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Pellet practically from nothing - flour, yes boiling water! It is completely replaced by bread, and desserts. And tasty so that it is difficult to force yourself to stop ... These pellets are quite easily replaced by bread. Moreover, if you make a sweet stuffing, you can even just out of sugar, then it is already replacing desserts!

Pellet practically from nothing - flour, yes boiling water! It is completely replaced by bread, and desserts. And tasty so that it is difficult to force yourself to stop ... These pellets are quite easily replaced by bread. Moreover, if you make a sweet stuffing, you can even just out of sugar, then it is already replacing desserts!

These pellets are really suitable for every day, the more, what is happening well, quite fiscal.

For lovers of video, I prepared a short video recipe for cooking cakes, see:

Step-by-step recipe for cooking with photos:

In a bowl, where I will make the dough sifting the flour.


I add a teaspoon of salt and mixing with flour.

Flour with salt
Flour with salt

I will do not do sweet pellets, if you like it is sweet, you can add sugars, and cut the salt.

I make a deepening in the flour and pour there a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil without smell.

Flour and butter
Flour and butter

Now the thin flower pour "boiling water" and mixing the spoon.

Dough on boiling water
Dough on boiling water

As a spoon, it became difficult to interfere, I start kneading the dough with my hands. The dough is very easily mixed, boiling water is easier to do it, as it seems to me.

The dough should be soft and do not stick to the hands.

Dough for lepilla
Dough for lepilla

Shoot the dough into the package and send to the refrigerator "Relax" minutes by 20 minutes.

dough simple
dough simple

In the meantime, I will prepare a filling. I will have just green onions. Finely cut it.

Pellet with bow
Pellet with bow

You can use completely different fillings, and you can simply salt or sugar, any other greens, seasoning, cottage cheese, cabbage, potatoes, and so on. Options are a bunch. It's good, every day is a new taste!

As the dough rested, roll off the flagel from it and sharing the dough into 4 equal parts.

Pellet recipes
Pellet recipes

3 pieces lay aside and cover with a towel so that the dough is not taught.

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Rolling the dough into a thin cake. No need to strive for the perfect circle - this is superfluous.

Delicious pellets
Delicious pellets

Lubricate now the oil, quite a bit and sprinkle.

Here is a very interesting recipe for the simplest breadpage in a pan.

pellets just and fast
pellets just and fast

And twisting the cake, the edges turn.

Pellet in the oven
Pellet in the oven

Folding the resulting flagellum in the snail. Cover the towel so that I can't get taught and do the same with the rest of the test.

Pellets instead of bread
Pellets instead of bread

A baking sheet drain paper for baking and shifting herps, covering a towel and ladies to relax for another 10 minutes.


Time passed, presumpting for each cake with hand and I get 4 such thin pellets.

Pellet on water
Pellet on water

Lubricate oil and piercing cakes for a fork.

Pellets from nothing
Pellets from nothing

I am preparing for 15 minutes preheated to 250 degrees.

I still have a recipe for meal of flour, water and cheese - Here is the prescription

By the way, these pellets can be fed and in a pan.

Pellets are ready, they turn out very crispy, tasty and fragrant.

Budget pellets
Budget pellets

Enjoy your meal! Share this recipe with friends, let them try to prepare such delicious pellets almost from nothing ....

📝 Product List:

  • 350 gr. flour.
  • 200 ml. Boiled hot water.
  • 1 tsp. Salt without a slide.
  • Vegetable oil: 2 tbsp. l. In the dough and 1-2 art. l. For lubricating a tortilla.
  • Stuffing at will: Onion or any greens, cabbage, potatoes, cottage cheese, just sugar, salt, seasoning and so on.

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6-7 servings

1 hour

275 kcal

5/5 (1)

Step-by-step recipe for cooking pellets on water and flour in a frying pan

Homemade pellets on water is an excellent alternative to bubble bread or yeast bakery products. They are preparing less than 1 hour and are always excellent. Their can be filled with hot meat dish or the headpiece. Although my children usually blend them so. Prepare these wonderful pellets and save your time.

Recipe for simple pellets on water without eggs

Inventory: Sieve, board, rolling, deep bowl, frying pan.


water 170 ml
flour 285 g
olive oil 45 ml
salt 7 g
vinegar 1 tsp.

How to cook dough on the pellet on the water

  1. In the tank for the kneading test, it is sifted by 290 g of wheat flour. Pellet dough on water
  2. Add 7 g of the cooking salt there, 45 ml of olive oil and mix everything until uniformity. Olive oil can be replaced with corn or sunflower. pellets without eggs on the water
  3. We take 170 ml of warm water and mix from 1 t. L. vinegar. The water temperature should be 50-60 degrees. Simple pellets on the water
  4. Add water with vinegar to dry ingredients and knead the dough. When it becomes difficult to interfere with a spoon, wash your dough with your hands about 5 minutes. Pellet in a pan quickly on the water
  5. Then cover it with a bowl or towel and leave for 25-30 minutes. AK Make Flour and Water Pellet
  6. When the dough rests, go to the formation of a tortilla. Pellets on soda and water

How to make dough pellets

  1. Roll over the dough in the harness and divide it on 16 identical pieces. how to make pellets on the water
  2. From each piece, roll the ball and lay out onto the board, which you need to carefully accumulate with flour. We cover the balls with a napkin so that the dough is not dreamed. From each piece, roll the ball and lay out onto the board
  3. We put the frying pan on fire so that it will warm up well. The frying pan is better to use a cast-iron or non-stick, with a thick bottom. Put the frying pan on fire so that it will warm up well
  4. Alternately take the balls and roll in the pellets with a diameter of 18 cm. At the same time, the table must be a little bit like a flour so that with the dough it was easier to work. Alternately take the balls and roll in the pellets with a diameter of 18 cm
  5. Finished pellets shift on the pan and fry for 1 minute on each side. The frying pan must be moderately hot, otherwise large bubbles are formed, which will burn. Finished pellets shift on the pan and fry for 1 minute
  6. The finished product is shifted onto a wooden board and cover with a towel to save softness. Finished product shift on a wooden board

Such baking can be eating both salty and sweet fillings or serve to any first dishes.


I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the step-by-step video from these wonderful pellets.

Peliste recipe on water and flour with bow

Time for preparing - 1 hour 30 minutes. Number of portions - 7-8. Calorie (per 100 g) - 278 kcal. Inventory: Bowls, knife, sieve, board, rod, food film, frying pan with non-stick coating.


water 240 ml
flour top grade 425 g
butter 140 g
black pepper 3 g
Hammer Zira 3 g
salt 5 g
bow 120 g

How to make pellets from flour and water

  1. Sift in a bowl of 425 g of the top of the highest grade. Peliste recipe on water and flour with bow
  2. In a separate dish, mix 240 ml of water and 5 g of salts. How to make pellets from flour and water
  3. Then add sainted flour there and mix the elastic dough. We mix elastic dough
  4. Put the dough into a plastic bag or cover with a film and leave for 30 minutes to resist. Put the dough into a plastic bag
  5. We take 120 g of the onion bow and cut very thin half rings. We take 120 g of the onion bow and cut
  6. Then lay out it in a bowl, salt to taste and add 3 g of the ground zira and black pepper. We add 3 g of the ground zira and black pepper
  7. We knew my hands well to be soft. Well smear onion with hands
  8. Rested dough laying on the work surface, accumulated flour. Resting dough spread to the work surface
  9. Rather it into a thin layer with a thickness of 2 mm. Roll over the dough in a thin layer with a thickness of 2 mm
  10. We lay out from above 140 g of soft butter and lubricate them the dough. It is more convenient to make it hand. Lay out from above 140 g of soft butter
  11. Next, evenly decompress the trained onions. Uniformly lay out the prepared bow
  12. We turn the dough into a dense roll, and then into the snail. Cover it with a film and put in cold for another 2-3 hours or at night, but if time does not allow, you can leave the dough in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. We turn the dough into a dense roll, and then into the snail
  13. When the roll stands in the cold, cut it on 7-8 equal parts. When the roll stands in the cold, cut it on 7-8 equal parts
  14. Each piece put vertically, and then add the hand, forming a cake. Press the hand by forming a cake
  15. Alternately roll over the pellets to the desired thickness, approximately 3 mm. In order for the dough not sticking to the rope or hand, it can be lubricated with vegetable oil or sprinkle with a small amount of flour. Alternately roll over the pellets to the desired thickness
  16. Heat the frying pan, and then lay a sink there. It is frying it on medium heat, under the lid, for 2-3 minutes on each side. If you use a frying pan without a flammable coating, you can lubricate it a bit with oil. Heating the pan, and then lay out a cake there

Serve the baking hot, it turns out the crispy outside and very juicy inside.


You can see the step-by-step cooking of caskets with filling on the video presented.

Fast pellets on soda and water in a frying pan

Time for preparing - 25 minutes. Number of portions - 7-8. Calorie (per 100 g) - 272 kcal. Inventory: Sieve, board, rolling, deep bowl, frying pan.


water 260 ml
flour 550 g
vegetable oil 150 ml
soda 5 g
salt 5 g
sugar 25 g

How to make pellets in soda and water

  1. We take 260 ml of warm water and add 25 g of sugar, 5 g of salts and 50 ml of any vegetable oil. Mix the water well to dissolve salt and sugar. Fast pellets on soda and water in a frying pan
  2. In a deep bowl sifting 550 g of flour. How to make pellets in soda and water
  3. We add 5 g of soda and stir lightly. Add 5 g of soda and mix lightly
  4. We gradually pour a liquid mixture and knead soft dough. It should be not sticky and elastic. Gradually pour liquid mixture and knead soft dough
  5. We form from the dough harness and divide it on 7-8 equal parts. We form from the dough harness and divide it on 7-8 equal parts
  6. We roll out of each piece of the ball, and then rolling it in a pellet with a diameter of about 20 centimeters. Rolling from each piece of the ball, and then rolling it in a pellet
  7. In the center of each pellet, we make 2 small cuts so that they are more convenient to fry. In the center of each pellet make 2 small lanes
  8. In the pan heating olive or sunflower oil so that it completely closes the bottom. I needed about 100 ml of oil on 8 pellets. It took about 100 ml of oil on 8 pellets
  9. We lay out the pellet on a well-heated frying pan and fry until golden color on both sides. Lay out the cake on a well-heated frying pan

Such pellets are perfect for hot or first dishes.


Have questions about cooking apparel? Then do not miss the video with a detailed description of this recipe.

Useful advice

  • Thin pellets. can be cooked on milk , serum or kefir.
  • To give the drawing test, you can use yeast or soda.
  • To enhance the taste of the finished product, you can Add to Dough Various Dry Herbs Or other spices.
  • Finished cakes can be lubricated with butter, they will become more fragrant and tastier.

As you can see, pellets on water are a great baking option that is very quickly prepared and consists of a minimum of ingredients. Such a pastry can be served instead of bread Or use as a supplement to tea with honey or jam. You can also add them to filling from cheese, potatoes or greens. Pellets are equally good both hot and cold.

If you like my recipes, then see how gentle pellets are preparing at kefir or a very tasty kystoye with potatoes.

Perhaps you will be interested in the recipe of Tako or Mexican Tortylia. And I also recommend cooking at the pumpkin and the breathtaking cheese pellets.

Do not forget to write your impressions of my recipes. Tell me what pellets you cook for your family and what you like to serve them. Also share your favorite recipes.

Pellets on water and flour in a pan are prepared from the products available in each house. Any hostess dreams to fulfill something similar, but not always enough time and experience. Aromatic baked cakes are perfectly combined with first dishes or stuffing from meat, potatoes, cheese, mushrooms, etc. There are many decent recipes for which in a short time you can send a whole mountain of delicious pellets. If you never had to do this, be sure to try! See, households will be surprised and grateful for homemade delicacy.

Peres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipes

The benefits of a tortilla on the water

The product from refined flour is definitely not useful. White flour is deprived of the most valuable components, and therefore it represents a practically a pure mixture of carbohydrates. But it's impossible to name harmful homepashes. They do not have chemical improvers that are used almost on any bread production.

You can understand what other advantages are in this product, you can compare it with other flour products. Pellets in a frying pan on water, cooked without oil, contain only 231 kcal. While any bun contains at least 339 kcal.

The dough for pellets in a pan on the water is rolled into a thin layer, so they are not particularly lush or soft. So, to maintain the structure, they do not need to add products such as milk or eggs, which for some people can be allergens.

Peres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipes

Of course, cakes are more useful than a baked baton, as it contains fewer calories and sugars. And this product can be done truly valuable if you replace the traditional white flour on whole grain.

Also, in addition to wheat, you can use rye, corn, linen or even buckwheat. Experiment with tastes, and I will definitely have a recipe for the soul.

We make dough for pellets on water with dry yeast

Yeast pellets on water can be used as a bread or serve as an independent snack. For similar recipes, Lavash is manufactured, which is served to hot dishes, as well as a white bread used with all sorts of fillings.

Peres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipes

Peres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipesPeres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipes

For this recipe, the water should be preheated to a temperature of 35-40̊, and then in a glass of warm liquid dissolve a teaspoon of dry yeast.

Mix three glasses of flour with a pinch of salt and a sugar spoon. Add dissolved yeast and tablespoon of refined vegetable oil.

It is necessary to knead the dough, it should turn out to be sharp enough, and leave for one hour, sticking with a towel. After time, it should be divided into equal pieces, they will be approximately eight, to cover with a towel again and let it stand for 10-15 minutes.

From pieces roll balls. Each with the help of a roller turn into a smooth reservoir with a thickness of no more than 2 mm. Fry cakes from two sides on a hot frying pan without oil.

During cooking should be very careful. Pellets are roasted literally for 10-15 seconds. Do not cut them on. The finished product fold a stack and cover with a kitchen towel.

If you want to do something like a pit, then you should not roll the lopes too much. Their thickness should be about 1 cm. When frying bread swell, and it will be possible to cut pockets in it, which is subsequently convenient to start stewed vegetables or fried meat minced meat.

Dough for pellet on water without yeast

Simple pellets on water in a pan are prepared without yeast. The dough is obtained very elastic, so vegetable oil is necessarily added to it. Fats envelop protein flour fibers and increase their elasticity. Such a dough will not stick to the horse and rolls very well.

Peres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipes

Homemade Lavash can be prepared from all of several components. Would need:

  • glass of water;
  • 2 cups of flour;
  • 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil;
  • Salt to taste.

Connect the components, the resulting volume to cover with a towel, let it be broken for half an hour.

After that, knead the dough and leave for another 30 minutes. We divide the piece on equal parts, round them, we shoot as thinner as possible. Fry on a hot frying pan literally for a few seconds on each side.

Hot paws are placed on a plate and cover with a towel.

Recipe for simple pellets in a frying pan on the water

Fragrant fresh pancakes can be baked in just a few minutes. These pellets will become an excellent day of day. They are calorie enough to charge the energy for the whole morning.

Peres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipes

Peres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipesPeres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipes

A glass of flour, which should be mixed with salt and soda (on the knife tip). To the resulting mixture, we will add 20 grams of slightly melted butter, dismiss it manually together with flour to obtain a bulk crumb-like mass.

Nallem in the capacity of the waters, knead the dough. Let's retain it to relax at about half an hour.

From the test, the pancakes with a thickness of 0.6-0.7 cm. We will fry them in a frying pan with a thick bottom, ash by vegetable oil. Pellets are preparing on a small fire under the lid. On the baying on each side takes 5-7 minutes.

Pellets are best prepared at once and eat hot.

Onion pellets.

Pellets from leptback on boiling water are very tasty. A young green onion is used as seasonings.

Peres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipes

Peres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipesPeres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipes

Two glasses of sifted flour takes for the foundation. Two tablespoons of vegetable oil and a little salt are added to them. This recipe implies the use of sesame oil. The whole mixture is mixed with a spoon.

A thin flowing in the mass must be pouring a little less than a glass of hot but not boiling water. The mixture should be constantly stirred.

Dough knead manually before obtaining a smooth homogeneous mass, leave in the refrigerator for half an hour, covering the food film.

Then clean, finely apply a green bow bunch. The best option will be if it is just collected from the bed. However, in no season, it is quite suitable for greens from the store.

Dough split into equal pieces, rolling thin pellets, each completely lay out onions. Rock the roller and cut into parts.

We take a piece of onion sausages and repent it again in a cake. Do not try hard. Each thickness should be at least 5 mm.

Fry pancakes on a strongly hot filling pan. We reduce the fire to moderate. Lid do not cover. On each side, the bake need a furnace about 2-3 minutes.

With frying the dough will swear a little. Finished pellets on the structure resemble puffs.

Oat pellets in a pan

Before preparing a delicacy on this recipe, it is necessary to grind oatmeal in flour. Take a glass of the smallest Hercules, grind it in a coffee grinder or with the help of other kitchen appliances.

Peres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipes

Peres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipes

In oatmeal, we will add salt to taste, one and a half tablespoons of butter and taken on the tip of the knife soda, pre-extinguished by a vinegar, lemon juice or boiling water.

Will in the ingredients of hot water. Take it in the number of half a cup. Knead homogeneous dough and leave to lie down for 20 minutes.

We will proceed to the formation of cakes. Rock the dough into one long sausage. We cut it on equal pieces. From each form a cake, which will fry in vegetable oil on a heated to high in the frying pan.

The thickness of each workpiece should be less centimeter. Fire make more powerful. Lid do not cover. Watch that it is not burnt.

Pellets with meat in a frying pan

Pellets with meat can be lunch or, if the figure allows for dinner. Beautiful homemade baking like Cheburek will come for a good snack or replace meat pie.

Peres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipes

Peres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipesPeres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipes

Mince can be prepared in advance, as well as use the finished option. Tastier total is baking with a filling half of beef and pork.

For the foundation, a glass of warm water and two glasses of flour will be required. Both components are kneaded into the steep dough, which must be left to "relax". During this time, the filling is preparing.

We will need about 800 grams of meat minced meat. I will add 4 fine chopped garlic cloves to it. Sweets, pepper. Picky bunch of fresh greenery. It is better to use onions. Nallem 4 spoons of soy sauce, 2 spoons of vegetable oil and a couple of spoons of vodka. With her, our meat will turn out more juicy.

Easy stuffing, thoroughly stirring all the ingredients. We divide it on 8 equal parts. The dough should also be divided into 8 pieces.

Rather billets on very thin layers. The diameter of each pellet should be about 25 cm. Three quarters of a circle cover with meat filling, leaving the untouched sector.

We make an incision from the center of the circle to the edge. We take the free end of the pellet and cover them a piece with minced meat. We make two more turns. Thus, a puff triangle with meat and dough inside should be obtained.

Put the workpiece oven on a dry pan under the cover. We reflect the fire to a minimum and wait a few minutes until the cake roasted. I turn over and bake on the other side.

These pellets are obtained very satisfying, tasty and disappear over the moment.

Potato pellets in a frying pan

Peres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipes

Peres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipesPeres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipes

This Eastern cuisine is prepared from fresh custard test. It will take at least time, but it can please any admirer homemade baking.

To three glasses of pre-salted flour should add two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Slowly pour the glass of steep boiling water and quickly mix the mass until the formation of a homogeneous lump.

Leave it to cool down. And then knead the smooth homogeneous dough. He will need 20-30 minutes to lie down under a towel to swell.

During this time, we cook a filling. Boiled potatoes Solim and knead in mashed potatoes. Touched potatoes we will need a half cup.

On a preheated frying pan in the oil frying onions until golden color. One whole head of a small size can be cut into cubes or semiring. All mix and add glorified green onions into the total mass. Stuffing is ready.

From the dough form thin pellets. Fry them on a dry frying pan. On one edge put the filling. Cover the free side. Lubricate the cake with butter. Drink hot.

Sweet pellets

Sweet pellets will replace crispy waffles. They are especially pleasant to file breakfast. With a glass of milk, they will become excellent afternooner for children.

Peres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipes

Peres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipesPeres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipes

For delicacy, you will need:

  • a glass of flour;
  • one egg:
  • Two tablespoons of sugar;
  • a little salt (on the eye);
  • Soda teaspoon;
  • 50 mg of warm water;
  • Three large spoons of vegetable oil.

We prepare the dough: in the container, we pour flour, we make a deepening in it, we divide the egg, add salt and vegetable oil.

We will need to pour 3-5 spoons of warm boiled water. Its quantity depends on the properties of flour. The dough becomes more dense, the more fluid it is necessary.

We knead enough cool dough. We leave it in a warm place, covering, for 40 minutes.

Make a pellet from it. We sprinkle every slightly soda. I strongly roll off, literally before the transparent state. Lubricate oil. Wrap in sugar. Twist in the roll.

Thin sausage wrap in snail. Each rolls up to 3 mm thick. Fry on vegetable oil to golden crust on both sides. Come on the table with hot.

Honey pellet

Peres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipes

Honey pellet has an appetizing golden color and unique fragrance. It will become more delicious if adding to the dough when cooking is cooking.

Fry a tablespoon of seeds on a dry frying pan. We assign them to the side and let it cool.

We smash one egg. We post a tablespoon of honey to it. Add some salt (on the tip of the knife). Pour the resulting mixture of half a glass of warm water.

It is necessary to stir so that a homogeneous mass is obtained from all ingredients. In it and pour prepared sesame. From above, we ask two glasses of flour. Add the floor of a teaspoon of soda.

Knead the thick dough from which small cakes will form. We will fry them in a frying pan in a large amount of oil. Pellets must literally drown in it, as in deep fryer.

Excess fat delete a paper towel. These cakes in the cooled form resemble sesame cookies, the same tasty and crunchy.

Corn Flour Pellet

Peres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipes

Peres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipes

Corn pellets are great for dietary food. They are very useful for digestion. You can prepare them from just three components: flour, water and salt. The recipe for the pellets in a pan on the water made from corn - is perhaps the most simple.

We choose a suitable bowl and pour into it two glasses of corn flour. Add some salt to taste. Parts pour hot water. Its amount will be determined by the situation. We stir in the flour every portion and look at the consistency. The dough should become dense, not fluid and harmful.

Of the homogeneous mass form plump pellets. They should resemble the cutlets more. We will fry them on medium fire in vegetable oil on a frying pan with a thick bottom. Do not close the lid. I turn carefully so that the cakes do not fall apart. Eat, have not been cooled.

Pellets in a frying pan with greens

This hot snack is preparing very quickly. Water for the dough can be replaced with milk serum. For filling, we use cottage cheese of any fatness and a large amount of dill.

Peres in water and flour in a pan - 9 recipes

We proceed to the preparation of the test. Sift in a bowl of half-flag of wheat flour. We add to it a pinch of salt and mix well.

In a hill with flour, we make a deepening and pour a quarter of a glass of vegetable oil, half a teaspoon of soda (you can not extinguish). Pour a glass of cold water.

We mix soft dough. Cover it with a towel. Let him relax a little, and at this time we proceed to the preparation of the filling.

We will need 300 grams of cottage cheese and a large bunch of dill. We rinse the greens under running water, shake the extra moisture. You can slightly dip a towel. Finely rub the greens and mix it with cottage cheese. Do not forget to add a little salt (to taste).

From the dough rolling small balls, we form thin cakes from them. We put on one half the stuffing and turn in half. We take the edges of the pellet. She will be like the Cheburek. And fry all this beauty on vegetation oil until it is twisted until a golden crust on both sides.

Lean pasta is very easy to cook. It requires very little time and ingredients. Nevertheless, it turns out very tasty and varied snacks. Any of the proposed dishes can become a decoration of the table.

There are times in any family when the households are sitting down to dinner and finds that there is no bread in the house. To the store go late or do not want. But there is a way out! In a matter of minutes, you can file something more tasty to the table than ordinary bread. Recall the older times when the bread did not buy, but baked in the oven themselves. But we suggest you do not bake a loaf, but to fry the simplest pellets on the water, and do not even need to warm up the oven, we will do it in a pan. Before you an elementary recipe with step-by-step photos, how to bake delicious lean pellets from the water and submit them instead of bread, without yeast and eggs. It includes only flour, water and sunflower oil. Mastering this basic recipe, you will be able to diversify it infinitely using different fillings.

Pellets on water in a pan: recipe with photos

Simple pellets on water without eggs - a wonderful alternative to bread. Calorie is lower than that of the baton, which is a wonderful point. They can be served with the first dish or separately with any sauce. They wrapped roasted meat, vegetables, cheese and get a saturated dish. In order for pellets on the water and without eggs, they are fatty, they are fried with a minimum amount of vegetable oil or on a dry frying pan. I lubricated the surface of the frying pan with sunflower. The dough is prepared to be treated, fresh, without salt, but if desired, it is easy to add salt.

What we need for pellets:

  • Wheat flour - 150 g;
  • water - 150 ml;
  • Vegetable oil - for frying.

Qty: 6 pisels

How to bake cakes without yeast on water in a pan

They themselves are very tasty, but they can be wrapped in them any stuffing: cottage cheese with greens, laidken vegetables, mushrooms, cheese filling. These are thin, soft lepthechki turned out. You will enjoy this simple recipe for ease of cooking.

Video cooking lepsek

Flour pellets on water

Recipe for the preparation of the simplest pellets

Pellets on water and flour with an egg in a frying pan

Quickly, you can simply cook pellets on the water with an egg, when there are no bread at home, but there is no desire to go to the store. Baking is delicious and will require the minimum amount of products and time. Wheat flour I used the highest grade, but the first grade can also be taken. Such pellets are fed to the tanning soup or to the second dish. They are so tasty that they are glad to eat and just like that.


  • Wheat flour in / C - 250 g;
  • water - 70 ml;
  • Egg - 1 pc.;
  • Salt - 1/3 of Ch.L.;
  • Vegetable oil - 3-4 tbsp.

Qty: 4 pellets

How to fry such cakes in a frying pan

  1. In a bowl, we pour warm water. Water should be warm, not hot.
  2. We divide the egg in a bowl with water. I took the egg category C1, it is medium in size.
  3. Add a teaspoon of vegetable oil, thanks to which the dough will be smooth.
  4. I mix the egg mixture with a spoon.
  5. We sift wheat flour with salt, we enter it into a bowl.
  6. Initially, mix the dough with a spoon, then wash your hand. We achieve it to become homogeneous, without lumps.
  7. Collect the ball. We assume a bowl. It is advisable to cover it with a napkin or a plate, so the crust will not appear.
  8. The dough is soft, slightly sticks to the hands. Put the ball on the cutting board.
  9. We divide a piece of dough for pellets on 4 parts. If you plan small pellets, divide to a larger number of pieces.
  10. Roll off every piece in a thin circle. The diameter of about 15 centimeters.
  11. Billet with a plug in several places.
  12. In the pan we pour some vegetable oil. We place on the stove and heated.
  13. We lay out the cake on the hot frying pan. Fry on one side under the lid. We check if dark spots appeared, you can turn over.
  14. I turn over and fry on the other side.
  15. Roasted pellets shift onto a paper napkin, then on a plate. So they will not be fat.

So that the cakes do not surfacing, cover them with a cotton cloth. They will be softer. Coolest baking stored in the package. Only 25 minutes passed, and delicious homemade pellets appeared on the table as bread to dinner.

Recipes: Tatiana

Enjoy your meal!

There are quite a lot of worthy recipes for cooking cakes. I propose a fast and unpainted recipe for the cake of water, flour and eggs. Their indisputable advantage is simplicity of preparation and minimal set of products. And these pellets can be submitted to any dishes. Try cooking!

Prepare products on the list.

In a bowl we pour water, add an egg and salt, mix.

Plugs add flour. We mix soft, little sticky dough.

Add oil and mix the dough well.

It turns out soft, elastic and not sticky. Before working with the test, let him relax 15 minutes. To do this, cover the dough with a cup or remove into the package.

We divide the dough on the same pieces. The size depends on the desired size of future pellets.

I made small pellets, with a diameter of about 10-12 cm.

In the pan, we pour a small amount of oil, we warm up, put the pellets and fry on a moderate fire, under the lid, on both sides to shut down. Finished cakes fold a pile and immediately cover with a lid.

Soft and delicious pellets from water, flour and eggs are ready.

Pellets from water, flour and eggs - recipe with photo step by step

When complex culinary dishes are already tired of the order, it is possible to obtain a special pleasure from eating fresh and ruddy pellets, frightened in a frying pan. Products can be supplemented with sour cream, jam, honey or a cup of broth.

To prepare such a tortilla, you will need a minimum set of the most affordable products that are in any kitchen.

Recipe for fast and simple pellets without eggs on water and flour in a frying pan

  • Overacted wheat flour - 520-600 g;
  • Salt cooking stone - 10 g;
  • Water purified - 240 ml;
  • Oil without flavoring sunflower or olive for frying.
  1. The simplest dough for pellets in a pan we will do on water without adding eggs and oil.
  2. Initially, we simulate the warm water, we give crystals to dissolve, and begin to sift the flour into the sudine, continuously stirring the mass.
  3. We produce a thoughts of thick, but a bit of sticky dough, after which we spread it with a lubricated oil with the hands of the table with a flour and silent again.
  4. We divide the fraught with a flour com on portions, each of which roll up to thickness from three to five millimeters.
  5. Pellets can be failed both on a slightly washed, almost dry pan under the lid until prepared from both sides and deeply. In the latter case, we get a crispy product of products like Chebureks.

Lush cakes instead of bread on water in a pan

In this case, the dough for pellets on the water is preparing somewhat different.

  • Overaced Wheat flour - 480-520 g;
  • Salt cooking stone - 10 g;
  • Food-redeemed soda vinegar - 5 g;
  • Water purified - 240 ml;
  • oil without flavoring sunflower or olive test - 55 ml;
  • Oil without flavoring sunflower or olive for frying.
  1. Initially, we ask for flour into a bowl and mix it with salt and redeemed by vinegar soda.
  2. Now we pour vegetable oil into the resulting dry mixture, mix and gradually begin to pour water and smear the mass at the same time.
  3. The resulting soft and absolutely not sticky dough declared into the ball, cover it on the table with a film and leave minutes for twenty-thirty minutes.
  4. After all time, roll out a kind of sausage from the test and share it for ten servings.
  5. Each fragment rolled up to obtain a flat cake with a diameter of about ten centimeters and fry products in a small frying pan in a warm oil to a rosy from two sides.

Pellets on water and flour in a pan with greens

  • Overacted Wheat flour - 620-660 g;
  • Salt cooking stone - 10 g;
  • Sugar sand - 20 g;
  • Chicken selected egg - 1 pc.;
  • Water purified - 240 ml;
  • Onions green, parsley, dill and spices to choose from - to taste;
  • oil without flavoring sunflower or olive test - 45 ml;
  • Oil without flavoring sunflower or olive for frying.
  1. Pellets according to this recipe are incredibly fragrant and piquant. For a start, we combine a chicken selected egg with a large salt and sand sugar and whipped a bit with a whin or mixer.
  2. Now we pour water in the egg mass warm, sunflower oil or olive without flavor, add a naked green onion, fresh greens and desired spices with spices, among which can be paprika, curry, turmeric, black ground or red pepper.
  3. The test of the test is mixed and starting to introduce sifted flour into small portions now.
  4. We produce a quick embarrassment of not sticky, but soft test, we divide it on portions, each of which roll up to five millimeters and fry on the sunflower or olive oil to a ruddy and crispy crust on both sides.

Fresh pellets from water and flour in a frying pan

The peoples of Central Asia, such cakes are prepared from a long time ago, they replace them with ordinary bread. Every day, Asian women fry them for a numerous family and served with different dishes, it can be soups, salads or meat, fish. The basis of such a tortilla is mounted on water from flour and salt, all sorts of fillings are added (optional), and shine in a special oven. Today we have prepared for you a quick recipe for such a fresh pellet fried in a pan, this is the easiest option of cooking. Our recipe does not contain yeast. The dough includes only two mandatory ingredients - flour and water, while cooking is not easy to knead the water with flour, but make a custard dough. Optionally, you can also add salt, spices and any greens in the dough. Fresh cake can be started with any stuffing, cut her sauce.


  • Wheat flour - 150 g;
  • Water (boiled or filtered) - 100 ml;
  • Vegetable oil (refined) - 30-50 ml (for frying);
  • Salt - to taste (not necessarily).

How to prepare fresh custard peoples on a flour and water fried in a pan

Cook the siete, a bowl for the dough and frying pan. In the kettle, put water for boiling.

A quick way to prepare cobblers without yeast.

I ask for flour through a sieve into a heat-resistant bowl, we will pour it with boiling water. If you use salt, now the time to add it to the flour.

Caution, with a thin trickle, pour boiling water, please do not be burned. With hot objects in the kitchen, you need to do, observing all security measures.

Without waiting for cooling, knead the dough, first using a spoon, and then collect it with your hands in one lump.

Lay out the bun on the chopping board piled by flour. A few minutes the dough should relax. Meanwhile, prepare a knife and rope, they will be useful to you.

Our rested bolokok form in the form of a sausage with a diameter of 5 cm., Cut into pieces of 1-2 cm, depending on the size of the future cakes.

Each piece to form in the form of a ball and roll a thickness of no more than 0.5 cm in a cake. In several places do shorts.

Dough is ready. Start frying. The frying pan is well warmed, lubricate the bottom with oil using a pet, you should not pour it out of the bottle, you can pour too much, or not to be cheat.

Council. Use the frying pan with a thick bottom, the tortillas in it do good and do not burn.

Pleshka put in a frying pan when one side is twisted, turn it over the other side. And so on, root all the pellets.

The finished cakes are obtained beautiful, lush and crispy, if they fry them on a dry pan, they will be without a crispy crust, but absolutely soft, in one word, excellent.

These pellets can be used instead of bread, make sandwiches from them with any stuffing: cheese, greens, sausage. You can use various sauces and podlivals, jam and jam. There is, where to get into your fantasy. We wish you enjoy your creations and enjoy your family members.

If you do not have time to buy bread in the store, we recommend cooking such fresh pellets to the ambulance hand, they will completely replace bread: for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The recipe is very simple, you spend no more than 15 minutes. He is indispensable in tourist campaigns, when there are few products and there are no oil and salt. We advise you to try, do not regret these minutes.

How to cook delicious pellets in a pan

Pellets on water and flour in a pan is a wonderful replacement of bread. The main thing is that their cooking is quite fast and usually takes no less than an hour. In addition, they can be supplemented with cheese, potatoes, greens and various spices.

They will be an excellent addition to the soup, as well as to other main dishes. So how do they do themselves? Everything is simple and easy, the main thing is to accurately follow the recipe.

Ingredients amount
flour - 750 grams
water - 250 ml
Salt - pinch
Cooking time: 60 minutes Calorie per 100 grams: 265 kcal

How to make pellets on water and flour in a pan:

  1. For the beginning of the flour, you need to sift from excess garbage several times, bring it into a bowl;
  2. I fall asleep into a glass of hot water salt, mix well so that all the grains of salt dissolve;
  3. Then we make a small deepening in the center, everything is pretty stirred by a wooden spoon to homogeneity until the mixture becomes thick and elastic;
  4. I smell on the surface of the table a small amount of flour, lay out the finished dough and knead to a steep state;
  5. Roll out a small sausage from the base, cutting it into 8 parts;
  6. We leave some piece, the rest lay in a cup;
  7. We put on the stove frying pan, lay vegetable oil and heating;
  8. From a piece, we roll a small pellet;
  9. Lay it on a hot oil and fry it from both sides to 40-50 seconds;
  10. The rest of the pieces also ride in the form of a tortilla and fry until golden color;
  11. Finished cakes are served to first and second dishes as a replacement of bread. Also, they can be wrapped in various salty filling.

How to fry lush cakes on kefir

What components will be needed:

  • a half cup of flour;
  • kefir - 220 ml;
  • 1 large spoon of sugar sand;
  • 1 chicken egg;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • Food soda - ½ h. spoons;
  • 50 ml of vegetable oil for frying and 2 large spoons for frying.

Cooking period - 1 hour 20 minutes.

Caloriciness per 100 grams - 290 kcal.

Get ready for cooking:

  1. If the kefir is cold, then it should be left to stand for some time at room temperature so that it warms it a bit. It can be pouring into thick-walled capacity and warm up on slow heat;
  2. Next, we divide the egg, lay the egg to kefir. All the mixture is well mixed with a whisk to a homogeneous structure;
  3. Add a slight salt into the mixture and stir;
  4. Then we sweep a little sugar, also mix all;
  5. Pour into the mixture a couple of large spoons of vegetable oil, due to this, the dough will acquire an elastic structure, and the finished pellets will not worry for a long time;
  6. Flour sifting several times, add a baking powder to it, mix everything;
  7. I fall asleep flour on a little in a liquid mixture, while stirring to break all the lumps;
  8. Then we knead the dough to the elastic structure until it adhes to the hands;
  9. We leave the foundation to stand for 30-40 minutes, cover it with a waffle towel;
  10. After that, we smell on the surface of the table of flour, put the dough and divide by 6-8 parts;
  11. Roll over each piece in the form of cakes with a thickness of no more than 0.5 cm;
  12. Put a frying pan on the stove, pour vegetable oil and heating;
  13. It is laid on the heated oil with a cake and fry it on each side to a ruddy crust;
  14. Next also fry other cakes;
  15. Serve with jam, honey, condensed milk to tea. You can also lubricate them with a kabachkoy caviar or pate or to file the first, second dishes.

Recipe for yeast cashek with cheese

What will be needed for cooking:

  • 150 ml of water;
  • 300 grams of wheat flour;
  • Salt - ½ h. Such;
  • 1 small spoon of sugar sand;
  • Half a small spoon of dry yeast;
  • a piece of cheese for 200 grams;
  • vegetable oil.

Cooking time - 80 minutes.

How many calories are 100 grams - 320 kcal.

How to cook and fry yeast pellets in a pan:

  1. Flour must be sifted several times in a bowl to save it from garbage;
  2. I fill in flour dry yeast, sugar sand, salt;
  3. Pour a bit of warm water, wash the dough until a homogeneous state;
  4. We form a small ball from the basics, lay out in a bowl covering the food film, leave to stand in heat for about 40 minutes;
  5. We sprinkle the surface of the table with flour, lay the dough and divide it into 4 parts;
  6. Roll over all parts in the form of pellets;
  7. Cheese slice overwhelming a grater with a large grid;
  8. On the surface of one cake, we put the rubbed cheese, leave the place along the edges;
  9. We close everything with a cake and press from the edges;
  10. We do the second pellet according to the same scheme;
  11. Pour vegetable oil on the roar, put on the stove and heating;
  12. In preheated oil, lay out one layer and fry on one side for 10 minutes;
  13. Then we turn over and roar the other side for 7 minutes;
  14. The second layer is frying in the same way;
  15. We shift the cakes on the plate and put on the table to the first and second dishes.

Lean potato pockets

Ingredients will need such:

  • 4 potato tuber;
  • 2-3 tbsp. spoons of flour;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • Olive herbs - to your taste;
  • some black pepper ground;
  • vegetable oil.

Time cooking - 1 hour.

Calorie per 100 grams - 270 kcal.

We are preparing lean pellets in a frying pan in steps:

  1. Clean the potatoes from the skins, rinse in water from dirt;
  2. Lay out potatoes in a saucepan, pour water, put on the stove and boil until readiness;
  3. Lay out ready-made potatoes in a plate, kneading it with a fork in the form of a puree;
  4. Add salt, seasonings, herbs to potatoes, and mix all;
  5. We have flour, all stirring;
  6. We form balls from the potato base, we swell with flour from all sides;
  7. Roll over the balls in the form of a tortilla;
  8. Put a frying pan on the stove, pour oil and warm up;
  9. Laying out a cake on hot oil and fry from two sides to ruddy color;
  10. We lay out the lean potato cakes on the plate and serve on the table to the first or second dishes.

Shortbread is not an ambulance hand - a delicious dessert with tea.

Lagman's recipe in a slow cooker you can find here. We collected several options for this dish.

An interesting recipe for a laid kitlet from beans - take it to a note.

Thin pellets with greens on sour cream

What will be needed for cooking:

  • 200 grams of dill, parsley and green onions;
  • flour - 6 large spoons;
  • 2 chicken eggs;
  • sour cream - 300 grams;
  • ½ b. Salt;
  • vegetable oil.

Cooking time - 40 minutes.

How many calories are 100 grams - 280 kcal.

We proceed with the cooking of thin pellets in the pan:

  1. Spread to the container sour cream, 2 eggs, slut salt;
  2. Rinse, we shake and shine with small pieces;
  3. We spend the chick of the ladder to the rest of the components;
  4. All mix well;
  5. We put on gas a roar, pour oils;
  6. On the heated oil, lay the mixture over the entire surface of the roar;
  7. After 3-4 minutes we turn to the other side;
  8. Roasting about 4 minutes;
  9. Finished pellets lay out on a plate and serve on the table to other dishes.

Useful advice

  • Thin pellets in a pan can be prepared on water, serum, kefir and milk;
  • In order for them to be lush, we can form a little yeast or food soda to the base, but pre-soda must be paid off by a small amount of vinegar;
  • After roasting, they can be lubricated them with a small amount of butter, it will be even better from this;
  • To improve taste, you can add a little seasoning, spicy herbs and spices;
  • Fry it follows on a dry pan or can be lubricated it with a small amount of vegetable oil.

As it turns out, it is easy to make ordinary pellets on the water, but at the same time they are simply excellent. They can be used as a supplement to the main dishes in the form of bread or apply to tea along with jam or honey.

Very fast and simple pellets on water and flour

  • Time for preparing: 20 minutes
  • Number of portions: 6
  • Dish type: Lershki
  • Kitchen: Ukrainian
  • Complexity: For novik

Simple pellets on the water and flour in a pan - it is quick and tasty, and it is also convenient. Do you have so that you prepared to eat, and at the very last moment suddenly it turned out that there is no bit of bread in the house? I, confess, this is not often, but it happens. What to do? Run to the store (especially if he is not near the house) for the sake of one bread bread? Agree, I do not always want to gather and go to the supermarket.

Of course, the bread maker can help, but provided that there is a time on it, because there are breadcrumbs in it about 3 hours. And what if there is no time at all? In this case, I am helps me out a great recipe for a frying pan on the water, which can be served to the table instead of bread. I hope the recipe will come in handy and you, because it is a real chopstick!

Moreover, with fermented milk products, sometimes the same as with bread - they end up at the most inability for this time. But there is always water. Therefore, I use this recipe fast (perhaps the fastest, which I know) tortilla. After all, everything you need is just a 15-minute-to-a-minute time, and solar kreagas will already stand on the table.

In addition, such layers are much more useful than yeast baking, especially if part of ordinary flour is replaced with rye or wholegrain flour, or bran. And in them you can add different greens, onions (roasted or green), fragrant spices like oregano, paprika pieces, cheese, mushrooms, prunes, dried, dried tomatoes ... In general, everything you want. And even in the case of frequent cooking, but with different fillings, such layers will not be able to bother - because every time they will be with a new taste. And also, as an option, additional ingredients can be put inside the cake itself, and then the cake with stuffing. So, cook?


  • Flour - 500 g (it's 3 glasses with a slide)
  • Food soda - 0.5 ppm (You can replace it 20 g of the Bakery Powder)
  • Lemonic acid - pinch (if you do not use bakery powder, but soda)
  • Salt - 1/2 C.L.
  • Water - 1 cup
  • Vegetable oil - for frying

How to cook pellets on water in a frying pan

  1. To begin with, measured the flour. I have a scale in the kitchen, so I use them. If you do not have weights, then just measure the glasses - it is 3 glasses with a slide.
  2. Next, the flour threw salt.
  3. Added food soda with citric acid (you can use the bakery powder).
  4. Then poured water.
  5. And the dough for cakes on the water is wound until it starts to slow down from the hands, and there was no beautiful elastic bang.
  6. Made small to the size of layers. Having posted them on a heated frying pan with vegetable oil. And under the lid roasted on medium heat (from two sides).
  7. Then laid out on the plate so that they are a bit cooled.
  8. The cooled pellets are best stored in the package so that they do not dry.

That's all, as you can see, it took a very little bit of time to prepare a decent replacement of bread - pellets from water and flour, which are great and to first dishes, and to the second, and even to tea! So now, when you suddenly end bread in the house, you know what to do is fast and tasty lecking.

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