"Odenth" or "eleventh", how is it written correctly?

Word Eleventh (number ) Correctly written with two letters N .

Word "Eleventh" (number ) Correctly written with two letters "N" .

We learn how to spell "Eleventh" or " eleven with one letter "N" or with "NN" , Identifying some of the speech to which it belongs to its morpheme composition and origin.

Part of the speech of the word "eleventh"

The eleventh message was prize.

This word denotes the order of objects at the invoice and answers the question: Message which is the message?

These are the grammatical signs of the ordinal numerical, the initial form of which is the word "Eleventh" . We observe how the sequence in question variable changes by childbirth:

  • Eleventh Oh day;
  • Eleventh and I page;
  • Eleventh OE the task.

Ordinal numerical "Eleventh" Educated from a single quantitative numeral "Eleven" .

Eleventh or eleven

The spelling of the words "eleven", "eleventh"

To understand why these words are written with "NN" In the middle, make sure how the initial numerical "Eleven" . It denotes the number of items per unit more than ten:

In ancient Russian language, the number 11 was indicated by the words "One for ten" that in modern Russian means "One over ten" . Over time, these words merged into one formation, and the word "TEN" turned as a result of phonetic changes in - Job . And now it is a simple numerical one has the following morpheme composition:

one Advance - root / suffix / end

It differs from the one-called ordinal only ending:

one Nadbsat OE - root / suffix / end

Although, the sake of truths can be indicated in its morpheme composition of the zero suffix, with the help of which it was formed from quantitative numerical.

As you can see, these words at the junction of two morpheme, the root and suffix, were two identical letters.

The words "Eleven" и "Eleventh" Pierce S. "NN" In the middle.

Examples of offers

Eleven labor years at this enterprise were rushed as one moment.

Note the eleventh number in the calendar, so as not to forget about the opening of the exhibition.

She just went to her, but a big girl was strong (Jack London. Iron Fifth).

An eleventh children's book page was different illustration.

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