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I do not regret the collapse of the USSR

"I do not regret the collapse of the USSR"

- If Melman came to Gozman - what would it mean, what do you think? What is it for?

- To the rain, probably.

- And I thought to Hanukkah. Well, then let's drink for yours, and maybe for our hopeless thing. The fact that you defend so Ryano and brightly sometimes on the central federal TV.

- I do not know if I will ever defend him there ...

- Yes, something lately you have no appearance there.

- I have a feeling that I turned on the red light. Maybe I'm mistaken. And about the hopelessness of the case ... No, it is not hopeless. The experience of human civilization shows that ultimately ideas based on the idea of ​​human freedom, they eventually win. We defeat in those countries where 2000 years ago, it seems to me that they go back to Christianity to the Gospel. But also in countries that were once very far from this. For example, in India, which proudly calls himself the largest democracy of the world. And I do not see any reason to believe that it can not be defeated in Russia.

- But in the 90s, this seems to be defeated. So at least consider your supporters. But you, sorry, the prospect ... I can not name it in any way. Many of your colleagues tritely sold ideals - who for money, who is for power. And most likely, they didn't have ideals.

- Yes and no. You are absolutely right in the fact that someone from those who started reform really could not stand temptations. But I do not agree with what "pro ..." and that the cause of the problem is in the weaknesses of individual people.

In the 90s, we began movement in the right direction and achieved a lot. A private property was established in the country, a market economy was built, the boundaries were opened (and until they closed!), Institutions of political democracy were created - unfortunately. But, you know, a swimming pool without water from the old Soviet joke is better than at all without the pool: all the pipes are connected, nap water, and will function. Here the pipes and others in the nineties were made, with water it turned out worse. That is, from two tasks that stood in the nineties - building a market economy and political democracy, - from the first country, society as a whole coped with the second - no. Of course, the failure in the construction of democracy is now at risk and achievements in the construction of a normal economy. Well, the reactions of people are understandable. In the 90s, people suffered tremendous difficulties - not only material, but also moral. Even consumption growth has its negative consequences. Previously, for example, "Zhiguli" were almost a symbol of life success - to buy this bucket with spare parts, people "north" were leaving for years. And now used "Zhiguli" can buy any kid, a couple of months, having worked as a waiter in the Moscow cafe. On the one hand, it is very good. But it also depreciates the achievements of his grandfather! ..

- But remember: "There were worse times, but there were no lower" ...

- And it seems to me that it is not suitable for the nineties, but by now. We, of course, the monstrous retreat in recent years ...

- Rollback?

- Yes, rollback, terrible completely. More than we waited. Of course, after each Great Revolution, there is a rollback, thermalidor. This is a normal thing. The fact is that the time of revolution, the rapid global transformations - this time is very interesting and very heavy. Very interesting for the minority and severe for the majority. Nostalgia for the past and the counter-reaction elite is natural. But such as now, we, of course, did not expect.

- Do you call the Great Revolution to the collapse of the Great Country? As Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin said: "Who is not regretful about it, there is no heart."

- Vladimir Vladimirovich has very large powers: he is commander-in-chief, etc., but he has no authority to explain to me, who has a heart and who has it. I'll figure it out in this myself, honestly. And for me in this case the authority is not in any way.

- You were born in the country that no longer. And in no way regret it?

- No, I'm not very sorry about it. Moreover, at one time, I was struck by the presidential speech that was the largest geopolitical catastrophe of the twentieth century. Our country was the will of the fate of one of the most affected countries of World War II. Our people were a victim of a communist experiment. It seems to me that in this context, to call the collapse of the Soviet Union by the largest geopolitical catastrophe of at least weird.

- You, as always, in the minority.

"You know, someone said:" If you are with a majority, think about what you are not right. " About the collapse of the Soviet Union, I'll tell you what. I believe that the peaceful collapse of the Communist Experiment is an event of the same scale and the same level of positive as the destruction of Nazi Fascism.

- That is, you again put the Stalin Socialism and Hitler's fascism on one board?

- No, these are completely different systems. Fascism, more precisely, Nazism is the ideology initially criminal, inhuman. Communism is initially, of course, not criminal, but the communist practices were as rawlly, as terrible (and maybe worse) than the practitioners of Hitler's Germany. Therefore, I think that the cessation of a communist experiment is a good for humanity and, of course, good for Russia. The collapse of the Soviet Union was in this sense by side effect. He passed, apparently, not optimal. Probably, it was possible to do it better. Probably it was possible to make so that there were less human problems, while those arisen.

I do not separate myself from my country and, as today's Germans consider themselves responsible for Hitler's fascism, as well as I consider myself responsible for the crimes of the communist regime and for everything that was done in our country. It all sits inside us, inside our culture, and it does not go anywhere. Something was in Germany, which helped to come to power Hitler; Something was with us, which made it possible to seize the power to the Bolsheviks. Our task, like the task of the Germans, is not to close your eyes, and keep this latent disease under control, not to give it to break out. Therefore, I think, the German right, when they lead their children to the concentration camp turned into memorials and say: see what horror we, the Germans, worked. And we are all trying to talk about noble securityists and about a little one who did not shoot anyone ...

"Look, everyone has already believed, and you alone remained such a freak"

- How do you have comrades from the democratic community? The fact that you until recently performed on federal channels - they are interpreted as betrayal. So you are a traitor for them? And even, perhaps, they believe that since you have allowed there - it means that you are tested in all places of the little man there, upstairs. So why did you admitted to these federal channels, what do you think?

- This is a complex and controversial question. As betrayal is rarely interpreted, although there is such. What is important to me is what people who are for me are supported in this, and for many of our fellow citizens unconditional moral authorities, "they call after the programs, they say: do not give up, etc. I will not, naturally, call names.

Well, in fact, of course, I was allowed on TV because it was allowed by the administration. I understand perfectly well that they are trying to use me. I have a good figure for them. I think that if they refused me now, then not without regret.

- Good in what? Look at their eyes on yourself.

- I am a very convenient representative of the opposition.

- Yes, the last name you have a good ...

- I am Jewish. I have a rather strong squint, and "God is notching" - in relation to people with severe physical disabilities in the people, the mass of prejudices. Finally, I never hid, but on the contrary, proudly spoke of his belonging to the Gaidar team. And these are the most hated people in our country. Thus, they take me and say: "Here, see, Jew, the squint, a friend of these villains - here is he is your enemy."

- They spoke to you right?

- Yes, with some of them I met. But it was a long time ago. Before that, I was in a stop-sheet - and suddenly began to start to the TV. Accidentally everything turned out. And then the system works slowly, and if you already got somewhere, you will not throw you out soon. At one time, two people did not take me a pass to the Kremlin, which remained since Chubais was the head of the administration, - go where you want! Just forgotten, and then remembered.

"So what do you go for this Kremlin TV?"

- There is some percentage of people in the country who believes in fastenings, lifting the knees, malicious Obama ...

- almost 90%.

- Not so simple. These people believe in Obama, as in the devil, to the fact that the "Englishman Got", and support Vladimir Vladimirovich in the fact that it seems to them the struggle for the national dignity of the country. But if you with the same person who explains with passion that the Crimea is ours, and Obama - SMO, talk about pensions, housing conditions, etc., then he is very quickly moving to an abnormative vocabulary, which is addressed to our Sun - President of the Russian Federation. Or listen to people say, while waiting for his tuple. I've been thirty yesterday, I heard many interesting words ... that is, people support actually only aggressive foreign policy, because the authorities could convince them that they are in the rings of enemies that everyone wants to destroy us.

But it is about 90 percent. And I go for others. There are people who do not believe. And these people are very hard.

- They are terribly far from the people.

- And remember, Pushkin said: "I managed to be born with my mind and talent ..."

- Sorry, who are you now associated with these lines?

- With those people who are sick of "spiritual cracks", from "getting out of the knees", from the annexation of the Crimea.

- And you a priori give them to mind and talent?

- Certainly. Of course, they are smarter than those who believe in all this.

- This is arrogance, do you understand?

- No, this is a reality. The middle intellect of the janitor is below the middle intellect of academician. Although, of course, there are very smart wipers and very stupid academicians. And a person who does not believe lies and primitive propaganda, on average smarter than who allowed himself to deceive.

- There are very clever people who serve the authorities on the full program, you know.

- Certainly. I just don't like the word "serving." There are people who understand everything, but believe that in their posts they can even do something important in these conditions. And do, by the way. Well, there are smart propagandists who themselves do not believe in what they say. Here are these - serving.

- Of course, do not believe. But the way you feel about the people, sorry for pathos, is a big one and your supporters a mistake.

- I treat people as I think necessary. In the coffin, I saw any estimates.

- Therefore you are all the time and lose.

- First, I did not ask your estimates.

- This is my reaction to your words, and I will react as I consider it necessary.

- Do you interview me or am I?

- You will learn me how to interview? What are you offended? ..

- No, I was not offended. I protect my rights. I am not speaking on behalf of any Party "Apple", but from myself, I do not interest the results of television votes. I think that if the people are deceived, it is necessary to realize it. Everyone, and ultimately - the people themselves. The deceased Merab Mamardashvili said: "If my people choose Gamsakhurdia, I will be against my people." And the German anti-fascists spoke to their fellow citizens: "You are crazy - for whom you vote?!" Quite often, people find themselves in the minority. Their debt is to explain to the majority that it is deceived. This is not a reason for contempt for this majority. I never use the words like "Vatnika", "Colorates" ...

- Words ... and thoughts?

- And thoughts too. I believe that our citizens are situationally deceived. No they are "slaves" and not "Anchoves". Once again: I do not approve of such words nor such assessments. But I sympathize with those people who could not be deceived, and they are very hard now. TV, every day demonstrating the unreal unity of the people and the authorities, as if he says to these people, a specific person: "You stayed alone. Look, everyone has already believed, everything is already together, in a single building, and you left such a freak. "

- And you want to say with your presence in their current show: no, you're not alone? ..

- This is one of the tasks. In a fairy tale about the bare king, the worst thing is not that people saw the naked king and for reasons of pragmatic made the appearance that they think that he was dressed. This is Polwy. It is much more terrible that many people have seen his "beautiful clothes" in fact. I am a psychologist for education - this is called conformity. When ten people tell you to black, that it is white, in some cases you begin to see it white. But if one person appears in this "pressure group", which says as it is, the pressure drops to zero. So I say that the king is naked (I, as you understand, do not talk about specific individuals, but about the situation, in general). Therefore, I treat your speeches on TV very seriously as the mission that I fell. But now, it seems they left me.

- Nothing, instead you will come up with another.

"Don't consider pride, but it's not so simple." In a minority, one against everyone, be difficult. Yes, and I'm not the one who recently began to call "Call Liberals", I do not need anything from the authorities - neither grants nor posts. I do not care for them.

- Well, if you call again in the "drawer", beat? You know how some comrades from the opposition: we are opposed to, and as soon as Introduce your finger from the Government of the Russian Federation, so they are already the first in line at the Cabinet. So you wait for the call? Maybe this is for you already a drug some?

- The stylistics is not exactly about me - to run, with a finger ... I, by the way, I consider it an absolutely true principle: not to impose on the service, not to refuse. And when people offer a responsible position on which they can do something, they, I believe, are obliged to accept this offer. "The worse, the better," there was never a slogan of our team, this led himself.

Photo: from a personal archive

And about the TV ... Yes, this is a drug, I give myself a report in this, but it is not important. The main thing is the mission, the matter. Therefore, I will be glad if they call.

"But why did Boris Nemtsov have not called the TV all over the last years to a TV, and you just at this time with great pleasure?" You know the rules of the game: What can I say that it is impossible?

- I understand the rules of the game, but constantly breaking. I never adhered them. Listen, I have managed to say the following things lately, and it passed on Moscow: to demand Vladimir Putin's resignation.

- In connection with Ukraine?

- by totality merit. Further, I said that the war in Syria was launched in order to cover the defeat in Ukraine and to introduce a de facto martial law for the period of economic crisis, and we were not against ISHIL, but to meet ambitions. And a lot of the same. But there are some things that I never did and is not going to do.

- Personal insults?

- Yes. I believe that it was just wrong and never immediately in reasoning about the physical data of the first persons, about their personal life ... But from a certain moment it seems to me that without the resignation of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin there will be no chance of improving the situation. And here I told and justified it. I will call again - I will speak.

- Putin's resignation - and what's next? Do you calculate the moves?

- I think that after Putin's resignation for some period it can become even worse. Now we have a state similar to the state of Mussolini, and after Putin's resignation, it may have to become like a state of Hitler for some time ...

- And who, who will be Hitler?

- Challengers in bulk. There is even one deputy prime minister.

- Do you mean Dmitry Rogozin?

- That you said.

"Yeltsin had no choice but Putin"

- The problem is that with normal political tools - the elections primarily - our situation is not corrected. There are no elections on the fact, almost like in the USSR. It is very bad because it can explode everything, and it will not seem to know anyone.

Someone continues attempts to political agreements with the authorities: you, they say, we allow us to pass in the Duma, and we will be fluffy. It's pointless.

- And see what the "apple" was done. It merged after constant contracts with power.

- Smart differs from the fool in that when the situation changes - it changes the strategy. And the fool always beats in one point. At some point, it was meaningful with the authority with the authorities - when there was a chance to split the elite, that the authorities will split, as a political bureau, which provided the peaceful collapse of communism. And now everything is convicted. Look at the Duma. In the 95th from the "Democratic Choice of Russia", in which I had the honor to consist, 5 people took place in the Duma on single-member districts. Then one merged, and four kept the banner and strongly influenced the situation in parliament. And in the 99th year we took about 9%, we even had a fraction. We were then slightly more than 30 people, but we ensured about half the bills. Yes, and all the most important, the most constructive laws were taken from our filing. That is, they are fighting not by the number, but the ability. And now what will you do? ..

Photo: from a personal archive

- Now you repent of the slogan "Putin to the presidency, Kiriyenko in the Duma"?

- Then Yeltsin had no choice. Because Evgeny Maksimovich Primakov, who now remember with such warmth, was different from Putin only by military rank. Putin was a lieutenant colonel KGB, and Primakov - Lieutenant-General. Another difference: Putin was in young years in Germany, and Primakov - in Baghdad, was friends with Saddam Hussein. And at that moment Putin was Creature Boris Nikolayevich.

- Boris Nikolayevich or Boris Abramovich?

- Yes, do not demonize Boris Abramovich! Putin supported Yeltsin. Putin worked with Sobchak and, it seemed, promised the westernization of the country. By the way, at first this way and went.

- How did Putin work with Sobchak in St. Petersburg? Do you remember what Marina Salle wrote about him? ..

- Listen, I wrote different about him. And in politics, and in general in life we ​​choose not the option between bad and good, but simply compare: what's worse, what is better?

- Remember what I said in my program Sergey Dorenko about Putin's arrival in power? It is now he is white, fluffy and Kremlin, and then "at the request" of Berezovsky frightened the teeth of the Gabached dragon, which germinate from the ground. So he understood then, and you did not understand?

- I can give you a secret: I did not vote for Putin - the "Union of Right Forces" gave its members the right of free voting. My wife and I went to the polls, defended the queue and voted "against all". We did not want to give our voice to Vladimir Vladimirovich precisely because he was a lieutenant colonel KGB. But if there was a second round, we would most likely voted for Putin.

- Let's talk about the opposition. It doesn't seem to you that she often makes a pit herself, while in all his failures the power blames? Oppositionists will never agree among themselves, all the time they swear, go around, and their significance is already close to zero. And if the power breaks down by itself because of his own contradictions, the opposition will have nothing to do with it.

- The hero of the novel "All Royal Raint", the governor, spoke to his friend and assistant: "There is nothing in the world except evil. And if you want to do good, you have to do it out of evil, like bricks. " People - they are that. Politics is a matter of competitive and ambitious, and politicians are exactly the same. Such a "terrarium of like-minded people" arises always and everywhere in any country. And if there are normal elections in the country, I will vote not for a good person, but for a certain path of the country's development. And to implement this path will be far from perfect people - no reason for the angels.

- In RAO "UES" on the senior position you worked for about 10 years. Working on bread places, did you become a wealthy person?

- I am a secured person. I received a high salary in RAO UES of Russia. But we live quite modestly. The car on which I drive is "Volkswagen-Passat", which explicitly does not apply to the number of luxurious. My wife goes to Mazda-3 - this is not "Bentley", not "Ferrari" ... With this way of life of the salary, which I received in RAO "UES of Russia", not only enough for life, but also to - What to postpone.

- You do not have such thoughts that you will come for you?

- I do not exclude this. But what to do? Tomorrow I will go on an unauthorized march. Exclusively protecting self-esteem: I do not want to give up. Once I broke my hand with arrest. Stayed a couple more times. And maybe at all in something crazy blame, such as trading drugs or espionage in favor of Honduras. So the risk of course is. But I will definitely continue to do and say what I think needs. Life is so finite. It is necessary that in the mirror it was not disgusting.

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Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman (born on July 13, 1950, Leningrad) - Russian politician, President of the All-Russian Public Movement "Union of Right Forces".

Former party co-chairman "Right case" (from 2008 to June 2011). He was one of the members of the Federal Political Council of the Union of Right Forces Party (since 2001), since 2004 - the secretary of ideology since 2005 - the FPS Deputy Chairman, from September 26, 2008, was acting chairman of the Federal Political Council of the ATP. Earlier, since 1993, the secretary of the Federal Political Council of the Democratic Choice of Russia Party, from 1999 to 2008 - Member of the Board, Plenipotentiary Representative for Work with Authorities and Public Organizations of RAO UES of Russia, from 2008 to 2013 - Director of Humanitarian Projects OJSC Rosnano. Member of the Public Council of the Russian Jewish Congress, President of the Perspective Foundation.

What famous Leonid Gozman, grandson of the traitor: biography and who is his wife

What famous Leonid Gozman, grandson of the traitor: biography and who is his wife

What famous Leonid Gozman, grandson of the traitor: biography and who is his wife

Leonid Gosman is a famous domestic politician, which can often be seen in media space.

It has its liberal and unconventional look at the problems in the country.

Leonid was born in Leningrad in 1950 in a poor family. About Mother Gozman no practically no information.

It is only known that the father throughout his life worked in the defense industry, and Grandfather was shot during the war by German soldiers for Jewish roots.

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After graduating from school, Leonid went to Moscow, where he entered Moscow State University, defended his doctoral thesis and began to teach psychology.

In general, the teaching is closely connected with his career policy, which began literally a few years before the collapse of the Soviet Union.

It is the knowledge of the psychology of management that allowed him to quickly achieve high results in political activities.

What famous Leonid Gozman, grandson of the traitor: biography and who is his wife

In 1993, Gosman flies to America, where several years teaches psychology in one of the universities and parallel studies the political system of the United States.

Today, Leonid Gozman is one of the chairmen of the political party "Right case."

It can often be seen as a guest on various political programs on television.

As for the personal life of Gozman, then he prefers not to disclose it particularly.

What famous Leonid Gozman, grandson of the traitor: biography and who is his wife

From various sources there is information that Leonid has a wife, daughter and two grandchildren.

Wife policy has the formation of a psychologist. The daughter decided to go in the footsteps of the parents.

In 1997, she graduated from Moscow State University in the specialty "Social Psychology".

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Some strokes to the biography of the deserved lampshar of Russia Leonid Gozman.

Covert citizens voluntarily sent to the auxiliary services and divisions of the Hitler's occupiers themselves, the Germans themselves called "HIVII" (Hilfswilliger - who wants to help). And if some modern historians cast doubt on the voluntariness of the service to the Germans at least some of these trains of the Motherland, then there is no biggest grounds for the choice of the current "hii".

It is not only about skinheads and neo-language who have decided to become cannonous meat in the carbathy and even more enrich the fat Donbass black soil, and not about runaway urban madmen, like actor Anatoly Pashinin. More dangerous are "Hiwi" of the information front, with those that remain in the territory of the Russian Federation formally are our fellow citizens and have arrogance to speak on behalf of Russians, or at least parts of Russian society.

As a rule, these are completely over-term characters that do not stop not only before apparent manipulations, but also before the frank lie. No framework - moral, or at least etiquette, for them there for a long time does not exist, as not and not the slightest concern for their good name, long ago and irrevocably lost. They are entirely aimed at achieving any task set before them. And the fact that at the same time they look frank clowns or perfect villains, they do not care anything at all - the main thing is that the owner is pleased with them.

One of the bright representatives of this cohort of propagandists - "scumbags", consciously sent to the service to the enemies of our country and our people, is the disturbing liberal Leonid Gozman, currently actively acting in the interests of the Ukrainian structures of psychological operations (PSO).

He began with the fact that in September 2014 he signed a statement with the requirement to "stop the aggressive adventure: to bring Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine and stop the propaganda, material and military support for separatists in the south-east of Ukraine."

From 2017 to 2018, he led the author's program "Gozman" on the Ukrainian TV channel 112. It should be noted that in Russia this character, to put it mildly, is not popular. With the exception of the narrow circle of his like-minded people, our fellow citizens consider him a classic representative of Demshiza and a member of the fifth column.

He most famous as a result of a famous scandal for the Victory Day, when Deonid Yakovlevich wrote ".. The Smered was not a beautiful form, but this is perhaps the only difference between their sS troops. [...] I have no doubt, at the same time, as honest soldiers were in Smegor. But it only happened so that they served in the structure, no less criminal than the SS. "

It is clear that with such an anamnesis, it is difficult to use it for information stuffing to Russian media space (confidence in such a source is difficult to expect). A completely different business is the Ukrainian audience, in the eyes of which Gozman should personify the "honest part of the people of Russia", the leading struggle is not for life, but to death with the "hateful regime".

It should be noted here that the main object of Ukrainian PSO units is its own population, and here their success is much more significant than in other directions.

And there is a considerable contribution of Leonid Gozman. And what does this master of the spoken genre tells Ukrainians? We give a few quotes.

"Tonight, a joyful event happened, which was that the Americans hit Syria, and our did not answer." "For me, it was generally a naughty on Syria ... However, this is a bad word. It is more correct - not very worried. "You can say anything, but the boy said, but did not (about the President of the Russian Federation). On this occasion, you can be shattered. "" Our propaganda was able to convince Russian citizens that there was a coup in Ukraine, who was arranged by zokalny Americans. You suppose you do not know that these Americans have made Maidan, and we know (it is said with sarcasm). "" This is superiority over the world (about the Russian president). "" Crimea is Ukraine. I consider the peninsula annexed and affiliated to Russia by force, with a violation of all human and divine laws. "" I was forced to apologize to some veterans in Russia, when I said that one German organization of the middle of the last century and Smeroid is very similar to me. Organizations. "" Putin in Russia no one supports. Putin will give way. "" After Putin's departure, everything will be fine. "

As we see, almost the main task of Gozman, speaking in front of the Ukrainian audience, "as an expert, convince it in the early" Putin's care "and inevitable in this case" Roll ".

In addition, Leonid Yakovlevich Kiev specialists of the psychological war are used to "confirm" their own chambers. Because of which Gozman had to voiced and support the "toilet" claims of Kiev.

For the decision of the task, he took a very zealo, and even the appearance of video in the network, in advance by the FSB officers, at which everything was recorded on the spot, about the disappearance of what the Ukrainian side stated, did not coole him.

He continued to argue that the jolts are still stolen, and the video is nothing more than a fading, removed unknown where. At the same time, Gosman completely ignores the fact that in the same video there are footage, on which Ukrainian officers sign an act of receiving the transfer of boats and tows and do not prevent any claims. Of course, Gozman cannot disagree that he is "substituted" and even risks earn a new "Preli" - "toilet", but he is ready to take a chance. And we must admit, there is, for what.

Leonid Yakovlevich earn quite well and made a decent state. In 2007 (more than recent data on it, there is no rich, Gosman filed a declaration when nominating the candidacy for the State Duma. According to the documents, it was observed that its acts significantly exceed 100 million rubles, and additional sources of income were not indicated in the declaration, which we can conclude that the final amount on his account may exceed 400 million rubles, without taking into account the elite real estate in the center of Moscow, country houses and cars.

However, it would not be fair to say that the whole thing is exclusively in the naked mercantilism.

Gozman has personal scores to our country and its Soviet past. So, eight years before his birth was executed his grandfather.

Grandfather's grandfather, Aaron Gosman during the war was recognized as Deserter and a coward, and he was shot in 1942.

This delightful heredity received the final "cut" in the United States, in the Woodrow Wilson International Center, where Gozman was preparing for the management of "New Russia". And although by returning to Russia, he took the post of adviser to the head of the Presidential Administration (from August 1996 to March 1998), and then - the first deputy head of the Government of the Russian Federation Anatoly Chubais, his mission turned out to be impossible. And now, instead of the status of the American "looking", he has to be content with the position of "Hii" on the pickup of Ukrainian special projectists, to fool the head with gullible farmers and fight for the return of Ukrainian toilet bowls. Truly - Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.


- zinc

Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman's biography is interesting to everyone who is not indifferent to modern domestic politics. Currently, he is the President of the All-Russian Public Movement "Union of Right Forces". Earlier was the co-chair of the party "The right thing", supervised the questions of ideology, was the acting chairman of the Federal Political Council of the ATP. In the early 90s, our article was part of the Federal Political Summer Party "Democratic Choice of Russia". He worked at RAO UES of Russia. Until 2013 was the Director of Humanitarian Affairs of the Open Joint Stock Company Rosnano. Also included in the public council of the Russian Jewish Congress, manages the "Perspective" Foundation.

early years

To consider the biography of Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman since 1950, when he was born in Leningrad. It happened on July 13th. The biography of Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman's parents was not easy. His father Yakov was the son of Aaron Gozman, shot in 1942. According to some reports, the hero itself of our article partially told in numerous interviews, his grandfather was Muscovite, from where he was called to the front. In 1942 he was shot, presumably, for cowardice and desertion.

Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman's parents lived that the Father Yakov Borisovich, after the Great Patriotic War, worked in the defense industry. About the mother of the hero of our article is almost nothing unknown. More than once prevented the nationality of Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman in the biography. He is a Jew.

After school, he entered Moscow State University at the Faculty of Psychology, which graduated in 1976. After stayed in Moscow State University as a teacher. After seven years, he defended his thesis dedicated to the theoretical premiums of empirical study of an interpersonal attraction, became a candidate of psychological sciences.

Political career

Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman

An important event in the biography of Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman occurs in 1992, when he meets Egor Gaidar. The hero of our article remains to work as an adviser.

In 1993, he participated in the movement "Choice of Russia", and then joined the party "Democratic Choice of Russia". After that, for several years in America.

In 1995, Leonid Gosman took part in the elections to the State Duma from the Party "Democratic Choice of Russia".

From 1996 to 1998 he was an adviser to President Boris Yeltsin, then helped Chubais, when he was the first deputy chairman of the government. In 1999, he began to work as an advisor to the Chairman of the Board of RAO UES of Russia in the same Chubais.

In the summer of 1999, he enters the headquarters of the political unit "Union of Right Forces".


If you believe the declarations that Gozman served in the Central Election Commission before the elections to the State Duma in 2006, at that time he had the greatest income among all the leaders of the "ATP". For the year he managed to earn almost 13 million rubles.

At the same time, he owned by two sites in the Moscow region, four apartments in St. Petersburg and Moscow, the "Nissan Almera" car and the shares of the Open Joint-Stock Company Rosneft-Stavropolneftegaz. In the accounts of several banks, he had more than 60 million rubles.

Membership in the "Union of Right Forces"

Politician Leonid Gozman

Photo by Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman began to regularly appear in the press when he became one of their leaders "ATP". In 2001 he was elected a member of the political council.

In 2005, the leader of the party was invited to elect Nikita White, and his deputy on ideology to do just Gozman. An alternative candidate at the time was Ivan Starikov, who called white cover, thanks to which the batch would still be able to control Chubais.

White himself confessed that the Gozman really suggested that Chubais really suggested, who at that time was still the informal leader of the "ATP". Analysts believed that Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman agreed to become the second number, realizing that the party headed by a member of the Board of Directors of RAO UES would never fall into parliament. In May of the same year, he was elected to the federal political council of the Vice-Chairman. Before the elections to the Moscow City Duma, an association with the "apple" Grigory Yavlinsky spoke with an "apple".

Collapse ATC.

The fate of Leonid Gozman

In all newspapers, Leonid Gozman's photos appeared when he still dismissed Nikita White from the post of Chairman of the ATP. At the next congress, a decision was made about self-sewing and entering the party "Right case". By that time, many prominent figures were already out of the "ATP": whites, Owned Maximov, Maria Gaidar. Founders of social movement "Solidarity" Vladimir Milov and Boris Nemtsov also called for supporters to leave "ATP" and join them.

Nemtsov insisted that Gosman, agreeing to work in the Kremlin project, makes a political mistake, turning the batch into the puppet.

Gozman himself actively urged the opposition to cooperate with the authorities, considering that only in this way it seems possible to promote and protect liberal values. At the liquidation congress of "ATP", Maximov said that the result of the voting was predetermined, and he compared with Penen, at least the latter and had an excuse, since he managed to postpone the occupation of France by the fascists.

In December 2008, it became officially aware that the "ATP" and the "Civil force" party were self-dedicated. Supporters "ATP" regarded this as a betrayal, and Gozman insisted that only in this way it is possible to make an entry into the "right case". Namely, this party should lead all supporters of the "ATP" to return to the State Duma.

Exit from the "right case"

Oppositionist Leonid Gosman

Soon in the biography of Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman there was another turn when he left and the game "Right Cause". In 2012, he already performed as a guest guest at the congress of the Liberal Party "RPR-Parnas", which Mikhail Kasyanov was founded, Boris Nemtsov and Vladimir Ryzhkov. In social networks, Gosman wrote that Parnass had a real chance for success.

He came out of the "right case" in September 2011, practically immediately stating that the activities of the ATP resumes in the form of a public organization. At this meeting, there was an ex-co-chairman of the Party of Anatoly Chubais.

It was noted that the decision to enhance the "ATP" was made due to the refusal of a large number of its members to enter into a "right case", especially when it became clear that this election cycle to the Federal Parliament was already lost to the federal.


Photo by Leonid Gozman

Gosman is a frequent guest on central television. It is regularly invited to participate in debates to different political and socially significant topics.

For example, in January 2009, he was invited to the very first release of the talk show of the writer Sergei Minaev "Honest Monday" on the NTV channel, where Vladimir Zhirinovsky became his opponent. They discussed the topic of unfriendly relations with Ukraine and Georgia, conflict in South Ossetia.

In the transfer "to the barrier!" Vladimir Solovyov his opponent was a writer Alexander Prokhanov. But in another project Solovyov "Duel" Gosman and became a permanent participant at all. He took part in 14 issues.

With Nikita Mikhalkov, he discussed the resignation of Luzhkov and the future of the country back in 2010, with Vladimir Zhirinovsky - a national question in Russia, with Alexander Khinstein - Gorbachev, with Gennady Zyuganov - Defalinization of the Company, with Vladimir Midage - Day of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, with Alexander Prokhanov One transmission is Pussy Riot, and to the other - rallies.

Once again, the topic of the scandalous musical group "Pussy Riot" appeared in the "duel" against Arkady Mamontov. With Vyacheslav Nikonov, Gozman argued about the relations of Russia and the West, with Mikhalkov - about patriotism, with Hinstein - about restoring the monument to Felix Dzerzhinsky on Lubyanskaya Square, once again with Prokhanov - about installing the monument to Hydara in Moscow and the collapse of the USSR, with Sergey Kurginyan - On foreign investments and model of economic development of Russia in one transmission, and in the other - about Stalin.

At the moment, the last time in the program "Fight" Gosman appeared in February 2017. It is worth noting that in most of these programs, in the address of the hero of our article, insults were incorporated, often open. At the same time, he failed to win in any of the speeches in any of the programs on the results of voting viewers. But at the same time, the so-called arbitrators became often becoming so-called arbitrary judges.

Position on the Ukrainian crisis

When the crisis began in Ukraine, Gosman demanded to stop aggression to the neighboring state, to bring Russian troops from the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk region.

Also demanded to interrupt material, propaganda and military support for separatists in the southeastern regions of Ukraine.

Evaluation of activities

Career Leonid Gozman

Many politicians and public figures negatively respond about Gozman.

Prokhanov, as well as many others often accuse him that he was a friend and companion of Gaidar and Chubais, who provoked the economic crisis in the country, turning it into the appendage of the Western powers.

Gozman was accused of the fact that real production collapses in the country, the stabilization fund is exterminated, which causes a huge damage to all residents of Russia.

Positive assessments

Biography Leonid Gozman

Among those who speak on the side of Gozman and supports him - Bulgakovad Boris Sokolov, Head of the Russian Jewish Congress Yury Kanner, director Tigran Keosayan.

Gozman himself in 2013 was remembered by the criticism of the release of the television series "Serer", performing against his heroization.

These publications caused a large public resonance. Communist Ivan Melnikov even demanded to check the words of the hero of our article for equating the troops of the Red Army with the SS units.

Roskomnadzor issued a warning, but not Gozman, and the electronic newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, which published an article about politics and its statements. In particular, some phrases of the journalist Ulyana Skrubide were regarded as a hiding personality and dignity of politics, as well as insulting it.

Personal life

About biography, wife, children Leonid Gozman knows a bit. He is married, the spouse also has a psychological education.

They had a daughter Olga. In 1997, she became the graduate of the Department of Social Psychology at the Psychological Faculty of Moscow State University. In the 90s, he founded a company that successfully works in the educational market, as it always wanted to have own business.

Currently, Olga Gozman has already released two books. "What is business?" And "Business is Fun!: from the Russian startup to the international company."

Biography Leonid Gozman

Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman - Russian politician, head of the public organization "Union of Right Forces", a member of the Jewish Congress, Head of the Foundation "Perspective", frequenter of televised. This is a representative of a liberal political branch, a man charismatic and extraordinary, whose name often appears in political scandals.

Being Yarym Liberal, Gosman advocates an emergency public reformation, the normalization of relations with Western countries, the termination of the conflict in the south-east of Ukraine.

Leonid Yakovlevich is an outstanding scientist, known not only in Russia, but also in the United States. A solid theoretical and practical experience in psychology and political science allows him to participate as an expert in television programs. The audience attitude to politics is predominantly negative, which is associated with its scandalous and incorrect statements to the current government and the Stalinist period of the Board.

Early years and youth

Native city policy - Petersburg. Leonid was born in 1950, to the country's hardest recovery period after the war. The family was poor, parents worked as damned to have bread on the table, to provide a child with everything necessary. Leonid's father worked all his life on the defense enterprise.

The family was Jewish, so he was constantly faced with pressure and biased attitude. His grandfather, in one version, the Germans shot due to nationality. According to the second, the old Aaron Gosman was shot by Soviet soldiers in 1942 as a deserter.

Leonid Gozman.


Despite the poverty and everyday difficulties, the young Leonid Gozman studied well, was distinguished by adjacent. Humanitarian specialties, after graduation, the guy decided to flow on a psychologist. After moving to Moscow, he entered Moscow State University. He received a diploma of a psychologist in 1976, in 1983 he defended his master's thesis on the topic "Empirical study of an interpersonal attraction". He began to work as a teacher of psychology.

Deep knowledge of human psychology helped Leonid Yakovlevich to achieve a high position in the political sphere.

In 1989, Gosman sat down to the director chair of the Russian Association of Psychologists. Later, established the Center for the Study of Psychological and Social Problems. In 1993, Gosman moved to the United States, there he taught psychology for several years, worked in a private college-college in Pennsylvania and in the Washington Center of Science Wilson, penetrating the Western political system.

Leonid Gozman.

Political career

The political path of Leonid Yakovlevich began with dating Egor Timurovich Gaidar, who had similar goals and ideas about the country's device. Gozman took the position of his adviser. Next, the career was built as follows:

  • 1993 - participation in the political organization "Choice of Russia";
  • 1994 - joining the "Democratic Choice" party, receiving a secretarial office;
  • 1995 - Unsuccessful participation in the elections to the State Duma;
  • 1996-1998 - work by the adviser to the leadership of the presidential administration, later - the main deputy head of the Chairman of the Government, Anatoly Chubais;
  • 1999 - the work of the Advisor of Chubais - the heads of the EEC Energy Holding, the entry into the election team "Union of Right Forces";
  • 2000-2008 - membership in the UES managerial team;
  • 2001-2011 - participation in the party activity of the "Union of Right Forces";
  • 2009-2013 - Management of Humanitarian programs Rosnano.

Leonid Gozman.

Party activities

The most stormy political activity has become since 2000, when Leonid Gozman began the party career. All in 2001 began with the election of the Council "Union of Right Forces".

In the spring of 2005, the Presidium of the Council at the meeting proposed to make Nikita by the White Party Head. And Gosman, who was then the secretary of ideological issues, became his deputy. In fact, Nikita Yuryevich with his role of a simple man became a barrier, behind which the party was continued to edit "Gray Cardinals" - Gosman and Chubais. Leonid Yakovlevich agreed to become a second party face, as he understood that if the party would be headed by a member of the UES leadership, then the parliamentary chair could not be seen.

According to the declarations submitted by applicants for the deputy mandate, the largest income among the heads of ATP had in 2006 Leonid Gozman. The amount amounted to almost 13 million rubles. General banking accumulations Policies in that year amounted to more than 62 million rubles. Also, Gozman owned 2 land in the suburbs in the Moscow region, 4 apartments, car and promotions Rosneft.

In September 2008, Leonid Gosman displaced Nikita Belykh, he won the chairman. And in November at the meeting was appointed co-chairman of the United Partner "The Right Deale". In September 2011 left the party composition. At the same time, Gozman announced that the former TPP leaders had conceived to continue the activity in the status of a public organization. Among the participants were figures, previously refused to participate in the "right business".

Leonid Gozman Faces


Leonid Gozman with great enthusiasm participates in televisions. In January 2009, he opposed Vladimir Zhirinovsky in the issue of hostility towards Georgians and Ukrainians in the starting release of the TV project "Honest Monday". In the project "To Barrier!" He happened to argue with the journalist Alexander Prokhanov. In the studio "Flying" Gozman visited 14 times, he considered a variety of topics, Gennady Zyuganov, Nikita Mikhalkov, Vladimir Medinsky, Arkady Mamontov, Alexander Khinstein and other famous political figures were opponents.

Telebudes - psychologically difficult act, Leonid Yakovlevich often insult and humiliate. He never won, but often he received a judicial support in the studio.

Leonid Gozman several times participated in the "People against" project and records on the radio "Echo of Moscow". In the fall of 2014, he set the signature under the petition with the requirements to stop propaganda and military aggression against Ukraine. In 2017-2018 Leonid Gozman led the author's project on Ukrainian television.

Leonid Gozman Picture


Leonid Yakovlevich considers himself an atheist. But it recognizes that Christian culture prevails in Russia, and the traditions and moral foundations of the people are formed by the Gospel faith. The ROC Gosman refers, in general, negatively, believes that the Orthodox person is deprived of key freedoms.

Gosman promotes the right to choose a religion, defends the equality of citizens, regardless of religious affiliation or the absence of such.

Therefore, it criticizes the scandalous bill "about insulting the feelings of believers." Leonid Yakovlevich believes that such a law gives religious people with additional rights, which is unacceptable, according to the Constitution.


In 1981, the scientific work of Leonid Yakovlevich under the name "Processes of interpersonal perception in the family" was released in the MSU publishing house.

Leonid Gozman at the negotiations

About family life

About the family Leonid Gozman does not apply, but it is known that he is married, Rady Olga, he has two grandchildren. Spouse on the formation of a psychologist.

The daughter went on parental footsteps, in 1997 he received a diploma of a social psychologist in Moscow State University. Now Olga Gosman is engaged in his own business in the teaching sector, wrote two benefits for novice businessmen: "What is a business?" And "Business is Fun."

Leonid Gozman.

How Leonid lives today

Leonid Gozman is the head of the public organization "Union of Right Forces", a frequent participant of television programs of political focus. The politician has started a personal blog, willingly gives an interview, and it behaves extremely boldly, often puts the compromising information about opponents, without fear of ignition.

In its account on Twitter, Gosman regularly publishes notes concerning the political situation, significant photos. On YouTube, you can find a lot of video recordings on which Gosman comments on public and political events, gives them an assessment.

Leonid Gozman Picture

Interesting Facts

Alexander Prokhanov once said: "Mr. Gozman, you are a coordinated comrade Gaidar and Chubais, who turned Russia into the US economic appendage. The American crisis reached Russia, destroys enterprises, exterminates the stabilization fund, is borne by citizens. I send you a bullet with the hope that she will overtake Chubais, tries through it, reveal to Wall Street. "

According to the policy of Egor Holmogorov, Gozman's political logic resembles a serial maniac Chikatilo.

In the spring of 2013, Leonid Gozman wrote a post on the release of the series "Serer". The politician criticized the heroization of counterintelligence, noting that "Smered did not go in a beautiful form, only in this they differed from the SS."

Leonid Yakovlevich is often criticized for the persistent representation of fascism and Stalinism as similar modes. Thus, TV presenter Vladimir Soloviev calls to attract politics for criminal liability for extremist statements. But there are persons supporting Leonid Yakovlevich: Literary criste Boris Sokolov, Jewish public figure Yuri Kanner.

Recently, Leonid Gosman's politician and public figure, and more often began to appear in Russian media space. It can be observed in telecasts as an expert, on debates, in political ferrisions and in many other programs. Gozman can remember as a person with a sharp liberal view and an unconventional look at the world order. What is known about the biography of Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman? We will try to deal with this in the article.

Early years and the beginning of a political career

Politician Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman was born on July 13, 1950 in Leningrad. A person has a higher education in the specialty "Social psychology of interpersonal relations and political psychology." Leonid Yakovlevich received the status of a specialist in Moscow State University named after Lomonosov in 1976. Later he managed to become the head of the department in the direction of "Political Psychology".

Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman's biography is closely related to teaching activities. Future politician worked for more than ten years as a staff assistant in Moscow State University, and also wrote eight books on psychology. Among his work is to allocate the most famous - this is the "political psychology" of 1996, as well as the "psychology of emotional relations" of 1987. In 1983, Leonid Yakovlevich managed to get the status of a candidate of psychological sciences.

Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman's biography is not only connected with scientific and teaching activities. At the end of the Soviet period of our hero, pulled into a political sphere. In those days, power was interesting for many. Probably, each Soviet citizen wanted to become a direct member of the restructuring process. Gosman here did not exception. In addition, he had deepest knowledge in political psychology, which could not not affect his interest to get a small proportion of power. So, in 1989, Leonid Yakovlevich becomes a member of the famous intelligent clubs "Karabakh" and "Moscow Tribune".

Scientific activity

Interested in politics, our hero, however, did not leave scientific activities. In 1989, Gozman becomes a member of the First Russian Psychological Association. Three years later, he is one of the founders of the partnership "Center of Sociological and Psychological Research".

The turning point in the biography of Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman becomes acquaintance with Egor Gaidar - at that time, deputy Russian Chairman of the Government. Gosman and Gaidar quickly got closed. The hero of our article becomes an adviser to the Russian Prime Minister. Leonid Yakovlevich married, his daughter Olga was born. Unfortunately, today's detailed information about the family has not found anywhere. There is no information nor even the photo of the wife of Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman.

In early 1993, Leonid Yakovlevich got the opportunity to go to the United States. Half a year, Gosman taught in Dikkenson as a professor. In the summer of the same year, he was able to become a scientific officer of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Woodrow Wilson.

Photo by Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman are presented in the article.

Gozman Leonid Yakovlevich Biography

Gozman's biography is inextricably linked with science. The future politician received the education of the highest level and acquired the opportunity to work abroad. In the US, Leonid was able to receive invaluable experience. He saw the public, scientific and political system of the Western state. All this helped him to develop a certain worldview, which politician is guided to this day.

From "democratic choice" to UES OJSC

A large number of questions and rumors go around the biography of Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman. Nationality, probably, the most relevant question. At the moment, the article's hero has citizenship of the Russian Federation, but by nationality is a Jew.

In 1993, Gozman becomes a member of the party association "Democratic Choice". A little later, he enters the federal political council of the party as a secretary. At the end of 1995, Leonid Yakovlevich is running into the Moscow State Duma in the Istra district. He represented all the same block "Democratic Choice". Get a mandate Gozman failed.

From 1996 to 1998 Leonid Yakovlevich occupies the post of advisor to the chairman of the Russian presidential administration. After 1998, Gosman again holds the post of advisor to the Prime Minister, as it was at the beginning of his political career. This time, Anatoly Borisovich Chubais is the chairman of the government.

In the spring of 1998, Gozman became an adviser to Chubais in the company "UES of Russia" - the federal energy system of the country. A little later, politician is elected to the ranks of the Board. Leonid Yakovlevich becomes the plenipotentiary representative of RAO UES OJSC in the field of communication with government authorities and community organizations.

From the "Union of Right Forces" to "Right Cause"

About Gozman can be judged in different ways, but should not deny that the person considered is truly amazing. Man is a brilliant scientist and successful politician. For a small amount of time, Leonid managed to go a rather large way. He received foreign experience and gained many acquaintances in power. Nevertheless, Russian citizens are not concerned in the evaluation of the activities of the person under consideration. There are many rumors and speculations around the nationality of Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman, his political activities and worldview. Probably the brightest facts from his biography are fixed in the early 2000s. It was then that Gozman becomes a member of the public organization "Union of Right Forces" (ATP). Here Leonid Yakovlevich receives the position of Deputy Chairman of the Electoral Staff.

Gozman tried to combine political activities with work in RAO "UES", where Chubais helped him. In 2000, he is elected to the directories at once of three major organizations: OJSC Lenenergo, KhabarovskEnergo and Dalenergo.

Gozman Leonid Yakovlevich Biography Parents

In the early 2000s, Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman, biography, photos of which are interested in many, is elected by the participant of the Coordination Council of the Motion "ATP". And in June 2001, the hero of our article becomes the chairman of the party creative council. Two years later, Leonid Yakovlevich decides to run from "ATP" to the State Duma. He could not get to parliament. However, in February 2004, Gozman elect an ideological secretary of the party, and already in 2005 - Deputy Head of the Political Council "ATP".

In 2007, Leonid Yakovlevich managed to lead the St. Petersburg Branch of the ATP Party. In the same year, Gozman is again running into the lower chamber of the Federal Assembly and again loses. In December 2007, politician becomes the deputy Nikita whites, who was at that time the Chairman of the Party. A year later, Gozman replaces Whites as Chairman. Parallel Leonid Yakovlevich occupies the position of the co-chair in the party "Right Deale".

Party activities

Gozman's political activity is worth telling a little more. In 2005, Leonid Yakovlevich became close to Nikita White, who at that time was the informal leader of the "Union of Right Forces" party. The official chair then Anatoly Chubais was then. According to one of the participants of the "ATP" Ivan Starikov, whites then seemed to many "fresh and complete forces with a person who perfectly showed itself in the regions." According to an alternative opinion, the Whites served as a certain screen for covering the ligament "Chubais - Gozman". Gozman then agreed to give up whites. The party has already lost the election several times, and therefore it was somewhat extremely waste for the Board of RAO "UES". The political force of "ATP" urgently needed to "wake up" than and engaged in white. The main competitor of "ATP" at the time of the fourth elections in the Moscow City Duma was "apple."

Gozman Leonid Yakovlevich Biography Nationality

From 2008 to 2011 Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman was the co-chairman of the party "Right Cause". By the time the "Union of Right Forces" has already lost the former political power. In September 2011, a meeting was held a meeting of former figures "ATP", where Chubais declared the activation of movement. The reason was the loss of the elected cycle of the "right case", as Leonid Gozman said.


What is aware of the personal life of Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman? At the moment, politician is married, has a daughter, granddaughter and grandson. A separate problem is associated with the parents of Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman. Information about the ancestors of the policy is not practically none in the bibliographic source. According to some reports, Leonida's father - Yakov Borisovich (or Aaronovich) Gozman born in 1925. Grandfather Policy - participant in the Great Patriotic War. About Mother Leonid is practically nothing known.

Politician tries to hide information about its loved ones. At least, nowhere can I find a photo of the family of Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman. It is only known that politician has one daughter - Olga Leonidovna, who is currently engaged in entrepreneurship and public activities.

It is possible to make a detailed image of the person under consideration. So, it is worth paying attention to numerous disputes and conflicts policies with various public and politicians. Gozman speaking several times in the program "Fight", where he discussed with a large number of famous people. The first debates took place in September 2010, where Gozman discussed the theme of the resignation of Yuri Luzhkov with Nikita Mikhalkov. With Zhirinovsky, Leonid Yakovlevich argued on the topic of the national question, and with Zyuganov - about the problem of public relations to detonation. The problem of the personality of Stalin Gozman was discussed with director Sergey Kurginyan. With the Minister of Culture Vladimir Midage Gozman discussed the topic of the beginning of the Second World War, and with Alexander Prokhanov and Arkady Mammoth - the fate of the scandalous punk group Pussy Riot. With the historian Vyacheslav Nikonov Gozman found out the problem of relations with the West.

It should be noted that the Gosman won in some of their debates. Perhaps, precisely because of this, most Russians have no positive attitude toward Leonid Yakovlevich. Gozman is often criticized, which contains open insults. Often, the facts from the biography of Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman, the nationality of politics and its worldview are neglected. At the same time, the liberal community adheres to Leonid's neutral opinion. Thus, the hero of our article often becomes a member of the programs on the radio station "Echo of Moscow".


What do famous public and political figures think about Person Gozman? If briefly, then the ratio is very ambiguous. The famous conservative writer Alexander Prokhanov expressed his politics not the most fortunate way. Alexander Andreevich pointed at the biographies and parents of Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman. According to the writer, Gozman turned the Russian state into the "Economic appendage" of Western countries: "The American crisis came to our country, an estimated production and carrying non-citizens." It is to blame for this, according to Prokhanov, directly Leonid Yakovlevich. He affected the writer and the problem of Gozman's parents. The fact is that the policy is a considerable amount of rumors around the grandfather. The anti-liberal community argues that Aaron Gosman, the ancestor of Leonid Gozman, was shot at the time of the Body of Breasts. Often use this information and various media. In particular, in 2013, Roskomnadzor issued a warning of Komsomolskaya Pravda. The newspaper published an article on the biography and parents of Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman with an obvious anti-Semitic tint.

Gozman Leonid Yakovlevich Family Photo

Many accuse Gozman for trying to equate fascism and Stalinism. Some conservatives are not at all that such comparisons already have a manifestation of fascism. So, the well-known journalist Vladimir Solovyov stands for the attraction of Gozman to criminal responsibility for extremism.

However, there are persons and positively related to the Person Leonid Yakovlevich. In particular, President of the Jewish Congress of Russia Yuri Kanner, Bulgakovied Boris Sokolov, as well as the director Tigran Keosayan quite warmly spoke about the personality of Gozman.


What is known about the worldview views of Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman? Politician calls himself an atheist. At the same time, Gosman admits that Russia is a state with a predominant Christian culture. According to the Hero of our article, the gospel principles underlie the morality of the Russian people. However, the modern Russian Orthodox church, Gozman refers pretty cool. Politician is confident that representatives of the Orthodox faith do not have any special rights or freedoms. All people, regardless of religion and worldview, are equal in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Gozman Leonid Yakovlevich Family

Leonid Yakovlevich stands for freedom of conscience and right to belong to any confession. Gozman defends equal to the rights of all citizens, and therefore considers the increasing adoption of a well-known law "On insulting the feelings of believers." According to politics, the adoption of a similar norm means emphasis by the special rights of the category of churches for people, which violates the state constitutional system.

Separately, it is worth talking about the political views of Gozman. Leonid Yakovlevich is a convinced liberal. Politician considers the necessary urgent reformation of many public areas. In the region of foreign policy, Gosman stands for the improvement of Russia's relations with Western countries, as well as for the "immediate cessation of the aggressive military adventure of the Russian Federation in the territory of the southeast of Ukraine."

Activities today

Today the politician is trying to give the family most of the time. Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman is still trying to resume the activities of the "Union of Right Forces". The politician actively debates with public figures on television, as well as occasionally makes applications for representatives of the liberal community.

Gozman Leonid Yakovlevich Personal Life

It is also worth telling about the short-term stay of Gozman as part of the party "Right case". The politician took part in the constituent congress of 2008, when Andrei Bogdanov (delegate from the Demontal), Alexander Ravkin (a representative of the "civil force") and journalist Georgy Bovt and Journalist Georgy Bovet also participated in the creation of a new political platform. Here, the well-known entrepreneur Boris Titov was attended by the leader of the Association of Business Russia.

In 2009, Gosman demanded the resignation of the Moscow mayor of Yuri Luzhkov. At the same time, disagreements about the "apple" arose between Titov and Gozman. Titov played a union with a famous party, and Gosman - for independent promotion.

In February 2015, the politician promised to deal with the circumstances of the death of his colleague - Boris Nemtsov. In the same year, Leonid Yakovlevich made a loud statement on the need to combat the "Russian occupation" in the east of Ukraine.

Interesting Facts

It is stupid to deny the fact that Gozman's own statements directly contradicts the position of the Kremlin. Leonid Yakovlevich, though indirectly, but still refers to the foundation of the so-called non-systemic opposition.

In May 2015, politician became the source of the All-Russian scandal about the role of "Soloch" in the Soviet Union. Gosman stated that only the "beautiful form" is the only difference of this unit of the Red Army. Such a statement caused a storm of indignation in the ranks of historians and public figures. Roskomnadzor did Gozman warning.

Gozman's parents Leonid Yakovlevich

Conflict was gosman and with the grandson of Stalin - Evgeny Jugashvili. The latter considered unacceptable statements on the "Haybakh business" policies - the tragic events of 1944, related to the deportation of Chechens and the Ingushians to Kazakhstan. Leonid Yakovlevich called the culprit of Stalin's tragedy, to which Evgeny Jugashvili accused politics in slander. It must be said that there were many such conflicts with Gozman.

Real name Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman
Date and place of birth July 13, 1950, Leningrad, USSR
How many years 68 years old
Sign on the horoscope Cancer
Family status Married
Children Daughter Olga
Twitter https://twitter.com/leonid_gozman.

Biography Leonid Gozman

The hero of our article has become a rather contradictory personality, a successful political scientist, a scientific figure. It is difficult to confuse with other politicians and government leaders due to unusual appearance and its extraordinary acts and statements. His name was repeatedly involved in large scandals and investigations, he often appears on television as an expert and participates in discussions, defending its radical liberal position. In the article, consider the biography of Leonid Gozman, the stages of its formation in the international political arena and the secrets of personal life.

Biography: Personality

Leonid Outstanding Scientist, who led its activities in Russia and in America, taught political science and psychology in prestigious universities in the world. I received great fame after the appearance on Russian television. It can often be seen on political programs as a special guest. The population has developed a negative opinion, the reason for this was the tricks and loud statements towards the current power and Stalinist reforms. Gozman does not try to hide his aggressive point of view, which contradicts the modern policy of Russia.

Leonid Gozman Union of Right Force

During his life, he managed to change many jobs and managers, in parties and political organizations. Currently, the social movement "Union of Right Forces" is headed. With his name, large scandals were repeatedly connected, despite this, Liberal continues to bend his line strictly towards Western trends. Before becoming a respected person and a famous political scientist, he had to go through a long path through the mountains of books and research.

It was born in a difficult time, there was a post-war period of long-term recovery on the courtyard. By nationality is considered a Jew, why his family constantly had to deal with misunderstanding and difficulties. Despite this, the guy managed to rise and learn, and after reaching the highest steps of the political game.

In 1950, July 13, Leonid was born in Leningrad. As you know, a great domestic war ended quite recently, there was a crisis in the country, gradually destroyed buildings and industry were restored, the Soviet Union was slowly, but rightly got up to his feet. As for his family and parents, their life has been pretty sad. The grandfather of the boy Aaron Gosman was shot in 1942 by order of the Soviet command, the desertion and cowardice of the soldier, military rank, was unknown.

Parents Leonid Gozman
Parents Leonid Gozman

Mom and dad lived modestly, tried to feed and grow a worthy person. From morning to evening, they disappeared at work. Father Yakov devoted all his life to the defense industry, there is no exact information about the mother of accurate information in open sources. Leonid himself does not like to remember the past and distribute facts before foreign people. It is known that because of his last name and nationality, Leonid often had to face difficulties and misunderstanding.

In childhood, when studying at school, he highlighted significantly among his peers, tried to absorb as much knowledge as much as possible and studied on one five. Before graduation classes, it was necessary to decide in which direction to continue the path and what specialty to choose. The guy has long been pulled to the humanitarian sciences, especially eager to get acquainted with psychology.

The young man successfully surrenders the proms and comes to study at the Moscow State University, and the Faculty of Psychology is chosen as a specialty. In 1976, Gozman ends higher education and receives a diploma, after which decides to stay in the native department, but as a teacher. At the same time he writes a scientific dissertation that protects in seven years and will receive a degree of a candidate of psychological sciences.

Gozman Leonid

The beginning of the 90s: who was

In 1989, he holds the position of head of the Association of Psychologists in Russia. Later becomes the founder of the Center for Research Problems of Psychology and Sociology. At the beginning of the nineties, he had the opportunity to go to America, to which he gladly responded. The next few months was engaged in teaching practice in the best universities of the United States, and also entered the staff of the Research staff of the International Organization named Woodrow Wilson.

Work abroad gave him many prospects and helped gain experience. Gozman wanted to take direct participation in the process of restructuring and creating a new state, and the current political structure of America was attractive for him, he wanted to copy and move the model of an ideal society to Russian reality.

Leonid Gozman in America

Now Leonid recalls these times as the best. It was during this period that he began to defend liberal views as the opposition to the Soviet type of thinking.

In 1992, he finds a profitable acquaintance with Egor Gaidar, with whom they agreed in political views and worldview. From that moment on his adviser.

From the party member to the adviser of JSC "UES of Russia"

Gradually begins to manifest itself on the political arena and achieves the first success. In 1993 he participates in the movement "Choice of Russia". After that, entering the party "Democratic Choice". Over time, he is appointed for responsible posts and secretary to the political council of the company. In 1995, it is decided to get to the State Duma, but tolerates a significant defeat.

Leonid Gosman and Anatoly Chubais
Leonid Gosman and Anatoly Chubais

Since 1996, the first adviser has been held in the current presidential administration. Soon again supports the Prime Minister, this time they became Chubais Anatoly. New cooperation and communications brought him positive fruits, in 1998 it goes to the federal unified energy system of the state, abbreviated by the UES, which is behind the wheel of Chubais.

From membership in "ATP" to "Right Cause"

In a short time, it was possible to build an excellent and profitable career in power structures, gained experience abroad, examined the US political structure, had a useful dating on the top of the Russian government and became an adviser to many approximate persons. A new century for a talented policy and a psychologist begins successfully.

In late 1999, and in early 2000 it becomes a member of the "Union of Right Forces" party, and later it is at all holds the position of deputy chief of the election headquarters. Simultaneously with political promotion, it continues to engage in commercial activities, namely it works in the UES company, in which he opened the road Chubais. Soon his name is submitted to the directors of the directors of other major energy enterprises, such as "Lesnergo", "KhabarovskEnergo", "Dalenergo".

Gozman Leonid in ATP

The next step in the political game is to strengthen its position in the ATP Party. In 2001, he becomes the chair on the Creative Council of the Party, and after some time again trying to break into the Duma. The second attempt was also not crowned with success, but it was gradually the level of his influence in the "ATP".

In 2007, a branch of the party in St. Petersburg is transferred to his hands. After that, it makes it easy to the federal assembly, but unsuccessfully. Next, becomes the Deputy Chairman of the "ATP", and soon takes the leading post. At the same time, it becomes the co-chairman of the party "Right case", the reason for this was the weak political force "ATP". In 2011, the "Union of Right Forces" reiterated the proposal of Chubais, and the "right case" began to fall apart.

Political position in debate

Leonid Gozman famous on domestic television personality. Often takes part in political debates and other transmissions of such a format that are gaining huge popularity and high ratings.

In 2009, he was first invited to compile the opposition Zhirinovsky on the project "Honest Monday" with Sergey Minaev. On the air, there was a hot discussion of the relationship between Russia and the neighboring republics.

Soon he became a permanent guest of Solovyov on the program "Fight" and "To Barrier". Each release was addressed by witness, the latest high-profile events in the world and in the country. The last time appeared in the program "Fighting" in 2017, before that, I managed to please the viewer for 14 episodes.

In his speeches, he adheres to liberal views, positively refers to the collapse of the Soviet Union and defends the Western model of building a state and political system. That is why his personality causes hostility from most viewers who call him Russophobe and accused of treason. He also appeared on the Rain TV channel, where his opponent was Vladimir Kvachkov Colonel, who was convicted for the attempt on Chubais in the nineties. The subject for the controversy was the future of Russia.

Conflicts and warnings from Roskomnadzor

2013 was remembered by a new scandal associated with Gozman. On television screens, the premiere of the Merder's Mother Series. Leonid treated critically to this picture and called the crime phenomenon to call participants in barrier detachments with heroes. Moreover, the political analyst compared the Red Army with the troops of the SS, with the only difference in the color of the form. Such statements caused great resonance and critical reviews in public life.

The result of this scandal was the warning by Roskomnadzor, but not the policy itself, and the Komsomolskaya Pravda electronic newspaper, which published a similar article in his edition. Leonid ranks Stalinism to Nazism, for which he was criticized by the grandson of the Soviet leader named Evgeny Jugashvili.

The point of view on the Ukrainian issue

A separate consideration requires its statement about Ukraine and its relationship with Russia. In television projects, repeatedly expressed his liberal statements. Gozman insists on establishing relations with Western countries, the United States, as well as on the complete withdrawal of troops from the Donbass, Lugansk and asks to stop supporting separatists with the financial and material side. Such statements are not popular among the Russian people and cause only indignation and aggression towards the Jewish of the political scientist.


Given the activities and political garters of Leonid, it is difficult to imagine how much he gets income every year. According to research, he ranked first in the opacity of his earnings in Russia. In 2007, Gosman filed a declaration when nominating the candidacy for the State Duma. According to the documents, it turned out that its earnings significantly exceed 100 million rubles, and additional sources of income were not indicated in the declaration, which should be concluded that the final amount on his account may exceed 400 million rubles, excluding elite real estate in the center of Moscow, country houses and cars.

Leonid Gozman - Interview at the "Echo of Moscow"

In addition to television projects, the political scientist has repeatedly gave an interview on the Echo Moskvi radio. Once again, I called on Putin's abandon and draw my views on Western countries. The site "Echo Moscow" leads its own blog, in which in 2015 urged modern weapons to give the soldiers of Ukraine. According to him, this measure could save many lives.

In his television career were and successful moments. The most famous occurred on the program "60 minutes", where he literally smeared Popov Eugene his arguments when it was about the preparation of response sanctions by Russia. The leader simply lacked the arguments to confront the opinion of Gozman, Popov only tried to overtake the guest and foolishly commented on his statements.

About family life

As for his personal life, in open sources of accurate facts about his loved ones. He has a full-fledged family. Wife with the formation of a psychologist and daughter Olga, who successfully graduated from Moscow State University at the Faculty of Psychology in 1997. She now has its own company in the educational sphere. In addition, the daughter released its own books - "What is a business?" And "Business is Fun."

Leonid Gozman today

Where does Gozman work? Currently, he is the head of the public organization "Union of Right Forces", and also leads his own blog, responds to an interview, often appears in television projects. The last video with his participation on the portal YouTube is a kind of forecast of the next stage, after the introduction of the pension reform of the current government.

He registered his own page on Twitter, where he constantly lays out his thoughts, photos and reactions to events, on the global political arena. In his blog, it often uses a compromising on many political figures and their direct opponents, without fearing to run into serious consequences.

The article got acquainted with the biography of Leonid Gozman. He is not afraid of expressing critical statements, make sharp attacks towards the current government. Such behavior and point of view makes it an irreconcilable opponent of all patriots and supporters of the Kremlin.

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