if it was not immediately able to use it.

Mandatory storage conditions

Industrial enterprises for high-quality fish conservation use special equipment. For storing smoked fish at home, it is necessary to comply with some requirements:

  1. Good ventilation. If the storage of the product is provided in the container, then it must be holes. In the event that the product was simply empty on the shelf of the refrigerator, then it is recommended to open its doors regularly (a couple of times a day) to open its doors for a while so that the air in the chamber is not stored. Ideal for smoked meat storage - special vacuum packages.
  2. Temperature. Storage of hot and cold smoked fish requires a different temperature regime. So, in the first case, it is necessary to ensure the temperature from -2 to + 2 ° C, and for cold smoked products - 0-5 degrees. To monitor the temperature, it is recommended to place a room thermometer next to the fish.
  3. Air humidity is another very important aspect that depends on the preservation of the dish. The optimal indicator will be 90% - the lower humidity will lead to the drying of the fish, and the increased - to its molding.

Cold Smoked Fish Storage Conditions

Cold smoked fish prepare at a temperature of 25-35 ° C. Deep, compared to other smoking methods, thermal processing allows longer to keep the freshness of the product, if the optimal conditions were created for this.

How many smoked fish are stored in the refrigerator?

Safe is considered to store cold smoked fish to 10 days. At the same time, storage of smoked fish type of mackerel or stavavids is limited to 72 hours.

Store cold smoking fish is better on a separate shelf of the refrigerator so that it does not exchange smells with other products. For the same purpose, it is desirable to pre-pack it in foil or wipeled tight paper.

Features of storing hot smoked fish

Even with a scrupulous execution of all conditions, fish, wrapped in a hot way, can be stored in the refrigerator no longer than three days. It is recommended to eat it before the expiration of this period, otherwise the product will have to simply throw away.

Such a difference in storing hot smoked fish and cold smoked carcasses is due to the fact that during the cold method, the product is exposed to long-term processing, which protects it from premature reproduction of the bacterial flora.

Is it possible to store smoked fish in the freezer? Unambiguous answer - yes. If you put it in the freezer, then any fish, even smoked mackerel, can be saved one and a half or two months.

The shelf life of smoked fish in the refrigerator, if it was purchased in the store, not subject to the purchase day - the manufacturer on the package indicates the final date of use, which is required to be guided.

The shelf life of smoked fish at room temperature

How many hot smoked fish are stored at room temperature? The maximum time for which it should be used in such conditions - 24 hours. In the future, the delicious product will become a source of serious trouble. The cry of cold smoking fish without a refrigerator is stored.

After all the above storage terms, the fish not only loses all its beneficial properties, but can also cause significant damage to health, so its use is extremely undesirable.

How to save smoked fish in a refrigerator?

Modern refrigeration chambers are capable of maintaining very low temperatures, therefore the time of the preservation of smoked products can be extended, provided that they were correctly frozen:

  • First of all, every carcass wrap in parchment or foil. If the fish is located in close proximity to another frozen provisioning, it is better to cover it with a layer of paper;
  • The temperature inside the freezing chamber should not exceed -20 ° C;
  • You can freeze only freshlyactic fish. If it lies in the refrigerator for several days, it is not worth cold;
  • It is forbidden to press frost around the frost again.

The shelf life of smoked fish in the freezer is 80-90 days.

You can defrost fish as natural way and in the microwave, oven, and so on.

Other ways to extend the life of smoked fish

Extend the shelf life of smoked fish by using the following ancient recipe:

  • In clean cold water to dissolve salt (adhering to the proportion of 2: 1);
  • Cute cotton fabric moisten in solution and squeeze a bit;
  • Wrap a carcass with a cloth, and on top of it - also in a layer of thick paper;
  • Place packed fish in the fridge.

Save the fish in a suitable condition for up to six months you can not attack or in the subfield. The temperature in these utility rooms should not exceed + 5 ° C. Every carcass is turned into burlap (can be replaced with foil) and fold into the box, speaking it with wood chips (do not use sawdust of coniferous trees).

If the fish smokes in a hike (long-term outdoor), then keep it freshness in "field conditions" in several ways:

  • Easy in the ground there is a fairly deep hole, wrap the product with a rag or paper and put in the deepening;
  • If there is a hermetic package, then with the carcasses it is lowered in cold water.

In the case when none of the ways for any reason are possible, then smoked fish is better to eat as soon as possible.

The main signs that the fish has spoiled

Even when complying with all recommendations regarding storage, it can happen that the fish will be unsuitable for use. How to understand that smoked is spoiled? Signs of an unsuitable product look like this:

  • slippery surface of the carcass;
  • The appearance of a rude green or grayish color;
  • The appearance of an acid smell, uncharacteristic for fish.

With suspected dissent, you can additionally check the fish. To do this, on its back, along the vertebrae make a deep suction with a sharp knife and evaluate the aroma outgoing from this slot. The smell of stupid, starting to make fishes cannot be not felt or confused with something else.

At the same time, the appearance on the surface of the fish white plated does not mean that it is spoiled. This plaque is easily removed with a cotton swab dipped in lean oil. But after such processing, fish need to eat in the shortest possible time.

The longer one or another product is stored, the lower its useful properties and taste. Therefore, you should not deliberately try to prepare smoked fish in the future. It is best to smoke with small portions as necessary - it will give confidence in its quality and will allow you to fully enjoy fresh delicacy.

How to keep fish smoked

Smoking fish requires an attentive relationship. Unlike meat, it contains a large number of pathogens of microorganisms. If you cannot eliminate them during processing, you can get strong food poisoning. Therefore, we need to pay great attention to the storage conditions of such delicacies. How to keep smoked fish to ensure the preservation of its taste and aroma? What affects the storage time?

Копчёная рыба на решётке в коптильне

Smoked rules

The principle of smoked fish does not differ from meat processing. But, unlike meat, fish before smoking is usually prepared in a smaller number of marinades. The main principle is to spray well in front of the heat treatment process.

In order for the product to proceed well, large fish carcasses are cut into several pieces. This allows you to better process the product over the thicker. Mid-sized raw materials whole.

Smoking fish passes in 2 stages - drying, in which excessive moisture and smoking is removed from the carcass. The first stage passes at a temperature of 25 degrees, the second - at 80 degrees and above. For hot smoked, it is possible to achieve a temperature of 120 degrees.

Рыба в промышленной коптильне

Fish smokes in three ways:

In the first case, the raw materials smokes for a long time, with a low temperature. But with this method, most microorganisms dies. In the second case, more pathogenic microbes are preserved. Smoking time is less than with a cold method.

With hot smoked product processing time minimal. But at the same time not all bacteria die. Such fish has the smallest shelf life. To find out how much hot smoked fish is stored, you should pay attention to the conditions for its storage.

Regardless of how you use the method of smoking, the rules must be observed when storing the fish: stable temperature, sufficient ventilation, the optimal level of humidity in the room.

Store hot smoked fish

To taste the carcasses of the fish, which have passed hot processing, are exceeded, treated with a cold method. They are more juicy, soft, tasty. But this method has a significant disadvantage - the shelf life of such a product is significantly less than when cold smoke. This is due to the fact that not all bacteria are destroyed during thermal processing, a lot of moisture is saved.

Копчёная рыба на тарелке

For the shelf life of hot smoking fish, the most important effect has the temperature regime. If preservation is provided at room temperature, the storage time should not exceed 72 hours.

If the fish is stored in a refrigerator, the time when the product is considered suitable for use, increases to 10 days. If you use the freezer, then hot smoked fish can be kept there for up to 1 month.

The defrosting of such fish should pass at a temperature not exceeding +8 degrees.

Ассорти из копчёной рыбы

An important aspect is the humidity in the room where smoked foods are stored. The optimal value is the humidity of 75-80%. With an increased indicator, mold may appear on the surface. That this does not happen to maintain a permanent level of moisture content in the air, constantly airbuilding storage.

Keep the fish cold smoked

The storage time of smoked fish treated with a cold way is much longer. The large content of salt and the small amount of moisture makes it possible to bring the storage of cold smoked fish to 3 months.

For the time of preservation affects the type of fish. Sea types of fish are stored longer than river or lake.

Smoked mackerel or stavrid can be saved up to 90 days at temperatures from minus 2 to minus 5 degrees. Balyk part is stored less - up to 1 month.

Копчёная рыба на решётке в коптильне

You can keep smoked fish in the freezer and longer. But when defrosting, it is necessary to observe the temperature regime. When choosing, at what temperature the smoked fish is stored, do not forget that the longer storage continues, the more flavors are lost.

How best to keep taste quality

Fish homemade smoked will delight its aroma and taste if it is properly saved. When laying in the freezer, smoked fish must be wrapped in parchment paper. Such a measure will retain the aroma of smoked, but will not allow the smell to spread to the entire freezer. In order for the smell, it was not overlooking the refrigerator and did not destroy the fish, you can prengeo with a cloth impregnated with brine. A proportion of 2 parts of water to 1 part of the salt are taken.

In the refrigerator, you should keep carcasses on the bottom shelf, if you have an old model of the aggregate. There are no such problems in new models, since the same temperature is the same temperature.

There are ate opportunity, put smoked fish in trays or container and closed. At the same time, it is important to trace so that there is no extra moisture in the tank.

Копчёная рыба на крюках

An old method of storing smoked fish - attic. In order to protect the carcasses from dust, insects, they are placed in small bags of fabric. How much is stored in the attic smoked fish envy on temperature indicators. In the hot season in the attic, a high temperature is kept, so this method is worth using in the cold season.

If the mold appeared on the fish, the surface became slippery, and the smell of smoked gained an acidic shade, it is impossible to eat such a fish!

If a white flare appeared on the surface, but there is no foreign smell, such a carcass can be watched with vegetable oil.

If it is not possible to keep fish in a cold place, the product wrapped in foil or placed in bags of burlap and put in a box with wood sawdust. For sawdust take the breed of non-massic trees. The box will be seized from direct sunlight.

Before laying fish for preservation, you need to remember than longer the fish is, the more taste it will lose. The optimal option is to use it immediately or within 3 days. Choosing an option - how to store hot smoked fish or cold, it is important to keep the product with all primary qualities and reduce losses.

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