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Alexander Panayotov
Alexander Panayotov

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Many celebrities in pursuit of the perfect body are trying to manage sports training and resolve food. Artists do not regret the classes and are very vigilantly followed by what products appear on their table. It should be noted that the stars of show business are no longer trying to go easier and rarely make liposuction or consume different weight loss drugs. Healthy lifestyle has become the chief trend for celebrities.

Such simple measures as sports loads and proper nutrition give visible results. Popular singer Alexander Panayotov shared with all the fans his secret of how he managed to come in a stunning shape and reset 20 extra kilograms.

"My last modifications occur solely due to, finally, proper nutrition and introduction into my life of such a thing as a sport! Of course, I understand that many are used to seeing me in a weight of 106 kilograms. And many it can even be on your hand. But I am a man of great power and perseverance, and decided to come to my normal weight category for myself. Now I will weigh 86 kilograms that with my height of 190 centimeters, I consider the norm. Please do not attribute to my changes to the pills, drugs, alcohol. And do not write phrases in the style of "something wrong." I repeat - this is a sport and proper nutrition, "said Panayot subscribers.

Alexander is pleased with the way he now looks
Alexander is pleased with the way he now looks

Photo: "VKontakte"

It must be said that Alexander "infected" his friends and fans, who began to take an example from him. "San, look cool! After our last communication, I charged 100% and is already minus three and a half kilograms - sport and a little restriction of yourself in food. Diet is not for me yet. Thank! "," Right! It is necessary to combine pleasant with useful: sport and healthy food! "," You are wonderful anyway! Whatever you look, the main thing is to sing! Such a wonderful voice as your and the ability to own them on our stage now, alas, a big rarity, "admirers enthusiastically.

It must be said that Alexander Panayotov became popular after participating in the "People's Artist" project on the TV channel "Russia", where he took second place. The song "Unusual" performed with other participants of the reality show, Alexander Chumakov and Ruslan Alekhno became a "business card" of the artist.

Alexander managed to reset extra kilograms
Alexander managed to reset extra kilograms

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Proper nutrition and diet musician: how to lose panikets

Author of the author Svetlana Markova

Svetlana Markova

Beauty is like a gem: what it is easier, the more precious!

With an increase in 190 centimeters, Alexander had once a weight of 106 kilograms, but, having considered himself Tolstoy, decided to radically change himself, because of what many are interested in how much Panayota lost. Like many stars, the artist has reached a slim figure thanks to persistent training and diet. The result was really noticeable, because the singer did not appear on the scene for a long time. In November 2016, Alexander came to the "Voice" project with unrecognizable appearance - he could not just lose weight, but still mature. The artist himself talks about his well-being in a new body.

Panikes before and after weight loss

Alexander recognizes that he has always been inclined to completeness. Not to recruit even more weight, being plump, he helped the absence in the refrigerator. Such a regime satisfied the artist to a certain time until he realized that it was poorly reflected on his health. At this moment, Alexander came to the conclusion that it was time to change something. Diets for the singer seem boring, therefore, as many other stars to lose weight, he decided to switch to rational food, and also to play sports.

Panayotov Alexander Fatstaya

As already mentioned above, Alexander's weight before he lost up, was about 106 kg. With a high height of the singer, this is a very large burden on the body. The excess weight of the artist was the cause of exclusively incorrect nutrition with the lack of loads. The singer himself admits that she never had breakfast to weight loss, and even even a snack, he did it very rarely. Now he never misses meals in the morning, which also helped come to the tightened figure.

Panikes Lose weight

Due to the change in its nutrition and the introduction to the mode of sports, Alexander was able to achieve thin and get rid of 20 extra kilograms. At the same time, the singer himself emphasizes that he did not use any bass or other pills. In addition, he refutes rumors of weight loss due to addiction to alcohol or drugs. Alexander tells that he has lost 106 kg and began to weigh 86 kg exclusively at the expense of sports in combination with proper nutrition.

Alexander Panayotov

Diet Alexander Panayotova

Many are interested in how Mat's thinning, so the singer himself did not hide his technique, because there is nothing new or difficult in it. Going on proper nutrition, the artist was the first to exclude from its diet:

  • fast food;
  • Semi-finished products and other food in vacuum packaging;
  • Baking, baking and all flour in general;
  • alcohol;
  • Simple carbohydrates contained in sweets;
  • fatty varieties of meat and fish;
  • Everything is too salty, smoked, roasted and fat.
Alexander Panayotov before and after weight loss


The Alexandra menu instead of harmful products included lean grades of meat and fish, which are the source of the necessary proteins, fresh vegetables with a large number of fiber, fruits, cereal, vegetable oils, nuts. Food should always be freshly prepared. In addition to the choice of useful products, it is necessary to adhere to the following principles:

  • eat at least 4-5 times daily to stimulate metabolism, charge energy and avoid feelings of hunger;
  • limit the number of refractory fats;
  • abandon salt;
  • Use per day at least 1.5 liters of liquid per day, better clean water;
  • never miss breakfast;
  • try to eat at one time;
  • Do not overeat - due to the table you need to get up slightly hungry;
  • With a strong hunger, eat a dish of vegetables, fruits or drink fermented milk products.

In addition to changes, it is important to enter at least minimal physical exertion to your mode. Even with a dense chart, Alexander Panayotov was able to allocate his time to engage in the gym, began to swim in the pool. In the photo after Alexander Panayota lost weight, it can be seen that his muscles pulled up. This is due to sports. The singer's results confirm that physical exertion is really effective, because he is not just built, but also stood up.

Singer Alexander Panayotov


Given the above rules of the Alexander's diet, he lost weight due to frequent nutrition, which includes useful products. Of these, the artist constituted his menu to be balanced with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. An example of such a diet that Alexander himself uses the following:

  1. Breakfast consists of oatmeal with berries, coffee or tea without adding sugar.
  2. The snack includes a fruit salad or just a pair of fruit.
  3. Lunch is a soup on low-fat chicken broth, seafood salad and tea.
  4. The afternoon consists of 100 g of yogurt or handful of nuts.
  5. Dinner is represented by steam cutlets in combination with fresh vegetables.

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How could Alexander Panayotov lose weight for 20 more kilograms?

Alexander Panayotov (1984) - a famous singer who became popular after he got into the final of the television project "Become a Star" on the channel Russia. The powerful voice of a 18-year-old cute artist conquered many in that distant 2002. After that, his musical career went up. However, over time, it was found that Alexander is inclined to completeness. Since in 2016, he was announced by the participant of the Talent show at the "First" - in the "Voice", he decided to put himself in order. He managed to lose weight and save the results until today.

Slimming secrets

How could Alexander Panayotov lose weight for 20 more kilograms?

Panayotov became the hero of the day, looseness from 108 kg (with an increase in 190 cm) to 86 kg. At the same time did not make secrets from how he succeeded. Being a frequent guest of many TV shows, he willingly shared the secret of his transformation.

In general, Alexander since childhood faced a problem of excess weight. In the kindergarten, he was a chubby baby. Then there were different periods in his life, and he was fucking, then recovered again.

But after 30, it became more difficult to bring themselves in shape. Once again, putting a goal to reset the extra kilograms, people's favorite faced a problem. No diet helped: neither the former, which he ever tried, nor the new ones with whom he experimented.

His happiness, he was suggested that it could become a catalyst in such a situation. At first, Alexander skeptically redeemed to the Council, but then decided to try. Despite the fact that this nutrition system is criticized and negative feedback is often written to it, Dutan's diet helped Panikeyot to lose weight by 20 kilograms.

Ducan's diet

How could Alexander Panayotov lose weight for 20 more kilograms?

The basic principles of Dukan diet, who had to stick to Alexander Panayotov to lose weight:

  • base of diet - protein food;
  • mayonnaise, oil and other fats - under the strictest prohibition (as well as alcohol, potatoes, sugar and sweet fruits);
  • All dishes must be baked, prepare for a couple or simply to boil - frying is excluded;
  • Salads are refilled with lemon juice;
  • In mandatory, daily use oat bran - to improve digestion;
  • On the day drinking at least 2 liters of water.

In addition to the diet, Alexander, of course, was engaged in sports. In particular, swimming. And the classes were fairly intense: he floated for a whole hour daily. And also helped to reset the excess weight jogging in the fresh air.

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