How to add a photo to the history of Instagram: All methods and tricks

The easiest and simple way to add a photo to history is to take a snapshot directly from the Instagram application, in the creation mode of Storsith. And to somehow diversify the pictures taken, this offers a number of built-in tools.

How to make an instagram application

The easiest and simple way to add a photo to history is to take a snapshot directly from the Instagram application, in the creation mode of Storsith. And to somehow diversify the pictures taken, this offers a number of built-in tools.

To add a photo to the story, make a few simple actions:

Open the Instagram application and turn on the Storage. To do this, wrap your right, if you are on the main (home) screen or press "+" if on the profile page.

Open the creation of storage from the tape
Open the creation of storage from the tape
Open Story Store Mode
Open Story Store Mode

Choose a camera (basic or front) once, press the circle in the center of the screen to take a picture. If the photo has not turned out and you need to repeat the shooting, click "X" in the upper left corner. After a successful snapshot, publish the history by clicking on the inscription "Your Stories". If necessary, add hyphae or music to the history.

Delete snapshot and replace new
Delete snapshot and replace new

Note! You can photograph in real time using built-in effects, and after creating a storage with the photo, add it stickers. For example: Add a survey.

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How to add photo in instagram story from the gallery of the phone

The procedure for placing photos in Storsith from the gallery, on smartphones operating under different operating systems, almost the same. Differences may not be essential, according to this, the algorithm described below is suitable for both Android smartphones and for iPhone.

  1. Go to the social network and click on the camera icon, or leave your finger to the right.
  2. Move your finger at the bottom up, the gallery window can be seen.
  3. Select a photo, add stickers, text, filters.
  4. Click on the "Your History" button, determine which this content is intended for.
Add a photo of gallery
Add a photo of gallery

Note! When publishing photos taken earlier, i.e. From the gallery, the picture is added to the snapshot. To delete the date from Storsith, you need to click on it, and move to the basket.

To change the color of the dates you need to click on it once;

To resize and position the date on the screen, you need to press it with two fingers, move, stretch or decrease;

At the same time, the date itself cannot be changed.

Delete date with photos
Delete date with photos

How to add a photo to the story of the tape

If you have previously published a photo in your ribbon, and the original has not been preserved in the device's memory, or you have a desire to publish a photo from another profile to my history, it is also provided for by standard functionality.

To share your or someone else's photo in your storage, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Under the desired image to find a paper plane icon and click on it;
  • From the menu that appears, select "Add Publication to Your History";
  • Location on canvas: reduce or enlarge;
  • Change the background;
  • If necessary, add inscriptions and stickers;
  • Choose who you want to show your storage and publish.
Add photo to the story of the tape
Add photo to the story of the tape

Important! When adding a photo from a tape to the story, the photo name of the profile will appear to whom this publication belongs, and the owner of the post will receive a notice that you mentioned it in Storsith.

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How to add a few photos to Storsis Instagram

The process of adding multiple photos to the history of instagram may not be completely obvious and understandable at first glance. We describe several ways, techniques, tricks and lifeflows to add to one hundred and two photos at the same time, both standard features and third-party applications.

Built-in tool "Select several"

Function embedded in the Annex function to add several photos from the phone immediately from the phone's gallery, it is used to publish snapshots of the next one after each other.

  1. Open the application and go to Storage Create Mode;
  2. Spend on the bottom up screen or click on the photo thumbnail in the lower left corner to open the gallery;
  3. In the upper right corner, immediately above the image tiles will appear the double sheet pictogram, press it, this is activated by adding multiple photos;
  4. Choose the pictures you want to publish and click "Next";
  5. The selected photos will appear as thumbnails at the bottom of the screen;
  6. Press "Next" again and specify for whom the storage is intended for everyone, close friends or send a private message to Direct.

Note! Added to the photo history, follow each other in the order in which they were chosen as separate storage. Therefore, when adding snapshots, edit (increase, reduce, rotate, apply stickers and inscriptions) You need each image separately.

"Select a few" mode
"Select a few" mode

Important! If when you open the gallery, the Select Multiple icon does not appear, you need to enable access to the phone's memory in the device. You can add no more than 10 pictures.

Built-in function "Collage"

The function allows you to create a simple collage in history without installing third-party applications, while adding two and more photos per sheet can be both from the gallery and removing real-time and even mix these pictures.

Brief instruction How to Apply Mode:

  1. Open Storkis in Instagram Appendix;
  2. On the left, select "Collage" mode;
  3. From the drop-down list, specify a template, how many photos want to add;
  4. Take pictures or chopped photos from the device's memory;
  5. Place the pictures in the desired order;
  6. Publish history.

More details about the reception "Collage" is told in the article "How to make a collage in Instagram Storsith".

Creating a collage in an instagram application
Creating a collage in an instagram application

In the mode of adding photos to the collage, you can use masks and effects during the shooting.

"Photocabine" mode

This mode allows you to make four pictures in a row at once and place them in history. Before shooting, you need to immediately decide on the script, that is, to think out in advance how Storkies will look like. After that, activate the function.

So, on the whole process, the creation of Storsis in the "Photocabine" mode has only 7 seconds, three for preparation and four for shooting.

  1. Open the application and go to Storsith;
  2. On the left, activate the "Photocabine" mode;
  3. How to be ready, descend the shutter;
  4. The app counts three seconds and automatically starts to take pictures;
  5. During shooting, move the camera and positive;
  6. The camera will make four pictures with an interval of one second and unite photos in one slide show.
Photocabine mode
Photocabine mode

Immediately after processing photos by the application, you can change the transitions between the pictures to the slideshow, apply filters, as well as supplement the storage stickers.

Sweep Sweep
Sweep Sweep

To understand how the "Photocabine" mode works with it, you need to experiment, try to remove a few doubles, appreciate its capabilities and potential. In fact, the regime is quite interesting and with a proper approach with him you can realize cool ideas.

The result of the mode of the photocabine
The result of the mode of the photocabine

How to add a few photos to storage using a sticker

In Stagram Appendix, special stickers are preset to add several photos in one story.

Sticker to add photos in real time: There are versions for iOS and Android.

Sticker Add photo to history for Android
Sticker Add photo to history for Android

Sticker to add pictures from the gallery: only in versions for iOS.

Photo Sticker IOS.
Photo Stickers IOS.

Function "Paste" on iOS

In smartphones operating on the iOS operating system, there is a useful feature that helps put in Storage Instagram more than one photo by copying and insert.

The main advantage and honors from this method from the above, is that it is not tied to a specific template and have photographs on the canvas, since it wanted, as conceived, and not as it is provided for by the instagram itself.

This method works on the principle "copied-ink", through the writing tool in Storsith. Those. You need to create a story and add a background picture, then go to the smartphone gallery and copy the image from there, open Storsith again and click "Paste the sticker".

Copy photo on iPhone
Copy photo on iPhone

This technique is described in detail in the article "How to make a collage in Instagram Storsith."

Add two photos in one story on Android with SwiftKey

Working Reception Creating stories from several photos on devices with Android is a way using a SwiftKey virtual keyboard. Yes, to implement this reception will have to install an additional application, otherwise it doesn't care! Since in android devices in the gallery there is no "Copy" function.

SWIFTKEY application
SWIFTKEY application

It works like this way like on iPhones, but there are differences. This is written in detail in the article "How to impose photos in the photo in the history of instagram".

Briefly how to do:

  1. Install SwiftKey keyboard
  2. In the smartphone settings, make it basic and access the device's memory;
  3. Create a storage in the usual way and add a background image;
  4. Next, activate the input of the text "AA" and go to the keyboard stickers mode;
  5. Include the feature of the creation of stickers by pressing the carnations;
  6. Go to the gallery - image of the camera;
  7. Select a photo and make a sticker from it;
  8. Add to history.

In this way, you can add an unlimited number of photos using the SwiftKey keypad in Storsith.

Applications for creating a photo in Instagram Stories

To implement all its ideas and embodiment in the reality of the conceived idea, we recommend installing profile applications to work with graphics. There are much more opportunities in the photo edits for creating bright and unique content.



In this application, it is possible to edit a static picture or video, add the second photo to canvas, make an unusual background. Developers offer more than 500 templates and frames to create bright storage. Photo editor is available for download and installation in stores for both platforms.

Download: Playmark App Store

Story Maker

Story Maker
Story Maker

In the mobile photo editor there is a good range of filters. Special framework allow you to put pictures on one screen. The application is completely free of charge, the only minus application is advertising, but for the sake of all its useful functions and it can be survived.

Download: Playmarket



More is used by bloggers that earn on instagram. The photo edited in it looks more attractive than in other editors. It is possible to add a second snapshot, there is also the ability to create icons for Highlights.

Download: Playmark App Store

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How to publish photos in Storsis from a computer

Without the use of additional programs and services, publish a photo in Storsith Instagram from a computer is not possible. Consider several online tools to get around this restriction.


Universal program under Windows to manage instagram accounts. In the Arsenal of applications, in addition to tasks for promotion, the function of posting stories is included. The advantage of this approach is that the publications can be planned to be planned and the program will automatically publish a storage at a specified time. With this approach, marketing tasks can be solved.


Download the program from the official site to assess its capabilities. On the developer's website there are detailed instructions for working with software.

Socialkit Service Overview


Sotstul is a program with a set of features and tools for work in instagram, including posting photos in Storsith. Create a task Add material to publish and specify the time, then the program will do everything itself.


After installing the SOctool on the computer and activation of the user account, the user will have three days on testing the program in free mode.


Android OS emulator - Bluestacks

BlueStacks is a program that creates Android virtual Wednesday inside Windows. Those. The official Instagram application will work on the computer just like on a mobile phone.


Download the emulator from the official site to install an instagram application in it, enter your login and password. After that, the user will have the opportunity to publish a photo in Storsith.

Bluestacks is not only instagram, as well as all applications and games, from the PlayMarket Apps store, only on the computer. Fleet is a free program.

Bluestacks service overview


Online service "sharpened" under the creation of content for social networks. With it, you can add a photo to the Instagram history, attach video or place a slideshow. It has more than 150 templates, allows you to quickly perform any action.

SUPA online photo and video editor
SUPA online photo and video editor

The service has a free rate, when editing a photo on it there will remain a watermark, in the Pro version of the user, an extended functionality becomes available and there is no Watermark on the created video.

SUPA service overview


Speed ​​posting service SMMPLANER has all tools for publishing stories in instagram. In the online program, the CANVA graphic editor is integrated, so you can not only publish a photo in Storsis, as well as create them with the help of ready-made patterns and unique fonts.


The service has a free tariff, however, to publish stories will need to pay a license. Enter the InStaservis_Pro promotion to get 15 days of the initial tariff.

SMMPLANNER service overview


Universal platform for auto access. The service is able to work with the eighth social networks, including posting a photo in Instagram. It has in its arsenal extension for browsers in order to collect content from the Internet and immediately transmit it to his account.


Try the service for the test period, in the instaservis promotion you will receive a 10% discount on the payment of the tariff.

SMMBOX service overview

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Ideas for Storsith with several pictures

Interesting content always causes emotions from users, so share a few universal ideas for Storsith with photos that can be adapted to your business or niche.

Final result

Post a video in the history of some recipe, and at the top of the photo of the finished dishes. This technique can be applied not only to cooking, as well as to any process, remove the video about how you do something, but in the photo show the finished result.

Before after

Universal idea to show what you do. Share with your subscription results of your work, for example: makeup. Insert the photo from Storage as it was before and, accordingly after. Folloviers will definitely appreciate your work.


Create a story from several photos in different outfits and show them to your subscribers. Attach the sticker to the story with the poll and ask them to vote. You use, subscribers interest.


In order not to do +100500 Storsith with photos of goods, lay out on one photo all the selection. Thus, you can demonstrate a significant part of the range. To history, you can also attach a sticker with a vote, which product is more product.


Show in Storsis photos of any product and is there a desire to show small details to close-up? Then make a storage with the main photo on the background, and other pictures will complement the image. So you show the general plan of the product, and it is not obvious advantages.

Errors when adding history in instagram

If you can't do Stories even with one picture, then you should check, because of what the error has arisen. The cause of the violation becomes a obsolete application or OS of a smartphone, low speed of the Internet, a crash on the server.

Therefore, it is worth checking if the phone or social network has no update. In the case of technical problems will have to be simply waited.

Some users fail after the update. It helps only delete and reuse the program.

How to add multiple photos to Instagram history or in your personal profile online from the phone and computer? Find out about it from the following material.

How to Add a photo in Instagram from the phone to a pair of screen touches

Each social network has its own chip to attract users. In classmates - this is a search and renewal of connections with old friends, VKontakte - the simplicity of communication, on Twitter - the brief of statements and so on. And in Instagram, the most important thing is the photos, and then texts, emoticons, etc.

So, to become a cool instagrer, first of all, you need to find out how to add a photo in instagram from the phone. This operation is simple, unless, of course, you have already installed the same application on your device, registered in this network (how to create an account in instagram from the phone and on the computer, read from us) and made at least a few pictures.

When the preparatory stage is completed, proceed to publishing photos. To do this, make a simple instruction "How to add a photo in instagram from the phone":

  1. Open your page at the bottom of the screen, tap "+" icon;

  2. If you download the ready shot, saved in the phone, tap the word "gallery", look for it at the bottom of the screen, then mark the photos that plan to share and click on "Next";

How to Add a photo in Instagram from the phone to a pair of screen touches

  1. Further, on request, apply the filter, set the geolocation mark and give a description with hashtags (read the article on how to create a new geolocation in instagram and add it to the photo), complete the publication by clicking on "Share";

How to Add a photo in Instagram from the phone to a pair of screen touches

  1. If the snapshot also only be done, tap the word "photo" in the bottom line on the screen, and then on the circle above it; The symbol of two rounded arrows will switch your phone to the front chamber and returns the flash in the form of lightning to the original position when the lightning icon adjusts the flash;

  2. When you make a new photo, you can also edit it, add a place, signature, words labels and publish.

Using this instruction, you can download not only static images, but also the video. To do this, pay attention to the last button on the bottom panel. Press it to add or remove, and then lay out your roller.

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Now you know how to add a photo in Instagram, using the phone. But what about the archive that is stored in the computer? Is it possible to share your favorite pictures in instagram without downloading them in a mobile phone? Alas, the social network administration warns what to do and upload photos from a computer. There is a rumor that the developer team of the visual network itself works to create a program that will allow you to add photos from mobile, and from stationary devices.

However, our people did not wait, but invented an original and easy way to perform such an operation. Details about how to post a photo in instagram from a computer and edit it, we will tell you separately. In the meantime, only the essence of a method that does not require any additional support, nor cash investments.

It is only necessary to use a simple algorithm:

  1. We leave through the computer to the official website Instagram ( ), open your page;

  2. You simultaneously press the three Ctrl + Shift + i keys (in some browsers it is enough to press the F12 key), after which the developer panel will open on the right;

How to Add a photo in Instagram from the phone to a pair of screen touches

  1. Click on the button highlighted in the photo above, it will launch the emulator (imitation) of the phone on the computer; In different browsers, this icon can be positioned otherwise, but it is always like a mobile phone;

  2. Next, reboot the page;

  3. If everything happens, we get a phone screen on the computer on the computer monitor, and you see the "+" button you need to publish a photo;

How to Add a photo in Instagram from the phone to a pair of screen touches

  1. We click on it, select photos stored in the computer, add description, hashtags, place and share.

Instagmeramen who personally experienced this method say that focus is sometimes not possible immediately. It happens that the button to add a photo does not want to appear. However, the procedure should repeat again. And most likely the result you will achieve. And if it did not work out to solve the problem, try to open instagram in another browser. The creators of the network assure that their brainchild works flawlessly in the latest versions of Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Internet Explorer and Safari. Use one of them.

Now, using the simplest instructions, you can add high-quality pictures from your phone or computer to your instal chart. And if you want to remove something, read our material "How to remove a photo in Instagram and restore from the phone and PC." Perhaps you will be curious and the article "How to delete an account in Instagram forever." If you want to leave the site where the most important photo, on the website, look for information about other social networks and singularities in them.

How to add a few photos to instagram, as well as collage or swipe

Active users Instagram love to share with all the impressions and photographers. They remove the literally every event of their lives, from awakening to waste to sleep. And the day can do a dozen, sometimes more, publications on the network. In this case, it is useful to learn how to add a few photos to instagram. The site itself has provided a tool that allows you to upload 10 pictures or videos at once in the tape. Tell how to implement it:

  1. Open your account, tap the plus sign, hereinafter - the words "Gallery";

  2. Click the "Square" symbol, next to it is the inscription "Select Multiple";

How to add a few photos to instagram, as well as collage or swipe

  1. Note no more than 10 photos or video from the phone's memory;

  2. If necessary, every edit separately, but note that the orientation (square, portrait or landscape) will be alone for all images;

  3. When editing, click the word "Next" in the upper right corner of the screen;

  4. Apply the filter, you can single to all pictures or each separately;

  5. If necessary, change the order of displaying the photo by clicking, dragging them, then tap "Next" in the right corner from above;

  6. Add a place and sign up to all publications, then click on the word "share".

The first photo of your tape will appear in your tape, several points will be located under it. To see the rest of the pictures or video, you need to spend the points with your finger. For other users, all this will be a single publication to which you can write comments and put the mark "Like". Please note that after adding to the tape, individual photos cannot be deleted or edited. You can remove only the entire publication entirely. In addition, it is worth considering that the loading of a number of shots, and especially the rollers, takes a long time. The process will go faster if you are connected to a high-quality Internet connection.


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And now about one way, using which you will publish several photos at once. To reduce time and action, combine pictures in the collage. However, the functions of the instagram itself for such an operation are not enough. You will have to download a special Layout application from Instagram, separate versions are designed for iPhone and Android.

Let's get acquainted with the process, how to add a few photos in instagram in the form of a collage using Layout:

  1. Open the application on your mobile device, click on the word "all" to see the photo gallery in the phone; The option "Persons" will open only people's snapshots, and "recent" will show the last 30 images;

  2. Note no more than 9 photos to create a collage when touching them will appear the "Tick" icon;

  3. Next, select at the top of the screen of the collage that you are sympathetic;

  4. If necessary, edit the pictures, for this you need to click on the photo, and then apply the built-in functions for rotation, scale changes;

  5. When all the elements of the collage are ready, tap the "Save" button;

  6. To add a created collage in Instagram, click on the Site Symbol of the Camera;

  7. To access additional options, it is necessary to touch the icons with a vertical arrow.

With the help of the Layout application, you can quickly make a number of photos on the iPhone and immediately connect them to the collage. To do this, use the "Photocabine" function indicated by the "lens" symbol. It imitates the "instant photo". Tell how this option works:

  1. Touch the "Lens" icon to open "Photocabins";

  2. Click on the blue circle with a point inside, then the application will make a sequentially four snapshot to the front camera of your iPhone;

  3. Select the appropriate collage option from the templates located on top of the screen;

  4. Edit the pictures, opening each of them;

  5. Save the collage with a special button and share them with an instagram audience by clicking on the network symbol.

Another option, allowing you to add a photo quickly in Instagram, is swipe. This is called the continuous movement of the finger on the touch surface, usually the screen of the phone or tablet. These sliding gestures are often used to speed up when typing, they will help to publish images and additional content in instagram. The main swipe movements in this network are:

  • To create history, it is necessary to spend the line from left to right, Swipe in the opposite direction closes this function;

  • To open a gallery for publishing a photo, swipe your finger from below, and from top to bottom to close it;

  • Lower menu Move left and right to switch the shooting modes, select filters.

How to add a few photos to instagram, as well as collage or swipe

However, the moving account management acts flawlessly not on all mobile devices. On old models, the swipe may not work at all or slow down. Therefore, thinking how to add a photo in instagram, quickly and without any special problems use the proven methods mentioned above.

And we suggest you are not limited to the placement of only images. Read how to impose music in instagram on publication, follow recommendations and get enthusiastic comments and huskies.

How to add photo to Instagram history - Step-by-step instruction

Regarding recently, Instagram introduced a new option - Instagram Stories, in Russian history. The feature of this innovation is a brief life of publication. A day after its appearance in the account, it disappears by itself. But the existence of history can be extended by adding it to the "current" profile section.

Someone instagram stories like it, and someone considers this function unnecessary. Perhaps dissatisfied simply do not know how to use it correctly. Let's find out how to add a photo to the Instagram story. Make it is no more difficult than downloading a new publication. Read how to share a photo or video in history:

  1. Talking the "Camera" icon, it is on the screen at the top and left, or the britters to the right of any part of the tape;

How to add photo to Instagram history - Step-by-step instruction

  1. Click on the white circle from the bottom of the screen to make the photo, and for shooting video, we hold this button;

  2. If you need to choose a photo from the gallery, finger up on any part of the screen;

  3. Next, apply additional options by clicking on the icons: "Pencil" adds a picture, "A A" - the text that is imposed right in the photo or video, "smiley in square" - a sticker;

  4. To delete something drag out the object on the "Basket" icon below;

  5. When you finish the design, tap the words "Your History" in the left corner from the bottom of the screen.

If you want to tell a long story, lay out some photos. They will appear consistently. Use our step-by-step instructions for this. How to add a photo to Instagram history. " You can also create a story not from the preserved images, but to turn on the camera, shoot and share what they saw immediately. In other words, you will add a photo in Instagram online.


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Now you know that there are different ways to lay out photos in Instagram. You will be able to do it from the phone, using a computer, download one or more pictures, create a collage and "write" your photo story.

And if you master this network not just for the sake of entertainment, but you want to achieve popularity, read our articles "How to promote Instagram on your own without a single penny" and "how to unwind the store in Instagram and make money on business."

Share a photo in instagram from a computer and phone, without reducing the quality of the picture. Consider existing methods for adding images.

Adding a photo in instagram from a computer

You can create a high-quality photo for instagram using the camera in a mobile device, however, it is better to carry out the processing in the graphics editors installed on the PC. To send an improved file to a smartphone, you can use the photo download via the computer. There are three reliable methods: Using a web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla, Opera and Yandex.Browser), download using specialized services and the use of Instagram for PCs with Windows 10.

Option 1: Using the browser

The easiest way to publish is the use of a web browser on a laptop or stationary computer. To add a photo in Instagram from a computer:

  1. Go to the official website of the social network in the browser.
  2. Log in.
  3. Expand the developer console using the button F12. .
  4. In the tab that appears, go to Mobile Mode.
  5. Click on the label with the tablet at the top of the panel.
  6. Select the desired device in the top string.
  7. Specify the required resolution or scale. Site adjustment in developer mode
  8. Update page.
  9. Load the finished photo using the icon with the camera.
  10. Select an object and click " Open "

Loading a file to the site

Decision! If the camera button does not appear, restart the page in the browser ( button F5 ).

Option 2: Using online services

There are online services for downloading photos through a stationary computer or laptop, but their capabilities and tools are limited to a trial period. By default, the familiarity is 7-14 days, after which the application will request activation using the key.


If the use of paid software is satisfied with the participant in the social network, one of the options can be used:

  • Instaposting

Option 3: Application in the Windows 10 store

Computer application Instagram for Windows 10 provides the same features as the mobile version. Snapshots can be sent to Storiz or subscribers. To download photos through the PC you need:

  1. Download and install Instagram Program from the Microsoft Store. Windows
  2. Find the application folder " Chamber album "To do this, open a system disk "FROM" and find the object " Images "
  3. In the open program, click on a label with a camera.
  4. Select the desired shot, which was added no more than 24 hours ago.
  5. Expand the section " Story "And fix the finished file.

Attention! Uploaded pictures can be sent to other users, for this you need to choose a person and click " Send "

Adding a photo in instagram from the phone

Created photos always need graphic processing, especially if the profile in the instagram is thematic and has a unique style. Without a computer, you can do if a powerful visual handler is installed on the smartphone (Canva, FaceApp, Photolab, Avatan, Photoshop Lightroom and Facetune).

Option 1: Through Instagram Appendix

Using a mobile application is the easiest and most effective way to download files. The option is convenient because the Instagram program is equipped with tools that quickly process the "raw" snapshot. To put a photo from the smartphone in the instagram:

  1. Open your mobile application.
  2. Press the label with a plus card that is located on the bottom line of the screen. Open the gallery
  3. Lay the finished photo at the top of the device, or select the appropriate folder.
  4. Select the desired file in the folder.
  5. Conduct visual processing by changing the size of the snapshot (optional).
  6. Click on the "button" Further " Open the gallery and click Next
  7. Edit the photo using service tools (change in saturation, brightness and contrast).
  8. Click " Further " Edit a photo Changing Visual Style
  9. In the section that opens, select Users and Geolocation Data.
  10. Make a description in the text field.
  11. Click on the key " Share »

We send a snapshot to the site

Useful! During the installation of photos, it is possible to simultaneously download multiple snapshots. As a result, the user can create a collage.

Option 2: Through the gallery of the device

In any mobile device there is a standard gallery with which you can upload photos and video files in your own instagram profile. To add a photo from the phone:

  • Open your gadget gallery;
  • Choose a finished snapshot;
  • Lay the icon with three dots and click " Share ";
  • In the list formed, specify the instagram application.

Open the gallery and send the file in Instagram

Important! In the last paragraph, it is necessary to specify the ribbon section, and not the history mode.

Automatic publishing photos

Automatic publishing or postponed posting is widely used during active promotion of pages on the social network. This option is ideal for persons who spin commercial accounts. Services are most effective:

  • Insta Systems;
  • Seolit;
  • HootSuite;
  • Parasite;
  • Smmplaner.

For example, SMMPLANER website is more advanced and has a built-in graphic editor. Consider the detailed download of photos on its example:

  1. Open the official website and go through the registration process. registration on the website
  2. Add your own instagram profile to the site system using the " Accounts " Adding an account in SMMPLANER
  3. Click on the "button" Instagram. "And pass authorization. The site will ask for confirmation code, which will come to a tied email. Intagram activation on the site
  4. After authorization, create a publication using the button " Plan post " Planning post
  5. Select the desired picture and make a description to the appropriate field. Choosing a photo and entering data
  6. Specify the date / publication time and click the " OK "


After reading the instructions in detail with the following instructions, you can safely upload photos in your own instagram profile.

Publish a picture from a smartphone in Instagram is quite easy. Most users know how to do it. At the same time, not everyone understands how to add a photo to instagram from a laptop or PC. Today we consider both options for publication.

How to post a photo in instagram from a computer

If you open a computer version of the site, it becomes clear that it is allowed through it only to put likes and browse publication. There is no functional for displaying a photo. But there are ways how to pour images in Instagram from a computer.

Manual way to set a photo through the mobile version of the site

First, consider how to upload photos in instagram without programs. To publish pictures in manual mode, you must first upload to the hard disk. Then you need to open the Instagram site in any browser, log in to your profile and go to the mobile version of the web resource. For this:

  1. Press the right mouse button and select "View the item code" or press Ctrl + SHIFT + I simultaneously, or the F12 hot key.
  2. In the developer console that appears, you need to select the device type change (icon in the form of a smartphone) or press the Ctrl + Shift + M buttons. Switching to the mobile version of the site
  3. At the bottom of the page will appear the button as mobile to download the photo.

Publication of content using extension for Chrome

The user can install a special extension on its PC, allowing you to see the mobile version of Instagram. After installation, it remains to specify the device type in the menu (choose between iOS or Android). Now you can go to the website. A mobile version will open, where there is a photo download option.

If you compare the mobile version with the application for the smartphone, it becomes clear that the first functionality has several trimmed. You can add a photo in Instagram, but only previously processed through third-party editors, since the mobile version has no such options as:

  • Simultaneous publication of several pictures;
  • location tracking;
  • Photo editing;
  • Filters.

Despite the limited possibilities, this method is quite effective. It is much more convenient to add a publication from a computer than to transfer the file first to the phone, and then pour the image to the site through the application.

Posting in Instragrams through the BlueStacks application

The account owner for this purpose will have to install one of several options for emulators applications. Most often, to pour photos, use the BlueStacks program. The application gives an analogue of the mobile version on the computer. The emulator allows you to install and use the social network on the computer, just like on a smartphone. For this, several steps are performed alternately:

  1. Go to the site and download the program. BlueStacks.
  2. Run emulator.
  3. Go to your Google Account (or create a new one).
  4. Find an instagram program in Play Market.
  5. Download and run the application.
  6. It includes an existing account or create a new one.
  7. Choose the desired photo and drag this image into the emulator window (BlueStacks will ask where exactly send a picture).

After these manipulations, the user remains to process photos, make a signature to it and publish the post. The difference is that the image smartphone is laid out with a ribbon (several pieces at the same time), and the frames are published alternately.

Publication of images through the Gramblr application


Add photo Instagram through the Gramblr application. This program is specifically designed to lay out pictures through a computer. You can download GramblR on the site You only need to select the appropriate option for Windows or Mac. Further act on this algorithm:

  1. Select the desired photo and drag into the Gramblr window, following the program instructions.
  2. Edit photos.
  3. Add a description.
  4. Click on the "Submit" button.

After that, the processed picture will appear in the profile.

Method of postponed postage

Publication photos can be transferred to a certain hour using the postponed posting. To do this, use the "Download at another time" option. The program works only online, so the computer will have to be left included.

To publish photos on certain days and hours, you need to connect the account and set the desired time. Publications can be planned for a month. Some of these sites have its own image editors.

It is necessary to be careful if you are using mass trees or massfolloving, the use of these services to publish posts may cause undesirable interest from the Instagram administration.

Publication Photo in Instagram Computer With Windows 10

To publish Content in Instagram with a computer in this way, you need to have a PC with Windows 10, where there is a Microsoft market. It needs to find Instagram Appendix. Download it and install it. After that, run and log in to your account. Click the plus card and add the desired photos. Then treat them, add a description, hashtags and geolocation and share post.

How to add a few photos to instagram from a computer

Pour several photos to an instagram account at the account with a computer through online services that are designed for auto access. The most popular is

Auto access

Algorithm of actions:

  • Go to the site and register;
  • Tie an account from an insta;
  • Press the "Auto accessing" button;
  • Select the "Add Gallery" option, then find the appropriate photos among the files on PC;
  • Edit a description, specify the location, set the date of publication, and click the "Publish" button.

How to upload a photo in instagram from the phone

Before you start loading content from your smartphone, you must install the Instagram application if it is not yet. It is one of the most popular, so it is easy to find in the AppStore and Play Market.

Download and install an application

After Instagram is found in the app store, it remains to click the "Download" button. After a few seconds, this application will be installed on the phone. There is one small condition, the device must have the necessary free amount of memory, otherwise the load will be suspended.

check in

Registration in Instagram.

Registration in Instagram takes a few minutes. The procedure is standard and does not require any special skills, knowledge and skills from the user. In a special window you need to enter the phone number and invented password. The code that will come to the phone will automatically load. After you log in in the profile, you can proceed to its design.

Choosing a photo

To publish the program should have access to the repository with photos and video. To select the photo you need to go to the application, find at the bottom of the Plusik page and click on it. After that, the user must open the folder in which the desired pictures are located. When a tile with a photo from the folder appears on the screen, it remains to select one or more images to download them into the profile. After that, you need to click on the "Next" button. You will be transferred to the editor in which you can process pictures. By adding the necessary effects, it will remain click the "Share" button.

Download photo in instagram from phone

Place photos on the social network you can and through the catalog of the smartphone. The owners of phones based on android can send snapshots through the gallery menu. To do this, open the "Gallery", select a photo to publish and click the "Share" string. In the list of proposed programs you need to choose Instagram.

Instagram has rules that will have to be observed, namely:

  • It will not be possible to download more than 10 pictures.
  • Square or vertically directed images are suitable for social network.
  • At the same time, download video files and pictures is not recommended.


Instagram provides the ability to process and adjust the photo. You can print frame, change color, add text, make a collage. Change sharpness, add contrast allow filters. To adjust, you need to select one of the buttons:

  1. Filter.
  2. Edit.

The necessary actions in the appendix are indicated by graphic icons, which are equipped with a specific inscription:

  • align;
  • brightness;
  • contrast;
  • Details;
  • warmly;
  • saturation;
  • burnout;
  • color;
  • shadow;
  • sharpness.

This is not a complete list of options that the application offers. Remember that you can edit pictures and videos, not only through Instagram. You can use, for example, the Inshot program. After the end of the photo processing in the editor, the program itself will offer to "save" and "share" the image in any social network to choose from. It remains only from the list to choose Instagram.

Text Description

A larger role has a text description. In the line "Enter Signature" under the photo Bloggers enter small texts in which emotions, feelings, their attitude towards a certain situation and what is shown in the photo. Owners of online stores use a description for advertising goods. These texts are better to compose in advance.

If the text is used to simply explain the content of the picture, it can be concise. The signature to the picture can be made on any of the languages ​​installed on the smartphone keyboard.

Geometrics, hashtags, friends marks

In order for the photo to see as many people as possible, hashtags are used in the picture. Tag icon # exhibit immediately before the text of the signature. Further text should be maximally concise. Keywords are written ply, without a space (for example, # Koshkind or #koshkindom). Hesteg makes it easier to search for pictures, publishing made by users on a specific topic.

If there are friends in the photo, who have profiles in instagram, you can mark them. To do this, click the "Mark People" button, after which the photo will pop up in full size. In certain places you need to touch the image, and specify the name or nickname of a specific user. It is enough to dial several letters, and the application will offer a list of friends who have these characters in the name. It remains to choose the miniature photo from the profile of the right person. This will allow when watching a photo to go to the profiles of marked people. The function is very actively used with mutual liking.

Friends in the photo

In order to be clear where the photo is done, you can put a geometric. To do this, just click the "Add place" button. The name of the settlement is improved manually. If geolocation is enabled on the smartphone, the application will load the location of the account owner automatically.

If the geometry is available, then you can see the location on the map. To do this, click on the blue icon, similar to an inverted water drop. The site will automatically open the map.

Tips and nuances

Publications very quickly go down the ribbon. The more subscribers for each of the friends, the less chance that new photos will be seen. To raise the number of views, it is recommended to publish content in the morning hours from 9-00 to 10-00, then at lunch and evening after 19-00. At this time, there is the greatest attendance of the application.

For mini blogs, a selection of photos is done in a single color scheme. Signatures in the pictures should be performed in a single font and size. When the photo report is made at any event, it is beneficial to all images to download in one post (up to 10 pieces).

Earlier, you can fill in the site only square photos. Now, to pour vertical or horizontally pictures and they did not cut, you need to press the "<>" icon when loading. Then to correct the size of the image, click the "Next" button and go back to the edit section.

Photo for instagram is better to edit in advance, like video. Publications made on the ambulance hand in this social network do not pose a special interest. Instagram from the very beginning declared himself as a platform for high-quality content. Of course, if the user in friends has a narrow circle of subscribers, consisting of relatives and friends, then not logical to hire a professional photographer.

But any snapshot or picture can be improved. To improve image quality, you can use any graphic editor. You can use the built-in tools. To do this, go to "Advanced Settings" and select the "Use of high-quality processing" option.

It would seem who in 2020 may not know how to add a publication in instagram? The audience of the application is increasing for thousands of people every day, and not all of them had the experience of using this social network. But we do not throw our readers in trouble, but we tell in detail about all the types of photocontients and ways to pack them.

Instruction how to add publication in instagram

The Instagram concept involves using the service through the phone, shooting and instant download photo or video to the network. Nevertheless, practice has shown that some people have a need for a browser version. Consider several ways to download the photo to your profile.

Through the app

The first thing man does when wants to make himself part of the photosette - shakes the program for the phone. Consider this algorithm to start. Regardless of whether the iPhone is orroid, this instruction will be relevant for you.

  1. Open the application. Click on the icon with a plus in the lower horizontal menu. She will be in the middle.
  2. The image creation or selection menu opens. Below there are three tabs. The first is the gallery. You can choose a ready photo. Then - photo and video. When moving to one of them, the screen will be divided in half. In its lower part there will be a large round button. But even if you planned to make a photo, and suddenly needed a video, not trouble - just keep your touch on the camera button until you write what you need.
  3. After you have chosen the image or made it, the editing time has come. It is also implemented in two tabs: actually, edit and filter. In the first case, you can create something your own. In the second, choose some kind of predetermined processing. Then click on the "Next".
  4. It remains to add a signature, mark people or places and choose import to another social network, if necessary. If you have a personal profile, you can publish without unnecessary words. But in the commercial account such liberty should not be. Then click "Share" in the upper right corner.

Through computer

Working with instagram through a computer requires a mobile version, regardless of whether you need to create a post or see how many publications are laid out. And the instruction will be about the same, but there is no possibility to process the photo. In order to go to the mobile display, there are two ways.

Through the source code

It only sounds difficult, in fact everything is simple. Open an inset, press CTRL + SHIFT + I simultaneously. On the right open menu with page code. In the left top of this menu there will be an icon with two rectangles. Click on it. After that, the social network will take a mobile look. Then we work in the same way through the icon with a plus.

With the help of extensions

Some extensions, in addition to the ability to download images or view stories, also allow you to open a mobile version. But, of course, not all. I use downloader for instagram. This is what the interface looks like through this expansion.

Downloader for instagram. Downloader for instagram.

How to add a few photos in one post?

If you need to add a lot of photos, it is not necessary to do the instruction above each time. You can make several photos in one publication. When you choose a photo from the gallery, there are three icons on it. The first one, which with the arms, will allow in one click to place an image in full. The second, with the sign of infinity, will give to remove the boomerang. And the third is designed to choose several photos. Moreover, pay attention to the fact that if you choose the filter further, you can select only one for all. Want to download them not in order? No problem. In the post, they will follow each other in the sequence in which you click on them.

Instruction how to share someone else's publication in history

A few years ago, for the repost of any content in Insty, you had to download a special application. But the latest updates allowed a couple of clicks to place someone else's post in their storm.

It is done very simple:

  1. Find under the publication icon with aircraft. Yes, the one that should translate to Direct.
  2. In the list that appears, select a blue string with "add a publication to your story."

But, of course, not for the entire content there is such an opportunity. If the account is closed or, for example, a person forbade the possibility of repost, you will not have the right point. This function will be available only if the author of the publication allows subscribers to share it.

How to archive your publications?

One of the cool new features is the ability to archive materials. If, let's say, because of the photo or video on the page it is not possible to promote or photo temporarily lost the relevance, it is not necessary to permanently delete the post - you can hide. If you wish, you can even make an illusion that there are no publications in the profile. Through the computer, this is realized only with an emulator. And even in this case you will need instructions for the phone. It is her I and the ladies.

  1. Open the desired post.
  2. Click on three points above the upper left corner.
  3. Select the item "Archive".
  4. To view the archive, click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of your page.
  5. The first item will be the "archive".
  6. To return the publication, in the list that opens, open it.
  7. Click on three points over the right corner and choose "show in the profile."

You do not need to think about your decision before hiding publications in instagram. They can always be returned, everything you lose - coverage and huskies that could come to record.

Where to watch your favorite publications?

Social networks store all information about us. Including what we put likes. Let's talk about where you can see them.

  1. Click on three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
  2. Go to the settings.
  3. Here I choose the "Account".
  4. The necessary point is called: "Publications that you like".
  5. Here will be the posts that you are interested.

How to hide posts of user without unsubscribing from him?

Yes, initially, I asked the topic "How to share a publication in Instagram?", And now we are already pretty far away. So before where to see the ID of the publication, we do. But if you are a newcomer in the subject of an insta, then why not talk about everything related to posts? Including how to hide the user's materials, but at the same time not to unsubscribe from it.

The algorithm is the following:

  1. We find a person post in the news feed or on his page.
  2. We click on three points in the right corner of the post and select "Switch to a dumb mode".
  3. We choose that we no longer want to see: posts, stories or and that.

On the iPhone, the interface will be about the same. Therefore, I will not paint the second instructions - it does not particularly much meaning.

How many publications per day can be placed in instagram

Information about how in Instagram make several photos in one publication, it is also useful because there are restrictions on the number of posts per day. And they are different for young and for old accounts. I can't call clear numbers, but excessive activity attracts the attention of the administration. A high probability of a ban, if you will be spamming with your photos. I do not advise to upload more than 10 entries per day. If the commercial page, two posts will be enough. Use Morning and Evening Prime Times.

Records - the main way to communicate with subscribers, and there are many sides of the posts that you need to know: how to add a publication in instagram, how to choose a few photos how to hide the materials of the user, where to see what I liked, and so on. And all this you know now.

Questions of our readers

#one. Is it possible to upload a photo or video through a computer?

Previously, it was impossible. But now enough to go to the mobile version, and no problems will arise. True, you can forget about processing, filters will not be available.

# 2. Are there any restrictions imposed on the layout of content?

Clear Limits Social Network does not call, but if you are too active, instagram will consider you a spammer.

# 3. What is "dumb mode"?

This is the ability to hide the records of a certain person without adding it to the blacklist and without unsubscribing from it. It is convenient if someone from your subscriptions began to spam posts, but you do not want to lose this person.

If you still have any questions - ask them in the comments. And also see the video on the topic.

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How to lay out photos from the phone

Today Instagram is the most popular social network in the world. Millions of users download billions of images and videos every day. In the application you can upload not only fresh photos, but those who have long been in the device's memory. You can do this only from a mobile gadget - there is no such function in the desktop version. Therefore, today we will tell you how to publish the photo in instagram with the gallery of the phone.

How to upload photos in instagram

To publish photos in Instagram, you must need the Internet. Before you start making post, check the connection to a Wi-Fi or mobile network. If the Internet does not work, the post will continue, but will not boot into your profile. Automatic publication will start only after connecting to the network. We will give step-by-step instructions, how to add photos to instagram from the phone on different operating systems. In versions of the application for iPhones and Android, the algorithm of action is similar, but has several differences.

How to upload photos to instagram from a computer


You can download the photo in instagram from the phone based on android in several ways:

Through the application itself

Upload photos right in Instagram - the easiest and most common method. To use them, follow these steps:

  1. Run instagram .
  2. Click on the "+" icon which is located in the center in the bottom of the menu panel.
  3. Leaf up to fully open a list of recent photos or choose a folder On the device, from which we will ship the image.
  4. Tada on the picture who want to publish.
  5. Optionally, adjust its size , Make a collage or add a few more photos.
  6. Click on the button "Further" .
  7. Edit the image. We select a filter or adjust the thin settings: exposure, contrast, color saturation.
  8. We click on "Further" .
  9. We enter a signature in the consulting window, We celebrate people and geolocation In the photo (also at will ").
  10. Click on "Share" .

Ready! After that, the photo will automatically be loaded into your instagram profile.

From Gadget Gallery

Smartphones and tablets on Android have the ability to share photos through installed applications directly in the gallery menu. This is done as follows:

  1. Run the gallery .
  2. Open the desired photo .
  3. Click on the icon "Share" (Arrow or three interconnected points).
  4. Choose From the list of applications Instagram. (Note that you need to choose exactly the ribbon, not history).

Ready, after these steps you need to process photos and mark people / places, and then publish in the profile.



In the gadgets on iOS, two ways of loading images in instagram are also available - through the social network itself and from the film.

Through the application:

  1. Open the application.
  2. Click on plusing. |
  3. Choose From recent Photos You need or use the search for folders, click "Further" . |
  4. Optionally edit the image : Change the size, impose filters, make color correction. At the end, people and places can be noted.
  5. Click on "Share" .

Ready, photo posted in your instagram straight from the gallery of your phone or tablet.

From the film

To post the photo directly from the film, you need to perform such steps:

  1. Run Appendix "Photo" .
  2. Among all the pictures Choose The one that will be thrown over in Instagram.
  3. Click on the icon Sending an image (square arrow).
  4. Select Instagram from the list of applications . If it is not on the panel, click on three points "Still" At the end of the list and turn on instagram access. |
  5. Optional We process photos Using filters, color correction, add text or marks.
  6. Tadama "Share" .

Ready, so you posted a photo in instagram directly from your device's memory.



So, to upload a new photo to your instagram is very easy. This can be done both on iPhone and on android. In both versions of the application, there are two ways to load pictures: from the Instagram menu and through a gallery or a film on the device. The easiest and most common one way is enough just to run the social network and click the download button to search for the image in the memory of the mobile gadget.

How to upload photos to instagram from a computer

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