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Sleep is a very important part of a person's life, naturally, I want a dream to be as comfortable as possible. A huge variety of options on the market lead customers into confusion, rather than help to decide on the choice. In this article we will look at 5 important steps in choosing a mattress.

How to choose the mattress correctly. 5 simple steps

Sleep is a very important part of a person's life, naturally, I want a dream to be as comfortable as possible. A huge variety of options on the market lead customers into confusion, rather than help to decide on the choice. In this article we will look at 5 important steps in choosing a mattress.

Step 1. Select the stiffness of the mattress

Stiffness is one of the most important characteristics of orthopedic mattresses. Most often, the stall is taken on the mattress with the average rigidity, as they are most optimal for the average consumer. But there are certainly private cases where a thinner selection is needed.

How to choose the mattress correctly. 5 simple steps

Increased rigidity

These mattresses are recommended for spinal diseases, osteochondrosis. This does not mean that absolutely healthy people can sleep on such mattresses, everyone has different needs, someone just loves a solid bedroom surface. But people in old age should avoid such products. Fillers in such mattresses are dense polyurethane foam, coconut fibers, streafyber, composites.

Average rigidity

The most common type of mattresses for people of medium height and the average set. They enjoy very great demand. There may be such materials such as: Struttofiber, PPU with characteristic orthopedic qualities, artificial latex. In the expensive models, you can meet such materials as: natural latex in combination with coconut coirs, memorials.

Low rigidity

This mattress is best suited to people with overweight, people in old age and children from 8 to 15 years. In order to achieve such low rigidity, materials are used in mattresses as: polyurethane and natural latex.

How to choose the mattress correctly. 5 simple steps

Step 2. consumer weight

It is worth paying attention to such a factor - as a weight. From this directly depends on both the durability of the mattress and a comfortable sleep on it. Medium mattresses are designed for a person whose weight is kept within 70-90 kg. For a person whose weight exceeds the average values ​​(for example, 110-130 kg) will not sleep comfortably on the mattress with medium stiffness, it will seem overly soft for him. Also for a person, the weight of which is lower than the average testimony (for example, 40 kg) will feel a fair stiffness on the middle mattress.

The height of the mattress should also be chosen based on the consumer weight. A man with a lot of weight needs a higher mattress, an average middle-aged person.

Mattresses with a thickness of several centimeters are not suitable for sleep, they do not meet the necessary criteria. This product is called the mattress and serves in order to smooth out irregularities on the sofa, or make it more comfortable.

How to choose the mattress correctly. 5 simple steps

Step 3. Determine with the height and size of the mattress

The height and dimensions of the mattress affect not only a comfortable sleep, but also on the aesthetic component of your bedroom. Mattresses up to 14 centimeters high belong to the most subtle models, an adult person such models are contraindicated. For an adult, it is worth choosing a mattress based on such criteria as:

  • The standard height of the orthopedic mattress for an adult is 19-23 cm.
  • Flame monolithic mattresses can have a minimum thickness of 14-16 cm.
  • High-quality mattresses with independent spring blocks can have a thickness of 18-19 cm.
  • Particularly expensive models with multi-layer filling, may have a height of 24-40 cm.

As for the width of the mattress, it is also worth approaching here. This is aesthetics and durability of the mattress and bed.

  • If the mattress is more than your bed, it will be ugly to drink in different directions, more loads will also be attached on board the bed, which will pernicably affect its resource.
  • If the mattress is less than your bed, then it will look like a foreign one. During sleep, it is possible to slip the mattress on the surface of the bed.
  • Standard sizes of single mattresses: 80x190, 80x200, 90x200 cm.
  • Standard dimensions of double mattresses: 120x200, 140x200, 160x200 and 180x200 cm.
  • Ideally, when the mattress is selected together with the bed to get into size as much as possible.
  • Best of all, when there is a small gap between the mattress and sides of the bed. This is necessary in order to comfortably fill the bed. Also, when you go to bed, the mattress is slightly distributed to the sides, thereby perfectly taking the size of the bed.

Step 4. Select the type of mattress. Spring or flawless.

How to choose the mattress correctly. 5 simple steps

Before proceeding with the selection of the mattress, it is worth dealing with their differences.

Spring Mattresses Bonnel

Mattresses with dependent springs, are used for a very long time. Such mattresses do not possess orthopedic properties. Moreover, the mattresses fell out of order can greatly harm your spine. Under constant load, the springs can be seen by making a creak. Relax on such a mattress will not work. Dust can accumulate between springs, which contributes to the development of parasites.

Such mattresses are in the lowest price segment, going to purchase one of them, think a hundred times.

Mattresses with independent springs block

These mattresses are equipped with springs, each of which is in its own case. Contact springs is absolutely not possible. The surface of such mattresses is covered with filler, which allows you to obtain an orthopedic effect. Since the springs are completely independent, they will be able to repeat each bending of your body.

The density of the installation of such mattresses is - about 250 springs per square meter. There are more advanced models, the density of the installation of springs in which there are already about 500 springs per square meter. Such models are called - multipox. There are microproke models, they have a density reaches more than 900 springs per square meter.

Similar mattresses can be used for children from 12 years (with the right choice of hardness)

The pros of such mattresses can be attributed:

  • Increased margin of safety
  • Good orthopedic properties
  • Increased sleep comfort (due to the fact that the springs are independent of each other)
  • Ability to use for people with elevated weight
How to choose the mattress correctly. 5 simple steps

Flameless mattresses with PPU

This is an inexpensive type of mattresses, which is ideal for a cottage or a removable apartment. They are not very expensive, do not have a big thickness. Let's pay attention to the pros and cons.


  • Affordable price
  • Some models are orthopedic properties
  • Easy transportation


  • Not durable
  • Anatomical properties below average

Flameless mattresses with orthopedic properties

This type of mattresses has a high service life, and can boast of excellent orthopedic properties, these mattresses also have silent due to the fact that there are no springs in their design.

Thanks to high-quality fillers, you will get a wonderful sleep, your back will always be rested.

Let's turn to the advantages and disadvantages of this type.


  • Excellent orthopedic properties
  • Increased service life
  • Several stiffness levels


How to choose the mattress correctly. 5 simple steps

Step 5. Select the filler material


Pretty popular material among consumers. The latex filler has high indicators of elasticity, which allows you to take out the outline of the body of sleeping on it. Natural latex is less elastic than artificial.

The advantages of this material include:

  • Gives comfortable conditions for sleep
  • Suitable for people who have problems with a spine
  • Withstand heavy loads
  • Has excellent anatomical properties
  • No allergic effects
  • Fast deliverance from moisture


  • High price
  • Drying artificial material, which leads to bundle and fragility.

Polyurene Foolder

The high popularity of such mattresses is that the basis is a paralymp with orthopedic additives, which allows you to get a good mattress at a time price.

The pros of such models can be attributed to:

  • Affordable price
  • Durability
  • High wear resistance (your children can safely jump on such a mattress)
  • Not bad orthopedic properties

From minuses can be noted:

  • The complexity of the removal of moisture
  • The complexity of cleaning such mattresses (which is poured from the first item)

Coconut Coyra

A rather elastic plate of pressed coconut fibers has a high rigidity, so it is most often used in combined fillers together with latex or PPU. Also, this filler can go without any additions, which will allow you to get a mattress with increased rigidity.

Pros of this material:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Does not hold moisture
  • Not subject to rotting
  • High orthopedic properties
  • Ability to use for consumers of any age


  • High price
  • Fragility (do not force shock and twisting)

Hollofiber and Stretto Fiber

Strettoofiber is interesting because the fibers located vertically are used in its production. In production, such materials as goat wool, horse hair and linen threads can add materials.

Hollofiber is distinguished by the fact that in production, the fibers are chaotic. This factor allows you to get a softer mattress.


  • High orthopedic properties
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Does not delay moisture
  • High elasticity
  • Wear resistance
  • Wide rigidity range
How to choose the mattress correctly. 5 simple steps

Mattresses with memory effect

Material with foamed structure. Takes the shape of the body of a person who sleeps on it. For several minutes is restored back. At low temperatures, it has a solidification property, while its memory effect is lost.

People are difficult to part with the usual things, but sometimes it is simply necessary. No need to sleep until the last bed on the old-selling bed, tolerate constant back pain just because it is very difficult to choose a new mattress. We collected a step-by-step guide to choose a mattress for any needs and circumstances of life.

The content of the article
  1. What you need to know about the user
  2. Technical parameters of the mattress
  3. Spring or springless mattress choose?
  4. Mattress fillers: What inside, how to choose?
  5. Appearance
  6. Varieties of mattresses how to decide
  7. Additional features
  8. Mattress - part of the bedroom system
  9. Outcome
  10. Catalog

What you need to know about the user

Before selecting options, look at yourself.

User parameters are the most important factor that affects the choice of sleeping space.

What should I pay attention to?

  1. The weight. Everything is simple here: the higher the mass of the human body, the hardestly there should be his bed. If the user weighs more than it is capable of making a design, the mattress fails for the first three years.
  2. Age. This indicator determines the two characteristics of the mattress: height and rigidity. For children, thin and rigid models are suitable, with an increase in age should increase the height and comfort of the surface.
  3. Growth. The bed must be longer than the human growth by 20-30 cm so that the reserve for the pillow and blanket remains. The standard sizes of the mattress (190 and 200 cm long) are designed to grow a person to 180 cm. High users are better to calculate the length and the width of the sleeping surface individually.
  4. The state of the spine. The universal mattress for the patient's back does not exist. If you suffer from regular pains, before buying it is worth contacting the therapist and take advantage of its recommendations. If discomfort and pain occur immediately after sleep, there are several standard recommendations that we will describe below.
  5. Sleep quality. If you barely fall asleep or wake up because of any row, the bed must be as comfortable as possible, quiet and not turn into an additional source of stress.
  6. Sleep posture. Habits can affect the selection of the mattress. If you usually sleep on your stomach, the rigid model will not be useful. Note that in what position you fall asleep and wake up every morning.
  7. Place of use. The more often you plan to use the mattress, the more it is worth investing in it: every day it is better to sleep on a hardy and comfortable bed, and inexpensive mattresses are suitable for giving, a small roll is easy to transport in a passenger car.

1. Technical parameters of the mattress

Each product has standard parameters that are determined by the manufacturer using formulas and testing. Here it is impossible to rely on your own taste, you need to pick up a mattress, correlating your parameters from the previous item and the possibility of each model.

If some restrictions on the weight or state of health revealed in the check list, be sure to consider them when choosing.

Permissible user weight

The maximum load on the bed is calculated at the manufacturer's plant by a special formula, it takes into account:

  • rigidity and elasticity of each material;
  • thickness and number of layers;
  • springs density;
  • Features of the cover.

We pay attention: the weight of the user must be less than the maximum load by 10-20 kg. If the characteristics specified the maximum allowable weight in place - 150 kg, sleeping on it should weigh no more than 130 kg, otherwise the product will quickly fail.

It is important to take into account seasonal fluctuations in weight and focus on their "winter" weight.

However, it is not necessary without the need to choose excessively enduring models, because the product designed for a large weight, for a person weighing 50 kg will be felt too hard.


The key parameter that affects a comfortable vacation and body support in a dream. There are five types of mattresses in the level of stiffness.

  1. Soft. An ideal soft bed can be considered a muffin perin. It is comfortable, but it is not convenient to change the position of the body, there is no tangible support for the spine. Modern models are distinguished by thick layers of comfortable fillers: foam with the effect of memory, natural or artificial latex.
  2. Pooh parina does not provide spinal support

    Pooh parina does not provide spinal support

  3. Moderately soft. More modern and popular type of rigidity. It suits users who appreciate comfort, but do not want to "fall out" in the mattress. Softness and convenience provide the same materials, but under thick layers of latex or memorial foam are elastic fillers (coconut, streptyber) or spring block. Also moderately soft products choose elderly people and pregnant women.
  4. Middle-grader. The most universal version that combines the convenience and support of the spine. If you do not have pronounced problems with your back or you are used to you often change the pose in a dream, pay attention to the medium-piece products. Especially since there are a lot of them in our assortment.
  5. Moderately tough. Give pronounced orthopedic back support. They use modern spring blocks TFK, S1000 and S2000, as well as rigid filling layers, such as coconut cell or linen fiber. Sleeping on bed with stiffness above average useful:
    1. Children and adolescents under 16, it will help to form and maintain the right posture;
    2. Everyone who leads a sedentary lifestyle works in the office: such a surface will help remove the load with the vertebrae.
  6. Hard. The maximum level of orthopicity: the spine is maintained in the right position all night, the posture spreads out, the joints are not tightened and rest. Hard mattress indispensable:
    1. For children under 3, when the most important bends of the spine, kyphosis and lordosis are only formed;
    2. athletes who are engaged in strength sports and need effective rest;
    3. People with back diseases. In some cases, a hard bed prescribes a doctor. With constant discomfort in the thoracic or lumbar spine, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

Read more about the stiffness of the mattresses here.

The size

By size, the mattresses are divided into:

  • On Adults and children. The parameters of the children's model depend on the age and growth of the baby, and adults are divided into three popular groups: single (80 cm in width), semi-gun (up to 120 cm) and double (from 140 to 200 cm in width).
  • On Standard and non-standard. If you sleep on the serial production bed, it is most likely calculated on the standard mattress size. The parameters 190, 195 and 200 cm are considered standard for length. Usually this length is enough for a comfortable placement of a person with a pillow and blanket.
Top best mattresses

How to determine the size of a new mattress if the passport of the bed in which all the dimensions are indicated is not preserved? You have to measure the sleeping place manually. It is important to measure the old mattress, which can be deformed over time, and the bed itself from the inside.

Use a roulette or centimeter for measurements, but not a ruler or other short and inflexible tools.

If the size of the bedroom niche differs from the standard for a centimeter on each side, nothing terrible, the mild casing of the mattress will hide this difference. But if the size of the bed differs from ordinary sizes by 3-4 cm (for example, the length is 197 cm, and the width is 173 cm), it is better to order a non-standard size product under these parameters so that there is no clearance in bed.

How to choose the size of the mattress

Read more about choosing sizes in our article.


Many choose the thickness of the mattress exclusively with aesthetic positions. After all, the high model looks beautiful on any bed, adds luxury and comfort bed. However, the height of bed is an important parameter that directly affects the quality and convenience of sleep, the endurance of the sleeping surface and the price of the product. In addition, for different tasks and needs, it is worth choosing and models of different heights. This is how mattresses in thickness are separated:

  • Thin models up to 16 cm. Their main advantage is lightness and compactness. Often such models are delivered in a twisted form in vacuum packaging. It is very convenient if you need to independently pick up a purchase or carry it to long distances, for example, to the cottage. You can also use them on top of an uncomfortable bedroom: on too hard sofa or bed. Very thin models up to 12 cm consist only of filling materials without springs.
  • Product from 17 to 25 cm. Golden middle, which is suitable for most beds. Such models can be any rigidity and design and prices. Most of our store products belong to this category.
  • High mattresses from 26 to 53 cm. The standard spring block takes 13 or 18 cm of the thickness of the product. Additional height gets with the help of filling materials: the higher the mattress, the thicker in it is a comfortable layer, and therefore above the price. However, modern foam materials allowed to create high models and in the budget segment.

Complete information on the calculation of height is in a separate article.

Spring or springless mattress choose?

In structure, all mattresses are divided into two types: Spring and flavored . The presence of a spring block affects the properties, cost and other parameters of the mattress. But to say unequivocally, what mattress is better, spring or flawless, impossible. We dealt with this issue in a big article. Consider each type separately.

Spring or flavored, what mattress choose

Spring mattresses and their features

The basis of any spring model is a block of steel springs that provide a unique level of comfort and orthopedic support for the spine. You can highlight the main types of springs:

  • Bonnel . This is the easiest block in which all springs (they are from 108 to 127 per square meter) are fastened with each other and are located on the steel frame. To date, the dependent block has not so many advantages: Bonnel is considered the most fiscal option for removable housing or giving, and suits people with a slight weight.
  • Dependent Spring Block Bonnel
  • TFK or S500. . The first independent block, in it, each of the 256 elements on sq.m is not associated with others and works autonomously. Sometimes TFK is called "pocket-type springs" due to the fact that each spring is in a separate fabric pocket. Due to this, the weight over the surface is distributed more evenly, the bed does not seek under the high weight as it happens in the Bonnele or on the beds with a mesh bottom.
  • Independent spring block TFK or S500
  • S1000, Multipox . This block is similar to TFK, but in it per square meter there are already 512 independent springs of smaller diameter. Due to this number of spring elements, S1000 is better suitable for large loads, has a more notable orthopedic effect. The springs are better adjusted to the bends of the body.
  • Independent spring block S1000 or multipox
  • S2000, micropochet . The most endless and modern type, in which 1000 small and elastic springs are collected on a square meter. It is endurance and suits people with weight above average. Springs microproke roads in production, so the mattresses with them belong to the premium segment.
  • Independent spring block S2000 or microproke
  • Duet, Double Spring . Special solution for partners with weight difference. The block of the duet consists of 256 conventional independent springs in which short and hard springs are inserted, there may be 127 or 256 on sq.m. It is adjusted for any load: a person with a weight of up to 100 kg will feel comfortable on the springs of the standard size, and the user with weight above the average will support short endurance elements. The DS model will allow spouses not to select individual stiffery mattresses.
  • Independent block of double springs DS or duet

In the spring mattress, the block never works separately from the filling materials. The rigidity of the springs can be softened or enhance with rigid or elastic fillers. There are also blackout-free models, so we will look at them below.

Benefits of spring mattresses

For more than 50 years, spring products are leading on sales in our country. And not in vain! Modern models on an independent block have a lot of advantages.

Pronounced orthopedic effect . The main value and feature of independent springs is the load distribution over the surface. Even with a large weight, the independent unit reliably supports the body.

No many materials required . The springs are already provided by the basic level of support and convenience, therefore, 2-3 centimeters of the filler are enough to create a full-fledged bed. Of course, to assemble the high and maximum comfortable mattress, thicker layers of materials are used.

Suitable for any needs. A large selection of blocks allows you to create a mattress for each client:

  • Rogue S2000 and duet are suitable for people with high weight and couples with weight differences;
  • TFK and S1000 will be comfortable to medium weight users;
  • The zonal unit is indispensable with some problems with the spine.

Stable design. Steel springs are added to the severity of the whole product, so such models are recommended for use on the floor or on a bed box without sides.

High spring mattress looks great on the floor

Flameless mattresses, types and designs

Modern flawed models are not inferior to spring in comfort and orthopedicity. But due to the lack of springs, they can be thinner and easily, often Comes in roll which makes it easier to delivery and pickup. The price of a thickened mattress depends on the thickness and origin of the materials. According to the design, they are divided into several basic types.

  • Monolith . The mattress, which consists only of a thick layer (from 6 cm) of one filler: artificial or natural latex, coconut coir. If you want to feel the properties of a particular material, such a model is suitable as it is impossible. A comfortable model of polyurethane foam will add soft bed to the bedroom, hobs small dents in the old sofa. Monolith from coconut coyra is the most rigid and orthopedic version for yogis or with spinal problems.
  • Monolithic flavoring mattress
  • Layer . Usually they combine the properties of rigid and soft fillers, such as coconut and latex. This allows you to create a comfortable sleeping place with orthopedic support. Another alternating layers of contrasting materials allow you to combine two levels of stiffness in one product.
  • Multilayer flavoring mattress
  • Sandwich. In the middle of such a mattress there is a thick layer of the main filler, most often it is a latex or PPU that imitates the spring block, but there are models with a rigid "core". The edges of the second material are laid around the edges, it adjusts the stiffness of the mattress. In this role can be used by anything: memorial, massage foam, bicocos or coconut fiber.
  • Mattress-sandwich from two fillers
  • Combined. . They use three and more fillers that form their own unique stiffness formula. Often the parties differ in hardness. By imposing materials, the combined flawed mattress can be very high and relatively easy (if foam materials are used).
  • Combined springless mattress with different rigidity of the parties
  • Topper or thin mattress - Excellent solution for the correction of the bed. If you sleep on an uncomfortable, too tight or soft bed, buying the topper will help make it comfortable. The fine model may consist of one or more fillers. The product from 9 cm can be used solo on the bed with low sides or on the folding glass.
  • Thin springy mattress or topper
  • Folding . The excellent version of the guest bedroom is a flawed model with two or three additions. It is convenient to store it in the assembled form and easy to lay out if necessary. And often parents buy a folding product in a nursery so that the child can play on the floor. Most often, such models are manufactured on the basis of a polyurethane foam layer with a layer of coconut coyra for an orthopedic effect.
  • Foldable flavored mattress
Advantages of flawed mattresses

Products without springs externally do not differ from spring models, but some properties allocate:

  1. Very hardy . Durable layers of materials withstand children's jumps, a user with a lot of weight, constant turning. Springs with time can break through the pockets, and there is no such danger in the blackout design.
  2. Absolutely silent . Springs after several years of regular use can make a creaking sound under high weight. And foam and fibrous fillers never noise.
  3. Easier than spring analogues . Steel spring block adds weight product. Often this design is difficult to turn over alone, not to mention the carriage. Many flavored mattresses are much easier and even turn into a roll for transportation.
  4. Large selection of heights . The spring mattress, even with shortened elements, cannot be below 9 cm. While a full-fledged comfortable topper without springs will add only 6 cm of your bed.

Mattress fillers: What inside, how to choose?

Filling materials that are used in the production of mattresses correspond to a number of hygienic requirements:

  • Air permeability. For 7-9 hours in a dream, a person will inevitably sweat, so it is important that the bed does not create a greenhouse effect under it. It is for this that foams and fibers are chosen as the base of fillers. Latex, polyurethane foam, memorials have a porous structure. Coconut, Sizal, Struttofiber and Holke consist of compressed fibers. Due to this, they are greatly discharged moisture, paste air and do not require additional care.
  • Ecology. For many users it is fundamentally important to maintain the environmental friendliness of their home. Sleeping place must also comply with high standards. Fully natural components (coconut fiber, latex, soy foam) provide cleanliness and comfort of bed. And artificials are made from polyester fiber and do not bear threats to nature.
  • Hygienicity. Fillers of the last generation are distinguished by the fact that inside them there is no medium suitable for breeding bacteria. None in natural or artificial foams, nor in coconut or linen fibers can start mold and other microorganisms. It is important to protect the bed from the ingress of a large amount of fluid inward, it may become a threat to any filling. For reliability, we recommend purchasing a moisture protection network.

All fillers can be divided into:

  1. Natural and artificial.
  2. Hard and soft.

All information is that inside the mattress is collected in a separate article.

Hard fillers for mattresses

Layers that provide rigidity are extremely important. They are created orthopedic effect In the product, that is, help support the spine in an anatomically correct position.

In spring models, the rigid layers are operated in combination with a spring unit, and in flawed - independently provide back support.

Coconut Coyra Properties Coconut Coyra in mattresses

Coconut sheet sheet consists of a variety of coconut tough fibers

The most popular rigid filler is formed from fibers covering coconuts. Raw materials are brought from the tropical regions of Southeast Asia, so Koyra is quite a road in production. Fibers with the outer side of the coconut are filled with lignin - substance that makes them resistant to rotting and the effects of fresh and salt water. However, the compressed coconut fibers are not flexible, so they are impregnated with latex fluid. In the finished plate of 15% latex and 85% coconut fibers. It provides elasticity, durability and endurance material.

Sisal Sizal or Cactus Coyra in mattresses

Siseline fiber is sometimes called cactus bed

Another filler of natural origin, which is created from vegetable raw materials of imported origin. It is based on the elastic fibers of the agave sisalava - herbaceous plant with spines. Because of them, Agava is often confused with a cactus, and compressed fibers from it are called "Cactus Coir". Agava fibers are several times longer than coconut. The sheet is stronger and hard. Therefore, thinning layers of sisal are used in mattresses, the usual layer is only 0.5 cm in thickness, but it is not inferior to 1 cm of coconut coir.

The production of sisalous sheets is expensive, so they can only be found in premium series.


The linen canvas create from the thermospressed linen fibers, which are impregnated with fatty quickly drying linseed oil. The combination of flexible fiber and oil creates a unique material and durability material. Its separate dignity is hygroscopicity, flax fibers easily absorb and give moisture, it helps to maintain the sleeper of the bed. Flax for mattresses developed relatively recently and used in professional orthopedic products Honnemed.

Bicocos Bicocos in mattresses

Bicocos is characterized by rigidity and elasticity

A mixture of fibers of coconut coyra and strottofiber (sometimes a holcon or synthto is used instead of the absto). Compared to the natural coconut layer of bicocos more accessible and elastic, used in budget models.

Strettoofiber Stand properties in mattresses

Stustofiber preserves orthopedic properties with significant elasticity

Another modern invention, but exclusively artificial origin. Polyester fibers - hollow inside the tube in the form of spirals - vertically arranged between the layers of nonwoven matter. If you press on the settofiber, the fibers will be shared, and after the pressure disappears, it is easy to disappear. According to this elastic and moderately hard material looks like springs. Depending on the density, it may be more or less rigid and is considered a more elastic and comfortable analogue of the coconut coir.

Holik and Hollofiber Hollofiber properties in mattresses

Holcon looks like hollofiber

Artificial filler from hollow fiber gives surface rigidity. Hollofiber is used as an independent filling layer, and a softer holcon is often added to the case to create a bulk stitch. It is inexpensive in production, absolutely hygienic, does not absorb smells, does not delay air and moisture. Therefore, models with holofayber layers often buy for children.

Soft fillers for mattresses

Elastic and soft materials are used to make the surface comfortable for sleep. They are responsible for anatomicity, i.e. The ability of the mattress to adapt to the shape of the body, ensure the comfort and convenience of sleep. It is believed that the middle-weight person is immersed in a surface of about 5-6 cm, so if you want high comfort in your bed, choose models with thick comfortable layers. Thin thin layers from 1 to 3 centimeters will ensure comfort, but you will feel the springs or hard filler that support the body in a dream.

Natural Latex. Properties of natural latex in mattresses

Natural latex is distinguished by amazing elasticity and durability.

Premium material, which is produced on the basis of Milk Brazilian Geyey - evergreen plants, which grows only in the tropical climate. The juice of this plant is mined difficult and more difficult to handle. Foamed juice with additives after cooling turns into a dense and very elastic foam with the smallest pores.

Thanks to such a texture, the foam is withstanding the load to one hundred and more kilograms, does not collapse when pressing, but adjusts to weight.

In its properties, it has no analogues: uniquely hardy and comfortable at the same time. Depending on the thickness of the layer and adjacent fillers, the latex leaf can create both moderately soft and middle rigidity.

Artificial Latex. Properties of artificial latex in mattresses

Budget Analogue of Organic Latex Foam

Another porous material of artificial origin is often used as an analogue of organic latex. He has several names: polyurethane foam, PPU, Ecopena. In different factories, it may differ density, be more or less soft. There will be its elasticity, elasticity and convenience. Pores in polyurethane foam several times more, it is less dense. But with it is pretty hardy for regular use and more budget. Thick layers of dense artificial latex according to the properties are similar to the spring block - elastic and perfectly distribute the load on the surface.

HR-foam Properties of an artificial latex of high density in mattresses

Ecopena of increased strength can be a hardy support in the mattress

This is a special kind of polyurethane foam of high density. It is suitable for greater weight and is used to strengthen springless mattresses based on PPU. Elevated density foam in different manufacturers can be called differently, for example, ECO FOAM, HR-foam, high-blooded PPU.

Memory effect foam Properties Memori Foam in mattresses

Memorials with the memory effect "remembers" its original condition and quickly restores the form

Memorix (memorial forms) in the middle of the 20th century turned the mattress industry all over the world. Initially, the shape memory foam was developed for the needs of the space sphere and was needed in order to compensate for the pressure on the spiner of the cosmonauts during the take-off and landing of the rocket. Over time, the technology came to the consumer sphere and gained enormous popularity.

Due to the unique chemical formula, the fine foam reacts to the pressure and temperature of the body, retains the shape of the sleeping and ensures maximum comfort.

Natural soy foams

The newest invention from Spain is a foam based on 100% of soybean oil. Together with polymer additives, it heats up and foams. After cooling, such a material turns into a solid and elastic sponge. Depending on the properties of additives, soy foam can have different properties. Today are used:

  • Solid Foam . Very dense material closer to the average rigidity, which is withstanding heavy loads and can become a full-fledged base of the mattress. Withstand twisting and quickly restores the form.
  • Properties of Solid Foam foam in mattresses

    Rigid orthopedic foam Solid Foam

  • Soya Foam . Very compliant comfortable foam with a pronounced effect of form memory. Used as the top layer. Fits elderly people and pregnant women.
  • Properties of Soya Foam foam in mattresses

    Very comfortable foam with SOYA FOAM memory effect

  • Neropur. . Soft foam almost without memorial properties with impregnation of neroli - orange wood oil. Nice fragrance of foam Nestur soothes nerves, helps to relax and fall asleep faster.
  • Properties of Neropur foam in mattresses

    Neropur hypnotic foam will help quickly sleep

  • Viscoool . Memorial material with a cooling effect. Let's like everyone who is hot under the blanket. Modern heat removal technology helps maintain the perfect temperature in bed.
  • Properties of Viscoool foam in mattresses

    Viscool foam maintains a comfortable bed

All kinds of soy fans are well passed air and do not accumulate outsiders. We tell more about them in a separate article.


Elastic, like latex, adaptive, like memorial foam, memorilativex has already found fans. This mix is ​​made from 20% of the organic hea juice and 80% polyurethane foam mixture. The result is a premium convenient filler for the mattress with the ideal properties of the "memory memory".


Mattress design, of course, is not the most important selection criterion. But the beautiful design, color and pomp of the case can become a weighty argument with other things being equal. That's what you need to know about the appearance of the mattress.

Mattress Case and its characteristics

Any mattress is covered with a cover that protects the inner layers from external damage, dirt and other threats, fixes fillers and adds surface comfort. Evaluate the case in the model you like, you need several parameters.

In addition to the main characteristics, the case can be equipped with additional options at the request of the user.


Aerators in mattresses

Aerators help keep cleaning inside the mattress

Special holes in burleet are called aerators. They need that the air freely circulate inside the product, unpleasant odors and dust accumulated. They are usually placed on all sides and are closed with special plastic or metal valves. It is important to pick a mattress with 1 cm aerators less than the bed size. Otherwise, the air will not flow through the holes, and the plastic of the valve can scratch the inner sides of the king bed.


Pens in the case in the mattress

With the help of the handles, you can turn the mattress

Many sides covers are equipped with fabric or rope handles. Some are trying to transfer the mattress, holding them for them. As a rule, the handles do not stand and come off. Because they are not created to transport the product, but for convenient turning.

The mattress with fillers on both sides needs to be turned over in 2-3 months so that they wear uniformly.

If this is not done, within 1-2 years, a noticeable dent can be formed on the surface of inexpensive artificial materials.

Looking Lightning

Do not confuse this option with lightning in removable covers. Looking lightning is added to the mattresses at the request of the user so that he can "check out" all fillers and consider the composition of the product. Usually it is 20-40 centimeter lightning in one of the seams of the mattress. Many manufacturers offer to sew it for free or for a small surcharge to the model.

Varieties of mattresses how to decide

In the "Technical Parameters" section, we told about the characteristics that cannot be selected by yourself, you need to rely on objective data from the checklist. But many parameters will have to choose to their taste and preferences. We have already told about the advantages of the spring and blackout design. In this section, we will understand the rest of the categories.

Orthopedic and anatomical models

Surely you have already heard about the orthopedic effect. This is the ability of the surface to maintain the spine in the natural position. For this, the spring block and hard fillers are responsible. If you want to feel a reliable support and used to sleep on a fairly tough bed, the mattresses with a pronounced orthopedic effect are suitable for you.

In addition, they are necessary:

  • Children and adolescents for the formation of the s-bend of the spine;
  • People weighing above average;
  • Athletes;
  • When curvatched and other diseases of the spine (a doctor's consultation is required.

Anatomical effect is the adaptability of materials, that is, the ability to adapt to the bends of the body. The anatomical product is soft, comfortable, licking on it, you will feel like the surface hugs you. Such an effect will like people who appreciate comfort and warm or sleep on the stomach. The anatomical surface of pregnant women and older people is especially necessary.

Natural materials in the composition

Modern materials of artificial origin in many parameters are not inferior to natural. However, organic fillers have advantages that make mattress premium, durable and very convenient:

  • Natural Coconut Coyra, Linen and Siseline Fiber Significantly stronger and tougher artificial analogues and create a unique orthopedic effect. Therefore, with pronounced problems with the spine orthopedic, they usually recommend sleeping on a natural coconut or sisale product.
  • Organic Latex. Serves several times longer than artificially and is distinguished by severe elasticity and comfort. In natural latex pores, much less than in polyurethane foam, it allows latex to withstand heavy loads than PPU. This structure extends the life of a latex mattress. However, the price of it is significantly higher than on polyurethane foam.
  • Soy foam - The most modern and largely innovative filler, which is different and durability, and a variety of properties.

If you are ready to pay for high quality, of course, it is better to give preference to natural filling. But with a limited budget, choose a combined composition, for example, with a small layer of coconut or latex along with holofiber or PPU.

Determine with a height

Unlike the other parameters, it is impossible to clearly call the height of the ideal mattress. It all depends on personal preferences and needs. The product of any thickness has its own advantages and specifics.

Thin models Thick 16 centimeters are suitable for a children's bunk bed. They can be used over the sofa to remove the gap between the sash. Topper is easier to transport in place in place, so it is suitable for removable or temporary housing.

Medium height products Universal, perfectly fit into any interior style. You can choose an average in height of the bed of any design, characteristics and prices.

High mattresses - This is a sign of luxury. The high model from 27 cm will decorate any bedroom, ensures maximum comfort in a dream. In addition, it is suitable for the bed with high sides.

Working parties

Choosing a mattress, you can see the wording: one-sided model or different rigidity of the parties.

One-sided mattress - This is a product in which comfortable layers are located only on the one hand. They are rarely found, but they can be found in both budgetary and premium series. The main advantage of a one-way product is not necessary to turn it regularly. Although manufacturers recommend from time to time to change the sides of the head-leg, so that the filler does not be melted in the same place.

Much more often, the product is filled from both sides so that it can be turned over, thereby extending his life. Such models are called bilateral . If the filling layers are located Symmetric The model is ideal for those who exactly knows their preferences and does not want to sacrifice their comfort for the sake of the maintenance of the mattress.

Double-sided mattresses with the same and different rigidity of the parties

Most modern mattresses are filled with comfortable materials on both sides.

In models with asymmetric filling there are advantages:

  • The ability to change the stiffness of the bedroom at will or well-being. When fatigue in the back, after the working day, a moderately rigid side is suitable in the office, which will remove the load from the spine, and after the physical exertion, much more pleasant to sleep on a softer surface, on which soft fabrics will not squeeze.
  • You can adjust the temperature of the bed location in different seasons. In the summer, a rigid coconut surface will help to take out of heat surplus and ensure a pleasant coolness. And in winter, the soft side of PPU or latex will "hug" the body, hold warm in bed.

Additional features

Modern mattresses are not just a sleep surface with a minimum set of characteristics.

Each manufacturer seeks to create such a product that will satisfy any user needs.

Therefore, many models are equipped with additional options and features. Here are the most popular of them.

  1. Mikromassage . The upper filling layer with a micro-massage effect is embossed and has a cellular, wavy or ribbed surface. He will not be felt or cause inconvenience in a dream. But at the same time, soft tissues of the skin will receive a small passive massage, thanks to this, blood and lymph will not be stated in the body, it will be easier to relax and sleep before bedtime.
  2. Mikromassage layer of artificial latex in the mattress

    Any embossed surface provides a micro-mass effect in the mattress

  3. Cooling . All people are divided into those who frustrate under the blanket, and those who are always hot. In modern models, several possibilities are thought out to remove the excess heat from the surface. For this purpose, an innovative Viscoool material is used - natural soy foam with cooling effect and ergonomic covers made of special tissue.
  4. Foam with cooling effect in the mattress

    Natural soy foam Viscool supports a comfortable microclimate in bed

  5. Warming effect . Hold heat under a blanket on a new mattress is much easier. For constantly freezing people create models in a case with wool (with one or both sides). Natural wool helps to keep heat, warms the fabric and provides maximum comfort in a dream. This option is indispensable for older people or with circulatory disorders.
  6. Memory of form . "Memory" form materials are used in mattresses about 20 years, but still not all users represent how it works. Mattresses with memory are perfectly adjusted under the shape of the body and are not fully pushing, but just as much as you need to support the body. There is no return pressure on them, it provides delicate support for the whole body. It will enjoy pregnant women, elderly people and those who have long been looking for a comfortable posture for sleep.
  7. Aromatization . Pleasant smells are useful when falling asleep. This idea has long been adopted by many factories. Therefore, covers and fillers are often impregnated with aloe vera extract, which has antibacterial properties and a pleasant fragrance. Also, organic foam from Neropur soybean oil is impregnated with nero extract, its smell helps to fall asleep and removes weak headache.
  8. Upper softening mattress staff

    Foam with neurolis extract has a hypnotic effect - helps to fall asleep

Mattress - part of the bedroom system

The mattress is an important part of the bedroom, and it must be selected depending on the style and features of the furniture in the room.


Bed base can be solid or orthopedic:

  • Solid bottom Usually done from plywood. His benefits are durability, the ability to withstand high weight, stability. The disadvantage is all the same stability. The whole sheet of the bottom does not bend, does not spring and does not give bed additional orthopedic properties. Therefore, in modern beds, a laminated base is used more often.
  • Rack bottom It is considered more orthopedic, but not suitable for all types of mattress. A product with plenty of springs can only lie on narrow lamellas (narrow intervals between them). Otherwise, part of the springs will lose their support. Properly selected lamellary will extend the life of the product.

Height of sides

The mattress should be higher than bedding sides (Tsargi), at least 3 centimeters. To boosts do not dock into your feet when a person sits on the edge of bed. The only exception is a bunk bed. On the second floor of the kings overlap the height of the mattress, it protects the child from falling in a dream.

Bunk bed

Usually such furniture is in the nursery, so it is better to equip it with a mattress of medium or even moderate stiffness. On a too soft bed, the child's posture can spoil.

Parents often buy the Mattresses of the Mattress "on the Growth", intended for adults. This can be done if you choose a low model where you can safely sleep on the second floor.

Bed with lifting mechanism

Bed with lifting mechanism

Lifting mechanism helps to use a place under the storage bed

Gazlift in the lifting mechanism will faster, if every day will raise a high mattress with a lot of weight. Therefore, before buying it is worth clarifying the consultant with the capabilities of the lifting mechanism.

We recommend choosing a mattress for such a design no higher than 20 cm with a light foam base of polyurethane foam or natural latex. The hardest lift piston can cope with a multi-layer thread product with a large number of coconut and other hard fillers and with powerful spring blocks S1000, S2000, duet.

It is necessary to be very attentive when removing the measure. If you decide to complete your bed with a lifting mechanism, then the size of the base will change. Consider this when ordering the mattress.

Round beds

Круглая кровать

Round models occupy from 200 to 240 cm in diameter, they are suitable for a pair or one person. Like rectangular, round mattresses can be spring and flawed, with the same rigidity of the sides and with different. There are even round models that are supplied for ease of transportation in a roll.

Especially important when choosing a round article not to be mistaken with the size, otherwise the gap will be strongly rushing into the eyes and gives a lot of inconvenience.

Mattress for sofa

An optional to create a sleeping place on a hard base. You can put a thin model on the sofa and comfortably sleep on it. This is done in two cases:

  • When the main sleeping place has flaw. Then the orthopedic mattress staff will hide it and ensure comfort in a dream.
  • When I want to periodically change the level of stiffness bed. Mattress staff from memoriform will make a sleeping surface softer and more comfortable, from coconut - tougher and orthopedic.

Mattress cover

Mattressus is an additional layer of protection for bed. It puts on top of the mattress and is fastened with elastic bands, tires or puts on as a tensioned sheet. Highlight three main types of mattress covers:

  • Protective . They are designed to protect the bed from damage and dirt.
  • Moisture-proof . Its fabric is impregnated with a special composition that protects the surface from randomlyaring fluid. Even if you spend a whole glass of coffee on the mattress, it will not get wet. And moisture-resistant mattress cover is easy to wash in the car.
  • Orthopedic . They consist of one or more fillers and are designed to adjust the stiffness of bed. The height of such a mattress staff can reach 6 cm. This will significantly change the surface and even fix a small dent.
Let's sum up

The choice of a new mattress is a serious and responsible thing, which needs to take into account many factors and parameters. If you do not want to spend your time on a thorough selection, contact your Multi-Store online store managers. We will pick up the most optimal on the budget and properties of the mattress model with delivery to your region.

It has long been known that for a full-fledged rest, most people need 7-8 hours of sleep per day. It turns out that about a third of his life, a person must be held in bed. And the main thing is that the body rested and restore strength, the dream process must be comfortable. And the leading role is played by the mattress.

Moreover, the mattress is the thing you have to choose yourself, because there are no universal solutions here, and it is impossible to rely on someone else's opinion. No, of course, you can listen to the advice of acquaintances and reviews of specialists and needed, but the decisive word must be behind your body, which will report that it is exactly on this model it is comfortable and good. How to choose a mattress and not be confused among a huge range, let's talk today.

Orthopedic or anatomical

Now in stores, almost the entire presented assortment is declared by manufacturers and sellers as orthopedic, but is it true? Not really. Exactly orthopedic Bases are shown in strictly defined cases when a person has problems with her back and spine. And the doctor discharges, so most people do not need such an item. It is characterized by increased rigidity and is not always convenient.

But the models that are hiding under this title are actually Anatomical . They bend under weight, but at the same time fix the spine in the correct position, without curvature, and are ideal for daily use.

There is another opinion that argues that there is no universal orthopedic mattress. It may be such for you: Comfortable for your growth, a set and age.

Do not be fooled by loud statements and pay attention not to beautiful titles, but on functionality.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the litter with the effect of memory. They are made from high-tech foam with the addition of hydrocarbon. The material envelops the body, adjusting to its outlines, and creates a sense of weightlessness and ease. But not for all such an action is nice, so before buying a product, be sure to try it and read the pros and cons of mattresses with the effect of memory! For example, they are unsuitable for roast climate due to the fact that they create additional heating.

Подстилки с эффектом памяти

Tips on choosing and operating a mattress from the transfer "Live Great":

Types of mattresses

The first characteristic on which it is necessary to navigate is the design. And there are four main types.


Consist of a cover and some internal filler. That's what kind of packing is present, and depends, whether the "perina" will be high-quality, durable and convenient.

On such a bed, you feel a little different sensations, since there is no usual springs. The advantages of these models include:

  • silent - due to the lack of metal parts, they do not appear with the time of creaking, like spring;
  • Simplicity of transportation - they are easier than other species, and at the same time, many can even twist, which gives incomparable advantages during transportation;
  • Reliability - they are durable (subject to the acquisition of high-quality filler) and are recommended in homes where there are children, for they are allowed to jump.

However, the advantages are reduced to no if low-grade inner material is selected, so do not save on this important parameter.

With dependent springs

They are also called classic or Bonnel. The springs are intertwined between themselves and depend on each other: the change in the position of one of them leads to a change in the rest. No matter what supportive action is not coming.

In addition to the fact that the health of the backs such products do not benefit, they are endowed with other minuses:

  • Elements rub each other, and therefore creak;
  • The space between the spirals is not filled with nothing and the dust accumulates there, which is negatively affecting health;
  • Couples that sleep together are experiencing certain inconveniences: a heavier partner as it would be "falling" into the pit, and easier constantly rolls towards him. In addition, when one of the spouses, the "wave" that feels the other;
  • After a while, in some places there are sold, because of which the posture in a dream becomes unnatural, an excessive load is on the spine.

However, the low price allows these products to be held on the market. They are often used for removable housing, in guest rooms and dachas. And this approach is justified, because for little money you get comfort, but with some reservations.

With independent springs

The design is different from the previous one. In it, each spring is in a separate fabric bag and is completely isolated from the rest. This makes it possible to eliminate the contact of the parts, which means there is no effect of "hammock". The recess appears only directly at the point of pressure, while the adjacent elements are not activated.

Конструкция с независимым пружинным блоком

Proper support for the spine and load distribution. The body is really resting. Lained such products and other flaws: do not creak, do not be sustained over time, they are pleased to sleep together.

Of course, the price of mattresses with independent spirals is higher than on the previous variety. It is also due to such a factor as the number of springs per 1 square. M:

  • 120-160 are inexpensive models, but they are weak orthopedic properties;
  • 250-300 - a standard amount that is typical for most options, and sufficient for a comfortable sleep;
  • 500-1000 - can advise those who have problems with the back and overweight.


Exotic variety, rarely found in Russian apartments. It has one or more cameras filled with water. Ideally adjusts to the shape of the body and contributes to relaxation, and therefore it is often called the most comfortable. In addition, such products have automatic heating, and every day you lie down in a warm bed, which contributes to even greater relaxation.

Despite the seeming unreliability, damage the bed is not easy. But other flaws are significant:

  • Great weight - it reaches 900 kg, so certain difficulties arise in order to move the furniture;
  • Difficulties with installation and connection - commissioning should conduct a qualified specialist, which is not always possible;
  • Additional service - once a year, a special preparation should be added to the water, which stops the growth of microorganisms, and once every 2-3 years the liquid will have to be updated, and for this you will also need a master;
  • Not everyone is suitable - those who are accustomed to tough surfaces, elastic and soft will seem uncomfortable;
  • "Biting" Price.

If you tanned the idea of ​​acquiring, then try to find a place where you can sleep on a water bed. For example, at the hotel or friends. This will allow you to evaluate whether this option will suit you.

Rigidity and maximum load

It is necessary to take a thoughtful to the choice of stiffness, because it depends on it, will you like to relax in bed or not. And take into account two parameters: the weight and age of the one who will lie on this mattress. But first let us talk about what alternatives are provided by manufacturers.

Characterized by a reinforced spring block and additional materials: coir, sisal, compacted polyurethane foam, strottofiber and others. Designed for people suffering from pain in the top of the back and osteochondrosis. Also they are bought for newborns and small children who are required for the proper formation of the skeleton. They are allowed and healthy, but lovers of such options a little, because it is not particularly pleasant to lie on such a mattress.

Such basics are most desirable for complete people, since the rest cannot provide the necessary level of support.

Universal variety, which is suitable for persons of the middle set without any health problems. In such products there are: artificial latex, memorial, polyurethane foam, coconut. Most often, the necessary hardness is achieved due to the combination of different filler layers.

Recommended by the elderly: remove the tension from the back and give it to relax. In addition, they are shown in some diseases. Such a mattress is preferable for an individual fragile physique, otherwise it will be completely uncomfortable to sleep.

Softness is achieved due to a large number of layers of natural latex, hollofiber, polyurethane foam.

As mentioned, select the necessary rigidity follows from the weight of the sleeping. A complete person on a soft surface will fall and cannot relax normally, and hard can withstand a large mass, optimally supporting the spine. If you put on a solid bed thinner, it will seem to him that he lies on bare boards, but the soft product will be just right.

To find the perfect degree of rigidity, use a special table.

Таблица выбора жесткости в зависимости от веса и роста

If the bed is selected for a pair, in which partner dimensions are significantly different, then you should pay attention to the models with different properties of halves or buy two single-bed and combine them with a common mattress.

Be sure to take into account the maximum load value that the bed is able to withstand. It is usually indicated in the accompanying documentation. It will be correct to stop on the sample with a sufficient margin of strength, at least 5 kg. In case of an erroneous selection of this criterion, the mattress will not be able to perform its direct functions well and will soon require replacement.

Size and height

The optimal length of the bedroom is calculated as follows: it should be 15-20 cm longer than the highest family member. To calculate the width, you need to lie down and put your hands on your chest, crosant fingers. In the same position, let your partner be played. You should not be closely, and elbows should not come into contact.

Standard dimensions usually make up:

  • For single beds: 80 × 90, 80 × 120, 90 × 200;
  • For doubles: 120 × 200, 140 × 200, 160 × 200, 180 × 200.

The best solution is to buy a bed and a mattress at the same time, so you can find items perfectly suitable objects.

If the acquisition is carried out for old furniture, then you need to accurately measure the internal perimeter. It is permissible to buy a product with a discrepancy of up to 1 cm from the required values. If the value is different by 2 cm and more, then you have to make the bed to order.

Operation of the mattress with inappropriate sizes leads to improper load distribution and rapid wear.

Not very important, at first glance, the parameter is height. But the comfort and beauty of the bed depends on it:

  • Up to 14 cm - shown only for small children and as an additional litter, for example, on the sofa. We will not independently be able to qualitatively perform their task and begin to join the shoulders and thighs, a wooden basis will be felt;
  • 14-16 cm - the minimum thickness thickness of the adult;
  • 19-23 cm - standard values ​​for spring options that ensure the proper level of support;
  • 24-40 cm - elite samples with improved characteristics.


Very often for the production of mattresses, the technology of mixing various fillers is used. Materials layers are stacked in flawed products or placed above and under the springs.

What a pack is still better? The answer to this question cannot be unequivocal, because now there is a huge selection, for every taste and wallet.


Latex - It is produced from the juice of the GEVA tree by special processing and is a special foamed mass. It has excellent anatomical properties, wear, hypoallergen. Minus - high price.

Coconut Coyra - It is used in the manufacture of rigid mattresses, since it has a high density. Often coconut litters are recommended for newborns. Can be used as a layer. Coyra does not cause allergies, prevents the reproduction of bacteria, quickly evaporates moisture and does not rot, but there is a lot of money.

Очень прочная кокосовая койра

Horsehair - The qualities look like a coconut coir, but it is distinguished by increased elasticity and elasticity. It is used for the production of luxury products.

Sisal - Fiber from Agava leaves. It has durability and hardness, passes air and evaporate moisture. Usually component with other materials.

Wool - Also presented as one of the layers. Provides heat and absorbs moisture.

Batting - Previously used everywhere, and now a rarely found species of cotton fiber packing. In modern production, it is found as a layer to give additional softness. It does not exist in the best way: comes, does not evaporate moisture and dries long, does not provide proper support. Of the advantages only low cost.


Latex (polyurethane foam, orthopen) - It is characterized by similar natural parameters, but it is cheaper. The only difference is artificial material has a smaller service life due to what is inclined to dry and bundle.

Memoriform - It is produced from polyurethane foam, but has the best orthopedic properties and the "memory effect" when the base takes the body shape lying on it and provides relaxation and support. After the lift, it returns to the original form in a few minutes.

Other foams - In addition to the above-mentioned compositions, there are other options based on polyurethane foam. To give them various qualities in the manufacture of special components add. They hide under various names and can be called differently from different manufacturers. In general, they all have good performance and serve for a long time.

Hollofiber and Stretto Fiber - They differ only in the structure: Hollofyber fibers are randomly located randomly, and the strottofiber is vertically. They can have different stiffness, hypoallergenic, breathable, quickly restore the form after deformation are durable.

Case and mattress staff

The case is removable and non-removable. Contrary to it is difficult to remove the removable element for washing difficult, but to reveal it to see the presence and location of the stated layers of the material, is really very useful. But here another minus arises: the fabric does not always fit enough tightly to the base, which can be shifted and folded.

A fixed cover is most closely attached to the base and does not twist. The impossibility of washing is easy to compensate for the purchase of the mattress cover.

Mattress and cover must be made of dense, but pleasant to the touch of cotton fabric, for example, Jacquard. You can take a bilateral model intended for different seasons. So, in the warm season it is necessary to put a mattress on which lighter fabric is located. And in winter, just turn it over, putting up a warmer part.

In some cases, it is advisable to purchase a mattress with a filler that will help correct the surface rigidity.

Верхний смягчающий наматрасник


Not necessarily the famous manufacturer's name means that the product will be the best for you, but it certainly guarantees good quality. Therefore, it is better to choose products from companies that value their reputation. Let's call the top ten firms whose products can be purchased on the Russian market.

  1. ASCONA.
  2. Ormatek.
  3. Vegas.
  4. Dormeo.
  5. Consul.
  6. Lonax.
  7. Materlux.
  8. Relax.
  9. Toris.
  10. Barro.

Where could I buy

See the variety of models and evaluate the differences in the characteristics and price, you can in online stores:

  • First furniture - constantly passes the profitable action "Mattress of the Week";
  • Wally Tally - sale of furniture from the manufacturer with a discount from 50%;
  • Aliexpress is a lot of springless products.

Mattress Rating

This selection presents six samples of double mattresses of various configurations. You can pick up suitable for yourself and not spend an extra time in search. One model I decided to describe in detail, I give the rest just as a list.

Xiaomi 8h Latex Spring Mattress M3 is a product from the famous Chinese brand for 79,000 rubles. There are three models 1,3, 1.5 and 1.8 m wide, and the length is 2 m. It consists of latex, foam rubber, water-repellent material and is equipped with a side frame with conductive holes. Inside are 696 independent springs. The outer covering does not miss moisture and is distinguished by antibacterial properties. By the way, it can be washed in a typewriter.


  • anatomical qualities;
  • withstands significant loads;
  • passes air;
  • Microbes do not live on the surface.


  • high price;
  • In the packaged form, there is a solid dimensions and weight - delivery will be not suited.

5 other models:

  1. Luxury-1 for 3 780 rubles.
  2. Hilding Expanded Lite for 13 456 rubles.
  3. Comfort Rollpak for 7 390 rubles.
  4. Classic B2B for 6 290 rubles.
  5. Light TFK B2B for 8,590 rubles.


Whatever you prepared in advance, you still have to go to the store and test mattresses. There are some rules for successful purchase:

  • Go to those trading points where samples can not only see, but also lie on them;
  • If you have problems with your back, then advocate the doctor;
  • Do not test more than 4 models at a time - confusing;
  • Do not hesitate to lie on the product that I liked at least a few minutes in the pose in which you usually sleep;
  • Focus first on their feelings, and then on the recommendation of the seller and information on the label;
  • Decide with the budget, but note that a good mattress will serve you more than one year. Do not attempt to excessively save;
  • If a similar sample is very expensive for you, then look for alternatives with the same parameters in a less "promoted" manufacturer.

Do not hurry to grab the first model, and do not agree to the compromises like "get used to", "yes it will fall" and so on. Look for the one on which you will be comfortable immediately. Health and recreation quality depend on it.

Tell me what mattress do you have? What are his advantages and disadvantages?

The desire to feel the perfectly rested and sleeping person requires an attentive attitude towards the selection of an orthopedic mattress. A huge range of products that are filled with ordinary and online stores, leads buyers more to confusion than the adoption of the only correct solution.

The issue of acquiring the most suitable product in terms of product characteristics is worried about many consumers. The prepared review will help to understand the differences in models with various fillers and varying degrees of rigidity.

Step 1 Selecting the stiffness of the mattress

This is one of the fundamental characteristics of the orthopedic mattress. Full rest and human well-being largely dependent on its rigidity. For comfortable rest, medium-fastest mattresses are considered the best option, but the choice remains individual.

  • Increased rigidity

    Solid mattresses are recommended for spinal diseases, osteochondrosis. The filler can serve as such materials as compacted polyurethane foam, strottofiber, coconut fibers, composites. As a result, the surface does not differ soft, does not provide the convenience of sleep, but in case of problems with the spine, patients or damaged vertebrae will ideally support. Sleep on such mattresses is shown and people with excellent health, but those who are over 50 years old should be careful when choosing too hard mattress. In any case, rigid mattresses are pretty specific products that choose or because of love for hard sleeping surfaces, or due to medical prescriptions.

  • Average rigidity

    The most recommended rigidity for a healthy person of the average set and growth. In low-cost mattresses, composite materials of the style of the strottofiber, artificial latex, PPU with characteristic orthopedic qualities are used, for more expensive - combinations of natural latex and coconut coirs, as well as memorials. Similar mattresses with medium rigidity are in great demand.

  • Low rigidity

    To provide low rigidity mattresses, manufacturers apply polyurethane foam and natural latex layers. Filler from natural latex is related to orthopedic navigation, and polyurethane is not suitable for sleeping people having increased weight. Often soft and moderately soft mattresses are chosen for the elderly, as well as for children of age 8-15 years.

Recommendation: To clarify the stiffness of the mattress, use the accompanying passport, which indicates the weathered weight. A thin man will be comfortable to sleep on a soft model, and those who have extra kilograms, it is advisable to stop the choice on a more hard version.

Step 2 Consider the weight of sleeping

In addition to the above-mentioned selection criteria, an important value is played by the weight of the future owner. It is very important to take into account this factor, since the service life of the product depends on this, and secondly, the sensation of the stiffness of the mattress.

It is not worth exceeding the maximum weight indicator on one bed point specified in the characteristics of the mattress. It is better to have a stock for this indicator around 5-20 kg. In addition, consider that the rigidity of the mattresses is indicated for the people of the average set (weighing 70-90 kg). For example, for a person with overweight, more than 110 kg mattress with the declared average rigidity will seem rather soft, and for a person with a weight of 40-50 kg, it can be perceived as moderately hard.

  • People who are overweight will be comfortable to feel at sufficiently high mattresses.
  • For people with normal weight, experts advise to stop the choice on medium thickness mattresses.
  • A thin man will not be able to put sufficient pressure mattress on the thickened base, so it makes no sense to buy too thick mattress.

Models with a small thickness that is limited to a pair-triple centimeters do not belong to the bases suitable for sleep. Such products are suitable for creating comfort on the sofa, beds and aligning their surfaces and are called mattress covers.

Step 3 Choose the size and height of the mattress

The convenience of rest depends on the height of the mattress. In addition, this factor is also important in aesthetic plan. The most subtle are mattresses with a thickness of up to 14 cm, such mattresses are usually designed for children or infrequent seasonal use. Experts argue that thin models can negatively affect health, harm the spine with a significant weight of sleep. For adults, such height benchmarks are suitable as the main mattress of permanent use:

  • When choosing a mattress for adults, it is necessary to select products whose thickness is 14-30 cm.
  • If you buy a flawless monolithic mattress, then its thickness can be 14-16cm.
  • High-quality mattresses with independent spring blocks are manufactured with a thickness of at least 18-19 cm. All that is less - superdecessible options with fine filling.
  • Manufacturers also offer models with multi-layer filling, which provides more convenience and comfort. Elite mattresses can have a thickness of 24 to 40 cm.
  • The standard value of the height of the orthopedic mattress for an adult is considered to be the range of 19-23 cm.
Important! For children over 4 years old, the use of very thin mattresses (3-6 cm) is categorically unacceptable.

In the question of the sizes of the mattress with orthopedic properties, it is conducted on its compliance and / or bed on which it will be placed:

  • If the width of the mattress is greater than the width of the bed, it will lead either to the edges hanging and, as a result, uncomfortable sleep, or the mattress simply will not get into the bed dimensions;
  • If the mattress is smaller in width, it will cause inconvenience during the rest, the inaccurability of the appearance of the bed;
  • If there is an inappropriate length, the same inconvenient picture will be obtained, leading to discomfort or impossibility of operation.
  • The most common sizes of mattresses for a single bed: 80x190, 80x200, 90x200 cm. 120x200, 140x200, 160x200, 140x200, 160x200 and 180x200, 160x200, 140x200, 160x200 and 180x200 cm are considered. We recommend taking standard sizes - it will simplify the selection of furniture and accessories.
  • If you measured the mattress size, and it turned out to be out of standard values ​​- you can always order a mattress in a non-standard size.
Tip! The best option is the simultaneous selection of a bed and a mattress with accurate observance of mutual parameters.

Step 4 Select type: Springless or spring mattresses?

Responding to the question of which model to choose - flawless or spring - should be dealt with their differences.

Detailed information about differences and selection between spring and flawed mattresses can be read here.

Spring Mattresses Bonnel

Mattresses with dependent spring blocks are called classic, their use has no one hundred years. They are called Bonnel. Orthopedic properties such mattresses do not possess.

Important! The use of old and failed spring mattresses leads to damage to the vertebral compounds, spinal curvature.

Among other disadvantages - wear springs with mutual friction, which leads to a screen and inability to relax with comfort in silence. Dust is going between springs, not only negatively affecting the sleeping person, but also contributing to the development of parasites, malicious microorganisms.

The low cost of spring models attracts buyers. However, before the acquisition, it is desirable to weigh everything in and against that with a minimum board do not get problems with health or children or adults.

Mattresses equipped with independent springs blocks

Such mattresses attract the attention of consumers with a simple, but very comfortable design. Each of the springs is placed in a separate case, which allows you to move without contact with other blocks. When you click on several blocks, adjacent springs will remain in the same position. At the top and bottom of the blocks, fillers are placed horizontally, which together with springs create a mattress with excellent orthopedic and anatomical qualities.

Each spring works point, independently. This means that the mattress will be perfect for each human body bending and will provide the necessary support for the spine. The standard density of the springs installation is 250 pieces per square meter, but also there are models with an enhanced design blocks - multipox (about 500 springs per square meter) and microproke (more than 900 springs per sq.m.). Such models can advise people with great weight, as well as those who want to get the best orthopedic back support from all that modern spring mattresses offer.

The use of mattresses with an independent spring block is shown for people by age from 12 years, taking into account the degree of surface rigidity. The advantages of models with with such springs include:

  • pronounced orthopedic properties with excellent back support;
  • long service life;
  • lack of screenshots;
  • the possibility of use for people with a large body weight;
  • High degree of reliability, guaranteeing the preservation of the properties of the base, even after the active games of the defers;
  • Convenience of sleep and rest.

The price of this type of mattresses varies very widely - from low-cost models with a spring block TFK and artificial fillers to expensive mattresses with sophisticated high density blocks with high-end class materials.

Flameless mattresses with PPU

This is the most common type of inexpensive spring-up mattresses. Often they are sold in a compact twisted packaging. Such mattresses are often bought for children, adolescents and adults as economical options. They are great for the role of mattresses for the cottage or removable apartment. However, among them there are good options that are perfect for the role of mattresses for permanent use, the only thing to pay attention to is on the PPU density, such mattresses must have a "medium" or "moderately hard" stiffness index.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Pros:

    - Availability and low prices; - several levels of rigidity - from soft to medium; - Quite good orthopedic qualities in models with dense PPU; - Ease of transportation to destination.

  • Minuses:

    - Lowability; - Not the best anatomical qualities.

Flameless mattresses with orthopedic properties

When choosing a flawless version, you should navigate the filler responsible for the rigidity of the product. Mattresses that do not have springs are characterized by sufficient strength and silentness than and deserved considerable popularity of users.

In the manufacture of fillers, latex, coconut fiber, strottofiber, horse hair, polyurethane foam and other materials, providing surfaces orthopedic properties, and owners are a comfortable and healthy sleep.

Thanks to the competently chosen filling of the product, they have amazing endurance, withstand considerable loads, jumping and children of children. Orthopedic flavored mattresses can be constructively divided:

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Pros:

    - long operational period; - several levels of rigidity; - high orthopedic properties.

  • Minuses:

    - High price due to the use of expensive fillers, among which the fibers of the coconut, natural latex; - the high weight of such mattresses.

Step 5 Selection of Filling Material

A thoughtful approach to the choice of filler for an orthopedic mattress will allow you to purchase a model suitable for personal demands of the buyer, because it directly affects rigidity, environmental friendliness and reliability.

Remember! Such fillers like fluff, inexpensive foam pads, cotton wool do not possess orthopedic characteristics. Among the unpopular properties of the wool - knocking into uneven lumps, which prevents the convenience during sleep.


The basis for the manufacture of latex layers is juice of gevent, processed by a special way to obtain a foam mass. The prepared material serves for orthopedic mattresses with an excellent filler, taking out the outlines of the body and perfectly supporting the spine. Latex can be both soft and solid enough. At the same time, artificial material is characterized by a higher degree of rigidity compared to natural. The popularity of latex mattresses is evidenced by their demand for both children's and adult purchasing agents.

In the list of advantages of latex filler:

  • ensuring comfortable conditions for rest;
  • anatomical repetition of body contours;
  • convenience of sleep for people who are diagnosed with the problems with the spine;
  • Excellent withstands heavy loads and human weight, rapid restoration of the structure due to porosity;
  • Combining with various materials allows you to increase the rigidity if necessary;
  • The use of material in soft models of mattresses allows you to maintain and sleep comfort, and orthopedic properties of the base;
  • lack of allergic effects;
  • rapid getting rid of excess moisture;
  • Wear resistance at intensive loads.

Among the drawbacks are the high cost of products, as well as the incidence of artificial material, which, after some time, dries out, which leads to a bundle.

Polyurene Foolder

The high popularity of polyurethane foam (PPU, ortopena, artificial latex) is related to the fact that the basis is the most familiar to many users of a foam rubber with various orthopedic additives. The use of PPU allows you to produce orthopedic mattresses with good characteristics by a fairly low price.

Among the positive points of using PPU:

  • affordable cost;
  • sufficiently long service life;
  • immunity to high loads, so the jumps and games of children are not critical;
  • Ensuring sufficient orthopedic properties, which is acceptable to those who care about their health.

Problem points include the complexity of removing absorbent moisture, as well as the problem of purification from pollution. In addition, it is small for the service life of mattresses using PPU - from 4 to 9 years.

Coconut Coyra

The elastic cooker from pressed fibers of coconut relates to rather hard materials that are often used to fill orthopedic mattresses. Coyra is usually combined with latex and polyurethane layers, which allows you to create excellent quality and convenience for sleep and rest. Either can be used without additional softening fillers, thus obtain mattresses with high rigidity.

The advantages of choosing mattresses with coconut coirs include:

  • not allergenic material;
  • creating an obstacle to the reproduction of bacteria;
  • rapid evaporation of moisture;
  • not subject to rotting;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • excellent ventilability;
  • Medical and orthopedic properties;
  • No harmful components;
  • Proper back support during sleep;
  • The ability to use not only for adults, but also for children of any age.

The disadvantages include high cost, the cause of which is in the complexity of processing and preparation of material.

You should know it! Mattresses with coconut filler are distinguished by the fragility, which should be considered when operating, without exposing products to shocks and twisting.

Hollofiber and Stretto Fiber

An interesting name refers to a material with unique properties thanks to a unique structure in the form of vertically arranged fibers. When producing a mattress with stringy fibers, goats wool, horse hair, linen threads can also be added. An excellent combination is obtained when combining the settofiber or hollofiber with polyurethane foam or with independent spring blocks. Hollofiber is a very similar material, but in it fibers are not oriented vertically, and randomly, which makes this material slightly softer in comparison with the strottofiber.

The advantages of the streptoftofiber / hollofiber are as follows:

  • Bright severity of the properties of an orthopedic plan;
  • elasticity;
  • Beautiful air permeability;
  • rapid getting rid of moisture on the surface;
  • hypoallergenicity;
  • Immediate restoration of the initial form after transferred deformation;
  • a wide range of stiffness from averages up to high;
  • wear resistance;

Mattresses with memory effect

Memoriform is a material with a foamed structure, which allows the surface to adjust the body shape. Memory Form begins under a person, acquiring its outlines, and after stopping the load is restored within a few minutes. Such mattresses with the "memory effect" provide excellent conditions for sleep, however, under reduced temperatures, the unique material acquires increased rigidity.

Did you choose? Order mattress!

After attentive consideration of the characteristics of mattresses with various fillers, it is easy to conclude about the most appropriate product. Pick models with care for your health and people close to you!

Take advantage of our form of picking mattresses - you have it easily and quickly!

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