Hello everyone. How often do you work with disks? Surely, everyone has long moved to external hard drives, flash drives and mobile phones, because they can also be used as a regular USB media.

How to burn disc

Hello everyone. How often do you work with disks? Surely, everyone has long moved to external hard drives, flash drives and mobile phones, because they can also be used as a regular USB media.

But there are situations when you need to record a disc with music in the car, or write a movie to give a comrade.

But, unfortunately, many do not know how to record both CDs and DVDs.

In this post, I would like to template this topic as much as possible, and let's start with the moststs.

What are the dimensions of the disks?

At the moment, there are 2 disks in our world, the first is a mini disk, it goes with a diameter of 8cm, and the disk is familiar to us - 12 cm. The amount of information contained on these discs differ significantly, for example, on a mini-disk you will not be able to record a movie, but not for every DVD drive will fit a good quality movie. With the classification of volumes you can get acquainted in the table below. Here everything should be clear, only two discs: mini, and ordinary.


Disc formats

Most often, people use CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs and many people know that more information is available on the DVD disk than on the SD drive, but at the same time, on Blu-ray, the disc is placed even more information than on DVD.

Do not forget that for reading and writing SD, DVD, and Blue Discs, different devices are used. Blue-ray drive can read and write down all formats, that is, both CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs.

If you take the usual DVD drive, which is customary to use in desktop and laptops, they will not even see Blu-ray discs.

CD - drives will not be considered, since they have already been outlined, they can be found except on very ancient computers, somewhere in accounting or tax: d.

Volumes of discs

The information is made to measure in megabytes, abbreviated (MB) and in a gigabyte (GB), there are also terabytes (TB), but it does not apply to optical disks, such volumes are calculated on hard drives.

1 GB contains 1024 megabytes.

So, we look at the usual SD drive has a volume of 700 MB, DVD - 4.7 GB, Blu-ray - 25 GB. If we consider the mini-disks, they wear such: mini CD - 150 MB, Mini DVD - 1.4 GB, Mini Blu-ray - 7.8 GB.

Volumes of discs

Multilayer discs

Multilayer discs differ from conventional disks only by the fact that they can be written more information on them. There is also double-sided discs, that is, one side of the disk can write 4.7 GB of information, and 9.4 GB will be released on the second side.

For a clearer view of volumes, see the screenshot.

Table volumes

Disks with a multi-sized record

Such discs are called rewritable, and when acquired by such disks in stores, buyers are guided by abbreviations, that is, if you want to buy a disk with a multi-track record, then the seller needs to say "I need DVD-RW. Disc, or CD-RW. .

RW - Indicates Rewritable. If you take rewritable blue disks, then they are designated BD-RE , Re - Recordable Erasable, if translated, it will sound, as overwritten.

What is different + r from -R, also + RW from - RW?

What difference + r from -r? And the main difference is the ability to add information to the already recorded disk, subject to free space on this disk.

If you purchase a disc, let's say DVD + R, then you can add info. Consider an example.

I went to a friend with a disc DVD + R. and recorded a film of 2.4 GB, I still have a free space on the disk, 2.3 GB, I went to another comrade and Docted music.

C -R disks do not allow such a thing, that is, if I wanted to add music to the film, I would not have happened.

Here in principle, everything is different than + R from -R. From experience, wheels C + R are more suitable for recording.

Excellent, disassembled with disks, now let's go directly to the records of the disks.

How to burn a disc using the Nero program?

The most popular program for recording disks is Nero. There are a lot of different versions of this program, such as Nero 6,7,8.

I will show an example on Version Nero 6. In my opinion it is the most stable, subsequent versions carry a lot of not necessary functions: view video, audio editor, image editor, creating covers and stickers for disks.

Of course, all these features are in the sixth version, but they are lighter, that is, the sixth version requires less PC resources.

In short, do not break your head over the version, just put the one that you like, because the process of recording disks is the same.

We start the Nero program, you can find it in the Start-> Program menu -> Nero -> Nero StartSmart.

Search Neuro on PC

This window appears, in which you need to click on the arrow, which hides vertically on the left.

Arrow with menu

The menu will appear in which you want to select Nero Express.

Neuro Express

The neuro-express sheath will be launched, which can be roughly divided into three parts.

MENU Neuro Express

1. If you have physically installed 2 drives on your PC, you need to choose what will be recorded if one is installed, then do not change anything accordingly.

2. In the second block, you need to decide what you want to record, it can be seen from the screenshot that you can write absolutely all: regular data (pictures, documents, music, video, etc.) that is, the disk will be used as a common flash drive.

Suppose if you want to record music into the car and use the first point when writing, as regular data, then the music in the machine may not read, for the machine you need to use the "Music" section and there already choose, in which format to write: MP3, Audio CD etc.

The same story and with the video, if you want to record a movie for a DVD player, you need to use exactly the video point \ pictures.

3. And from the third section, I use only the item "Erase Disk".

For example, let's write the usual data, to do this, select the Data CD.

Disc with data

A region appears in which you can drag files for recording, pay attention to the strip below, it shows how much space is already occupied.

Place for data

Thinking files

Dragging files is the first way, the second way to add files to write to the disk is to use the "Add" button and specify where the files are for recording and press "Next".

Now you need to make the final settings of the record.

Final installations for recording disk

Under the number (1), you can change the recorder for recording, under the number (2) you can assign a name for the disk, (3) you need to set the speed to record the disk, it is recommended to put no more than 8x In order to avoid recording errors, (4) If the + R drive is used, you can put a tick that will allow you to add data to the disk.

And the last item allows you to check the recorded data on errors, I do not use it, because It takes quite a long time. After all configured, press "write down" and expect the end of the recording process.

At the end of a successful burn, you will see the appropriate window, after it is closed, the Nero program will offer to save the project if you write only one disk, the project is not needed if you want to put a double, save the project to do not climb the project and not Search for the necessary files for recording. Now you know, How to burn disc With Nero, and if you have doubts or questions, ask them in the comments.

I am also interested, and what versions of Nero do you use to record disks?

Sincerely, Middle Alexander.

How to burn disc with mp3 program Nero Burning ROM

Nero Burning Rom Logo

Often they ask me how to burn a disc with MP3 program Nero Burning ROM. For all interested in posting the instructions.

1. Run the Nero Burning ROM program and click the New button.

Figure 1. Running Nero Burning Rom

Figure 1. Running Nero Burning Rom

2. Select the CD-ROM ISO disk format and click the "New" button.

Figure 2. Select CD-ROM ISO disk format

Figure 2. Select CD-ROM ISO disk format

3. Drag and drop files to write to the left window, then click on the "Record" button.

Figure 3. Select files for recording

Figure 3. Select files for recording

4. Install the checkboxes "Record" and "Finalize Disk" and click "Burn". The speed is better to choose no more than 10x, so that the disk is better read in the future.

Figure 4. Selecting disk recording options

Figure 4. Selecting disk recording options

5. When the record is completed, you will see a successful record message, click OK. Unfortunately, sometimes instead of a successful record, a message may be issued that the record failed. Then you need to insert a new disk, and write to try to spend at a lower speed.

Figure 5. Report on the successful recording of the disk

Figure 5. Report on the successful recording of the disk

The process of "burning" disks in Nero is very simple and accessible even to the novice user - now you will make sure that. Let's write a disk with your favorite MP3 music in Nero. Free for free of her, good, maybe anyone.

In the rank of steps from the goal

At first, insert a clean CD-R / RW or DVD-R / RW into the optical drive of a PC or laptop. Immediately you can choose the drive and receiver and set the name of the disc recordable. In our case, this is "music". How to record disk via NeroNext, you need to add files to a special program of the Nero program - two possible ways.

The first - with the + Add button, the second - the usual drag and drop files and folders to the Nero working field. Pay attention to the line at the bottom - it shows the maximum possible amount of data recorded and the current volume of "thrown" into the file program for further record.

How to record disk via Nero

How to record disk via Nero

How to record disk via Nero

Before it starts, check the recording speed mode - the minimum, safe, automatic or maximum - and you are ready. It remains to click "Record."

How to record disk via Nero  

Other Opportunities Nero

Also, the Nero program allows you to copy data from disk to disk. To do this, insert into each drive to the pure carrier of the above types. The drive-source disk from which the data will be copied, and in the drive-receiver is a target disk for copying. In this case, the volume of such a disk must be at least equal to the volume of data copied to it. Ready? Then click "Copy" and drink coffee! Nero will do everything herself.

Not forgotten developers and about "single-groovy" users. For them, when copying, first you need to insert the drive from which copying will be made, and click "Copy". Nero will create a temporary image that will be recorded on the disk inserted into the drive as follows.

In addition, as in other versions of Nero, you can create disk images in the .nrg format. The record diagram is the same: add the necessary files to the compilation field and select Image Recorder as the drive-receiver. Determine the folder to save the image and get a new image of the .nrg format.

Nothing difficult

Recording discs with Nero simple, both actually, and the free program, called Nero Free or Nero Startsmart Essentials. This program is distributed free of charge and allows you to make only basic operations of burning and copying disks. The program does not occupy a lot of disk space and does not load the system.

Install Nero Fries and understand how to use Nero, even the newcomer will understand. Moreover, the entire functional Nero Free is concentrated in the left column of the interface in the form of buttons to write data and copy disks.

At first there was a fire ...

In July 64 of the year of our era, ten of the fourteen quarters of ancient Rome burned with a bright flame. The consonant legend, the initiator of the Great Fire - I remember this tragedy, the Emperor and the ruler of Rome Nero himself became. Unanimated compassion and brutally who killed his mother, his mother aunt, teacher and the nearest associates, he set up Rome to admire the extraordinary beauty of the city of burning the fiery glow with a high pattering tower. The history of ancient Rome has always been famous for "good" people ...

Today about the "feat" of the cruel emperor, the users of the Nero recording program are increasingly remembered. After all, because the name of the Nero Burning ROM software itself is translated as "Nero, burning Rome" or, in our realities, "Nero, burning (CD-) ROM". True, unlike the fanatical Pyroman-Nero, Nero does not burn the quarters, but only burns or writes information to optical media.

Now you know how to write down the discs with data, it remains only to download Nero for free and use this great program for the benefit of your "iron" and all optical planet carriers Earth.

How to burn disc program Nero

April 30, 2011

Posted by: Maksim.

Almost every computer user is sooner or later faced with a question - how to write a CD or DVD disk. Even the usual recording of music, photos, the film sometimes causes tension of an inexperienced user.

In this article, you will learn how to make simple problems with the popular program for recording Nero discs.

Recording disc

How to burn mp3 files to disk?

To burn the MP3 drive (this also applies to other audio formats, with the exception of Audio CD), you must go to the "Data" tab on the left side of the screen and click on the appropriate type of your disk on the right side of the screen.

We will look at the disk entry with MP3 on the example of the CD disk. The following window will appear:

Now you need to add our files with music to the project. Click on the button " Add "And select those welcome files with songs on your hard disk. When you click on the button " Add "The following window will appear: Our task at this stage is to add selected files to the project. Simply put, we have to click on the "Add" button and select those welcome files with music on your hard disk of your computer. When you click on the "Add" button, the following window will appear:


Here everything is clear - allocate the necessary files and press the button " Add "In the lower right corner. When all files are selected - we spill. To do this, press the button Close And proceed directly to the record. After adding files, we come back to the window that the contents of the future disk shows us.

Adding files

You noticed зElena Striped which began to paint a portion of a peculiar line at the bottom of the screen? This is an indicator of how much space on the disk will be occupied by the selected files. So you can easily determine if you can add files to the disk!

Pressing the button " Further "Will allow us to go to the last settings window before recording (burning) disk.

Disc burn

In this window, interest is only the checkbox " Allow the addition of files (multisession) " The fact is that the multisession is considered the recording method when subsequently (unless, of course, allows the disk space) to add another amount of information. If we decide anything else to add to this disk, then you need to select the checkbox.

It is worth noting that in the case of DVD discs, the correct operation with multissychiatric discs is possible only when using the same drive upon subsequent recording. Did you understand? On someone else's computer, you will not be able to add a DVD! Install the checkbox and click on the "button" Record " It only remains to wait for the final result - a recorded disk with MP3 compositions.

How to record Audio CD?

The audio CD entry is slightly different, but still differs. First of all, in the first window you need to go to the tab " Music ", And right to click on Audio CD. .

Recording audio

After the files are added, pay attention to the bottom of the window. If earlier the remaining megabytes on the disk were counted there, now the calculation goes in minutes.

Recording audio

The fact is that our files besides recording will also be encoded into Audio CD format, which allows you to record no more than 80 minutes of sound on the disk. The rest of the AUDIO CD creation action does not differ from the creation of a disk with data.

How to burn a disk in DVD video format?

The DVD recording is not much different from recording audio, but only if you already have ready-made files. If this is not the case, then you should watch the video tutorial in which we will create a DVD for viewing on the domestic DVD player. For example, you need to transfer from the camera to the computer captured material for the subsequent entry on the DVD.

What difficulties may arise?

At first The received video file on the computer will be large. For example, an hour of video in a DV format will take about 13 GB, and you will not be able to record this file on DVD.

Secondly Even if you can write this file to DVD (for example, in MPEG-2 format), then your DVD player may not read it.

How to be in this case?

In fact, everything is very simple - the source file (your video) must be recoded into the DVD-Video format, which will be understood by all DVD players. This can be done using programs for DVD-authoring and video editing. In this lesson, we consider an example of creating a DVD-Video disk in the Nero Vision program.

From the video tutorial you will learn:

  • How to add a video file to the project and split it on the chapters (sections) so that you can switch to the movie between the chapters;
  • How to add your picture and music in the disk menu;
  • What settings are responsible for the quality of the film obtained;
  • How to save the resulting movie on a hard disk and then write it on a DVD;
  • What to select a project type in Nero to record a movie on a DVD.

The duration of the lesson: 20 min. 42 seconds.

Size: 17.2 MB

View video tutorial

Recording CD / DVD in Nero

Nero is one of the most powerful programs for recording disks. It contains many functions, however, most often, people do not use half of what it is capable of.

On a note . This is a paid program, but you can use a month for free. Official site for download: Choose the version of Nero Burning ROM.

How to burn disc

Next, I will show how to record CD and DVD through the Nero Express application, as it is the simplest and more convenient.

To begin with, the application offers to select the data type (data; music; video / pictures; image, project, copier).

We will record on CD or DVD using the "Data" item. The fact is that this option is universal: you can add text, and pictures, and music, and video through it. Moreover, such a disk will open on any other computer (not only on your).

Click on "Data". On the right side, select the type of media to which you want to record information - CD or DVD.

Just do not forget to insert a clean drive into a computer.

New window opens.

Click on the "Add" button on the right.

A window overlapping the program will open. Find in it the desired files and folders. Please note: on the left side you can choose another place (computer, documents, etc.).

When you find the desired files and folders in the window, add them. To do this, press once the left mouse button on the object and press the "Add" button at the bottom.

You can add any directions and folders as you like, follow the volume. To do this, the application below has a strip. While there is enough space, the strip is filled with green. Watch that it does not become red. This will mean that the disk is crowded.

After you have added files and folders, close the window from which they were selected and click "Next".

After that, the window will change.

Click on "Record" (burning).

And wait for the end of the process. Usually the disc pops up from the computer, and a small window appears in the center of the program, in which it will be written "the burning is successfully completed" or something similar. Click "OK", then "Next" at the bottom right and close the program.

Author: Ilya Krivosheev


Who can imagine life without music? This applies to people who lead an active lifestyle - most often they listen to dynamic and fast music. People who are accustomed to more measured pastime prefer slow, classical music. One way or another - she accompanies us almost everywhere.

You can take my favorite music anywhere - it is recorded on flash drives, phones and players who are entirely entered into our lives. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to transfer music to the physical disk, and for this well-known program is perfect. Nero - A reliable assistant in transferring files to hard disks.

Download the latest version of Nero

A detailed sequence of recording music files will be reviewed in this article.

one. Nowhere without the program - go to the official website of the developer, enter the address of your mailbox to the appropriate field, click on the button Download .

Loading the program from the official site

2. The downloaded file is an Internet bootloader. After startup, it downloads and unpacks the necessary files to the installation directory. For the most fast installation of the program, it is advisable to free the computer by providing the maximum Internet speed and computer resources.

3. After the program is established, the user needs to run it. The main menu of the program providing access to modules with its purpose will open. From the entire list we are interested in one - Nero Express. Click on the appropriate tile.

Working with the Nero Burning Rom subroutine

four. In the window that opens after clicking, you must select the item from the left menu. Music then in the right - Audio CD .

Working with the Nero Burning Rom 2 subprogram

five. The next window allows us to download a list of necessary audio recordings. To do this, through a standard conductor, select the music you want to write. It will appear in the list, at the bottom of the window on a special strip, you can see if the entire list will be placed on the CD.

Working with Nero Burning Rom 4 subroutine

After the list is consistent with the disk capacity, you can press the button Further .

6. The last point in the disk recording setting will be the choice of the name of the disk and the number of copies. Then in the drive is inserted with a blank disc, and the button is pressed. Record .

Working with the Nero Burning ROM subroutine 5

The recording time will depend on the number of selected files, the quality of the discharge itself and the drive speed.

Such a simple way to exit is a qualitatively and reliably recorded disk with your favorite music, which can be immediately used on any device. Record music to the disk through Nero will be able to be as an ordinary user and more advanced - the potential of the program is enough enough to configure the recording parameters.

CloseWe are glad that you could help you solve the problem. CloseDescribe what you did not work.

Our specialists will try to answer as quickly as possible.

Will this article help you?


Multifunctional utility for recording devices

This program was named after Emperor Nero, who in the famous legend set up Rome. English translation of the name sounds like "Nero, who burned Rome" or a little differently - "Nero, burning (CD-) ROM". Here is such a game of words. But Nero does not burn, but he burns, that is, it records the optical medium.

Nero simplifies work with CD и DVD , video and sound, and also possesses a backup function and performs the cover layout. Recently, Nero writes иin Blu-ray formats and HD.

CD Disk and MacBook

So, in this article, we consider the process of recording disks by this utility. Step-by-step instructions will help to deal with all the subtleties and solve any problems.

Recall the varieties of discs and their purpose

To begin with, it is necessary to determine which to select the media: CD or DVD, then R or RW. I propose to briefly familiarize yourself with popular formats.

  1. CD-R. If you need to record a minimum of information (up to 700 MB), it is worth choosing the easiest format and, moreover, economical from a financial point of view. From the advantages - you can add information to the multisessions until the place is over. Of the minuses - you can not erase anything.
  2. CD-RW. Similar to the first, the size of the carrier reaches 700 MB. The only difference is that this disc can be overwritten by an indefinite number of times. It is a little more expensive, but this option is more profitable to acquire, for example, for music: I'm tired - erased and rewritten.
  3. DVD-R. A more serious and spacious device. The maximum amount of information is 4.7 GB when using a single-layer disk and up to 8.5 GB, if you use a two-layer. Information can also be recorded by multisessions until the place is over. Such a format is often used to store data.
  4. DVD-RW. The most expensive device from the listed . It differs from the previous format the possibility of rewriting. In volume are the same.

It should be noted another important aspect: the rate of burning. Here the advantages are located in the reverse order. The first format (CD-R) is fixed faster, the latter is more slower.

We write mp3 files

Let us return directly to our topic and consider how they still write down the selected format in Nero. Let's start with MP3 on the example of CD. We go to the "Data" tab and select the appropriate format on the right side of the screen. Then you need to add cooked music files to the project. To do this, clay "add" and highlight the necessary audio recordings. At this stage, you must see all the files that are preparing for burning.

Pay attention to the green strip at the bottom of the screen - this indicator shows the file busy on the carrier.

The "Next" button will transition to the last stage of the settings. Here we are interested only in one point - put / detect the check box "Allow the addition of files (multisession)".

What does the multisession record mean? If after the burning remains free on the device, you can use it in the future, putting the checkbox now. Accordingly, if you are sure that you will no longer add anything, close the session.   

Attention! If you set the checkbox for a multisession record on a DVD, do not forget that the subsequent entry can be performed only on the same drive. Thus, you will not be able to accommodate by another computer.

Click the "Record" button and proceed directly to the burning. After a few minutes, the drive will return the media with information.

Write on Audio CD in Nero

In principle, there are no significant differences. But there are some points that need to be considered. To start burning, you need to select the "Music" tab on the left side of the program window, in the right part - "Audio CD " As before, add the necessary tracks and again we look at the indicator. There is a slight difference: now the indicator shows not megabytes, but a minute of free space.

Musical Plate 90s

The maximum sounding time is 80 minutes, the selected files are not simply recorded, but also encoded into the desired format. The rest of the process is similar to burning media with data.

Write DVD video format with Nero

Actually, we act according to the same scheme. The only problem may occur directly with video format. For example, if you carry the footage from the camera, the size may be too large for recording on the media. In addition, it may not read players. Nero settings will not help here, in this case it is worth mastering any third-party program for video encoding to the required format.

Record windows onto the carrier through Nero

Many users often have problems recording a DVD system image. If you are not sure about the correct settings, read and remember the algorithm.

We will analyze the recording of Windows using the Nero Burning ROM program. This utility comes in full service. If you do not have it installed, do this action.

  1. Run the installed program and click "Cancel" on the window that appears. This will give the opportunity to go to the main utility screen.
  2. The next step opens the created image image. Go to the "File" menu, then click "Open". In the window, set the type of files - set "all supported projects and images". Open the image recording window.
  3. We establish a burning settings. The first tab with information only briefly describes the project, the next entry tab already provides a number of settings. Everything is not considered any meaning, we will analyze only the necessary:
  • Record.
  • Drive Recording (This setting is set by default).
  • Recording speed (this parameter depends on the selected media. As we noted at the beginning, the CD opposite is recorded faster than DVD. If you write down with D With data, choose the maximum speed. Optimal mode - 8x (11,080 kb / s) ).
  • Finalize the CD - at the moment the function should not be active, this action also occurs automatically in this mode.
  • The number of copies - the number of disks that you plan to write at one time.
  1. The last step is pushing the "Break" button and follow the process. Everything is extremely simple and understandable.

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