Sawn the caviar trout at home Recipe

Chang of red fish (Salmon, Narki, Trout, Kets) is a delicacy, a festive table attribute. This is a source of a full-fledged protein, which is quickly absorbed, improves the condition of the bones, reduces the bad cholesterol, fills the lack of vitamins.

Chang of red fish (Salmon, Narki, Trout, Kets) is a delicacy, a festive table attribute. This is a source of a full-fledged protein, which is quickly absorbed, improves the condition of the bones, reduces the "bad" cholesterol, fills the lack of vitamins.

A little about the product

Traditionally, people prefer coarse caviar. It looks spectacular and appetizing on sandwiches. Large eggs (with a diameter of 5-7 mm) are characteristic of a challenge and kets, a little smaller (with a diameter of 3-5 mm) - for a host, pink salmon, cozy.

Trout differs from its fellow small icons (diameter 2-3 mm) of a bright orange shade. But her fine-grainedness does not affect the taste of taste and does not detract from the beneficial effect on the human body. With proper saline, it can be a queen of a festive table.

Trout belongs to the salmon rocks of fish, which have a gentle and very tasty reddish meat. It dwells in water bodies with clean, cool water, more often in highland reservoirs.

You can buy her caviar in the supermarket or on the market. But the usual buyer who consumes this product only on holidays will be difficult to distinguish what they sell. There is always a possibility to purchase a fake.

Now the artificial breeding of trout is developed, which for a certain fee can be caught in specially equipped water bodies. If you were lucky enough to catch fish in such a place, and inside she was "golden stock", it was definitely worth sleeping for it and prepare an exquisite delicacy independently. It is very simple, and the snack of home cooking in its taste will surpass several times.

Secrets of home salting

Salt the caviar on its own easily. There are several recipes with which you can cook it much more tastier than in the store. But the process of home salting is very responsible.

Before proceeding with the culinary experiment, you should be aware of some nuances:

  1. Shelf life . Red caviar after extracting Forel's carcass retains its beneficial properties during the day.
  2. Dishes . When singing, it is better to use only glass or ceramic dishes. These materials do not absorb smells, do not react with the products, do not change their taste.
  3. Defrost . You can solit not only fresh, but also frozen red caviar trout .Before that, it is necessary to defrost her correctly. You can not immediately move the product from the freezer into a warm place. The thawing process should be gradually, in a natural way on the shelf in the refrigerator. The final defrost (when Ikrinka will already stop looking into glass balls) occurs at room temperature.
  4. Error correction . If the snack turned out to be saved, you should not worry, you can still fix it. To do this, it must be poured with black tea or clean water and leave for 10 minutes. The liquid will take the surplus of salt.
  5. Storage term . Sloated at home Fish delicacy can be stored at the greater 70 days, subject to room in glass jars. But it is better to use it within 2-3 days.

Classic recipe

This is one of the best and most popular singing methods.

The following products will be required:

  • 150-200 grams of caviar;
  • water - 1 liter;
  • 100 grams of sugar sand;
  • 200 grams of salt.

If necessary (if a lot of product), the amount of ingredients increase. For the first time it is better to try to saline a small portion so that in the future to change the recipe at its discretion.

All people have different tastes, someone snack will seem a little-salted, someone, on the contrary, saved. But the proportions are optimal, so for the first time it is better to prepare everything according to the classic recipe.

Cooking technology

Soldering starts with removal of the film. Something like sleeves form from dense gauze. The product is placed in it. Before you cook a delicacy, it is washed under the jet of flowing water, rotating the sleeve. After a few minutes, Ikrinka will be released, and the film will remain in Marle.

After that, the product is shifted into a glass bowl and proceed to the preparation of a salt solution. It must be made saturated with a large amount of salt.

Experienced fishermen say that you can not be afraid to overdo it with salt, Ikrinka will watch how much. But still it is better to adhere to the above proportions.

A liter of water is poured into a saucepan, salted, sugar sand and bring to a boil. Salving solution must bother about 10 minutes. Then it is removed from the fire and give it to cool.

IMPORTANT! You can't pour eggs with hot mortar. They are very gentle, so they just boil or burst and turn into porridge.

After the brine has cooled, they pour the product in such a way that it is completely covered with liquid. If it is planned to use it right away, you will need 10-15 minutes. If long storage is assumed, leave in brine for 30-40 minutes. After that, the salt solution is drained, and the delicacy is cleaned into a cool place for 2-3 days.

Soldering Options without water

On 200 grams of Forenee caviar, 2-3 tablespoons of salt and 1-1.5 tablespoons of sugar sand will be required. The number of components reduce or increase if necessary, but must comply with the proportion of 2 to 1 (salt to sugar sand).

Ikrinka free from the film, washed under the jet of flow water. Then shifted into glass dishes, fall asleep with a salt-sugar mixture and gently stirred with a wooden spatula or a spoon. It should be extremely careful that the tender shell does not burst.

Leave for 10 minutes. During this time, the fluid that must be deleted is selected. Further, on the recipe, the caviar trout is shifted into a gauze bag and suspended above the sink. After 15 minutes, liquid stalks. The product is placed in a glass jar and removed into the refrigerator. After 5-6 hours, it is ready to use.

Saltling with a film (a jaws)

This recipe is useful if Ikrinka in fish has not yet dial and removal of the film will lead to the fact that the porridge will simply work. In this case, the ambassador can be carried out without removing the dense film pouch, which is called a jaw.

  1. Icra in the amount of 200-250 grams;
  2. Sugar - 100 grams;
  3. Salt - 500 grams;
  4. litere of water.

Prepare a salt solution, constantly stirring to the complete dissolution of sugar crystals and salt. They give cool to room temperature. Then poured the washed fish delicacy with the resulting solution and begin to beat the wedge. As a result, the jaw should be wound on the whisk.

In order to be acknowledged to the caviar trout, it is left in brine for 15 minutes for impregnation. But every 5 minutes should try it. If it seems that the delicacy has already been suggested enough, it is possible to drain the saline solution using a colander or sieve.

A snack should be used for two days. In the future, its taste will deteriorate, and the use will be dangerous to health.

Despite all the benefits of fish delicacy, it is better not to get involved. Eating should be limited to people suffering from heart diseases, vessels and kidneys. After all, even in the best red calamity, no matter how tasty it, after cooking there is a lot of salt, the consumption of which should be regulated by people with hypertension, atherosclerosis, heart ischemia, renal-stone disease. It will be enough to eat a delicious sandwich 1-2 times a week to sense the atmosphere of the holiday.

How to Snaperate Caviar Trul at home - 6 recipes

Today, pampering homemade fish delicacies is no longer so available as before. Products are not only roads, but also cause big doubts about their quality, which is especially concerned, because it is thermally processed. The process of its ambassador is not complicated, so knowing how to pickle trout caviar at home, any hostess will fulfill it easily.

Preparing caviar to salmon

The most sophisticated fish delicacy, of course, is caviar. No celebration costs without such a luxurious snack. In recent times, fans of such a product are increasingly facing the inconsistency of its quality price. Therefore, many are interested, how to independently escape the caviar trout. You can perform this in several ways, most importantly, choose a quality product.

There is a classification of caviar, which is worth knowing and to those who spite, and those who are just eating it:

  • Western when the caviar is solid directly in the jassuke. Such a product can be stored no longer than a month, and it has a rather peculiar taste.
  • Pousic. Soldering takes place according to a special recipe by pressing. The result is a single mass with a long shelf life and with rather good taste.
  • Granular caviar. The most delicious, since the recruited caviar was used for the ambassador.

The chipping process itself is not as complicated as the preparation of caviar, consisting in the extraction of the product from the jaw, that is, from the film. There are different methods to do this, and everyone has its pros and cons.

  1. You can handle caviar with the usual gauze. For this, the fabric needs to be collapsed into four layers, put a jaw with caviar to the center, omit into a saucepan with warm water and make ordinary rotations. The film will disappear, and Ikrinka will remain on Marle. The method is simple, but long.
  2. There is a quick cleaning method, when a jaw with caviar is immersed in hot water for a couple of seconds, as a result of such thermal processing, the film will depart and you will only have to choose a caviar.
  3. Another painstaking method is to cut a jaw in half and pull out from it to caviar.
  4. You can also thread the film in different places, omit the product into a container with warm water and prevent the wedge. After, caviar should be poured into the sieve and remove the remnants of the film.

How to sleep caviar trout by classic recipe

It is possible to solit the caviar to the trout by different methods, but we will start with a regular classic recipe. For this, except for red caviar, it will take sea salt, sweet sand and water.

How to Snapely Caviar Trul at home - Easy way

Fresh trout caviar

1 ½ tbsp Salt spoons (with a big slide)

1 teaspoon sugar

To pickle trout caviar, we take a high saucepan, because the brine together with caviar will need to beat the wedge. With low sides of the pan, caviar will simply "jump out" from it.

Pour a liter of water into a saucepan, we embarrass 1 ½ tbsp. Salt spoons (with a big slide) and a teaspoon of sugar. We put a saucepan with brine on the stove, bring it to a boil and cook until the sugar and salt dissolve.

Sasters with red caviar lay in cold brine. The wedge whipping them like an omelet. Remove them as you screwed the films on the veins.

Caviar needed to beat until all jassays are taken away. Soldering duration is adjusted to taste. You can try cara minutes after 10 minutes. If you like a low-headed caviar, then you need less time on her salting.

If you like a more saline product, then you need to wait at least 20 minutes. After obtaining a red caviar of the desired level of salinity, you need to drain the brine over a colander or sieve.

Ready caviar needs to eat in two or three days. If there are a lot of caviar, then you need to choose another way to salmon caviar or decompose it into small jars and put in the freezer. After defrosting the properties of the caviar trout are not lost.

How to Snaperate Caviar Trul at Home: Recipes

Let's figure it out that it is a trout fish. Trout - Fish from the detachment of salmon. Its shape is elongated and compressed on the sides. This fish can take painting similar to the habitat. Fravel the trout of a small size, the line is clearly visible on it. For caviar, we need to choose a female.

How to determine the male it or a female?

The males head is more than the females. If finding it difficult to determine the rod of trout when buying in the store, ask the seller. Surely he knows.

Forens of trout

Although it is useful, but doctors do not advise you to use it with pregnant and nursing mothers. Fish contains a small amount of mercury. On an adult, such a number of mercury does not affect.

It is also not recommended: Yazuvenches, people suffering from complex stomach diseases, liver.

The trout may contain parasites, as in any river fish. Carefully root the fish before use or weld. It is not recommended to use trout's head - it is poisoned by the habitat. Cores need to be extremely careful with caviar.

About Ires

Red caviar is very useful, as well as a nutritious and tasty product. Its taste will depend on the shelf life of the fish. We choose only fresh fish.

Why caviar trout is useful?

The fact is that it contains many nutrients and components: proteins, minerals, acids, fats. It possesses therapeutic properties. Improves vision, restores the nervous system, increases immunity, treats different diseases.

How to sleep caviar trout at home

Usually fish in the store is sold frozen. We defrun the trout in vivo at room temperature. If after the purchase you have a fish lying in the freezer, put it in first in the fridge. When you see that the fish was attached, you can get it out of the refrigerator and give it to completely miserably. After the fish has frozen, remove the caviar from it, making a cut in the abdominal cavity. Ikra take out gently to not damage.

How caviar trout to sleep at home? Recipe simple. Before planting caviar, you need to clean from the so-called film. There are many recipes and recommendations on how to pickle a red caviar trout. The variety of taste depends on the amount of salt. Ikra does not taste salty, only after a zoom in the marinade it acquires taste. If you do not know how to sprinkle to caviar trout, this article will help you figure it out.

Red caviar cleansing process

Icra is cleared quite difficult: it requires patience and effort. There are several ways to clean the caviar.

First you need to clean the caviar from the film. At home, we need a bandage or fine sieve. After folding it into several layers, we get the sleeve we need. After they folded the bandage, put the caviar in it.

We rinse cartons with cold water. At the same time, we make rotational movements by hand. The entire film sticks out and will remain on the bandtica. Caviar cleaned.

Method No. 2: Clean the hot salted mortar

Easy and productive way. It has some nuances. For cleaning, we need to boil the water. We take a saucepan, we recruit water and put on the gas, adding salt into it with proportions of three spoons of salt on one liter of water. We stir the salt and give a little cool. Pour eggs with finished mortar. Cover the lid and leave to mock for 30 minutes. After that, Ikrinka will become more loyme.

Next we need a whisk or fork. We begin to interfere carefully in a circle, forming a funnel. Film from caviar wound on a whin or fork. After caviar, lay out on the gauze material so that the solution of the stack with caviar. Then carefully remove the caviar on the napkin or towel and wipe so as not to damage the eggs. The secret on how deliciously sawing the caviar trout, has long been revealed. The taste depends on the amount of salt in the marinade and the time of the content of caviar in the salty solution.

The process of salting caviar

The components for salting caviar include: salt, sugar, water.

What to do with them? How to pickle trout caviar - a prescription is simple. We take, fill with water to caviar and look so that the water covered the caviar completely and was a little higher than the eggs. That is, it turns out that water should be twice as bigger than caviar.

Further prepare the pickle

Take salt. How much salt will we need? Salts are fed in the ratio: two tablespoons on one glass of water. Then add two teaspoons of sugar. There is another way to find out whether salt is enough in our solution. Take a raw egg, dip it into the solution and add salt until the egg floats, such methods are used in the people. If the egg surfaced, the amount of salt content in the brine is sufficient. Next, boil our brine. Let me cool a little, you don't need boiling water. Marinade is ready!

Caviar must be pouring ready-made marinade and leave.

How long can I contain caviar trout in marinade? To whom, someone leaves for about 30 minutes, others put it in the refrigerator for two or three days. For more than three days it is impossible to store, otherwise it will deteriorate. But if you want to use caviar, I do not expect a full saltper, then 10 minutes after the caviar of the caviar marinade boldly serve it on the table.

How to roll caviar?

In order to contain caviar for a couple of days, we will need banks asked inside olive oil. Give me from Marinada Icra and pour it out for gauze. Let it dry and immerse in jars. Store no more than 3 days. Now you have learned how to pickle trout caviar!

Cook fast and tasty

Next, we learn how to quickly sleep the caviar trout. There are already many quick cooking methods. Is it difficult to plant caviar? Everything is simple, the main thing to have a desire! How to pick up caviar trout? The recipe consists of the following products:

  • Forenee caviar;
  • Sugar is about 50 grams;
  • Salt 100 grams;
  • water.

Clean the caviar from the film. For an accelerated process, we will need gauze tissue and water. We rinse on Marla caviar, making circular movements with hand, press a little, but so not to damage the eggs. The husk should stay on Marle. Next again we rinse the caviar, but already salty water. Then lay out on dry gauze and give Ires to dry.

Preparing marinade quickly

We need: caviar, salt, water, sugar. Water, salt and sugar need to mix. It turns out marinade. Purified by the specified method above the caviar add to marinade and put for 10 minutes in the refrigerator. After pulling out and speck it in a jar, lubricated with corn oil for storage, or immediately apply on the table. Icra trout is suitable for sandwiches, for beautiful morning breakfast. Breakfasting caviar, you acquire energy for the whole day. It has a greater energy value.

Cooking at home will protect you from purchases of non-darling and poor-quality products. If you observe all the proportions specified in the recipe, then your caviar will get better shop.

Red caviar storage secrets

If you want to store caviar, it must be cooled or freeze. Recommended temperature: from -4 to -6 ° C, with a shelf life of no more than 12 months.

Lightweight Cooking Trul Cabinet

What is the difference from the usual? You do not have to clean the caviar from the film immediately after defrosting. You will do this in the process of cooking marinade.

  • Icra trout;
  • water - 1 liter;
  • Sugar - 1 teaspoon;
  • Salt - 10 tablespoons.

Process of oiling

In the pan picking water. Pour salt into it. We put on gas.

We bring water to boiling. We are waiting for the salt dissolved, and turn off. We give a solution to cool up to about 40 degrees.

We add to it to the caviar in the bags. We leave it for 30 minutes. We take a whisk, whipping the caviar in the solution. The film itself will coach on the whine and the eggs will become clean.

Soldering process

Purified from the film caviar poured marinade. How to cook marinade? Sugar, salt and water mix and pour caviar. We leave for 15 minutes. Then the stelyem gauze into the colander, we pour the brine there with caviar. Watch in gauze and give Ires to Stack. After eliminating extra moisture, I drive the caviar to the glass jar. The caviar prepared on this recipe will be suitable for use within three days.

Fish Dishes Recipes


How to salt caviar trout at home according to the recipe with photos

Contents: 1 How to Snaperate Truly Cavory at Home: Recipe1.1 Ingredients1.2 How to Select the Desired Ingredients1.3 How to Snapely Fresh Caviar Trul House: Recipe ...

Salted salmon caviar - not comparable delicacy. She goes well under hot potatoes, toasts with butter, like filling for pancakes and just like an independent snack. Unfortunately, not always the Shop Ambassador corresponds to expectations.

But if you learn how to just sleep the caviar trout at home, then we will become a delicacy owner with the highest taste. Meet a step-by-step recipe with photos.

How to Snack Caviar Trul at Home: Recipe

Kitchen tools: Deep saucepan, flat plate for caviar, tablespoon, metallic whisk, metallic sieve.


Product amount
Caviar Ichor Pouch from one large fish
Heated to 70 degrees water 1 liter
Salt 2 tbsp. l.
Sugar 1 tsp.

How to choose the desired ingredients

  • If you are near Fish farms, you may be able to buy fresh raw materials and deliver it home in an ice container.
  • In another case, you can get caught a whole female with icons inside. Fruit of fish on average 1400 eggs per female. For this number, the weight of the female should be at least 1 kg. It is in such individuals and you can find a jaws - Ichor bags.
  • To shed the caviar of the trout at home, in recipes offer fresh fish as the most optimal option. But almost the same delicious eggs from chilled or frozen individuals will be. If you have taken a frozen product, then first let it be searched in the refrigerator 10-12 hours, and only then defrost at room temperature.
  • The quality of water will affect the final taste: it is unacceptable to take tap water with a stranger, for example, chlorinations or iron. Carefully filter the water for brine or buy purified.
  • Salt for cooking a tuzluk is best to take the cooking - it is quickly and without a trace soluble in water. Some more like sea salt.

How to salute fresh caviar trout at home: a recipe step

  1. First, we prepare the saline solution: 2 tablespoons of salt with a good slide throw in a pan with one liter heated to 70 degrees of water. In fish production, such a prepared brine is called Tuzluk. We will tell you how to pickle caviar trout at home.
  2. In the same container, add a teaspoon of sugar. Pretty stirring before dissolving the ingredients. To spend caviar to the trout at home, you also need sugar.
  3. We try tuzluk so that it is not hot, and warm, and we shift there a jaw. Look also a video about how to pickle caviar trout at home.
  4. Now we stir the jaw, floating in the brine, the wedge. We make neat rotational movements in one direction, and then to another. And so for 5 minutes. With stirring, the jaw is separated from the cheek. Allowers and shell with stirring will stick to the whisk. Remove them and continue gently mix. Find out all the subtleties of causing the caviar trout at home.
  5. Warm brine easily penetrates the eggs, they drink salt and start separated from each other. Hold them in the brine for another 3-4 minutes. When you see that the product has become crumbly, break everything through a metallic sieve or gauze and leave the minutes for ten minutes. The dried eggs taste and the kind of nothing differs from the factory product of the highest grade. At the same time, as part of a single harmful preservative, only natural ingredients. In our recipe, you can easily solit the caviar trout at home.
  6. Spread the finished product in glass jars and remove them into the fridge. After 3 hours, the dish can be served to the table.

    Important! The product prepared at home is recommended to be used in food within 2-3 days. If you slept ready-made eggs into sterile jars made of glass, and closed tightly, then at temperatures from -6 to -3 degrees, the product will remain up to 2 months. After opening the lid, use the contents of the bank for 2-3 days.

    Now you know how to solit caviar trout at home.


To clarify how to squeeze the caviar of the trout of the house, see a detailed and understandable video record.

Tips and tricks

  • Those who love salty taste check the saturation of the solution using purified raw potatoes. After you were satisfied and stirred water, throw potatoes into it. If the potato does not pop up, clear and stir still a little salt.
  • The temperature of the tuzluk before the jaws in it should be such that you can keep your finger in it. If water is more hot, then the eggs dissolve.
  • If Ikrinka after Sling and Pooking on the sieve still continue to stick together, then at home you can add a spoon-two refined vegetable oil, and mix gently.
  • If you have prepared a trout caviar, poured into the banks and stored at a minus temperature at home, then before serving on the table, first slowly defrost the product in a cool place, for example, on the refrigerator door. In the case of too fast defrost, the gentle shells can be worn, and this will spoil the aesthetic type of product.

Other wonderful recipes

  • In addition to caviar trout, which, as we saw, easy to sleep at home, recipes offer us and different ways of cooking the fish itself. For example, a trout in the oven in the recipes with a photo looks very nice and festively.
  • If you bought a whole fish, then together with your home can enjoy steaks from trout in the oven. In addition to the amazing taste, the pulp contains many amino acids and vitamins.
  • The remaining head and the tail of the head and the tail will be useful for cooking delicious welded ears from trout.
  • Another dietary and tasty fish is a thrust carp. The meat rich in protein and polyunsaturated acids helps in preventing atherosclerosis, improving blood formation. The thick-carp is very tasty, baked in the oven. It is prepared with vegetables or as a separate dish.
  • And pickled a crow-carp is a dish that will be appropriate on the table and to celebrations, and on weekdays.

The recipe provided today is very simple and balanced, the taste of the dish is obtained by weakly saline and delicate. The addition of sugar attaches some piquancy brine and serves as a kind of preservative. However, the one who has ever had ever done caviar has the own secrets of the salting. Write about your culinary finds. Let's create a perfect recipe for this useful home masterpiece.

This is the way that is simple and caviar is the most nice! Salt and sugar sand. All ! It is not worth gone, everything is much easier than we see in today's videos and articles of newly minted culinary culinary.

Icra trout ready for use
Icra trout ready for use

So - lucky!

Bought trout with caviar. Holiday at home and stories for a month. But do not hurry a friend, sleeping caviar must still be able to sleep. And here again lucky - got on my channel ..)))) Now the case "in the hat" - everything will turn out.

Before continuing, I want to introduce yourself. My name is Voronov Vyacheslav and I am born in 1965 Tver region. I want to thank someone who shares his recipe in the comments. 😄👌🏻

When I buy trout

Time is gloomy and not up to "fat", I buy fish only for great holidays, for example in the New Year. I buy in November, before spawning. Severed fish, immediately cook the saucepan for caviar, I know, bought a female!

Trout with caviar
Trout with caviar

Treatment of caviar in hot water

Iberize in a saucepan with hot water (a hand tolerates), gently tearing the bag with caviar. The film in the garbage, and that it remains soon, herself will move away.

Caution with a wedense in a saucepan with water caviar, I drive it along the bottom or in the floor of the water, so caviar is not damaging. A minute later I merge (so that the caviar did not jump out) and pour hot again.

The foam, which is departed from the caviar, with each such procedure exfoliate, pop up and during draining water go into non-existence in the sink. Caviar remains.

There are 10 and caviar of the wedge of such washes with stirring the wedge. Then I post on the towel, the excess fluid leaves and lay out into the deep container. By the way, after the salmon, the liquid in Icra does not stand out and the caviar is obtained by ikrinka to eggs.

Icra trout in film
Icra trout in film
Bulk hot water
Bulk hot water
Caviar Before breaking from the film
Caviar Before breaking from the film
Disconnect the caviar to the parts and from the film
Disconnect the caviar to the parts and from the film
I bother to caviar with a wedge (for the bottom)
I bother to caviar with a wedge (for the bottom)
I drag the water. Flakes are floating at the top and utilize in the sink
I drag the water. Flakes are floating at the top and utilize in the sink
I drag the water. Each flushing films less
I drag the water. Each flushing films less

Icres in fish 200 -250 gram (approximately). Saline

I actually poured a mixture of salt with sah. Sand and intuition did not fail. Salted slightly and well, very tasty.

Like that:

  • Salt - about 1 h. spoons
  • sah. Sand about 0.5 h. spoons

Mix the mixture with caviar and forget for a couple of hours. In the morning, at all finish .... Honest word - Delicious! Another day ate finally .... otodali something ..)))

On the coaching

If the caviar had been disliked, it would add more salts. Here as they say amateur. Make decisions only you ...

Share your recipes in the comments. I'm in YouTube. "Economy Voronov" and Subscribe on the canal in Zen.

Icra trout is ready to eat
Icra trout is ready to eat

Friends ! Your comments are new publications !!! Thank you for sharing your invaluable experience!

How to salute caviar trout

Caviar trout has long been delicacy. You can buy it in the store where it is sold in jars. In fact, the shopping caviar is not distinguished by bright taste characteristics. In addition, here you can buy artificial caviar, that is, a fake, which does not meet the data specified on the package at all. Truly, the true caviar of the trout can be tried if you spawn it yourself, using one of the well-known, but simple recipes.

Interesting facts about trout

Trout is a freshwater representative of a salmon family, which is characterized by valuable and delicious meat. Trout can be found in many reservoirs with clean, transparent and very cool water. As a rule, these are alpine reservoirs or reservoirs located closer to northern latitudes. Currently, trout is practiced artificially, especially in paid reservoirs, where many fishing lovers are sent with the hope of catching trout. It differs from representatives of their family enough caviar having a bright orange tint. Ikrinka translucent, measuring from 2 to 3 mm.

Features Forew caviar:

  • Although Ikrinka and small, but they have excellent taste.
  • It has a high level of content of beneficial substances, such as proteins, useful fats, fatty acids, trace elements and vitamins.
  • Easily absorbed by the body, does not burden the stomach, so it is permissible to use it at any age.
  • It helps to cope or prevent diseases such as atherosclerosis or immunodeficiency.
  • Improves blood formula and optimizes blood flow.
  • Strengthens bones, improves vision, increases the efficiency of cell membranes and nerve tissues.
  • Lowering the level of harmful cholesterol in the body.

When the caviar is extracted from fish, its appearance and flavoring characteristics are far from the finished product. Before the surge process, it needs to be separated from the film and rinse well. After singing, taste characteristics dramatically change.

After extracting from fish, it is permissible to store no more than 24 hours and only after the salmon, the terms of storage will increase. As a result, it turns out that product that everyone is used to consuming, especially on holidays.

How to choose caviar to salmon

To get a tasty and high-quality product, only a high-quality source product should be used. In other words, Icra needs to choose correctly, guided by some tips. For example, three types of caviar should be distinguished:

  • Sunny caviar or caviar "raw". This type of caviar is arched directly in the films, pre-rinse well. A similar product is stored for no more than a month, and besides that, it has a specific taste.
  • Pousic caviar. Icresses are arranged on a special recipe, using the method of presses, resulting in a homogeneous mass. A similar product has been stored throughout the year, possessing good taste characteristics.
  • Granular caviar. This is a caviar that matured. In the process of cooking, oil and salt add to it. The caviar prepared by this method has excellent taste. At the same time, the eggs are easily separated from one another.

Cooking trout caviar at home - recipes

Many tried to cook trout caviar on their own at home. Unfortunately, at home, it is impossible to get the same taste as it has a shopping caviar. Some cooking recipes are several. If you comply with the sequence of technological stages and the ratio of the ingredients, it will be possible to cook tastier to the caviar than in the store.

To spend caviar to the trout at home, you need to stock up the following products and tools:

  • Pottles or a bowl of glass.
  • A grid for filtering caviar or gauze.
  • Salt.
  • Sugar sand.
  • Vegetable oil.

In the process of work it is not recommended to apply dishes from other materials. The glass does not absorb the smell and does not highlight outsiders who can affect the taste of the finished product.

The scroll process itself cannot be called heavy. It is more responsible because you need to stick to a certain sequence. Only in this case will be able to try this delicacy, which has a gentle and pleasant taste, in which all useful substances are stored.

Simple classic recipe

To get the finished product you need to stock:

  • Forel caviar.
  • Salt.
  • Sugar sand.
  • Water.

Preparation steps:

  1. First of all, Icra free from the film. At home, march is applied for this operation. From the segment of gauze, a peculiar sleeve is formed, where the caviar is placed in the film. Washing under running water and rotating the sleeve, it turns out to be free from the film from the film. The caviar will be cleared, and the film will remain on Marle.
  2. At the next stage, a solution for salting is prepared. As a rule, the solution is made concentrated, with a large salt content. Water must be placed on fire and bring to a boil, after which salt and sugar fall asleep. Better if it is a sea salt. The solution includes: 1 liter of water is used 200 g of salts and 100 g of sugar. The solution must bother about 5-8 minutes.
  3. The solution is removed from the fire and leave it to be cooled. It is impossible to pour with hot mortar, as caviar, just weld.
  4. After cooling, this solution is poured by caviar and leave it for 5-6 minutes. If it is supposed to store the product for a long time, then you can leave for half an hour.
  5. The solution is then merged, after which the caviar should stand so for 2 or 3 days, depending on how much it was in the brine.

Everyone got used to the fact that the caviar is present on various sandwiches. In fact, it can be eaten as an independent product or add to various dishes or salads.

At the same time, it should be remembered that the caviar is distinguished by the capacity of a large amount of nutritional ingredients, so it is not recommended a lot. To replenish the human body with vitamins and trace elements, it is enough to eat no more than 3 sandwiches per day.

Calf Quick Fast Recipe

Such products will be required:

  • Icra trout, fresh.
  • Sugar.
  • Salt.

How the product is prepared:

  1. The first stage is the removal of the film with the help of gauze or sieve, after which it is thoroughly washed under running water.
  2. Prepared, pure caviar is placed in a glass ass and fall asleep with a mixture of salt and sugar, in a 2: 1 ratio.
  3. Icra with a mixture carefully, but gently mixed, after which it is left for 10 minutes.
  4. After that, the caviar is released from the liquid that has appeared. To do this, it is placed in gauze and suspend for 10-15 minutes.
  5. In conclusion, caviar is placed in a glass jar and sent to a cool place for 5-6 hours. After this period of time, the caviar can be eaten.

How to salute fresh caviar trout in a tuzluk

To do this, you must have:

  • Icra trout, fresh.
  • Iodized salt - about 700 grams.
  • Sugar - 50 grams.
  • One liter of water.

This recipe does not require the release of caviar from the film before the salting. Caviar free from the film in the process of salting.

Preparation steps:

  1. Water poured into the glass dishes and salt and sugar fall asleep.
  2. The dishes are placed on the middle fire and the mixture is brought to a boil. In the process of dissolving the salt and sugar, the mixture is advisable to regularly stir.
  3. The resulting tuzluk should cool up to 55 degrees.
  4. Caviar in the film is sent to this mixture. The caviar is whipped with a wedge, and so that the film, in the process of these movements, wounded on the whisk.
  5. After complete cleaning of the caviar, it is left somewhere for 15-20 minutes so that it is soaked with salt.
  6. After 5 minutes, you can taste the caviar to the calf. Somewhere after 20 minutes, the caviar is released from the brine. To do this, it is placed in a colander. It is desirable that the entire tuzluk stack.

The finished product is stored in a glass, well-closed jar. Icra, prepared in this way, desirable to eat for 2 or 3 days. Otherwise, Icra is better sent to the freezer, as it will lose its taste and further use of it, will remain in question.

Far Eastern way

To pickle caviar on this recipe, you will need:

  • Icra trout, preferably fresh.
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic.
  • 50 grams of soy sauce.
  • 50 grams of sesame oil.
  • Acute pepper to taste.
  • Lemon juice.

Cooking technique:

  1. Caviar should be cleaned of film by any available way, after which it is thoroughly rinsed with water.
  2. Then a kind of sauce is prepared. Garlic is passed through garlic, after which sesame oil, lemon juice and soy sauce are added to it. A red pepper is added here. The mixture is left to imagine for 15 minutes.
  3. In conclusion, the sauce is poured into the caviar and insist the product, as well as for 15 minutes. Everything, the product is ready to use.

Some Trul Calf Soldering Secrets

  • For the preparation of such a product, not only fresh, but also fresh-frozen caviar. The quality of the finished product will depend on how correct the caviar will be dropped. The process should pass naturally in the refrigerator, after the caviar moves here from the freezer. Caviar in the refrigerator is about 10 hours, after which the defrost process ends at room temperature.
  • The cooking process requires all the necessary tools and devices to be present so that you do not have to search for them in the process.
  • If the caviar turned out to be too salty, then before use it should be pouring on 10 minutes with boiled water or black tea.
  • The caviar cooked at home can be kept no more than 75 days, and then, depending on the method of preparation.

Everyone knows that Ikra Trouta is a delicacy, with unsurpassed taste. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that this delicacy is fairly easy to prepare himself, at home, especially since much ingredients will not need. Homemade cooking has its advantages, especially since our time the manufacturer, and especially the seller of finished products are not interested in quality. In this regard, it is possible to purchase not high quality, and often overdue products, which can cause significant harm to human health. Caviar, cooked houses are deprived of these flaws, which means that it is useful and tasty, the more not able to harm the health of his family members.

Despite this, it is not necessary to get involved in caviar, because its use should have its norms. This does not mean that the caviar can harm health, but the benefit of this will not be accurate. Icra is an expensive product and excessive product consuming will simply be useless.

Soldering caviar trout - Photo Step 1

1. I caviar to the promotion, but it is not necessary to extract it from the jaw.

Soldering Trul Icra - Photo Step 2

2. Now separately boil water with salt and sugar so that everything dissolves. With this brine, we fill with jaws, we begin to beat the wrestrome as an omelet.

Soldering caviar trout - Photo Step 3

3. We do so while all films from jassums will not twist on the whisk and will not take off. We leave caviar for 10-20 minutes depending on how much salty product you want to get in the end.

Soldering caviar trout - Photo Step 4

4. That's all! Ross merge, and caviar to the table! It is necessary to store it in the refrigerator about 2-3 days, no more. Good luck!

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