Skotobaza - Private photos, locked bypass and analogues

As you know, Google remembers everything. Our activities on the Internet, left by us comments and downloaded photos, audio and video - all this remains online for many years. This often uses various delints and scammers who collect information about people, and then selling this information to those who will pay for it. The most famous resource of such a plan in RuNet was, collecting information about users from the pages of the popular social network VKontakte. What is this scottabase resource, what kind of private photos are posted, how to get around the blocking of this site and what are the resources-analogues? All this will be told in this material.

As you know, Google remembers everything. Our activities on the Internet, left by us comments and downloaded photos, audio and video - all this remains online for many years. This often uses various delints and scammers who collect information about people, and then selling this information to those who will pay for it. The most famous resource of such a plan in RuNet was, collecting information about users from the pages of the popular social network VKontakte. What is this scottabase resource, what kind of private photos are posted, how to get around the blocking of this site and what are the resources-analogues? All this will be told in this material.

What is a scottabase? - This is the database in which information about users of the social network VKontakte is stored. Founded in March 2014, the resource periodically scanned the database, collecting data from millions of vk users. The list of such data usually included general user information, as well as private photos from the custom page. The database of "Skotodobases" got both public photos of a person and photographs with the status "for friends". Snapshots with access "visible only to me" in the base of did not fall.

In total, the resource archive has numbered 180 million Custom photos and millions of custom questionnaments.

ID search screen

The search in the database was carried out by user ID in VK

Over time, it turned out that the "scottabase" was replenished with photographs that were not intended by users for shared access. For the removal of the user account from this site (including compromising photos), resource representatives asked about 500 rubles. After payment of the specified amount, the user profile was forever removed from the database.

The activities of the skot of the cattle caused the perturbation of many users. Even petitions appeared, calling for legislation to prohibit the activities of this and similar resources in the territory of the Russian Federation.

It will be interesting: searching for photos on social networks.

Blocking resource Roskomnadzor

Quite soon about the semi-axle scheme "Skotopod" recognized Roskomnadzor. The site administration received a warning in which it was argued that the site contains in itself " information whose distribution in the Russian Federation is prohibited by the decision of the court and". Also, the warning contained the requirement to remove the specified materials, but which exactly Roskomandzor did not indicate.

С May 30, 2015 The site was blocked on the territory of the Russian Federation. The site administration was trying to fight this with the help of mirrors, but rather quickly waved on it with her hand.

Picture Locking

After some time, a modified version appeared analogue of the "Scotting" at Finding on Users are automatically redirected to the resource mentioned. - duplicator of workcodes with private photos

Service It is an improved version of the "scotting". According to the application of the creators of the resource, 354 million profiles are posted here, 975 million photos, 610 million user comments. After placing a paid subscription (from 4 to 280 euros per month), each wishes can view the Custom Profiles of the VC selected by them. Such data includes basic information about the user, its comments and photos.

Free viewing of the desired profile in is not possible.


Other Analogs of

After we have dealt with what is a scottabase, and what private photos are posted there, consider also the analogues of this site of 2019. Given the "popularity" of the archive, on the network as mushrooms after the rain began to appear sites with similar content (, Spalili.Me and others). These resources specialized in demonstrations of photos of girls in underwear, which found a response from the male audience. Having worked for a short time, all the specified resources closed.

If you find the site on the network, positioning ourselves as an "analog of skotting", do not rush to enter your login and password on this site. In many cases, this leads to loss of access to your account and stealing user data. It is unlikely that you need.

From quite legal tools analogues of, we recommend the Yandex.Ludi service. This service is looking for information about the necessary person in various social networks, including VC, OK, Facebook, my world and others. Quite effectively, quickly and comfortable.

Yandex.Ludi service

It is useful to know: how to find a person by photo in vk.


In our material we disassembled that this is a scottabase, what kind of private photos were placed there, what analogues of the resource are available (or were there) on the network, and is it possible to bypass the site blocking. At the moment, "Scot Broad" was rebranding, changed its functionality, and exists on the network under the name Access to all resource features is paid, which displays random compromising data seekers. Well, for having funds there is nothing impossible. Nearly.

How to go to skotThe site of scottabase. Theoren originated in March 2014 and initially its servers were placed in Ireland. The essence of the service was reduced to the following: Robots collected photos laid out in general or limited access online, copied them and placed in the database. From there, they could be easily obtained through the search by ID user number in VKontakte. The only way to avoid leakage photos is to assign them the status of "visible only to me." If the images were placed in the albums, to which access was at least one more person, then robots read it, and it inevitably fell into the site base.

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What kind of Skotobaza and why she needs

Monetization of site Skotobaza. It was not based on advertisers, like most startups, but on donations. If the user wanted his photos to be forever removed from skoting, it was supposed to contribute 450 rubles to help project. After that, all information on the account was removed from the skot. Presumably forever. In fact, it was, kinda, extortion, and immediately it was obvious that the site problems would be. Of course, they were not forced to wait long.

Already in 2015, the service was seriously interested in Roskomnadzor, motivating his dissatisfaction with the law on the protection of personal data of citizens of the Russian Federation. The threat of blocking was fully implemented on May 30, 2015, and the site became officially unavailable in Russia. For some time, he still maintained working capacity and with the help of conventional blocking mechanisms that act on other prohibited resources on the network, it was possible to access it.

Mirrors and skot adjustables

Analogs of Skot BroadbandIn addition to the main link, for a while The site mirror functioned with a shortened address: SKO.TO . However, together with the fall of the skot, it turned off and it. At the moment, the simplest check on the issues the following: It's not Just You! Looks Down From Here. That is, the site is really offline for everyone.

For some time, SPALILI.COM website operated, but after some time he closed. At the moment, the network has such services such as and, but they are clearly not reaching the predecessor and disclose only public information, which easily scans in Vkontakte itself. Therefore, the effectiveness of such resources is actually reduced to zero.

In case the service resumes the work or the functioning analog will appear, it is worth the ways to bypass the locking of the skot. They will clearly come up in the future to quietly go to other resources.

Methods for bypassing the blocks of sites prohibited in Russia

How to get around the site blockingAs a rule, bypassing site blocking, including skot Masking IP addresses . That is, in fact, the computer creates the appearance that the user enters the site from another country. This camouflage is made using several well-known algorithms.

The first is anonymizers . These are proxy and web servers that hide the user's network address and replace it with their own. This is usually either Sameleo or Hideme sites. They redirect the user's request, opening the necessary network addresses in a separate browser frame. No need to configure anything and install. You can simply enter the address of the address in the appropriate line and press ENTER.

The problem is that this method significantly reduces security. In addition, anonymizers have a bad property to constantly close. The truly long-term and stable services of this type are very small and very little.

If money is not a problem , There is also several consistently working paid anonymizers who take subscription fees from users once a year and offer enlarged opportunities.

The second way of bypassing blockages is to install a browser plug-in. Most of these tools have cross-browser support, that is, they work both C Chrome and with Opera, Firefox and even with Yandex.Browser. From the most popular plugins can be noted four:

  • Anonymox,
  • Browsec,
  • Frigate.
  • Zenmate.

Plugins, like anonymizers, are divided into free and paid. As a rule, the second type offers an additional number of servers and a greater speed.

Third way - Using a server VPN. VPN is decrypted as Virtual Private Network, that is, a virtual private network. There are several proven and stable services. Among them are the following:

  • Blocking for what it is neededBetternet
  • Hideme.
  • Privatix.
  • TunnelBear.
  • VPN Unlimited
  • VPN99.

Fourth option - overlay networks . The most famous tool from this category is a TOR-browser. It is a specialized browser firefox assembly with already installed "from the box" by the Noscript, Torbutton and HTTPS EVERYWHERE plugins. As the main tool uses cascade proxing. That is, data packets are transmitted not through one proxy server, but at least three. Such an algorithm makes the process of tracking data transmission extremely time consuming and allows the user to effectively hide its location. Among other things, it makes it possible to visit blocked sites, including the T-bills.

Bypassing the blocking of skoting - legally or not?

It is worth considering that the State Duma adopted a law that prohibits providers to provide users with access to resources that allow you to bypass blocking. The law will enter the law on November 1, 2017.

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Scottable what is this siteHello again! Recently, at leisure, Schnyryaryal in the expanses of the Internet and accidentally stumbled upon one very curious site. And it is called A very funny name for the site, isn't it? What is the site? So, this is a fairly interesting and useful site, and I think you will tell you about him now.

Scot Broadcast

What is the site? is a service designed to view hidden photos in the social network VKontakte. Yeah! Is it interested in you?

  • It is very easy to use: in the search field simply drive the ID page ID and you are provided with photos for viewing that are hidden from a wide range of users.
  • You can come even easier: in the search field, simply enter the name and last name - the user's photo will also quickly appear for your familiarization with them.
  • More on the Skotobaza website. You can seek friends. Well, in interest or there for any other features.
  • Next - the site is made in the style of "minimalism", well, in general, nothing superfluous: neither steep chips, details or overload in terms of services.

  • Another advantage of the site - he can find not only hidden photos, but even those photos that have been deleted by the user himself!
  • And so - this is the most fun place to play a colleague or friend: After all, you will have access to their most "secret" materials, and you can make a collage or a special dossier!
  • Another chip - the site is blocked, as included in the Unified Registry of Russia. However, the experienced users and modern technologies can easily break into skot quotes!

The only minus of skot is its comparative youth. Because of this photo, not all users can be viewed on this site.

Read allMOUNT ATTENTION, Friends! I suggest you find out some more details about the PIZ photoshop online service or about incognito mode in Yandex browser, as well as to reduce the scope of the screen on the computer. Well, if you have a couple of minutes free time, do not miss and learn about the recovery of IMEI MTK on your android phone, as well as how to replenish the MTS account through the Internet bank card.


Now and you learned how the skot is - what is this site! Of course, there are people with FSB genes, which must certainly need to learn the entire submeterness of one or another person, and the skot will be to help them. For ordinary users, the service can also represent considerable interest: for example, to get acquainted with the mystery life of your boss.

Do not forget to ask questions in the comments, as well as tiping on social buttons. Thanks to everyone and the world to you!

There are not entire legal services online. For example, skotabase. This is the site on which private photos of users of VKontakte are stored. As well as ever posted and subsequently deleted. You can still find hidden or remote friends. The site is blocked by Roskomnadzor, but the blocking can be circumvented. At the time of blocking, the robots have collected more than 106 million photos. I managed to find my photos laid out in VK for another 2009 and long deleted.

What is a skot

The tradition of plum photos in RuNet is still from school freaks of the early 2000s. School of freaks is a community in LiveJournal (LiveJournal), where the unsuccessful photos of social network users were laid out to laugh. On the scothed previously there was something like that, but since 2014, the scothes be launched as a service storage service of private photos of VKontakte users. In fact, not quite private - if the castle hangs in the photo, then it will not be in any scotopation. Just many post personal photos for a limited circle of persons: for example, in the albums of the closed fitness community. Or open. And from there the photos are moving in skoting.

That it can be found in it

First of all, photos that are not posted by VK ticket to open access, but, nevertheless, somewhere somehow were lined up: in the community, in a circle of friends and the like albums. In general, you can see more than it is. Although not all users are in scotopes, and not all the latest plums are flooded there. As I said, I found my photos there from 2008, but the newest photos of users you are unlikely to find simply because the service has currently stopped collecting photos.

Is it possible to remove photos from the skot

Previously, there was a service charge deletion service. For 490 rubles it was possible to buy peace of your profile VK. Photos were removed and never added again. Now there is no such service, just the site itself is blocked by Roskomnadzor. But this does not mean that it is impossible to go around the lock and see what.

Analogs of skoting - is there?

It should be understood that the photo and video content occupies a lot of space, and in two accounts such sites do not do. In addition, they are still blocked. The skotophane was an analogue of, but it no longer works. That is, it is not at all - there is no blocking that could be circumvented.

There are no mirrors from the skot. Skotobaza tried several times to move to different domains, but they are still covered.

Bypassing the blocking of scothes

Using the blocking of the site of the scottabase. For this purpose, exactly the same ways are suitable for bypassing the blocking of the Rutheker site - both of these sites are blocked by Roskomnadzor, and just enter the anonymously. To do this, you can put an extension in the browser, it is described in detail in my article. There are possible expansions for each browser, and where to take them.

And recently, a new version of the opera with the built-in VPN came out, another way to get around the blocking was appeared. To do this, simply turn on the VPN mode in the opera settings, and then calmly go to workcase. I will explain, just in case, to enable in the new VPN opera.

How to enable VPN in Opera

First, you have to have a new opera (not at the age of September 2016) - download if not.

Next, go to the opera settings - the CTRL + F12 key combination. Click Safety. Check the "VPN" checkbox. The VPN icon appears at the top. All.

Enable VPN in Opera
Enable VPN in Opera

You can go to

Fast disposable way

If you are absolutely too lazy, then you can bypass the blocking of the skottacks like this:

  1. Go here ( ATTENTION, the link is deleted, as it does not work anymore! Free anonymizer no longer ).
  2. Enter in the "" field and click the "Hide Me" button Bypassing the blocking of scothes
  3. You will be directed to website

An example of using scothes

Enter the user ID in contact, for example, ID123456, and get its photos and a list of friends.

Scot Broadcast
Search by scottobase

Where else can you look for people and photos

If it did not work out into the database of the site or nothing could be found in it, you can try good luck on other sites. It happens that the information closed in VC is open in classmates, Facebook, Twitter and other networks or posted on unexpected sites. So, here's ways to pierce information.

Search for people on social networks from Yandex

Suppose there is a name and surname of a person you are interested in. You can search for a person's profiles in other social networks. To do this, try entering the name and surname in the search for people of Yandex ( There you can specify other specifying identity parameters.

Service Findface.

If there is a photo of a person, you can use the well-known service of Findface (, which also searches for both Twitter profiles. This service is sharpened to recognize persons: it is possible in it, for example, to find a person in the photo you did on the street.

This means that if in two profiles of VK and Twitter one and the same face (even if different photos are different), then the second profile can be found in the photo from one profile.

Search by image Google

You can search for Google in the image: if there is a picture that, in your opinion, can serve for this person an avatar somewhere else, you can search for pictures: you will find this person on another site. Perhaps on another site will be more open information about the user.

The difference with FindFace is that Findface is looking for similar photos, but only in VC and Twitter. And the search in Google is carried out everywhere throughout the Internet, but the pictures are only identical (exactly exactly), smart face recognition is not here. Similar pictures in Google are also issued, but similarity is determined by color, form, etc., and not to face. On Google, you can only expect to find an identical avatar on another site.

So, to search for Google in the image:

  1. In the Chrome browser, click the photo (or image) right-click and select "Find image (Google)". The same pictures on the Internet will be found on other sites (if they are and are not closed from indexing).
    Search by picture
    Search by image Google
  2. If you are in another browser (not chrome), the search menu item will not be, there will be only a "copy address" or "Copy link". Copy the photo address.
  3. Go to search engine
  4. Click the photo icon in the search bar and specify the link to the photo you want to find.
Search by picture
Search by picture

Search by picture Yandex

Similarly, you can search for pictures in Yandex.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Search by image icon.
  3. Enter the address of the user's photo or download the saved photo from the computer.
  4. You will receive a list of the same and similar photos.

Facebook search service

There is still an interesting search service and tracking people in Facebook. This service searches for all comments of a specific user, photos on which it is marked and much more. Built-in Facebook search is very limited, but the service helps to circumvent restrictions.

Search engine Nigma

Sometimes the Nigma search system ( gives profiles not found in Yandex. Although it seems to be a secondary system that uses not its algorithms. Nevertheless, I found on the first page what Yandex did not give. Try it can come across something interesting. Just enter the name and surname in the search bar. You can try to introduce a person's alias if it is.

Situation in 2017

Unfortunately, in 2017, bypass methods no longer work. I checked several times. At the moment, the site is not just blocked by Roskomnadzor, but it is no longer supported by itself - it is not even bypassing the lock. Apparently the creators decided that it was expensive and meaningless to support this site afloat, if it all equals the unit into account on the blocking. Several dozen people came in the day, I think. And this is too little.

As you understand, it will be about a fairly popular resource, namely the site of scottabase. You will find out what you need this site, how to access it and much more.

joxi_screenshot_1456414001344.Scot Costa is a website With which you can view private photos of any user who ever lit up on the Internet. That is, if the user laid out or sent someone's personal photos to someone, be an intimate or other photo, then they will definitely be in scotopes and you can see them.

More than 184 311,000 photos of different users were collected on this site, so the likelihood that you will see private photos of the user you are interested in very high. If the photo is not, then it is probably the user is clean. Scottabase has a huge number of photos from VKontakte and its base is constantly updated with each new-table photo posted on the website.

So far, the skot is the largest website with which you can look for private photos, it's not so much competitors. But the workplace has one small problem, this site blocks all of us unloved Roskomnadzor, so the method will be described below Block bypass for skating Since a large number of people are wondering how to go to scothes.


Unfortunately, the mirror of scottabase does not have, and why it is, if the way I will describe below helps to use all the functions of the site despite the blocking.

So, in order to bypass the locking of the skottack after the address of add another address, namely, this domain will help us get to the site you are interested in. As a result, you should get a domain name For him, we will visit the site with private photos and look for compromising.

Analogs of scothes.


As I said, Analogs in skoting There are, but they are not so popular and have not such a large database of photographs as our resource. And yet, one, rather popular analog I will describe. This is a site , He also has a similar principle of work, but his database of photos is slightly smaller, for this service appeared later than the stubbatry itself. The site has a more pleasant design and functionality.

But the site was soldier. Theore is exactly the same problem as the skot of the skot of Roskomnadzor blocks him, so to bypass the blocking, we need to go to the site through the domain .

By the way, the site has its own top, that is, you can see users who most of all got sled with photos of VKontakte (VC), as well as the photos themselves. In the top you can customize the search criteria, choose only girls or only guys, choose age.

Output : This site suits us as the best analogue of skoting with an extensive database of users and photos, as well as with convenient and advanced features.

So let's summarize my post!

  • In order to get to the skot ticket site, it is rather bypassing its locking enough to go over the domain and all the functions of the site that are available without blocking will be available.
  • Skotabase has similar sites its sites analogs , We considered one of them to get to it to go to But it is not a fact that in your region it is blocked, I personally have a blocking on it.

Recently, studying the novelties of the Internet, stumbled upon a couple of very interesting sites: it и . It is about what these sites and I want to tell in this review.

Site on the phone

What is this boobs

Scot Broadcast - This is a service for viewing hidden photos VK. Site will be very interesting to many. Having scored in the Search ID page from VKontakte or simply coping the entire address, you can see photos that are hidden from viewing a wide range of users. In addition, you can enter the last name and username and also see his photo. The search for friends search is available in skot. Entering the, you will see that this site is made in the style of minimalism, there are no unnecessary details or additional services.

Site photos Cottabase

Here you can find not only hidden, but already deleted photos, because they are all forever remain in the database. It is known that the site of scottabase only develops, so there are far from all users of the popular social network VKontakte.

If you want to play a friend and make a collage from the photo, which, as he thinks, is unavailable to anyone, then with the help of your skot of you will succeed. Or, for example, you started to meet with such a "Pai-Girl". Entering her page, you can find out if it does not hide everything from you. However, it should be noted that the site is entered into a single register of Russia, that is, blocked. Many people are looking for bypassing the blocking of totals, and some are looking for analogues and similar sites.

It is very easy to work out how to work on the site is very simple. But if you suddenly leave the question of what this is a skot ticket, look it. YouTube video:

What is - This is the site bulletin board and even more! At first glance, is the usual announcement board. Since notifications come from quite often, and some users are afraid to enter it, thinking that there can be "pick up" the virus. In general, it does not inspire confidence in many. And in vain. Since they do not know what it is for the website and for which it can be used.

Website looks like a social network, only it is not customary to communicate or boast where he visited. Here the photo of things you need to sell are laid out. Communication between the seller and the potential buyer is carried out in the inner chat. From social networks, the site took the opportunity to add to friends and watch their ads.

It is clear that this resource is constantly evolving, new services are added periodically. Only useful messages on their ads come to registered users. I did not notice spam and other problems, so everyone who needs to buy something or sell, I recommend.

I hope we figured out that these are sites and scottabase. If you don't understand something in competent in the comments below, I will definitely answer.

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My world

Those who first encountered a "scott" will be unpleasantly surprised or even outraged - such a repulsive name is called the site that stores millions of private photos of users "VKontakte". What does this resource hide this resource and is it possible to get admission to his base - more.

What is "scottabase"

The resource "Scot Broad", which gathered on its servers about 107 million compromising photographs of users, is far from innovative. 15 years ago in the "LiveJournal" began to publish "for joke" frankly unsuccessful photos laid out by users. "Scot Broad" was oriented (yes, it was in the past time - today the site is not found in the search engine, as it is closed by Rospotrebnadzor) to the content of the social network "VKontakte".

Immediately need to be noted: if you posted a photo in the album with the lock "Seen only to me", such an image in the "Scot Broad" can not appear. But if you sent an image to the interlocutor, in the closed community, in the photo album, visible only to friends or a limited group of a person, it is possible that it was already in the property of this dubious resource.

What is scotobaza

Many, having learned what "scotobaza" was, resorted to this resource to learn something personal about their friends, enemies, ill-wishers, check out their half. Website, I must say, skillfully made up on careforded users, sending too personal photos to who do not need and where it is not necessary. For the Ministry of China, in the amount of 490 rubles, it was possible not only to delete their photos from the archives of the "Scotting" archives, but also to get any guarantee that you no longer lit up on this resource.

"Scot Broad": Analogs

As already mentioned, the site for quite understandable reasons was closed. "Scot Broad" tried to recover, moving to other domains, but in vain - they also blocked access. The "mirrors" has no resource too.

Scot Costa Bypass Blocking

To some extent an analogue of the site was a similar resource "burned", but it is also more not efficient. The same fate of the lamp and a smallest copy of PoiskVK. Of course, if you "reselle" in "Odnoklassniki", "VKontakte", "Instagram", "Facebook", you can find closed groups and communities, where users spread personal and failed photos of their random interlocutors and acquaintances (the same once popular groups "Chicken" and "Roosters" in every city).

Naturally, the resource of the scottopotes will not appear instantly - you need a lot of time at least in order to accumulate such an archive.

Bypassing the lock "Scot Change"

After accessing access to the resource, many Lifehas appeared on the network of "Scot Codes": bypass blocking. It is believed to see the photo database it is possible to hide your IP address, that is, the location of yourself and your gadget, as the Rospotrebnadzor is authorized to overlap Access only to Russians. Make it can be two simple ways:

  1. Through the "Opera" browser , Versions are not older than September 2016. This development is good because the VPN is built into it - a private virtual network that allows you to not advertise the actions of the owner of the PC, aspiring to get to the site "Scot Broad". Bypag is done like this: go to "Settings" (this can be done by combining the "Ctrl + F12" buttons), find "Security", and in it "VPN". Activate the mode and try to search for a scandalous resource.
  2. Through anonymizers sites . Press, if you need, "hide me" and enter: The resource must redirect you at. There is a drawback, and it is as follows: not so easy to find a free anonymizer on the network to find the archive of the Skot Broad site.

Bypass blocking, in this way, you can quickly spend with the help of these operations.

How to use "scott"

Having learned about the "scotop", many will want to check whether they themselves littered or their relatives and familiar on this resource. Make it very easy to enter in the window on the main page the desired user ID "VKontakte". If he is present in this dubious base, the system will redirect you to his photo archive.

Scot Broadcasting

If you believe the words of some users, in 2017 it is already impossible to go to the "scotop", since its creators have deleted the resource, which, apparently, does not bring them to their former profits.

How else can you find a photo of the user

Having learned what "scotobase" is, you will probably want to take advantage of less dubious services for finding a person and his photo:

  1. System "Yandex.Ludi": Enter the name and name to the search engine.
  2. Find Face Service: Search for people is conducted in the photo - the system recognizes the face in the image and offers profiles of similar people on social networks.
  3. Search on the picture to "Google" (click right-click on the photo - "Look for a picture in" Google "): the system will look for a similar image not only in social networks, but also throughout the network. If the photo is not on the network, then drag it icon In the browser window and start searching.
  4. Similarly, you can use "Search on the picture" Yandex ": click on the camera icon near the main line.
  5. Intellectual search engine "" using the results and "Google", and "Yandex".
Scottabase analogs

What is a "scotting" in a nutshell - a scandalous resource that has accumulated a large collection of private photos of users "VK". If you want to find a person or a photo on the network, it is much more appropriate to use for this allowed search engines.

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