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What diseases treats dry heat of the usual heating


Effective and accessible to each method of treating many ailments is a simple warming device - a medical heating. Today, this simple, but very useful device is undeservedly forgotten, but dry heat is still remaining an effective therapeutic agent, relieving many unpleasant symptoms. Everyone should know when you can use the heating floor, and in what cases it is useless and can even become dangerous.

The principle of action of the heating was very simple: warming a certain section of the skin and tissues activates the bloodstream and expands blood vessels, as a result of the tissue is better supplied with oxygen. Heat relieves muscle spasm, and pain decreases. The heater should not be too hot, for therapeutic effects, primarily the duration of its use is important.

Rubber heels received the greatest spread in the twentieth century, which need to pour hot water, then screw the plug and apply to the patient. Previously, many of the heating pad used a bag of dense tissue filled with heated salt or small sand. The chemical heater is considered the safest: the cavity filled with brine contains a catalyst capsule. After the capsule is preyed, the catalyst causes quick crystallization of the solution, which is accompanied by heat release. The most comfortable heights are electrical: to use them, it is enough to turn on the device into the outlet, and the thermostat allows you to set a comfortable temperature to warm up.

The height can be used to treat and prevent a number of diseases. Among them:

  • Suppression - dry heat helps to quickly restore the normal body temperature and avoid colds;
  • meteorism - the heating of the abdomen removes pain and intestinal spasms;
  • angina - dry heat must be applied to hand and feet toes;
  • Migraine - Warming legs allows you to get rid of headaches;
  • hypertension - it is possible to reduce the pressure, if warm up the heat of the feet;
  • Intestinal colic, gastritis or colitis - the heater reduces pain when applied to the stomach;
  • Diseases of the joints, rheumatoid arthritis - it is necessary to warm up the sore joints to reduce the painful sensations;
  • ENT disease - it is necessary to warm up the nasal sinuses, throat and other areas of the body, but only after consulting a doctor.

At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to use the height for the treatment of acute inflammation, especially purulent, open wounds and injuries, malignant tumors, endocrine and vascular diseases.

The popularity of therapy with dry heat in the prevention or treatment of joints of the joints is associated with the availability, security of the method, and good results after the procedure. It helps strengthen blood flow in the affected area. Due to this decreases with pain symptom, and the joints are rather restored. For the preparation of dry compresses in the course go cereals, salt, cherry bones and even heers with blue lamps.

What is dry heat?

Treatment with heat has long been popular. Since the time of ancient Egypt, such therapy helped in removing pain symptoms, swelling, inflammation. Apply both to therapeutic and preventive purposes. Dry heat (ST) - a contact method of getting rid of ailments, in which compresses with good heat transfer are applied. With it, blood microcirculation is improved. This, in turn, allows to protect against arthrosis, arthritis, rheumatism, injuries after bruises and stretching.

Thermal therapy is used in folk and conservative medicine. Often this is an additional method in comprehensive treatment. Thermal technique is not applicable with open ulcers, skin wounds. Contraindicated to use st patients suffering from bleeding. You can not apply the heights with pain in the stomach. Any therapy, including safe warming, is first approved by the doctor.

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Use for joints

The advantage of such treatment for the musculoskeletal system (ODA):

  • has an anesthetic property;
  • accelerates blood flow to the affected area;
  • removes muscle spasm;
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect;
  • improves the elasticity of the joints;
  • Accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues.

Warming up is one of the most significant procedures in the treatment of shortness of testes. ST - Safe and Executive Method, which in short lines is able to improve the patient's condition.

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How to warm the joints dry heat?

Before bedtime to the joint area, you can apply a iodine mesh.

Incorrect approach to heat medication is able to harm the body. With an excessive heathea temperature or due to non-compliance with technology, you can get skin burns. Blue lamps, bags with different fillers, the use of heating places are most popular. The thermal compress is applied to the injured area for a short period of time, until symptoms facilitate. If the patient prefers to undergo such procedures before bedtime, the optimal option for obtaining the heating effect will have a iodine mesh or pepper plasters.

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Cherry bones

Purified and dried bones are heated to 60 degrees using a pan or microwave. Then they should be placed in a tissue bag, which is convenient to apply to the injured zone. Bones with cherry have excellent heat transfer, completely natural and publish a pleasant fragrance when heated. Keep on the skin before cooling. The number of bones is selected for the desired bag size.

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Heat from salt

To prepare Art with this white spice, you can choose any kind of salt, despite the grinding. It is heated in a frying pan to 60 degrees and cool so that the mixture is not too hot. The finished salt is falling asleep into the tissue bag and apply to the place where the joint hurts. It retains the heat of about 30-50 minutes., After which it cools and keep it on the body no longer makes sense. After therapy, it is desirable to moisten the skin with olive oil or children's cream. It is recommended to pass such therapy at least 3 times.

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Heat from warming for joints

For the procedure, you can use a conventional warmer.

Specialized stores sell rubber products that are filled with hot water or electrical heating. They are quite comfortable in use and give good results in thermal therapy for joints. Before applying to the sore region, it is necessary to wind up the heating cloth to not provoke burns. For the night it is better not to leave. When using rubber heating, the temperature of the water inside should be no higher than 55 degrees.

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Crop therapy

Wheat, buckwheat or rice cereals can become a good alternative to cherry bones, if they are not available. The bag is better to select from the cotton material, and it is possible to warm up the croup on a frying pan or in a brass cabinet (about 20 minutes. At a temperature of 200 degrees). It is important to monitor that the bag with a cereal was not very hot and not put burns the skin.

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Blue color

The reflector (blue lamp) also copes with the warming of the joints. For such therapy, special lamps are sold with a convenient holder, which allow you to set the light at the right angle and with the desired temperature. Warring in blue should only cause comfortable sensations, without any negative consequences. Therapy duration is 5-20 minutes. It does not have restrictions on age and is considered a secure method of obtaining Art.

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Dry soul method

After the procedure, you can additionally use a woolen scarf.

It uses the usual household hairdryer. Moderate heat mode is selected and due to the range of leather, the temperature flow is adjusted. A quarter of an hour of such therapy is enough to remove the symptoms of pain and improving the patient's condition. Heat therapy Hairdryer is easy to use and does not require preparatory procedures. After warming on the hair dryer, it is recommended to insulate the body with a woolen scarf.

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Methods of irony

This name was this type of therapy due to the main assistant in the process - a regular iron. This technique is applicable to back pains, lower back, in large areas of the body. A thick towel or canvas cloth is placed on the skin and for 10 minutes. It takes a preheated iron. Each zone should become at least 1 min. They carry out steam (wet) irony, in which the shuschivka is pre-lowered into the water, further places on the body, and covers a pair of layers of dry thick tissue.

Main in the joints periodically experiences each. Is it possible to prevent rheumatic lesions and what to do if the disease has already arisen?

Tells The main freelance rheumatologist of the Ministry of Health, the supervisor of the Research Institute of Rheumatology. Nona Academician RAS Evgeny Natsov .

Lydia Yudina, "AIF": Evgeny Lvovich, is it true that cold weather is the worst time for the joints?

Evgeny Nasonov : Partly it is. In cold weather, barometric pressure may decrease, which leads to an increase in the edema or impaired blood supply to the joint. And it causes pain. In winter, an increase in the activity of genes governing the synthesis of inflammatory and pain mediators is also observed. However, a more obvious reason is seasonal virus infections, against which people with predisposition to rheumatic diseases often develop an exacerbation of an existing process. And the joints that were silent in the warm season, remind themselves to the cold.

Each first

- According to statistics, 40% of people suffer from the diseases of the joints ...

- I think, at least once in life, every person faces in the joints. Some diseases are manifested by local pain, pass independently or after brief treatment with analgesics, so patients do not reach the doctors and do not fall into statistics. However, many chronic diseases of the joints begin with such a slight pain. Since doctors have the most opportunity to help the patient with rheumatic diseases at an early stage, even with moderate, but persistent pains (especially in several in the joints), we recommend contacting a specialist.

At the age of 20-50, women are most often developing rheumatoid arthritis (in which pain in the joints rarely passes spontaneously and pursues a person all his life), in men - ankylosing spondylitrite (Bekhterev's disease). For most people over 60 years old are characterized by degenerative changes in the joints (osteoarthritis).

- Or maybe the diseases of the joints are inevitable, because their service life is designed for a certain amount of flexion flexions?

- From the point of view of biomechanics, the limit of the joints, probably exists. But the margin of the strength of them is colossal, and a person for her life (no matter how long it is) to exhaust him. According to different estimates, we use only 10-15% of this resource. The exception is a professional sport, in which people with predisposition the pathology of the joints develops very early. In other cases, physical activity is only beneficial.

- In case of diseases of the joints, chondroprotectors are recommended ...

- This term combines a large group of biologically active substances (biodeadows). Their role in preventing the progression of degenerative diseases of the joints is small. For example, osteoarthritis may develop due to a variety of reasons, and it is naive to believe that they are all actually eliminated with one, even a very useful substance.

- How to protect the joints from destruction?

- 90% of success in the treatment of degenerative diseases of the joints are not playing medication. The basis of prevention and treatment is a dosage physical activity that improves the work of the joint (this is a decisive factor) and allows you to prevent both the development and progression of rheumatic lesions.

The second most important condition is the normalization of body weight. Overweight is an excess burden on the joints. Also, patients with obesity are always present poorly controlled chronic inflammation, which provokes and inflammation in the joints. With rheumatic agers (primarily osteoarthritis), the decline in body weight is only 10%, comparable to the admission of analgesics. Another proven risk factor of rheumatoid arthritis is smoking.

How to fix?

- The pain appears suddenly and in aptural time. What is better to use how home ambulance is warm or cold?

- There is no definite answer. The choice of method depends not so much from the intensity of pain, but from the stage and nature of the disease. In acute inflammation, cold helps - it causes the narrowing of the vessels and reduces the influx of blood to the affected joint, thereby limiting the effect of inflammatory mediators that cause pain. In the chronic stage, in the absence of an acute process, a good effect is given thermal procedures. However, it is necessary to understand that both heat and cold - auxiliary means. They help to relieve pain, but it is impossible to cure the joints in this way. Need medical observation.

- Is it possible to restore the damaged joint in a timely manner?

- Today - no. A large number of studies are underway, the purpose of which is to find the ability to restore the destroyed joint (mainly with osteoarthritis of the knee joints). High hopes are imposed on the mesenchymal stem cells that allow you to grow and transplant the cartilage cells (chondrocytes), but all studies on this topic are at an early stage. In addition, they suggest the correction of only local damage (which in most arises due to injuries). And with systemic rheumatic diseases, a large number of joints amazed at the same time, and they need to "repair" simultaneously.

Regenerative medicine develops and has great prospects, but it is unlikely to enter the daily medical practice of rheumatologists in the foreseeable future.

Today, any patient sooner or later will need a joint replacement operation. In the United States, for example, 500 thousand such operations are performed annually - more than cardiological interventions (aortocortonary shunting and stenting). In Russia, this figure is still modest - 100 thousand operations per year, but their number is constantly growing.

There are contraindications. Be sure to consult your doctor

Published: October 20, 2018

During the child's illness, each mother seeks to facilitate his suffering and speed up recovery. The frequency of sharp respiratory diseases (ORZ) increases significantly with the onset of the autumn-winter, early spring period, since it is at this time of the year that the likelihood of general and local hypothermia is most high. The most common cause of ORZ is a viral infection, and the most vulnerable to her the children's body becomes when its protective forces are weakened. Contribute to the decrease in immunity can beweded in crumby weather legs, shot on the walk secretly from mom cap, forgotten homes mittens or sharp general cooling, associated with access to the street from a warm room.

Probably, that is why our grandmothers and moms, at the first symptoms of the cold, always first tried to warm the sick, using all sorts of primary means. We have long been known to us by the folk warming agents of the general action - the Russian bath, the jacket and the Russian oven. For local treatment with thermal procedures from ancient times used boiled potatoes, eggs, animals fats and oils, salt, sand, honey, wax, alcohol tinctures, essential oils, medicinal plants and much more.

The healing power of the local thermal impact was known to be time impertons in medicine of various peoples of the world: the Lekari of the ancient Egypt, the doctors of the ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, the sages of ancient India and the Master of Eastern Medicine successfully used heat for the treatment of colds. Treatment of thermal procedures in terms of their use is divided into common and local. For appointment, such events can be preventive, healing and reducing. General warming allows you to activate metabolic processes, increasing the intensity of blood circulation and sweating, thereby speeding up the process of removal of toxins from the body. Local warm compresses, applications and dry heat cause vascular expansion, stimulate blood flow, affect local reflexogenic zones. At the same time, physiological mechanisms are triggered by the cascade of wellness and adaptable reactions in individual organs, systems and at the level of the whole organism. In addition to the warming effect, depending on the execution and composite components, these procedures may have an annoying (distracting), biostimulating and other special actions. So, in the effective treatment of ARVI, such types of thermal impact are used, which are aimed at the overall warming and stimulation of reserve forces, as well as local medical measures for the broncho-pulmonary system, ear, throat and nose. The main ones are: baths, compresses, appliqués and wraps, heels, inhalation.

If you decide to help your child overcome the cold, applying thermal methods, it is necessary to follow the following general rules:

  1. Procedures associated with general and local warming, including inhalation, are contraindicated in the height of the ARVI (especially during the period of temperature increase) and can only be applied at the recovery stage.
  2. Absolutely contraindicated the implementation of therapeutic thermal procedures at damaged areas and during acute inflammatory skin diseases (furunculaes, carbuncoules, corrosive inflammations, with eczema and degrading).
  3. Treatment with thermal procedures is prohibited in children up to 1 year (without medical appointments and at home), their use in preschool age is not always safe.
  4. It is necessary to take into account the availability of accompanying pathology in your child (allergies, heart disease, kidney, thyroid gland, etc.).
  5. Given the greater absorbency and tenderness of children's skin, avoid methods with direct application of something. For children, it is undesirable to use aggressive irritating, aromatic substances, preference should always be given to the "dry heat" methods.
  6. All you plan to make your child, be sure to first try.
  7. The temperature of the applied and applied substances should be monitored by touching the skin of your forearm closer to the elbow spin.
  8. It is impossible to warm the heart of the heart (Left Okolososcope region), liver (right hypochondrium), thyroid gland (neck).
  9. Never leave compresses, appliques, lotions, etc. For the night, regularly control the skin condition (temperature, color, sensitivity) under the bandage through small intervals.
  10. If for any reason you are experiencing a state of reduced vigilance (psychological discomfort, did not sleep, etc.), it is better to give up the independent conduct of therapeutic thermal procedures.
  11. Do not conduct thermal procedures if the child is not in the mood.

Thermal treatment procedures


The use of common baths for children is limited due to their relative unsafe: carrying out this procedure makes it difficult for early age and children's nonsense. But warm foot baths are an excellent means of the prevention of ARVI in children, if the child swept his legs or frozen, as well as a distracting event during the cough, the edema of the nose and the cold. The reflexogenic effect of heat on the biologically active stop points is activated by immunist, in addition, the baths ensure the strengthening of blood flow to the limbs and the simultaneous outflow from the head. This allows you to remove swelling from the inflamed mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, relieve breathing. It is not recommended to add pepper, mustard powder into foot baths, mustard powder and other irritants. It is better to prepare an infusion or decoction of herbs with antimicrobial and tall properties (needles, mint, sage, chamomile or eucalyptus) - so you will spend, in fact, also inhalation. The use of medicinal plants is possible if the baby does not have allergies on them, of course. Remember that rapid heating causes spasm of vessels instead of their expansion and is a strong stress for the body, so it is better to make water temperately warm and as you get used to add hot. Observe the safety technique: you can not pour hot water in the pelvis if the feet of the child are in it.

Thermal treatment procedures


They are superimposed on the chest and / or back when coughing to reduce it, facilitate the dishellment of sputum and removal of the respiratory edema. Also, compresses can be prescribed by a physician in addition to drug treatment when otitis. Incorrectly supplied compress may cause a thermal, chemical burn, an allergic or toxic reaction, so do not overlap the ingredients directly on the body (overlap the gauze layer). The compress from above is covered with cottage, compress paper or food film and wrapped. In order to avoid the hypothermia of the baby, due to the cooling of the imposed bandage, fasten well and insulate it using only natural fabrics (x / b, wool). The most common compresses are safe for children:

  • A half-quarter compress - based on a gauze, moistened with warm vodka or alcohol, diluted with water 50/50), is suitable as a heating agent for otitis, not applied in early childhood due to the active suction function of the skin;
  • Potato - 4 boiled crushed potatoes with 3 teaspastes of food soda.

Some compresses that have an antitussive effect can be applied directly on the skin:

  • Oil - warm refined sunflower oil;
  • fat - from a barzuchea, pork, goose fat;
  • Honey - heated honey (can also be covered on top with a covered cabbage sheet);
  • Oil-honey - a mixture of butter and honey in equal proportions, heated in a water bath.

Refrain from the use of kids of compresses with the addition of mustard powder, turbidar and other aggressive substances.

Appliques and wraps

The paraffin-ozkhehrite mixture is perfectly retaining heat and is a neutral heating agent for the applique on the back and breast in children with a tendency to allergies. The proportions can be chosen independently. Paraffin in the cooled state of more fragile, ozokerite gives the mass of the plasticity and enriches the procedure due to its anti-inflammatory, absorbing, antispasmodic and generalifying action. The mixture melted on the water bath is poured into a form (for example, a box of candy) with a layer of at least 0.5 cm and cozen to a plastic, well warm state. The match is checked so that a liquid hot layer does not remain in the thickness of the mass, put on the chest and the back, coated with a food film and wrapped. This composition can be used and in the form of appliqués on the tissue (which is preferable in young children).

Thermal treatment procedures


Dry warmth is one of the safest thermal methods to facilitate the SMI symptoms, because excludes other types of exposure. He is indispensable in children suffering from allergies. The following industrial roofing options are available on sale: rubber water, electric, paraffin, salt, gel, automotive and even USB-boards. Manufacturers offer products of a variety of forms - round, rectangular, in the form of collars and belts, blankets and pillows, gloves and slippers. The height is useful to have in the house where there is a child. But if the cold found you surprise, do not despair. Screw materials are quite suitable for creating homemade heating. It can be a bottle with warm water, a linen bag with salt or sand in a frying pan and even boiled-boiled egg. In addition to conventional warming procedures on legs, back and chest, if necessary (but only with the permission of the ENT doctor), it is possible to warm the incomplete sinuses and ears. All that you need to know about the use of the heating is reflected in the instructions for it and in general rules for the thermal procedures given above. Take care that the grocel does not come into contact directly with the skin of the child - wrap it with a soft natural cloth. And, of course, heating the device to a safe temperature.

Thermal treatment procedures


Many mothers love to use this method to relieve respiration in children with ORVI with a protracted dry cough, bronchitis. Inhalations help reduce swelling and irritation of the respiratory tract, dilute and facilitate the detection of sputum. They are difficult to attribute to purely therapeutic thermal procedures, but some way or otherwise the thermal factor is often present in them.

Inhalations are carried out no earlier than 1-1.5 hours after meals. During the procedure, conversations are excluded. In case of diseases of the nose and sinusitis, you should inhale and exhale the medicinal substance without tension through the nose, with diseases of the pharynx, trachea, bronchi, lungs - through the mouth. Clothes should not be sneaking the neck and make it difficult to breathe. Do not eat and drink for at least half an hour after the procedure. I would like to once again emphasize that the feasibility of such procedures must be coordinated with the pediatrician.

A variant of self-preparation of inhalation at home is unsafe, as we are talking about contact with hot liquid, steam, because suitable for enough hands and conscious children. Many doctors converge in the opinion that such a type of inhalation in children's practice is unacceptable . For older children, you can make inhalation, putting on a kettle with a narrow neck cardboard funnel. Maintain the desired temperature, pouring water or medicinal solution, is needed as cool. If you still decide to hold such a procedure, do not leave your child (and even an adult) unattended. Active breathing over the ferry can cause dizziness and even faint, which can cause a burn. Hot potatoes, soda water or decoction of medicinal herbs (chamomile, sage, birch leaf, juniper, fir, cedar, lavender, chamber ...), Eucalyptus essential oils, mint, which is suitable for inhalation at home. Many doctors converge in the opinion that such a type of inhalation in children's practice is unacceptable .

It is optimal for children to use special nebulizer type inhalers intended for the use of the house. They are simple and safe in circulation. The principle of conducting the procedure will be easy to explain the baby. Alkaline mineral water, saline can be used as medal mineral water, saline. Additional medicinal properties have preparations of medicinal herbs. It is especially useful due to the high content of phytoncides inhalation with onion and garlic juice, divorced in a proportion of 1:10 with water. There are special pharmaceutical mixes for inhalers on sale. It should be selected together with the attending physician, given the individual tolerability and allergic.

For the most effective treatment of colds and strengthening their own protective forces of the child, pediatricians are often prescribed to a Derinate preparation in the form of a spray or droplets. This medicinal product has a triple antiviral action and helps to strengthen the first protective barrier of immunity. The Derinat Drug Shape allows you to convey the active ingredient directly to the infection hearth - on the nasopharynx mucous membrane, contributing to the strengthening of its protective properties and prevents further dissemination of infection and the development of complications. Read more about the preparation on our website.

Useful articles:

Dry heat is a safe and affordable method with high efficacy in joint disease therapy. Thanks to the procedure, blood circulation in pain zone is enhanced, the pain retreats, the joints are better restored.

Therapy is always in demand. Even in ancient Egypt, there was such a procedure that helps remove pain, swelling, inflammation. It can be used both for treatment and for prevention.

This is a contact method that allows you to get rid of unpleasant pain symptoms. For the procedure, compresses with excellent heat transfer are used, thanks to which you can improve blood microcirculation. Treatment with dry heat is able to prevent the development of diseases such as arthritis, arthritis, rheumatism, as well as prevent injuries as the consequence of the injury or stretching.

Treatment with dry heat is used, as a rule, in addition to the main therapy. But it is important to remember that it is not necessary to use it in areas of the skin, where the integrity of the skin is broken. This procedure is not done and those who are subject to bleeding. It is impossible to warm the belly if a person experiences pain in this area. So that thermal therapy only benefits, before starting treatment, you need to consult with your doctor.

Why dry heat is useful for joints

Thermal therapy is suitable for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system:

  1. Helps get rid of pain.
  2. Improves blood flow in the sore joint.
  3. Eliminates muscle spasms.
  4. Removes inflammation.
  5. Makes joints more elastic.
  6. Improves the restoration of tissues undergoing destruction.

This one of the most effective techniques allowing a short time to significantly improve the condition of the person.

Proper heating of joints with dry heat

During the use of thermal therapy, some rules must be followed, otherwise such a procedure will not benefit, but only harm. For example, the temperature of the heating should not be too high, it is impossible to warm any body portion for a long time. If you do not comply with the technology of heating therapy, there may be a burn on the skin.

Often Treatment of joints In thermal therapy occurs using blue lamps, bags with different contents, the heights that have a healing effect on the sore joint to reduce the manifestation of symptoms. Heat therapy can be held at home before bedtime. Warming effect can be obtained from iodine mesh, pepper patches.

Teplotherapy using cherry bones

Cherry bones need to be cleaned and dried. Then they must be put on the pan or put into the microwave to heat up to 60 ° C. After that, they need to be pouring into a bag of fabric, and it should be applied to the sore joint.

Cherry bones have good heat transfer. This is a natural product, which also exudes a pleasant aroma when he is heated. The bag with a bone must be kept on the problem zone until it cools.

Salt Ged

To warm the problem joint, any salt is suitable: both large and small. First, it is necessary to heat it in a pan to 60 ° C, and then cool a little. The heated salt must be shifted into the fabric bag and attached to where the pain is felt. To keep until it cools, and this is about 30-50 minutes. The bag with a cold salt does not make sense. It is recommended after this procedure, apply olive oil or childrens cream on a heated skin so that it is slightly moistened.

Application heating for joints

In pharmacies or specialized stores you can find the heights. These are rubber products filled with hot water. There may be electrical. They are convenient to use to warm the sick joint. In addition, they proved their effectiveness in heat medicine.

Before attaching to the problem zone hot heating, it is necessary to wind up it with any cloth, otherwise you can seriously burn. It is also not recommended to leave the heating on the night. And it should be remembered that the water does not need to heat more than 55 ° C.

Thermal therapy with various croup

If for any reason it was not possible to carry out heat-urates using cherry stones, you can use different cereals, such as wheat, rice, buckwheat, as they also have good heat-conductivity.

  • You need to pour a camp to the pan, or take advantage of the oven (200 ° C, 20 minutes) to heat it.
  • After that, it is shifted into the cotton bag, and it is applied to the sore joint.
  • Do not hold on the skin too hot the bag so that the burn does not appear.

Blue lamps

Warm the joints can also be a blue lamp. These devices can be purchased in specialized stores. These are special lamps having a convenient holder, thanks to which it will be much easier to set the light so that it falls on the desired zone, set the necessary temperature. During such warming, a person should not experience unpleasant sensations. The procedure lasts from five to twenty minutes, it is considered safe and can be carried out for people of any age.

Application of dry shower

In this case, it will take a simple hairdryer, which is likely to eat in every home. Put the moderate mode of supply of warm air, and then adjust the temperature to the desired path of moving the hair dryer (brings it closer, then further). Sometimes enough and fifteen minutes to eliminate pain. After warming up, wrap the warm stitch with a woolen scarf.

What is irony

To carry out this procedure, you will need an ordinary iron. The method is suitable for the warming up of large zones, such as backs or lower backs. A thick towel is put on the skin, a canvas fabric on it, after that it is watering the hot iron about 10 minutes, stopping in every zone at least for a minute.

Author: K.M.N., Academician Ramtn M.A. Bobr

WarmerThe heater is one of the most popular devices in home self-medication. In traditional medicine, physiotherapists are resorted to its services, when there is a need to create a local thermal impact on different parts of the patient's body.

It is about the warmer that many remember when a tooth, ear or belly hurts. It helps to alleviate pain in the joints, remove the symptoms of cystitis, useful to people with impaired circulatory. No first century resorts to her help. The useful properties of the height was known in the ancient times. True, then the heating devices looked primitively and were often unsafe to use.

The "ancestor" of the rubber heating was a leather bag, a bullish bladder, a copper or clay vessel filled with hot water. Sometimes instead of a liquid, an ancient heating was filled with hot sand, salt, ash, cereal or bran. Sometimes hot stones or bricks were used as a "heater" for the body.

More advanced heights, and immediately in several versions, appeared during the First World War. They were designed specifically for heating soldiers. The catalytic type devices produced heat due to the free oxidation of alcohol or gasoline of the highest degree of cleaning. The second most popular version of the heating device is a bottle filled with food salt and crushed iron. In factory versions, instead of iron, platinum was added to the mixture. By the way, this kind of personal "heaters" still recently used fishermen, tourists, hunters, because catalytic adaptations were given good and very stable heat (60-degree temperatures were saved from 8 to 14 hours). But still the most popular for more than a hundred years remains the old good rubber heater, created in 1903 by the Croatian engineer Edward Pencali.

Types of modern heights

Even relatively recently, in free sale, the heating was available only in one embodiment - rubber "bags" designed to fill hot water. Today the choice has noticeably expanded.

The market presents a variety of options:

  • rubber;
  • electrical;
  • salt;
  • gel;
  • Chemical.

Use of GertkaEach options has its advantages and disadvantages. But thanks to a wide range, the buyer can always choose the most suitable product personally for itself.


This is the most famous and still most popular of all the drig. It is a tank of rubber, which is filled with preheated water. Despite the simplicity of the design, many still consider it the most practical in use. It is possible to carry out procedures with rubber devices in almost any conditions, and in order to "adjust" the heat degrees, the container with hot water is sufficiently wrapped in several layers of fabric or towel.

Modern rubber heels are presented in a huge assortment. Products are of different colors and designs, manufactured from different materials. For example, for people with allergies to Latex, there are drifts from PVC, and for children there are safe "heaters" without using phthalates.


  • easy to use;
  • cheap;
  • Reusable.


  • During the procedure, the patient must lie;
  • If it is not closed, you can get a burn.


This is a modern replacement of rubber heating. The upper part of the device is a matter of natural material, inside it - an electric heater. Electric faces are of different sizes and shapes. For example, there are roofing of blankets, products in the form of a collar, belt or boots. Most models have a thermostat that allows you to adjust the power of heating.


  • does not cause allergies;
  • can adjust the temperature;
  • does not cool down (while connected to the network);
  • There can be different dimensions.


  • For use requires a power grid;
  • Not the safest option.


Salt heating on the market appeared relatively recently and in a group of similar products are considered the most modern. They are plastic hermetically containers within which the salt in liquid form is contained. The peculiarity of such devices is that they do not need to be filled with hot liquid or warm up with additional devices. There is always a so-called catalyst on the salt warmer, which, in fact, launches the heating process. It can be a special spring or a button whose activation starts a certain chemical process in the heating. As a result of the reaction, the liquid salt begins to crystallize, and the transformation process itself is accompanied by heat generation. The maximum possible heat from such a height - 40-60 degrees Celsius. In order to achieve this temperature, the heating is usually necessary for no more than 15 seconds. So that after cooling the salt returned to a liquid state, the heating pad should be put on 10-15 minutes in hot water. After cooling it can be used again.

The ability to such transformations, the harrant salt saves about 12 years.


  • compactness;
  • variety of forms and colors;
  • Easily "adjusts" under the contours of the body;
  • Inside there is a non-aggressive substance that does not cause allergies (if the shell of the heater is damaged and the content will fall on the skin, it is enough to rinse under running water);
  • Comparatively holds heat (3-4 hours).


  • It is afraid of punctures and cuts.


WaterChemical heater is a bag filled with a special mixture. In the interaction of components, a chemical reaction begins, accompanied by heat generation. Inside such devices, there may be an overtime lime (calcium oxide), which, when interacting with water, turns into calcium hydroxide, and at the same time produces thermal energy. A more common "recipe" is a mixture of salt and metal chips. To "run" most chemicals, they are enough to remember or be confused in their hands. After such manipulation, the device is heated to 70-80 degrees and retains heat to 8 hours.


  • does not require electricians or having hot water;
  • easy to use;
  • compact;
  • quickly heats up;
  • Well warms.


  • Most chemical "heaters" are disposable.


The drills of this type are largely reminded by salt. The difference is that inside the container is not a salt, but a gel-like substance. The device is heated by the same principle as its saline "relative". The maximum heat transfer is about 60 degrees, the time of "work" of the majority - about 1 hour. Adaptations of this type can be used as cold heels, from here the other name - "Flexible Ice".


  • oversized;
  • You can use both hot and cold.


  • quickly cools off;
  • You can damage the outer shell.

Application in physiotherapy

PhysiotherapyAny guilt is a source of dry heat, and it is on this that its therapeutic effect is based.

Driving on our bodies, dry heat causes a number of responses:

  • relaxes muscles;
  • removes spasms from smooth muscles (internal organs);
  • reduces pain;
  • Soothes.

The essence of the heat medicine is to create a higher temperature on a certain area of ​​the body. The heater for such purposes is best suited. In addition, this is one of the few physiotherapy devices that is available for use at home.

The impact of soft heat soothes and relieves the pain in the lower back, so the heights are often used to treat the radiculitis. They can be useful for neuralgia, neurutity, arthritis, mositis, various kinds of injuries. Heat therapy is prescribed when freezing, constant sensation of cold hands and feet, for the treatment of a runny nose and dry or "barking" cough (if there is no high temperature), during dental pain (if no suppuration). Heat helps to cope with the abdominal pain, if it is caused by stress, an emotional burst (but only in the absence of fever, nausea and diarrhea). This type of physiotherapy is useful in dyskinesia of biliary tract, relieves kidney, intestinal and bile colic (if the pain is not caused by cholecystitis, pancreatitis, pyelonephritis or appendicitis). Many women warmly applied to the bottom of the abdomen allows you to remove pain during menstruation, but it can be done only with the permission of a doctor. If after stroke or encephalitis paralyzed one part of the body, on the background of the developing exercises also often attribute the heating. In addition, dry warmth well affects the muscles of athletes before the competition. Babies, if there are no contraindications, a bubble with warm water applied to the stomach as help against colic, and nursing mothers such treatment helps to struggle with hardening in lactic glands.

Although the very name of the height indicates that it should warm, and initially the device was invented for this, but in some cases the doctor can prescribe physiotics using cold. In this case, the rubber container is dial not hot, and cold water, sometimes with the addition of pieces of ice. Cold heating plands can be prescribed with bourssites, purulent arthritis, some types of pain in the lower back, nasal bleeding, after removing the tooth, to remove edema from the insect bite.

When the heater is prohibited

MeningitisThe heater with different diseases and disorders can be very useful. However, there are in these warming devices and contraindications. Sometimes local thermal impact can not only help, but worsen the patient's condition even more. Sometimes the improper use of dry heat can end even with a fatal outcome. So, in what cases is forbidden to use the heating floor?

Contraindications for thermotherapy:

  • acute or chronic inflammatory diseases;
  • The presence of acute pain of uncertain etiology in the stomach;
  • pancreatitis;
  • acute cholecystitis;
  • encephalitis;
  • meningitis;
  • purulent inflammation (appendicitis, sinusitis, otitis, mastitis, bursitis, purulent arthritis);
  • abscess;
  • phlegmon;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • a tendency to bleeding or the presence of such (external or internal);
  • violation of blood circulation in the brain;
  • hypertonic disease;
  • heart failure;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • Hyperactivity of the thyroid gland;
  • Postoperative period.

Many use the height to eliminate their stomach pain. If the discomfort is caused by colic, then the procedure can actually help. But in appendicitis, the heating of the abdomen causes a rapid progression of the disease and peritonitis, which in the absence of timely medical care ends with death.

It is impossible to apply heating in the presence of malignant neoplasms, since heat accelerates the growth of cancer cells.

When cystitis, dry heat applied to the bottom of the abdomen or perineum helps relieve pain and burning. But if the inflammation in the bladder flows with the formation of pus or the presence of blood in the urine, warming can cause severe bleeding or the spread of pus to the kidneys.

It is also strictly forbidden to apply heat to the body areas with redness and hyperemia.

How to use at home

If it is necessary to use a rubber warmer, it is important to know how to use it correctly. The container is filled with hot water only on 2/3, while extruded from it excess air. After that, the tank is tightly closed and tested by tightness. If the liquid inside is too hot, the rubber "bag" is left to cool. Thermal flow is then placed either into a special tissue case, or wrap a towel and applied to a patient, pre-lubricated fatty cream or vaseline.

With elevated caution, warming fixtures should be used if it comes to children, people unconscious or with disturbed susceptibility, as high risk of burns. Such patients can not be installed directly to the body, and during the procedure it is important to periodically check the condition of the skin.

In the absence of a factory heaters, its function can perform a linen bag with preheated sand, salt, a cereal or a common bottle filled with warm water.

The heater in many cases helps to overcome the pain without using tablets, which is undoubtedly a huge plus for liver and kidney. Meanwhile, the uncontrolled application of warming devices can sometimes be deplorable, because prohibitions for the use of dry heat almost as much as indications for it.

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