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The World Health Organization recognized the obesity of the pandemic of our time.

The World Health Organization recognized the obesity of the pandemic of our time.

Today, 500 million people with overweight are recorded.

World leaders in "mass obesity" among adults: Mexico (32.8%), USA (31.8%), Syria (31.6%), Venezuela, Libya (30.8%). Overweight indicates a violation of metabolism in the body and is exacerbated by the development of concomitant diseases.

Today there are many diets aimed at an accelerated or systematic decline in body weight. Among the variety of weight loss techniques to choose the most effective is extremely difficult, since its effectiveness depends on the individual characteristics of the body (volume of extra mass, health, hormonal background, metabolism speed).

Consider the reasons, consequences of obesity, 12 effective diets for the struggle for health and slender body, what changes occur in the body after weight loss.

Where does abundant weight come from and what does he lead to?

Avoid alcoholCauses of obesity.

  1. The constant discrepancy between the amounts of energy consumed and the resulting energy, as a result of consumption of high-calorie food in large portions with a sedentary lifestyle.
  2. Genetic predisposition.
  3. Age, genital factors. Interestingly, a woman's weight is gaining faster due to the hormonal features of the body and a smaller amount of muscle mass relative to the physique of men. In addition, the exchange of substances with age slows down, the need for energy decreases, which leads to the gradual accumulation of adipose tissue and an increase in body weight.
  4. Primary pathology of endocrine glands or violation of hypothalamic functions.
  5. Develop a tumor.

Complications of obesity:

  • diseases of the digestive tract;
  • pancreatitis;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • Diseases of the gallbladder, liver;
  • Sugar diabetes of second type;
  • coronary heart disease;
  • stroke;
  • Amenorrhea, infertility, menstrual disorders in women, sexual impotence of men;
  • diseases of respiratory, musculoskeletal systems (hypoventilation syndrome, gout, osteoarthritis);
  • Diseases of vessels of the lower extremities.

In addition to the deterioration of health, obesity violates psycho-emotional balance: increases the level of anxiety, leads to frequent depressions, a decrease in sexual function, delivers difficulties in employment, reduces self-esteem.

Overweight in running stages causes disruption of endocrine functions, which lead to a fatal outcome. In the world ranking, obesity mortality occupies a sixth place, and from hunger - eighth.

12 popular diets

Consider popular weight loss techniques. Regardless of the selected species, any diet involves the observance of the water regime: the use of 1.5 - 3 liters of clean water per day. At the same time, daily physical exertion accelerate weight drops.

Fit fractionalThe best diet to fight extra kilograms.

  1. Japanese diet. A distinctive feature of this technique - High Slimming Slimming: For 13-14 days you will become easier at 7 - 10 kilograms. The effectiveness of the Japanese diet is achieved due to the complete restructuring of metabolism. At the same time, the result obtained is preserved at least two years. In compliance with the dietary food, it is prohibited to use alcoholic beverages, sugar, salt, baking, sweets. The Japanese weight loss program is considered low-calorie, in its diet, emphasis goes to products with a low carbohydrate content, due to which the body should burn the accumulated fat for the production of energy. During the follow-up method, the stomach decreases in size, which facilitates the process of exiting it.
  2. Ducan's diet. This is a protein food program. The diet duration depends on the amount of overweight and comes to 3 to 4 months. The DUKANA technique is divided into four stages: "Attack", "alternation", "fixing" and "stabilization", each of which has its own diet, durability, allowed and prohibited products to use. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS Diet: perform morning gymnastics daily, add oat bran, walking on the street at least half an hour. Slimming scheme in Duucan does not limit the number of "permitted" products consumed, eliminates the reception of chemical additives, preparations and is considered safe in compliance.
  3. Buckwheat diet. Refers to the discharge of hard monodi, designed for fast weight loss. The main ingredient of the methodology is buckwheat, which needs to be prepared by special technology. The croup is prohibited to cook, fill it with boiling water and insist eight hours. At the same time, it is impossible to add seasonings and salt. Upon expiration of this time, the buckwheat porridge can be in unlimited quantity. In the classic version of the diet is designed for a week (during this period, weight loss is 4 - 5 kilograms), if necessary, its observance period can be increased to 14 days (minus 6 - 10 kilograms). During weight loss, in addition to buckwheat, it is allowed to drink one and a half liters of alkaline mineral water, green tea and a liter of 1% fatter. If, subject to the technique, it is recommended to deteriorate degradation, it is recommended to introduce non-ball fruits in the daily diet (apples, oranges, grapefruit).
  4. 12 effective diets.Protein diet. The main rule of the technique - 85% of the slide menu should be protein products: low-fat meat, fish, eggs, lactic acid products, seafood. This is an effective diet for 2 weeks, which will help for this period to get rid of 4 - 8 extra kilograms. Principle of protein day: to eat small portions every three hours. It is allowed to introduce carbohydrate products with a low glycemic index into a daily diet (up to 40): soy, cucumbers, nuts, puree from chickpeas, citrus. For rapid weight loss and increase muscle mass, it is recommended to perform power exercises.
  5. Malysheva diet. The most important component of the menu is protein. Doctor of Medical Sciences and TV presenter of Health Programs recommends getting it with low-fat dairy products, meat varieties, fish. The main condition is not to combine the use of protein and carbohydrates at a time. At the same time, there is meat and a barrel is strictly prohibited, they are better combined with greens, vegetables separately. The duration of the diet is Malysheva - one month, then it all depends on the result. At the initial stage, the caloric content of food used per day should be 1,200 kilocalorius, gradually decrease to 1000 kilocalories per day. In addition, Elena Vasilyevna claims the importance of a positive attitude, it is necessary to eat in a good arrangement of the spirit and a relaxing atmosphere, mentally tune yourself that the food is a holiday for each cell cell. Before swallowing food, Malysheva advises to produce eighteen chewing movements. This will reduce the load on the digestive organs, will extend the health of the teeth. The technique allows you to get rid of up to 25 kilograms for 2 months.
  6. Maggie diet. It is called upon to eliminate from 10 to 20 kilograms in four weeks. Maggie technique includes the following most efficient diet: cottage cheese and egg. Which option to give preference - depends on personal addictions in food, health status. Both options are effective. Maggie diet is not a conference, in its diet come in vegetables, fruits, meat. The products are selected in such a way as to activate the burning of the accumulated fat and derive toxins from the body.
  7. Energy diets. Modern way to quickly lose weight with a minimum of effort. Energy Diet is a complex of special cocktails, which are designed to supply the human body with a maximum amount of beneficial substances at a minimum of calories. ED Line Products contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber. This is an effective diet designed for 4 - 6 months, which will help to work on 10 - 30 kilograms for this period.
  8. Kremlin diet. The main principle of the technique is to calculate the amount of carbohydrate consumed daily (maximum allowed to eat - 40 units per day), exclude flour products, sweets from the menu, abundantly. Over the first week, compliance with the Kremlin system of nutrition weight loss is 4 - 5 kilograms, in 30 days - 10 kilograms, in two - three months - 20 kilograms.
  9. Diet six petals. The essence of the method is the daily alternation of the following monodis: fish, vegetable, chicken, cereal, curd and fruit. The constant change of the main product excludes the addictive body to the component and the "stagnation" weight. The action of a diet for weight loss is impressive: the average daily plumb varies from 0.5 to 0.8 kilograms per day. As a result, in two weeks of compliance with "6 petals", it is possible to lose up to 15 extra kilograms.
  10. Diet for lazy. In classic form, this is a moutio on water that does not require financial investments, the costs of time and forces for the preparation of allowed dishes. The main rule of the technique is to drink 250 milliliters of pure water before each meal, including snacks. The amount of food eaten to reduce twice. Exclude high-fat carbohydrates from the menu, high fatty products, pickles, canned food, smoked. The preferred method of cooking dishes - baking, boiling. Depending on the purposes, for 14 days, girls manage to lose up to 10 kilograms.
  11. Diet Protasova. It is a low-calorie body weight reduction program. The average daily menu of the technique provides the body of 1200 - 1500 cywloalories of energy. The diet makes protein products (boiled egg, lactic acid products, lean meat), non-housing vegetables and allowed fruits (orange, grapefruit, apple). Conditionally diet Protasova is divided into three stages: Vegetarian, with the addition of meat, fixing. The duration of the technique is 5 weeks. During this period, up to 10 kilograms of excess weight takes.
  12. Vegetables and fruitsKefir diet. This is a strict weight loss technique that is popular in our time. The following lightweight modifications of the milk diet are distinguished: kefiro-curd, kefir-apple, kefiro-egg, kefiro-buckwheat, kefirno-cucumber, striped. When complying with the strict technique, the only permitted product to use is low-fat kefir or 1%. A day you need to drink a liter of fermented milk drink for five techniques. In the breaks to drink water, minimum, 1.5 liters per day. Through three "kefir" days, you will become 1.5 kilograms, in a week - by 3, in 14 days - to 8. To avoid increasing the secretion of gastric juice, the development of gastritis, exacerbation of ulcers to practice a strict dairy diet is not recommended for more than two weeks.

As you can see, there are many ways to lose weight effectively. To achieve the desired result, unquesting compliance with the conditions of diet, water regime and daily physical exertion are required. The time of weight loss is recommended to engage in swimming, yoga, gymnastics. It is useful to make mesotherapy, overturn, ultrasonic peeling, anti-cellulite, pulling massage. These procedures will help to avoid skin sagging.

Unexpected Slimming Effects

Dropped 5-10% body weight during overweight reduce the risk of exacerbation of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, improve the overall health.

Unexpected Slimming EffectsConsider 14 changes that occur in a person's life after getting rid of an unnecessary kilogram.

  1. Tide of energy. After weight loss, you will become more moving, catch up with a long-staying bus or climb the stairs will become easier.
  2. Improving memory. The brain activity will increase, the amount of information becomes more.
  3. Increasing sexual attraction, you will feel sexier. In the course of research, American scientists have concluded that the loss of 30 kilograms of one of the partners improves relations in the family.
  4. Reducing the dangerous risk of developing oncology. Overweight causes inflammatory reactions in the body, changes in body cells. Slimming at least 5% reduces the risk of cancer.
  5. Restoration of psycho-emotional equilibrium.
  6. Change of taste receptors.
  7. Strengthening bones, joints by reducing the load on them.
  8. Reducing health care costs, on average by 42%. This is due to the fact that obese people more often have chronic diseases that require constant treatment.
  9. Career growth. According to statistics, slim people are 5 times easier to find a new job and increase income than complete. Particularly given pattern concerns women.
  10. Reducing the need for medicines. Slimming reduces blood cholesterol. As a result, the need for receiving funds from increased pressure will decrease. Maintaining normal weight prevents the development of heart disease, vessels, digestive tract, thyroid gland. Interestingly, after a decline in body weight, heartburn and asthma are less worried.
  11. Skin declaration. If during weight loss is limited to only the observance of the diet, ignore sports, massage, the result of weight loss can be very disappointed. Miscellaneous skin on problem areas (belly, hips, buttocks, hands) is an unpleasant painful sight for each woman. To eliminate it, you need to resort to the procedures of the suspender or start regularly visiting the pool, masseur, cosmetologist.
  12. Improving sleep. Dropping extra kilograms "releases" the upper respiratory pathways of a person from soft tissues that blocked them. As a result, the dream becomes better and 22 minutes longer.
  13. Increase chance to get pregnant. Remember, the fullness is able to cause polycystic ovaries and infertility. These effective diets will help to deal with undesirable weight, restore the work of the internal organs, increase the likelihood of conception and tooling a healthy child.
  14. Improved vision. Do not forget that overweight increases the risk of sugar diabetes, which adversely affects the condition of the eye. According to the research of the University of Georgia, completeness reduces the amount of Lutein and Zeaxantina in the retina of the eye, which causes degenerative age-related changes.

Slimming favorably affects the human body: the hormonal background is normalized, immunity increases, efficiency increases, erection problems disappear, the burden on joints / vessels / heart decreases. As a result, life brings more joy.


The benefits of weight loss - beauty, self-confidence, increase in life expectancy, healthy body, emotional stability.

For dropping 1 - 3 kilograms, effective diets are suitable for 7 days (buckwheat, kefir), to eliminate 4 - 10 kilograms, pay attention to the methods of 2 weeks to a month (Japanese, protein, "6 petals", "lazy"). If extra weight reached 20 kilograms and above, it is recommended to use the "protein" programs of Duucan, Malysheva, Maggie, Protasov or "Kremlin". They are designed for a systematic decline in body weight over 2 - 6 months.

So after the end of the diet, the extra weight did not return back, follow the state of the figure in volumes. They should not increase. Take fish oil to avoid problems with the gastrointestinal tract that occur due to the scarce of the diet on triglycerides. Watch out for a dream, the unsuccessful person is inclined to overeat. Move more, drink plenty of water, eat protein food, raise self-esteem.

Remember, a day can be lost from 70 to 150 grams of fat. Food is not a major pleasure in life. Much more interesting dense meals Communication, walking and hobbies. This installation will help tune in to a positive way and stick to the correct power will become easier. Love with the mind and rejoice in life!

We are waiting for your feedback, which of the diets helped to cope with overweight and gain health!

  1. Pierre Duan. - I do not know how to lose weight. - Audrey, 2011 - 280 p.
  2. Kremlin diet. Calorie counter. Recipes for every day. - M.: Harvest, 2007 - 132 c.

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Specialty: infectious, gastroenterologist, pulmonologist .

Common experience: 35 years .

Education: 1975-1982, 1mmi, San Gig, Higher Qualification, Infectious Physics .

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This article was published on the site "Zozhod", 10/31/2017.

So, last time I opened the mystery, why you do not lose weight: eat too much. Today we will take the next step and wonder why you do not lose weight even with a calorie deficiency.

The flow of calories is one part of the equation. And the other is the flow.

And if everything is very simple with admission (eat food and everything), then with the flow rate more.

Our body knows how to hold weight and rejoices when we are fat. And on the contrary, it does not like it from the valuable grease reserves. Here are 8 reasons why we do not lose weight even on a shortage (and what to do with it).

1. You lack patience

All the time the same thing:

- I sat on a diet, but it does not help. - And how much time are you on this diet?

- Four days!

- Four days?

- Yes, four days! Diet does not work!

(Aadam is shooting)

Yes, most people cannot reduce weight only on this simple reason: too impatient. Let us explain on the schedule:

When you start a diet and see the first changes for the better, dizziness begins with success. You think that and then it will be just as simple, motivation above the roof. But this is a delusion: Soon go to the next phase, which I call "sucks" - do everything right, but no more changes.

Here many patience ends, the diet breaks away. But if you lasted longer, then the progress would have resumed: Solution: weight loss can not be forced. You can only keep a deficit, train and wait. So, first, calm down and take patience. You fused not for a week and lose weight, too, not a week. I will say more, people who look forward to the help of a "fast diet", most often gaining everything lost back. They simply cannot withstand too severe restrictions long enough and do not produce useful habits to help maintain normal weight in the future.

What speed loss to expect? It depends on the amount of excess fat: the more, the faster it will go. However, if you are already relatively slim at the time of starting the diet, it is necessary to lose weight slower to preserve muscles and strength.

So that

aim to the loss of 0.5-1% (from the total weight) per week

. A man weighing 110 kg can lose 0.55-1.1 kg per week, and a person weighing 70 kg is better to dump 350-700 grams.

1b. You compare yourself with others

I lost one friend - what is his diet? Breakfied another - what is his program?

I can't forbid you to look at others and envy (we are doing all this), but understand an important thing: the more often you try diet and programs of others, the less time you achieve success yourself. They may have completely different conditions, for example, better genetics, or used prohibited drugs, or train the last 20 years. Solution: Look for information and ask questions. Do not be afraid to try new, but when you choose something one, dedicate this enough time. In short, patience.

2. Metabolic adaptation But the main biological cause is the adaptive mechanism of our metabolism. Although we usually consider metabolism as one concept, there are four separate components in it: basal metabolism (BMR), untreated thermogenesis (NEAT), training thermogenesis (EAT) and thermal food effect (TEF).

BMR: While you are sitting and reading this magnificent text, in your body there is a bunch of different processes. The brain processes information, eyes, running around the screen, jump on the beauty sitting opposite, and the heart beats more often when she looks at you too. All this, believe or not, burns calories and is called basal metabolism. This is the main cost of expenses reaching 60-70% in most people.

Neat: Any physical activity that is not practicing training. Hell on a chair, walking, walking with a dog, etc. Burns about 30% calorie, but maybe above, if, for example, you have to move a lot at work.


  • Just workout. The number of calorie burned depends on the type and duration of the load. For example, a short power training consumes less than a run hour. Most of us on this component accounts for only 10-15% of calories consumed. That is why it is almost impossible to overheet the workouts a bad diet.


The number of calories that goes to digest food. Although it is only 5-10%, it is also necessary to take into account.

Slimming affects all four components. BMR: the smaller the body, the less it spends

Basal metabolism is determined by dimensions: growth, weight, volume of muscle tissue, percentage of fat, etc. When you lose weight, the body weight decreases, and it needs less calories.

Solution: The deficiency is necessary to customize from time to time to the changed weight.

At first,

Track weight changes.

Weigh daily, in the morning, coming out of the toilet and not reaching the kitchen. So you will collect the most accurate data. Receiving measurements in the week, calculate the average value. Why average for a week? Because the weight due to a variety of factors floats day by day: As you can see, although on certain days the weight can increase, the average value for the week is slow, but it is correctly reduced.

Figures on scales are not all. Also fix the basic volumes of the body, they will help better understand whether there is progress and whether it is necessary to adjust the diet. Measure once a week (at the same time, under the same conditions).

To look at your progress from the side will help photos. Here is my article and video, where I discuss the details of the three of the above item. Secondly, Starting a diet, do not change anything for the first 4 weeks.

The body needs a little time to get used to the deficit. During this period you will understand whether it is necessary to recalculate the calirage.

Suppose you suffered 4 weeks on the original deficit, and the weight loss has ceased. What to do?

Just reduce calirage by 5-10%

. If you started at 2500, take away 125-250 calories.

  • Here many puts a question in a dead end, what to cut - proteins, fats or carbohydrates? Do not touch Protein, and then die! The joke, you will not die, but leave the share of the protein unchanged.

If you are on a diet with a high carbohydrate content, then cut them out: reduce by 30-60 grams (~ 125-250 calories). If you are on a diet with a large amount of fats, then cut them: because in the gram of fat 9 calories, then reduce by 13-27 grams.

Let me remind you that in the most carbohydrate-flowing diet, the fat must be at least 15% of the total calorie number. Because # Health. With each modification of the calorage, continue to do all the measurements within 2-3 weeks, then, if required, reduce another 5-10%. NEAT: thinning less move

Yes, everything is so simple. Here are the references to research: 1, 2, 3. We move less on the diet, and the daily calorie consumption decreases. Solution: Choose yourself, time or number of steps. "40 minutes walk every day" or

  • "10,000 steps daily."
  • This will help you maintain about the same calorie consumption. And even pushes to the concept

"Eat more - moving more"

, whose fan I am. And even research (here is) they say that such a strategy is much more efficient than the popular "Eat less - Move more."

TEF: The smaller you eat, the less calories goes to digestion.

EAT: The less weight, the smaller you burn both in training.

3. Liquid delay

Diet (and training) is stress. And stress increases cortisol. And cortisol delays water. This is usually more noticeable in women, here, for example, my client. There is only a week between two snapshots:

Water delay "masks" Slimming: Fat leaves, but it seems to you that nothing happens.

  • The red line is unchanged numbers when weighing, and the green is a real decrease in fat.
  • Solution: Calm down.
  • Do not sit on a diet in a difficult period of life. If there is too much stress, then you do not lose weight, and even in the hall they wore. Select for a diet relatively quiet time.
  • This is what helps to reduce stress:
  • Meditation: I only depict a guru who knows how to relax. In fact, I hate meditation! I tried. Nothing happens. BUT. The benefit is proved by science, and someone even knows how to enjoy the process. I do not know, my experience is described here.
  • Walking: Here is my meditation - I love to walk. Every morning I walk half an hour, thinking about good (and leaving the phone at home).

Massage: Even one procedure per month can significantly reduce stress.


Diary maintenance: Transfer thoughts from the head on paper. Although poring.

Do not write articles on 3000+ words. Do not be like me.

And still be sure to add the phase of the tearing.

I described in detail the phase diet here, here Twitter Style:

For 1-2 weeks, retreat from your diet, adding calories (mainly carbohydrates) to a supporting level or a little more. This will reduce stress and eats water.

  • 4. Health problems
  • It may affect your weight, for example, hypothyroidism, polycystic or menopause. From certain preparations (for example, antidepressants or oral contraceptives) can even be fat.
  • Solution: If you strictly observe the diet and go hard, but the weight does not change, then go to the doctor and check the health.

As for drugs and weight gain, I was consulted with Dr. Spencer Pesolsky Aka The Doc WHO Lifts:

Find out your doctor if there are alternatives. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

If not, then make the need to be treated with the same drugs. Work on what can be controlled. There are preparations that help, for example, metformin or neuroleptics. Means suppressing appetite can be useful if its main medicine increases.

But I remind you that I am not a doctor. All I can say "Contact a specialist".

5. You lose weight wrong It is necessary to get rid of the weight, but from fat.

These are different things. Left - weight loss, right - fat loss:

  • In addition to fat in our body a lot of useful: skeleton, muscles, organs, water, etc. All this develops into a common mass. Losing weight easily: exclude carbohydrates ... What is there - stop there! You definitely lose weight. And then, probably, die.
  • Lose fat
  • - This is a more complex process in which you get rid of extra reserves, but retain a useful mass.

Here are the key points:

Consume enough protein

  • Continue to train with burdens
  • Hold a reasonable calorie deficit

Infinite cardio and glossary stars workouts will not help:


Care and consume enough protein: this study is this study confirm that it saves muscles on a diet.

Reduce weight only 0.5-1% per week. With this speed of weight loss loss of muscular mass is minimal. 6. You dial muscles

If the weight is not reduced and even grows (and the calories under control), then, apparently, you start typing dry mass. Solution: It seems that I have already said it, but I repeat: the figures on the scales are not all. Measurement of volumes and photos (and working weights in the hall) will say much more about your physical form.

Volumes: If your hands, chest and quadriceps increase, and the waist is reduced, then congratulations, you added muscles.

A photo:

Look more than before? Did the lines on the body that did not see before? Congratulations, you added muscles.


If the force has not fallen on short supply (or even a little bit increased), I congratulate you, you added muscles.

7. You have not yet need to reduce the percentage of fat.

This is not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. If you do not have enough muscle mass and you are trying to lose fat, then the result will be deplorable. Let's go back to our Bailam:

On both photos "relief" pointing to a reduced percentage of fat, but how do you want to look like? Personally, I prefer to be a Batman with muscles.

The more muscle mass you have, the better you will look after the diet. If the muscles are clearly lacking, then you should not burn fat, but build muscles. It also applies to girls.

  • If you do not yet and twenty, then do not sit on the diet (except for the cases of real obesity). Now you have a "golden" growth period. You are tightly and persistently train to get a maximum of benefit from this great time. For boring diets you will have the entire remaining adult life.
  • 8. You need to stop diet
  • Are you suffering chronic diety? Well, you know: one week - the massor, the other is drying and so on:

If you, breaking from one diet, after a week start the following, then this will not improve health or a figure. But this is what it will lead to:

Loss of muscular mass: the longer you sit on the calorie deficit, the more muscles lose. That is why I recommend a phase diet with a standing calorage period or even a small surplus.

Food Behavior Disorders: You can live on a limited cone, but not too long. When you move through with a duration, deviations can develop: breakdowns, the feeling of guilt for breakdowns, new starvation - and all the spirals, worsened and worsening.

Zero result: if you do the aforementioned, then just spend the time of wasted and do not achieve anything.

Solution: If you learned in the description of your last point yourself, it's time to abandon diets.

Raise the calirage to the maintenance level and focus on training, restoring the psyche. During this period, you may be adding a little fat, but you need to come to yourself to achieve the goal in the future.

Why is it important to eat right?

Why is it important to eat right?

Studies continue to associate health problems with errors in nutrition [1], [2]. For example, a balanced diet can reduce the risks of the development of cardiovascular diseases [3]. A variety and full-fledged meals improve all the functions of the body - from physical performance to cognitive capabilities of the brain. In fact, food affects all cells and organs [4], [5]. If at the same time a person is engaged in sports, then healthy nutrition will help improve indicators and growth of achievements [6].

Basic principles of proper nutrition

In recent years, nutritionists do not consider the caloric content of the ration in the main parameter of nutritional and benefit. Calculation Calorie is useful to navigate in the choice of dishes and make the menu more diverse, and weight loss is due to their deficiency [7]. But the decrease in calorie dishes often leads to a lack of energy and major vital macro and trace elements. Basic metabolism and energy balance are not the only criteria for healthy nutrition.

Counting Calories is useful to navigate in the choice of dishes

  • © Gustavo Fring / Pexels
  • There are three groups of basic macronutrients: carbohydrates, proteins and fats. These nutrients (plus water) - life for life. Microelements are important vitamins and minerals. Each of them plays its special role in the functioning of the body. Thus, magnesium participates in more than six-hundredths of processes, including energy production, nervous system operation and muscle contraction [8]. Iron tolerate oxygen, affects the immune system and brain functions, and calcium is an indispensable component of teeth and bones, a key mineral for the heart and muscles [9], [10]. The shortage of some vitamins can be filled with pharmaceutical preparations, but it is better not to bring to a deficit and get everything you need through food. The daily need for certain substances varies depending on the individual characteristics of the body.
  • Recommended products

To understand which products are useful, we must understand their composition and properties. First of all, it is important to assess the presence of macronutrients:

Carbohydrates (4 kcal per d) are contained in grain, croups, starchy products - bread, fruits, potatoes, and in fruits, legumes, dairy products, sugar.

Carbohydrates (4 kcal per d) are contained in grain, croups, starchy products - bread, fruits, potatoes, and in fruits, legumes, dairy products, sugar.

Proteins (4 kcal per g) - meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, legumes, soy, seedlings

Fats (9 kcal per g) - nuts, seeds, oils, oily fish, avocado

It should be borne in mind that few products consist only from one macroelement. Most are sources of simultaneously proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but in different percentage ratios. For example, in a hundred grams of walnuts contains about 60 g of fat, but also 12 g of protein and 11 g of carbohydrates.

To understand which products are useful, we must understand their composition and properties

© Ola Mishchenko / Unsplash

Proper nutrition implies the use of solid products that make up 80-90% of the diet. They are rich in nutrients and are often distinguished by low, but sufficient calorie. That is, every portion will be more benefit without prejudice to health and figure. It is necessarily cereals, cereals, vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat, fish, dairy products, nuts, oils. For a variety, this basis of the menu can complement the ingredients optionally: superfudi, spices, seedlings, soy and legumes, berries, seeds. In addition, it is necessary to carefully monitor enough substances if you deliberately exclude some products (with allergies, vegetarian or vegan nutrition).

Proper nutrition implies the use of solid products that make up 80-90% of the diet. They are rich in nutrients and are often distinguished by low, but sufficient calorie. That is, every portion will be more benefit without prejudice to health and figure. It is necessarily cereals, cereals, vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat, fish, dairy products, nuts, oils. For a variety, this basis of the menu can complement the ingredients optionally: superfudi, spices, seedlings, soy and legumes, berries, seeds. In addition, it is necessary to carefully monitor enough substances if you deliberately exclude some products (with allergies, vegetarian or vegan nutrition).

Products to avoid

To begin with, we note that there is no need to exclude products forever. Most likely, if you give yourself a promise no longer eat bread, then one day there is a trim. Allow yourself an exception to the correct diet one or twice a week. Optimally, if "uncomplete" products you will eat little and after the main balanced meal.

Most food processed foods have low food and high calorie. Proper nutrition includes refusal most of the time from food containing a lot of sugar, it applies to sweet drinks. Doctors associate their use with the risk of obesity and the development of type 2 diabetes [11], [12].

Try to eliminate translations and treated, refined products with high carbohydrate content

  • © Kevin McCutcheon / Pexels
  • Try to eliminate the transhirs (partially hydrogenated), they may cause heart disease [13]. It also makes no sense to eat treated, refined products with a high content of carbohydrates, such as white bread. They increase the risk of overeating and metabolic disorders [14], [15]. Contrary to common misconception, low-fat products are also an unhealthy option, since there are often a lot of sugar and other additives to improve taste.
  • Sample menu
  • Healthy diet for each one. This means that you do not need to follow a clear scheme from the dish list, but it is important to learn how to save balance yourself and make a choice for useful products. The approximate menu on the day may be like this:
  • Breakfast: oatmeal with apples, nuts, spoonful of honey,
  • Snack: fruit or cottage cheese
Lunch: Boiled Bulgur, Baked Salmon, Vegetable Salad

Lunch: Boiled Bulgur, Baked Salmon, Vegetable Salad

Snack: a piece of whole grain bread with Adygei cheese and cucumber

Dinner: chicken out of the oven, podlock beans stewed with oil GC

Snack / Light Dinner: Kefir Glass, Shrimp Salad with Arugula and Tomatoes

It is important to pay attention to the composition of the depths of portions

  • © Ella Olsson / Pexels
  • In addition to the composition, it is important to pay attention to the size of the portions. Optimally 250-350 ml. Solid products are well saturated, and it is difficult to cross, but still with any diet can form a habit of eating with huge portions. There are several ways to control. For example, start with a portion less familiar and increase it if the hungry remained after 20 minutes. Another popular approach is to measure the volume of food "on the eye" by hand. So, the portion of carbohydrates should be the size of the fist, the protein - with the palm, and the fats - half less.
  • How to start well eat
  • Optionally from the first day to follow all the principles of healthy nutrition. Try to enter and fix the new habits gradually by adding more tasks and varying them in search of the optimal balance.
  • Exclude extra products to most of the time, including industrial pastries, food with lots of sugar and salts, alcohol and sweet drinks, fast food.
  • Explore your menu, highlight your favorite useful ingredients, find new recipes based on them.
  • Observe the size of the portion and intervals in 2-4 hours so as not to overeat and not starve.
  • Do not forget about the water balance. On average, it is 1.5-2 liters of clean water a day, but everyone has its own. It is important that it is not replaced by store juices, compotes with sugar and carbonated drinks.
  • Include useful snacks in the diet so as not to remain hungry between the main meals.

Add complex carbohydrates in the menu - cereals, pasta from solid wheat varieties, wholegrain bread.

Try to reduce the amount of fried dishes, find the replacement of ketchup and mayonnaise. For example, make sauces based on Greek yogurt.

Examine the balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the diet, follow the symbol and well-being from the shift of the balance of macronutrients.

Examine the balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the diet, follow the symbol and well-being from the shift of the balance of macronutrients.

Experiment and add new ingredients.

How to lose weight, feeding right

Much depends on the selected focus in nutrition and former habits. The effect of the transition to a healthy menu is noticeable during the first two or three weeks, if sooner in your diet often appeared strong products or simple carbohydrates. Many people have enough to establish the power mode, especially when in the past you adhered to strict diets. The exclusion of sugar, fried foods and transhirov leads to a decrease in swelling due to the disposal of excess fluid in the body.

The effect of transition to a healthy menu is noticeable during the first 2-3 weeks

© Mikhail Nilov / Pexels

If you combine proper nutrition with sports, you will quickly notice positive changes. At the same time, it is necessary to monitor the balance of macronutrients, because when an energies overscription, the body makes stocks. So it is possible to normalize on proper nutrition, and gain weight if necessary. But, unlike strict monodi, it is rather a lifestyle, adhering to which you can achieve many goals - from improving health to the desired body parameters.

Expert comment

Stanislav Khan, doctor-endocrinologist, nutritionist MEDSWISS clinic Zamoskvorechye, author of the blog @doctor__khan

As a doctor of evidence-based medicine, I can confidently say that the correct rational and balanced nutrition is the key to longevity. In addition, in such an area as endocrinology, it is considered as a full therapy, for example, diabetes. Often, only modification of lifestyle can lead to excellent results.

Recently, more and more new nutrition guidelines appear as "mushrooms after the rain". Here I will attribute such "tips" how to exclude gluten, dairy products, interval fasting, keto-diet, various types of monodis. At the moment there is nothing better than balanced nutrition is a fact.

The above-mentioned principles are absolutely adequate. I agree that carbohydrates should be the basis of our diet, it is advisable to make a choice in favor of complex carbohydrates, for example, cereals, coarse grinding products. I would limit to a minimum in the diet "empty" carbohydrates, as a rule, these are confectionery, dob, candy. Along with high calorie content, they contain much less useful substances. Again, do not bring to extremes, I do not see anything critical from the cake eaten on the weekend (not half of the cake).

Best source of protein - animal products (meat, milk, eggs, fish). As if the adepts of vegetarianism would not assure that protein can be filled from vegetable food - it is not true. According to the amino acid composition, no vegetable protein approaches the animal.

Finally, about fats. Of course, it is necessary to give preference to polyunsaturated fatty acids, they are contained in large quantities in fish, nuts. With sufficient use (about two times a week), no dietary supplements will not be needed. Pick out fats from sausages, oily meat, margarine I would not advise.

Separately, I would like to highlight vegetables and fruits - this is the basis. Perhaps, they act as the main sources of dietary fibers that are necessary for the normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract, moreover, this is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals.

Rational nutrition has no time limit, it is a lifestyle. Rational nutrition is cheap. Instead of expensive superfudov, you can buy buckwheat, it is also a kind of superfood. Finally, rational food is a way to health.

General For almost every person, the process of transition to proper nutrition, or when he is trying to "Network" on a diet, is quite complex and psychological and physiological. If a person is configured to a diet, his goal is weight loss, rehabilitation, transition to rational nutrition and the right lifestyle. To achieve your goal without having broken, it is necessary to start this process correctly. In this case, the will and proper motivation and perseverance will be needed. After all, often a woman or a man cannot withstand and at a certain point are broken, starting to consume calorie products that are not provided for by dietary food. To avoid disappointment and not lose the desire to gain harmony, it is important to know how to sit on a diet correctly, and take all measures to adhere to the optimal diet and at the same time feel comfortable. Therefore, for whom the question is relevant - "I want to sit on a diet - where to start?" It is worth familiar with the Soviets below.

What happens with sharp changes in the diet?

Rational nutrition has no time limit, it is a lifestyle. Rational nutrition is cheap. Instead of expensive superfudov, you can buy buckwheat, it is also a kind of superfood. Finally, rational food is a way to health.

As during


It is allowed to consume only certain dishes and products, a ban on that food that a person loves most of all, can provoke significant psychological discomfort. As a result, thinning feel irritability and even attacks of aggression. It is very difficult in such a situation will get rid of thoughts about food and the desire to eat something satisfying and tasty.

Changes and general well-being. A person can experience a painful feeling of hunger, preventing focusing on something else. These sensations can lead to a deterioration in performance and even to sleep disorders. Discomfort related to digestion disorder is possible, which often happens with a sharp change of diet.

However, unpleasant physiological sensations, as a rule, disappear in a few days when the body adapts to a new power system. Many much more difficult to overcome precisely psychological discomfort. After all, even relatively light diet for beginners to lose weight change in the usual life.

How to start to lose weight correctly?

Initially, it is necessary to take a solid solution to lose weight or switch to proper nutrition for a longer time. It does not matter exactly what kind of goals are the person pursues. The main thing is a conscious decision. Psychologists advise to record their goals on paper, defining them as well as possible and understandable.

To motivate yourself and have before the eyes of the "material" reminder of its goals, you can pick up your beautiful photo. It is better that it was a photo where a person really likes himself. However, psychologists do not advise to imitate singers or actors, as they, as a rule, use the services of plastic surgeons.

Psychologists do not advise to start the process of losing weight in a state of anger or despair. It is important to realize the need to look better and slimmer. At the same time, you should sit on a diet for myself, and not with the desire to prove anyone.

To configure yourself to a long process and approach him with all the responsibility, it is important to think carefully to think carefully, up to certain encouragements for each random kilogram. Understanding that with time it is waiting for something pleasant, the person will be more persistently configured to the process.

It is necessary to consciously promise some encouragement. In particular, periodic "weekends" days. They should not be practiced more often than once every 10-15 days. In addition, these days do not need to arrange a "holiday of increments". But to afford something delicious quite acceptable.

Preparation for diet

So that the idea is able to, it is necessary to prepare correctly for the diet. Modern nutritionists strongly recommend not to limit the diet sharply and in one day. Such stress will negatively affect the state of the body and can make a person dramatically change its plans regarding the change in nutrition.

A few days before the start of the diet, you need to start a kind of "rehearsal", which provides for the restriction of the number of food consumed, as well as the exception of at least some products that will be prohibited by a diet. Even earlier, other habits should be adjusted, happing themselves to eat "on the go", constantly snack. Despite the fact that different diet provide a different food intake system, the optimal power option provides three full meal intake and two snacks. Such a scheme will help to avoid critical attacks of hunger, and, it means, it will reduce the risk of breakdown. Having used to such a power system, the person will be able to adjust the diet under the requirements of the diet, starting weight loss. Nutritionists are saving people from another very common mistakes: to be saturated "in the future", giving up before the diet of desserts and other favorite dishes. Of course, such actions are no other, except for the stretching of the stomach walls, will not lead. And then to limit ourselves in food will be much more difficult.

Unloading Days

Make a diet more efficient and relieve its beginning will help a peculiar cleaning of the body. This is about

Unloading Days

which are very positively perceived by the body. After all, such unloading allows you to save the body from all over and thereby to activate weight loss. However, it is important to know how to clean the body before the diet correctly. After all, a unloading day does not provide for starvation, but only a decrease in day caloric content of about 800 calories. Cleaning the body in front of the diet can be carried out, practicing an unloading day on juices, kefir, vegetables and other products. Such cleaning is carried out no longer than 1-2 days. However, it is important to choose this option of a discharge day that a person can withstand without much difficulty. After all, if you force yourself to be unloved food, which, moreover, does not quench the hunger at all, you can break back before the diet.

Cleaning the intestines

Some experts advise before the start of the diet to clean the intestine from


and slags. Clean the intestines at home can be using several methods. The most popular of them are shown below. First method You can prepare the following tool: Mix 300 g of raisins, kuragi and prunes, pre-grinding on a meat grinder, with 1 boot. Rosehip syrup and 1 pack. Grass Senna. Take this tool mixed with fresh lemon juice, you need in the morning. You can take a teaspoon of the means and drink with one glass of water with lemon juice. However, it is necessary to take into account that after taking this means on the hungry stomach, the effect comes quickly enough. Therefore, in the days of intestinal cleaning, it is better to stay at home. It is important to consider that it should not be practicing it for longer than two days. After all, during cleaning, not only toxins are derived, but also useful substances for the body.

Second method

This method of purification is based on application.

Activated coal

. For cleaning, taking tablets follows from the calculation of 1 tablet by 10 kg of weight of an empty stomach. Nutritionists are recommended for the first time to take no more than 4 tablets and, at the same time, to ensure that the body perceives such cleaning.

You can also split 10 tablets for three receptions - 3 or 4 per hour before meat. The course lasts 10 days. It is impossible to practice longer, because activated carbon worsens the intestinal suction of the intestinal substances.

Other training methods

There are a number of other psychological techniques that allow you to set up a person to the necessary changes for it.

Food diary

Those who are interested in how to make themselves sit on a diet at home, before starting change, experts advise to start a food diary. It is very easy to do at home - you just need to write down all the products that have been eaten throughout the day. You need to record everything - from a detailed listing of the main meal to small snacks. There are also special mobile applications that allow you to lead such a diary. After a few days you need to re-read the recorded. This will appreciate the amount of eaten and realize the need for change.

"Visualization" of excess weight

Initially, with the help of special formulas, you need to evaluate the condition of your body and calculate how much unnecessary kilograms should be removed. Next, you should prepare water bottles, bricks or packages with a cereal of the same weight. All this is placed in a backpack, which a person must donate minutes 20. The awareness of which cargo has to "wear" for himself every day, will help sit on the diet and do not break.

By the way there will be the so-called visualization of desires. To do this, intending to lose weight should choose the photo where it is in good shape, and leave it in a prominent place, for example, hang on the refrigerator. However, the motivation can be the opposite - tune in to the diet will help the photo "Without embellishment", made before the start of the diet. Looking at him, a person will understand what "work" he will have to, and that it is impossible to throw the process.

  • Finding like-minded people
  • Much easier to adhere to the principles of dietary food, if there are like-minded people nearby. The ideal option is to sit on a diet with someone from family members. But if you can find a companion among the girlfriends, it is also good. Mutual support and awareness that weight loss takes place "in a pair" will facilitate the beginning of the diet, and the process itself. If you support a losing weight, you can register on special sites or forums. Virtual communication with those who also adheres to the diet, in critical moments becomes significant moral support.
  • Start diet
  • Thus, the most important principle of the diet began - to move on it gradually, after careful preparation. At the stage, gradually the transition needs to follow these rules: It is initially important to limit the sweet, replacing harmful desserts by marmalade, marshmallow and dried fruits. .
  • Refuse fried, smoked, greasy; Exclude from the mayonnaise menu.
  • Drink herbal teas, a sufficient amount of water.

Restrict coffee consumption and abandon alcohol, as they stimulate


Do not eat while watching a TV program, at a computer.

Whether to actively live - do exercises, walk a lot.

What else to take into account?

It is important to understand that slow care of extra volumes and kilograms is a normal process. Physiologically optimal is a loss of no more than 2.5 kg of weight per month. Therefore, it is not necessary to be upset if the process of weight loss is not moving with seven-year steps. On the contrary, at such a pace, the skin normally pulls up, and the person feels good.

You can not choose too strict diets that promise loss up to 5 kg per week. This, of course, maybe, at such rates, the body will rapidly lose fluid, and not fat. Therefore, such rainbow results will soon turn back to the initial positions.

Do not allow monotony

If the diet includes a number of permitted products, this does not mean that they need to be prepared equally equally. You need to try different recipes, alternate dishes, playing a menu for a few days ahead. Then start and withstand the diet will be much easier.

By the way, the smell plays an important role. So than the fragrant "allowed" dish, the greater satisfaction from the meal will feel a person. It is also recommended to add a variety of spices to dishes that change the taste of dishes, while effectively activating the metabolic processes. Thoroughly chew food Even before the diet, you need to try to teach yourself to chew food very carefully. The longer the person will chew food, the less the amount of food it will be required to saturate. To "deceive" hunger, nutritionists advise there is as slower as possible. This advice echoes the recommendations to consume food under normal conditions, and not "on the go."

Choosing a diet

It is very important to choose that system of nutrition, which will give the opportunity to feel as optimal as possible. The extremes in this case are inappropriate. That is, if a person does not like dairy, you should not choose kefir diet . It is better to choose a dietary system with a menu, including products whose taste like.

The diet should be selected so that the daily diet includes the optimal amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The power system should be such that it can be practicing for a long time without damage to the body.

During the transition to diet food, it is advisable to take

Polyvitamin complexes

. After all, severe thrust for harmful products often suggests that there are not enough vitamins or other important substances in the body.

Select time to start a diet

It is believed that for successful weight loss, you need to choose favorable days to start a diet. As a rule, everyone is planning a new life from Monday. But actually go to another nutrition system better on weekends when a person is easier to control the food, and it stays in a comfortable home environment. But immediately after the holidays, it is not recommended to change something in the feeding. During this period, the stomach stretches after the feasts, and it will be very difficult to tame appetite. It is better to gradually reduce the amount of food consumed and only after that go to the diet. Moon calendar Many are guided by a lunar calendar, starting dietary diet in the period of decreasing moon. But in the days of the growing moon, it is recommended to follow the appetite, since at this time it can significantly increase.

Menstrual cycle

Start the process of weight loss to women better immediately after completed


. During this period, she has a raised mood, reduced appetite. In addition, it is possible to practice physical activity without restrictions.

But immediately before the monthly power mode is better not to change, since at this time the woman feels psychological discomfort and reinforced appetite. Therefore, sharp restrictions can only worsen its condition.

First steps

On the very first days, the diet can be tried to "fool" the body, putting water if you want to eat something. To do this, you need to put glasses or bottles with water in the refrigerator. And every time the hand will reach to him, do not eat something, but just drink water. After all, the body very often confuses thirst and hunger.

With an indomitable desire, it is possible to afford and eat something. It can be lettuce leaves, spinach or arugula, carrot, apple or orange. The main thing is not to rape your body to subsequently not abandon the diet.

Those who already had an unsuccessful experience of the transition to diet food, it is necessary to take into account all the mistakes of the past. It is also important and human health. If he has chronic diseases, problems with the digestive system, allergic manifestations occur, you must consult with your doctor before the diet.

findings So that later a woman or man did not ask about a diet: "I can't sit - what to do in this case?", It is necessary to adhere to the councils given above, and refer to the transition to the dietary food as consciously consciously. It is very important to correctly motivate your desires. Motivation for weight loss can be love, and a public profession, and the desire to wear those things that before a person could not afford.

 The most important thing is to psychologically and physically prepare for the process and remember that positive changes in nutrition will allow not only to gain harmony, but also significantly improve their health.

Tells Nutritionist and psychotherapist Mikhail Gavrilov

, The author of the unique methodology for the correction of food behavior and weight loss, member of the Institute of Functional Medicine (USA), the author of bestsellers "You just do not know how to lose weight", "Slim fate", "how to lose weight and keep harmony".

"About health", Lydia Yudina: Mikhail, your patients lose weight very quickly - 15-20 kg per month. The most impressive result that your patient has achieved is minus 90 kg per year. This is contrary to the traditional tips of nutritionists: lose weight slowly and gradually.

 - Mikhail Gavrilov

: Usually sharply (15-18 kg per month) Patients with an initially large body weight (150-170 kg). If the body weight is not so critical, then the rays the rays the others: men drop 5-9 kg for the first month, women - 4-7.

A gradual weight loss is truly preferable. A sharp weight loss can be compared with a radical operation at which all organs are operated on simultaneously. Due to the harsh weight loss, blood thickening occurs, the capillary atrophy, which served a fat mass, therefore, it is possible to sharply get rid of extra kilograms. Only in the clinic under the supervision of doctors.

 - Psychotherapy to help

Patualists are usually engaged in weight correction. You are a psychotherapist.

- Diet always has the beginning and end. On diets you can lose weight. After a person thinks about what he eats, he always begins to eat less. But, if a person is not ready to observe the diet all his life, he is better and not to start: the faster the weight went, the sooner he will return. Low-calorie diets, pills and slimming cocktails cannot change the main thing that prevents a person to lose weight, its food behavior. In some cases, the patient is to have extra kilograms, it is necessary to get rid of the habit of "eating stress" (that is, break the connection between food and stress), in others - to teach him to enjoy not only from food, but also in some other way .

For "food alcoholism", that is, the inclusion, a person is always hiding from something. I remember one of the most unusual cases in my practice. A patient weighing 120 kg did not help any diet. In a conversation with a psychotherapist, it turned out quickly that she was afraid of marriage. And protects against it with excess weight. It has been repeatedly checked: if weighing the protective mechanisms of psyche are triggered when a person finds many arguments why he cannot lose weight. Inheritance goes inheritance, age, illness. When you decide the main psychological problem, weight quickly leaves.

Are the genes, do not bother to lose weight?

- Genetic completeness exists, but people with serious genetic breakdowns or endocrine units of units. Contrary to popular opinion to lose weight, they can only take longer for this. The only age when the weight set is physiologically determined, is the period of menopause (45-53 years), when the hormones and adipose fabrics are decreasing in the female organism, the function of the "sexual" hormonal organ takes place. At this age, so as not to be filled, the woman needs to seriously reduce the amount of food consumed.

The weight gain during pregnancy is due not to changes in the hormonal background, as is customary, but a persistent belief that during this period the woman should eat for two. Dangerous age is the period of Pubertata when hormonal changes begin in the children's body. Although still long before Pubertat, looking at the child, you can predict whether the problem of excess weight will arise before it. If the child has incorrectly formed food habits, if the walks the computer replaces him, he will have an extra weight necessarily.

11 steps to help lose weight forever

Do not allow fasting

Fasting slows down the exchange processes and in the future provokes a weight set. So that the speed of metabolic processes was high, it is necessary to eat often and fractionally - there is at least 4 times a day, breaks between food receptions should be not more than 4.5 hours, the night break between the last dinner and the first breakfast is 10-12 hours.

Kefir diet

Eat everything

Do not overlay prohibitions for the use of any products. Otherwise, you may encounter a neurotic need for forbidden fruits. Your goal is to avoid a negative attitude towards the slimming process. Therefore, we are necessary in weight loss (for example, in the form of cakes).

Recognize goal

The goal for which you lose weight should be positive, simple and contain a clear explanation that you will get good when you lose weight. You need to have at least 7 goals for which you need a normal weight.

Wash out

Insecurity slows down the exchange processes, worsens the mood and provokes overeating.

Limit the calorie content of the ration

To lose weight, you need to create a deficit of energy coming from food. To do this, you need to know the energy value of each product - do not be lazy to record it.

Look for new pleasures

After a person sits on a diet, the place in the "circle of pleasures" is released. It must be immediately filled with new hobbies and interests, otherwise the place freed from overeating can be filled with anger and angry.

Do not eat cheap food

You need to choose high-quality natural food with high food utility: so you will get the maximum benefit with the minimum volume.

Do not forget about physical activity

10 000 steps - daily recommended movement rate. Check your activity simply: all smartphones today have built-in steps counters (if not - place a free application). Buy a fitness bracelet is optional.

Drink water

Useful consumption of 1.5-2 liters of clean drinking water. But with caution, drink with hypertension and kidney disease.

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